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carrotjuiced, a  Vegan in northern Mojave Desert carrotjuiced
is a 64 year old, Christian / Protestant male.
Living in northern Mojave Desert, California
Vegan diet.

Vegan for health reasons since 1975.  My biological age is about 42.  Survivor of childhood cancer, visibly mutilated by surgery.  I have an amazing story of natural healing.  I also have permanent injuries from a 1997 accident with medical complications.  I am unable to engage in Substantial Gainful Employment per the Social Security Administration but I am not an invalid or a cripple.  I take care of myself and bicycle for exercise almost every day. I am a very deep thinker and passionate for Truth.  I am INTJ on the Myers-Briggs chart. Although I am very intellectual and introspective I am also tender-hearted and capable of deep feelings.  In some ways I am a right-wing fundamentalist and in some ways I am a liberal- that's because the Christian lifestyle transcends all human definitions and boundaries.

I spend a whole lot of time reading serious Christian literature and thinking about how it applies to my life.  I really am too introspective, but I have the excuse that my quality social opportunities are extremely limited. The town I live in is extremely remote and totally redneck, but I really like the desert valley and its dramatic scenery.

I think it's contrary to God's plan and very psychologically unhealthful to live alone and be socially isolated.  I believe that marriage and family is the basis of society (not much left of that basis, which is rather terrifying).  Metaphysically I am still young because I am still learning about myself (how sick and twisted I am compared to the perfect humanity of Jesus), growing, and being conformed to the divine image.  I feel a great desire to overcome the limitations of my sinful humanness (this is not pious talk).

I am a child of God, spiritually regenerated through faith in Jesus the Messiah and, accordingly, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity.  I hardly need to say that I am not the typical, stereotyped insipid, conformist, shallow, approval-seeking  kind of person that has passed as "Christian" since the second half of the twentieth century.  I regard salvation as a wholistic restoration of the image of God in humanity which begins at the New Birth.  I am Reformed (Calvinist) in theology but don't believe that any denomination has all the truth.  I regard Christianity (as understood by John Calvin) as a total world-and-life view that is militantly exclusive of and metaphysically superior to all others- really the One True Religion.  

I expect to live at least another 35 or 40 years and never become senile or feeble (I think this is typical of longtime vegan health nuts).  However it is frightening to consider what the world will be like by then.  I have no desire to continue on many more years in the lonely, isolated way I have been.  I think that there are very few intelligent real human beings left in the USA.   

I think the real qualification for marriage (assuming congruent religious beliefs) is nothing more or less than the desire and willingness to covenant to love each other totally, exclusively and permanently.  In that sense, I regard the traditional Christian marriage ceremony to be right on.  Marriage is a religious sacrament, because the basis of the bond is the mutual indwelling of the Holy Spirit. (yeah I know marriage as a sacrament is a Roman Catholic dogma- even Roman Catholicism has some valid ideas).

Bill, a  Vegan in San Diego Bill
is a 62 year old, Atheist male.
Living in San Diego, California
Vegan diet.

Hello, Thanks for clicking on me. I am a compassionate, affectionate, passionate, positive, creative, healthy,  lighthearted, supportive Man looking for company for dinner or movies. Self employed cinematographer/producer and passionate about my work. Volunteer with animal rights and environmental groups. I like going to vegetarian get togethers, studying Buddhism and meditation. Love going to jazz/blues concerts, art galleries and sharing creative adventures. Also like outdoor activities like camping, hiking, biking, blading and playing at the beach, doing home improvement and organic gardening.

Peter, a  Vegan in Davis Peter
is a 65 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Davis, California
Vegan diet.

 I am a spiritually oriented person, believing in God, Karma and Reincarnation, brought up as a liberal Christain. Studied Eastern Religion when I got to college.Graduated from the university I attended in1982.
Also studied nutrition/herbs/massage/reflexology/bodywork and various natural healing methods while I was at school. Got Bachelors degree in General Science which I thought would help me in a career in Natural Healing which it did.
Had short marriage in late 70's-early 80's which did not work out but gave us one child, a boy, who I have a good relationship with today and have similar interests with him.
2nd marriage was with a fellow seeker and massage therapist for 32 years plus. Overall good relationship with many common interests,
which was marred with occssional bizarre incidents caused by many undiagnosed small strokes. In last 5 years she had one large stroke, which ended her career and caused more problems. Only in the last 6 months of her life was the cause of the strokes determined - a rare genetic mutation which was controlled until her death.Too much damage had occured.
I am in good health, but nearly died twice from undiagnosed Celiac Disease about 20 years ago. Found the cure through trial and error - it is not contagious - just requires a strict Gluten Free Diet for life.
I run, cycle, walk, hike and climb to keep in shape. Just completed the Napa Valley Marathon in early March 2018. Had many outdoors adventures with my late wife. Am hoping to find a like minded woman who enjoys the outdoor and camping. I love animals and hve 5 pets - 3 male guinea pigs and 2 female rats.
My pets have helped me to get through my wife's illness and her death.
Also have pursued Music since the 70's and teach music lessons. I presently do a lots of performing, solo or with a group.
Have steady work performing music. Also have a really excellent support group of friends and family, especially from music friends.
One daughter from a relationship in the 80's that did not develop into marriage. Good relationship with her and many common interests.
I own a mobile home, free and clear and live in a nice senior-oriented mobile home park in the middle of Davis.
I am an avid reader and very much enjoy my recreational and professional reading.
Mild allergies in the Spring which I have almost eliminated with the use of Herbs.
As a result of my studies In Eastern Religion and Metaphysics, have had many mystical experiences including Past Life Regression,
Psychic Phenomenon, etc. Some of my favorite Spiritual/Metaphysical books are: You Were Born Again To Be Together (Dick Sutphen),
Illusions (Richard Bach), The Bridge Across Forever (Richard Bach), The Game Of Life and How To Play It (Florence Shinn) and The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield).
Grew up near Philadelphia, PA and in Southern California, to upper middle-class parents. My father was a college professor/administrator/librarian and my mother had a 40 year career as a librarian.
Relatively happy childhood with loving parents....


soalive, a  Vegan in Napa soalive
is a 65 year old, Christian male.
Living in Napa, California
Vegan diet.

I'm a bit of a recluse and at times said to be shy.  Mostly I just like my creative space and try to set a cheary tone at home. I love to build utilitarian artistic projects such as furniture, Cars, trucks, motorhomes,trailers, motorcycles, electric vehicles, and whatever catches my fancy at the time. Was involved in the music bizz, with a small studeo with an in house band doing commercials and local productions in San Rafael,Ca. I did some voice work but mostly behind the camera or mixing console. Also was a Teachers aid for a few years teaching video production  and electronic news gathering. Cooking gives me great satisfation as well. Sometimes I like to take the waverunner on the river to relax, the boat launch is only half a block away ( the Napa river) I sold my boat but given a partner that enjoys the water We could get one. I'd really like a female to share my life with, seeking compatability. I'm not to old to learn new tricks and desire to grow together not apart. Would love to start a family befor its to late. Peace and Love to you.Feel free to contact me if You think we'd be a fit or just curios.


Joseph, a  Vegan in Los Angeles Joseph
is a 25 year old, male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

Hey! I've been vegan for over 5 years, and I'm an admin for an animal rights advocacy group in Los Angeles. I've also done a lot of teaching and tutoring, and currently work at an afterschool program teaching chess at elementary schools. I love being outdoors, especially to go hiking or camping. I really enjoy creative writing! Recently I've been focusing mainly on poetry, but I've worked on a variety of writing projects, and one day I might even finish one!

chambalada2000, a  Vegan in Los Angeles chambalada2000
is a 55 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

Friendly, honest, somewhat introvert. I enjoy the arts (movies, museums, concerts, etc). I also enjoy travelling (having a vegetarian or vegan travel partner would be great!). I am also looking for veggie friends. I actually only have one! 

Anthony, a  Vegan in Redding Anthony
is a 24 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Redding, California
Vegan diet.

I am a nerd, a lot of my humor references movies, I like to play video games and I love to act. I like going on walks to clear my head. I'm very affectionate and kind of sensitive. 

bvegi, a  Vegan in Berkeley bvegi
is a 58 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Berkeley, California
Vegan diet.

I'm very non-materialistic.  I enjoy running, biking, studying and learning things. I use my bicycle for most of my transportation.  I'm politically liberal.  I’m concerned about the welfare of people, the environment and especially animals since it's common for them to be killed even though they are sentient beings.  I think it’s important to do what we can to make things better.  I grew up in Wisconsin and went to graduate school in Massachusetts, San Diego and in Los Angeles.  I enjoy traveling.  I lived in Germany for six months and visited many countries in Europe as well as China, Egypt, and Russia.  I work as a researcher for UC Berkeley and I've sometimes taught classes at community colleges.  I'm very independent and find it easy to spend lots of time alone.  But also enjoy doing things with people.

ConsciousPartner, a  Vegan in Palm Desert ConsciousPartner
is a 59 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Palm Desert, California
Vegan diet.

I have been vegan for over 30 years, and involved in holistic health, alchemy, sacred geometry, healing, astral travel, conscious community, environment, humanitarian business, spiritualism, and many more related subjecs, experiences, and practices. I am energetic, healthy, and age is just a number.

I like viewing and being in sunlight during day and seeing stars in the night sky. Spending time at the beach, in the ocean, relaxing in mineral pools is invigorating.

In relationship I am caring, dedicated, monogamous, supportive, and present.

Ted4Cinderella, a  Veggie/vegan in Santa Ana Ted4Cinderella
is a 49 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Santa Ana, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am an educated person with many goals and a wide variety of interests looking for a woman for a serious relationship. I am looking for a Cinderella story. I'm really interested in science and education, in particular science history, and the future. It's fascinating to think that people may one day be able to communicate by just thinking onto that little cartoon thought bubble over our heads. But of course, in this time we live in, I can't read your mind, so if you think I can do something better please tell me. :) Good communication is the key and definitely a desirable trait in a mate.

Looking for a gentle and sweet, but strong-minded woman. In the analogy of a horse, I am looking for a good "mudder", a well-rounded all-terrain woman. She should be educated, either formerly or self-educated, and have a thoughtful and active mind.
I do not watch a lot of television, and mostly just check the news, and maybe watch a few movies. I have a really skeptical kind of mind- I openly doubt a lot of popular and in particular "official" theories be they scientific or in the social/political realm.  I really believe that many mainstream popular theories are inaccurate and have corrupted origins. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.
I've always wanted to start a family since I was in college, but I somehow became focused and majorly distracted(!) on my work and in particular my own personal projects, until I finally realized that I have to put down my work-aholic routine and start a serious search for a girl friend to start a family with. 
The interesting thing about searching for a mate using a dating app, is that I am sure that there are some special women, unusually smart or skilled in some particular area here on the site. I sometimes find myself thinking that I may be looking at another Matilda Gage, Elizabeth Blackwell, or Marie Curie, and not even know it.
Many times a voice in our head councils fear and the need for perfection, but I think we need to be brave, confront that voice, and think hard about the possibilities in front of us and our future.
The universe is not going to magically connect us to a good match, clearly we have to work at it. If we do not dedicate some time and effort to finding and developing a good match, we may be lonely and feel excluded for the rest of our lives, or might get stuck with a match that is not as good as could be. So, I hope that all of us on the dating apps, like that song in "Oliver", "food glorious food", find a match that will send our senses reeling.

PetiteOne, a  Vegan in Brea PetiteOne
is a 60 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Brea, California
Vegan diet.

I've been vegan for 25 years due to my love and compassion for all animals. I love nature, walking, hiking, music, and my healthy vegan food! I'm playful, funny, humble, and kind. I like taking day or weekend trips to interesting places off the beaten path. I especially love the mountains. Am more of a homebody at night these days and like to relax watching tv, movies, listening to music, or spend quiet time meditating or reading a good book. I like the simple things in life.

Loey, a  Veggie/vegan in Sacramento Loey
is a 70 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Sacramento, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a happy person by nature, but looking to be happier!  I have a deep passion for knowledge of the prevention and cure of diseases by natural means.  Have been vegetarian for 44 years, raised 6 children vegetarian and am not often, if ever, sick.  I enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, cooking, reading and mostly talking!  I am independent and don't like to be hovered over.  We all need some alone time.  I am optimistic about the future, there are some great young people coming along to ensure the world will continue after all us dinosaurs have left the planet.





DeepSea, a  Vegetarian in Union City DeepSea
is a 41 year old, Jain female.
Living in Union City, California
Vegetarian diet.

Recently divorced after 17 years of marriage, I am excited about the chance to meet someone new. I smile at and say hello to random strangers. I have two wonderful children, 16 and 12, who keep me busy. My hobbies include watching movies, hiking, reading, cooking & painting. I've got quite a sweet-tooth and love making eggless baked treats to share. I enjoy visiting museums and art galleries, and learning new things. I'm a great listener, a bit of a klutz, and a stickler when it comes to grammar and punctuation (even in my texts, as my kids love to point out).

I have a positive outlook on life and am looking for someone that I can have fun with and that can make me laugh.


Gloria, a  Vegetarian in Los Angeles Gloria
is a 32 year old, Christian / Protestant female.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegetarian diet.

I am not surprised that I turned out vegetarian at 18 and became gluten free at 26. I remember when I was a kid I used to feel bad about my parents killing a ram for Christmas. I would promise not to eat the ram but when they killed it and cooked it. I would eat it.

I would feel bad about myself for eating the meat but later on i became pescatarian as a kid. When i finally left home, I transitioned into being vegetarian

I went to college. Got a masters and now work in the non-profit industry.


tomboysoul, a  Vegan in Oakland tomboysoul
is a 49 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-female.
Living in Oakland, California
Vegan diet.

My kindergarten teacher told my mother, "There are leaders and there are followers, and then there is your daughter, and she will go her own way."

Tomboy/androgynous, long-term vegan, passionate about social justice, holistic health, the environment. Hardworking, responsible, simultaneously non-materialistic and unenamoured with poverty, college educated with a working-class soul, a survivor who's overcome great adversity.

Life these days is spent mostly earning the daily bread as a bean counter and raising my 7 yr old, but I am also a social justice activist (anti-Zionist, Jew for a Free Palestine), environmentalist, massage therapist, former inner-city teacher, wanna make the world a better place type rabble-rouser. I think and feel deeply, couldn't pull off light and bubbly if I tried. I recycle and freecycle every shred of everything, drive a biodiesel car, trap-neuter-release the feral cats on my block, buy almost nothing new. On weekends you might find me occupying a bank to help save homes from foreclosure, or on the grass at the Malcolm X Jazz Festival.

I'm old-school in many ways; don't own a "smartphone," i-devices, or a GPS. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer real-time contact to Facebook postings.

I was horrified to learn as a child that eating meat meant eating animals. As soon as I learned there were people in the world called vegetarians, who lived just fine without eating animals, I knew I was one. I was 13 when I became vegetarian, and 26 when I went vegan.

I hate capitalism, know it is killing us, hate the rat race. I think often these days of living someplace smaller, greener/cleaner, safer, more affordable, more sustainable, more friendly & peaceful. My quest is to find such a place that still has some diversity, and doesn't get cold enough to snow!

My child is multi-ethnic (African American/Native American/Jewish), and it is important in our lives that all of his roots are honored. Yo y mi hijo somos bilingues.

Tazz, a  Vegetarian in Seal Beach Tazz
is a 43 year old, Hindu male.
Living in Seal Beach, California
Vegetarian diet.

Hi there. I never know what to put in these sections. I'm pretty open so if you are interested, please contact me and I'll tell you everything.

Veg_Karma, a  Vegetarian in San Francisco Veg_Karma
is a 42 year old, spiritual male.
Living in San Francisco, California
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a well-traveled, well-read, and socially conscious single professional looking for a fun loving, and compassionate woman for a meaningful long-term relationship. I consider myself a broad-minded, down-to-earth, fun-loving, and compassionate person. My interests include music, books, arts, theater, outdoors, playing tennis, yoga, volunteering and traveling. I also enjoy going out and trying new restaurants, wineries etc. After living in three countries, and traveling to over 25 countries, exploring new place is one of my favorite things to do!

Chuck, a  Vegan in Cupertino (SF Bay Area) Chuck
is a 50 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Cupertino (SF Bay Area), California
Vegan diet.

Hope you are doing well. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll take the time to say hi.  Like you I'm a veggie minded personal. In fact, I've been vegan since around college. 23-24 years old. So the years of being vegan are growing so that it is an old habit. No oil now, and no refined carbs.  Love cooking my own stuff also. Doing it for the love of all three major areas: animals, health, environment. I hope we share a passion for living life to the fullest while conserving resources (minimalism). While I do love tech toys, computers, and new gagits, I'm not one to just buy something shinny or toss out something that works for a new model. In relationships I'm thoughtful, communicative and playful. My career is great, but see myself going into something else later in life just to make it interesting. The plus side of today's job is that time is flexible and I can work out of the home office a great deal. I enjoy yoga, movies, reading, deep conversations, time with friends, museums, PBS, trying new things, traveling, exploring life, mtn. biking, rock climbing, boarding and more outdoors stuff. Music - love live music.  Always going to shows, solo or not I'm there. Rock, alt, punk, 80s, new wave, metal, classics. I'm not too picky if the seats are good and talent is there. I'm up on political, social and environmental concerns.  I booze level is very low, I must have one sip of something ever few months.  Could really live without it as I drank enough in college to cover me for life.  And no drugs.  That doesn't work for me.  As for ink- no tats yet, as picking something out makes shopping for clothes seem easy. I also updated those photos so they are more current.  I do look thin of course, but that' she benefit of being an active vegan I guess.  Anyway, hope you can reply soon. 

Sam, a  Vegan in Walnut Creek Sam
is a 40 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Walnut Creek, California
Vegan diet.

i enjoy long drives on the coast, good food and relaxing company. looking for a best friend to spend my free time with!

Jeremy, a  Vegan in Los Angeles Jeremy
is a 33 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

Hi I'm a recent transplant to the LA area.

I grew up in the midwest near St. Louis, so I have a lot of those down-to-earth characteristics. I like to work hard and do the right thing in life and am not too interested in the glitz and glam.

I've generally been adventurous most my life. I went to college in Michigan and got a degree in mechanical engineering. I then worked in the automotive industry in Ohio for a couple years. Then I moved to Mexico and lived in villages designing water filtration systems for villagers. I've worked at non-profits and at some point I got my Master's in teaching and worked in Washington state.

I now live in LA and enjoying the warm weather and the people here. 

I've been really getting into cycling and yoga lately. I've done some 100 mile rides on the bike and looking to tackle some bigger challenges.

For work I work for a charter school and design math curriculum (that's my nerdy side).

I try to eat mostly vegan and whole food plant based =)

Values wise I'm liberal with a lot of conservative values from my childhood. I'm pretty straight edge, I don't drink or smoke

JR, a  Vegan in Sacramento JR
is a 65 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Sacramento, California
Vegan diet.

I am a longtime veg*n, now strictly vegan, open to learning more about raw foods, but will not likely eliminate cooked foods. I have confidence in the dietary recommendations published by authorities such as John McDougall MD, Caldwell Esselstyn MD, Michael Greger MD, Neil Barnard MD. Also, I prefer not to use alcohol or recreational drugs/substances.

I have explored various avenues of personal and spiritual growth, and have been consistently drawn to non-dogmatic practices/techniques and meditation. I glean only the concepts that feel right for me, and let the rest go, thus I am not really affiliated with any one particular organization or system of belief. Influences include: TM techniques, Avatar techniques, Tao Te Ching interpretations, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Joseph Campbell, Institute of Noetic Sciences. I would like to explore Qigong and mindfulness practice techniques, and currently am trying to integrate more yoga movement/stretching into my daily routine. I have a deep appreciation for the mystery - the unfathomable nature of my life. I experience an intuitive sense of connectedness with the world around me. I enjoy daily meditation.

I am a mechanical engineer, interested and involved in promoting energy efficiency, solar/renewable energy, innovative HVAC technologies. I am a system designer and technical writer. I plan to work for a while longer before I retire... probably somewhere in the 65 to 70 age range.

I am very liberal. I am not often moved to be a political activist, but I vote my conscience - at the polls and generally at the cash register. I care a great deal about supporting human/animal rights, health care reform, organic agriculture, environmental protection issues, and cultivation of peaceful coexistence on the planet.

I live simply and am not overly materialistic. I feel best when my generally busy days have physical activity, meditative/contemplative/quiet time, and also time spent connecting with loved ones. I tend to be a homebody, but I appreciate getting out into nature for hiking/biking/paddling or sharing food and entertainment activities with friends. I watch movies, concerts, and documentaries on disk/internet but otherwise do not connect to media programming. I am a capable craftsman (jack of all trades), who derives satisfaction from doing my own home improvement, maintenance, and repair work. Also, I greatly enjoy being creative/inventive in my workshop. I dream of building an energy self-sufficient home on a piece of rural property sometime before or after I retire - probably close to the ocean.

5' 11", 175 lbs, slender/average build, physically active/fit but not extremely athletic. I am easygoing, honest, engaging, generous, very communicative, open minded, intuitive, intelligent, very patient, playful, funny, romantic. In friendships/relationships I am loyal, thoughtful and supportive. I have a well developed appreciation for the absurd when it comes to humor and I tend to clown around a lot. I have integrity, and depth.

classic popular (James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills & Nash, Eagles, Kenny Loggins, Beatles), folk, bluegrass, jazz, Windham Hill artists, calming meditation/massage music, environmental sound recordings.

I enjoy:
organic food, cooperative group processes, shop tools, wood-burning fireplaces, kitchen gadgets, pancakes, sprouts and wheat grass, green smoothies, cooked beans and grains, big salads, vegan veggie burgers, peaches, apricots... playing musical instruments, singing, writing... ellipses... hiking at dusk, wind chimes, ocean/beach, full moon, my job, weekend time off, hot tubs, sauna, giving and receiving massage... loving...

mtba80, a Veg at home in San Francisco mtba80
is a 46 year old, male.
Living in San Francisco, California
Veg at home diet.


I'm a talent agent. I buy and sell bands for weddings, private parties, and nightclubs. Twenty years and thousands of shows and events: from major label artists to local and cover bands, from quiet & sedate to wild & crazy concerts, and from San Francisco dive bars to the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay.

I do it because I love bringing people and music together, and I enjoy backstage planning. I do it for the power of live performance and the rock & roll, not the sex & drugs. I'm not a dance club promoter nor a music snob. And I'm proud of my contribution to the arts.

Update: it's 2017 and I work for the nation's largest wine and spirits distributor. My focus is to begin tying in the company's brands with events.

Sorry but no gun/p*rn/action figure/superhero movie/video game collections and no sports team obsessions, though I go to the occasional game and will watch sports with you if you like (I do understand what's happening on the field). I prefer to watch movies and shop local. One of my two cars is a rare German '74-- I like 60's and 70's cars & design. I can be inquisitive and observant: sights, sounds, people. I can drive a stick and can often fix things. I have many friends but I'm also comfortable alone.

I have three affectionate indoor cats that I rescued as kittens. Having three is the same as having two. I like most dogs as well.

Though I turned 50 in late 2016, those who guess are usually off by 10 to 15 years. Maybe it's a combination of my appearance as well as how I express and carry myself; I'm sometimes young at heart. I'd still like to have children (plural), so I adjusted in order to appear in like-minded peoples' search results (as opposed to having a preference for younger women).

I'm loyal, dependable, and resilient. Being resilient has been important in my personal life (my apartment burned three years ago) as well as my professional life-- what I've been through as an agent would have made for a good TV reality show.

I currently make in the 60's per year. I'm not yet wealthy and not recently well-traveled. Though these are byproducts of my un-traditional career path, and not reflections of my work ethic and interest in future travel. When I'm 80 I'll be running down to the store in jeans and dirty work boots, not a velour track suit and loafers or golf shoes.

CLAY, a  Vegan in Los Angeles CLAY
is a 57 year old, spiritual bi-male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

The primary impetus for my diet is my love for animals and my concern for their well-being. Environmental concerns are very important too. I'm pretty "green"; I try to recycle as much as possible and buy organic

Looking for someone to join me in some activities, as well as for ...  I especially like biking cycling bicycling riding a bike ... or whatever ya wanna call it.. lol. I like to work out, hike, etc. to stay in shape.  Hope you do too. I'm also very interested in music...  I spent about as much on my audio system as I did my car, although it's only a Honda Fit.. haha.  Love checking out new bands and DJs in the smaller venues around town and music festivals.. Diggin' for licorice pizza! Photography .. Museums.. exhibits... Enjoy road trips/long weekends. I'm interested in a LOT of things and I like to learn about new things. I like easy going, considerate, affectionate, respectful (but not spineless) people.

I enjoy good wine and beer. 420 friendly. 

Have a pic or include one if you message me. 

heidi, a  Vegan in Eastvale heidi
is a 27 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Eastvale, California
Vegan diet.

I'm passionate about hiking and the outdoors. I enjoy hiking at least once a week and staying active at the gym . My health is very important to me so I stick to my plant besed diet with some vegan cheats here and there. Becoming vegan has been an eye opening experience which I  gratefully acknowledge . I'm open to trying new things and exploring adventures. 

Ryan, a  Vegan in Anaheim Ryan
is a 32 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Anaheim, California
Vegan diet.

Hi, I've been vegan for 15 years. I'm laidback, intellectual, and have a dry sense of humor. I work as a teacher for an online charter school, and I also run my own tutoring company. I'm an alumnus of UC Irvine, where I co-founded the animal rights club and studied history.

One of my passions is music, and I write and record music with a keyboard and guitar. My other interests include learning new things, watching old movies, reading books, listening to Pink Floyd, going to Angel games, watching shows like Seinfeld and Black Mirror, and going to the beach.

Matt, a  Vegan in Marina del Rey Matt
is a 54 year old, male.
Living in Marina del Rey, California
Vegan diet.


Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate - then always be a pirate

I am really 54 years old

Like swimming, dogs, music, living in LA, humor

Photo with blue shirt is most current
6'0" tall 170 lbs fit

I own a music production company

Six things I could never do without:
In no particular order: good food, exercise, sunshine, family, positive people who care, music, a car (I live in LA)

I visualize - thoughts become things

Books - not so much
Movies - Spinal Tap, Mission Impossible, Rudy, Invincible, Billy Madison, Good Will Hunting, Rain Man
Show - Blue Man Group
Music - Mozart to Green Day and everything in between
Food - Italian, Mexican, fusion, Middle Eastern, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, raw, veggie

Not strict vegan - I eat honey, dine at non-veggie restaurants, don't tell others what to eat, do not exclusively date vegans : )

Dave, a  Vegan in Manhattan Beach Dave
is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Manhattan Beach, California
Vegan diet.

I am easygoing, intelligent, enjoy laughing, honest, in shape, and like clever conversation. I am a dedicated animal rights activist.

Hari, a  Vegan in Irvine Hari
is a 28 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Irvine, California
Vegan diet.

I consider myself a lifelong athlete. I've done a lot of triathlons, a couple ironmans. A few years ago in 2013 I was ranked globally. I think health and fitness are very important, though compassion and selflessness even more so. My love for cycling and competition started with me as a bike commuter, because I felt it was a more responsible way to get to work, rather than driving my car. My life as an athlete started when I made the choice to give up meat and dairy after discovering the cruelty behind modern agriculture, and a few months later I found myself healthy enough to finish a marathon and an Ironman in record time. \

For work I currently own and operate my own triathlon/endurance coaching business. My clients include people just starting out trying to lose weight, to other semi-professional endurance athletes like myself. I believe that the beauty in this world should be appreciated and protected, and it gives me immense satisfaction when I help others achieve fitness so they can enjoy the world's beauty the way I do.  

I've been described as intelligent, focused, and admittedly a bit stubborn. I have however been raised with values of tolerance and open-mindedness. Partly due to my diverse background; I've lived and worked in 5 countries, and traveled to over 35.

I value my individualism and respect others who exhibit similar levels of confidence and independent thinking.

Jim, a  Vegetarian in Santa Monica Jim
is a 54 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Santa Monica, California
Vegetarian diet.

I am a well-grounded vegetarian and animal lover living in the Santa Monica area. My passions are environmental issues, animal rights and knowing how to take care of oneself, physically and emotionally. I am single and emotionally available, either as a friend or possibly more. Look forward to meeting more vegetarian, or vegetarian-leaning, people. I run a vegetarian group that eats out once a week in the West L.A. area. Let me know if you are interested and I can give you some info. Have never dated anyone who is vegetarian and am ready to give it a shot.

Steve, a  Raw food in Fountain Valley Steve
is a 63 year old, male.
Living in Fountain Valley, California
Raw food diet.

This morning I woke up late. I made it to the washer without being hit up to volunteer for SoCal VegFest which is happening in my family room. Then I ducked out to The Coffee Bean and here I am. I'm going to get pianos on my calendar to tune, pay a few bills, drop off a mailing and when I get home, make an outrageous smoothie. I will shoot for my usual 3/4 lb. of greens. Gym day isn't until tomorrow but I may just go for a run in the park with the air so clean from the rain. I would like to meet you. One on one conversations are my favorite.

Hitesh, a  Vegetarian in Bakersfield Hitesh
is a 42 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Bakersfield, California
Vegetarian diet.

Hi everyone, I am a Registered Pharmacist by profession.I own my own retail independent pharmacy in california.My work is my passion and hard work and consistency is what I believe in.I am an intelligent, yet impulsive guy looking for a good partner to share my feelings and thoughts. I am educated, patient, confident about myself, trustworthy and handsome (at least I think so!). I can be very naughty and unpredictable at times, yet I am quite a lovable guy. I have the capacity to make people laugh and surprise them.I love to help people in need and fill their life with happiness.I am optimistic, yet sensible and understanding Thanks and Take Care

10abrous, a  Veggie/vegan in Upland 10abrous
is a 35 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Upland, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

   When I'm not teaching you can find me battling on some golf course for dough. Some of my interests include: chess, beat making, mathematics, sports, and poker. I love competing and being under pressure. I hate losing more than anything, but I can handle it with grace (most of the time).  I was raised a vegetarian and have continued this practice into adulthood. I have traveled to a few places: Kenya, Mexico (Juarez),  South Africa, and England. 

Some music: Madlib, Dilla,  Aceyalone, Last Emperor, GZA, Pharoah Sanders, Curtis Mayfield, Hiero, MF DOOM, ...
Some movies: Au Hasard Balthazar, The Return (Vozvrashchenie), Kirikou, Faro: Goddess of the Waters,  Crooklyn, Belle De Jour, Small Change, Being John Malkovich, Clerks, American Blackout,...
Some comics: Dave Chappelle, Bill Hicks, Corey Holcomb, ...

mauisaus, a  Vegan in Santa Monica mauisaus
is a 48 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Santa Monica, California
Vegan diet.

I am beyond grateful for this life, usually inspired and often in awe...


Not sure how I walked into this miracle, this magical mystery...



I see everyone as a mirror and all experience as sacred.I


love to ride my bike, listen to music, sing, swim in the ocean, do yoga, walk on the beach, act, write, play with children and animals...I am interested in metaphysics and art. I am a nature girl and secretly a mermaid.I regularly experience intense joy and ecstasy (though I am very grounded)The dissatisfaction I feel is in all this; How to translate this beauty into form...I am a singer but have yet to find My Voice.



Romantic relationship is an exquisite mystery.Intellectual, emotional and spiritual rapport will be the foundatIon of our mystical

connection. Great conversation and illuminated silence.Deep intimacy and feelings of safety and expansion.Mutual adoration, admiration and fascination.Inspiring one another to be our amazing selves.Aut

henticity and compassionate listening are the the things I value most in any relationship. If you understand that relationship is not here to make you happy, but to make you conscious, we may have a common path.I am interested in a man who is seeking true partnership, a man who is mission driven and passionate.



In this moment I am in transition...trusting more and more, the flow of life...My friends took turns doing impressions of me for fifteen seconds. It was interesting to see how my friends see me and not all together surprising that they see me as goofy and playful, but I guess there is a great deal of seriousness going on in my head, a lot of mental activity and curiosity about the mystery of this existence.Learning to embrace it all and let each moment pass, as they do without needing to tell a story about it all...obviously this is all a story...but I am learning to just let experience BE and to not be attached to a description or meaning.

I am a singer teaching myself piano. I envision touching the world in some way through music and film.

mangosteenlvr, a  Vegan in Beverly Hills mangosteenlvr
is a 47 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Beverly Hills, California
Vegan diet.

I love living life. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, healthy restaurants (particularly ethnic and veg restaurants), gardening, foraging, biking, laughing, going to cultural events, meditating, yoga, and socializing with quality people. I am smart, loving, funny, well-traveled, talented and kind. I promise I can make you laugh. My mother tells me I am the funniest guy she has ever met, but then again, she's my mom. :)

I am always trying to figure out how to make a difference in the world, while living an authentic and purposeful life. I am one of the owners of 2 different companies, and I am very passionate about what I do each day. I also compose music, and a number of songs I have produced/sung on are signed to recording labels. I have also been an FM radio DJ for many years.

Helene, a  Almost veg in Tujunga Helene
is a 68 year old, Humanist female.
Living in Tujunga, California
Almost veg diet.

I have the energy, desires, perspective and motivations of a so-called, "younger" woman, mixed with the maturity that time and experience create! It seems necessary to say that because people have stereotypes based on age. I am healthy, intelligent, emotionally intuitive and creative ... at times a deep thinker and yet very playful and fun at other times ! I hope some of you men who are "youthful", healthy and full of positive thoughts and feelings will contact me. It will be fun and satisfying for both of us. These days, it seems like online dating is the way to know if I am speaking with someone who is "looking" for a special relationship, friendship mixed with passion. Of course, our lives are busy with work, activities, friends and perhaps family .... yet Here We Are .... hoping for something New and Wonderful. This happens with Talking, Meeting and Feeling what the Potential Is ! I'll briefly add that I am a freelance, photographic artist. I've photographed many Live Music Concerts ( many types of music ) and also the Beauty in Nature. Nature's Beauty, Music and Rhythm are some of my Greatest Joys, lifting the Spirit and Creating Positive "Energy". I currently work at photography part-time and sell my work at several large public gardens. I could be "retired", but photography is something I enjoy so I continue creating in a professional way. I've had a life with some international "flair" to it. I hope that Love and Creativity can be shared. Life is an "Adventure" that we choose to let unfold for ourselves. I'm eating Healthy food these days ( mostly organic and moving in the direction of Being a Vegetarian !). Doing daily walking or exercise is always my goal ! ... I love being spontaneous ... enjoy good documentaries and other shows which are not too violent. Stepping out into the Sunlight is enough to Refresh me, body, mind and spirit. It would be wonderful to go on relaxing "get-aways" too ... or even larger travels.

Jane, a  Almost veg in mt. shasta Jane
is a 69 year old, spiritual female.
Living in mt. shasta, California
Almost veg diet.

Still working on getting back to the garden, I'm pretty much a ms. natural, also spiritually questing. I've lived the big city life ,but my heart is in the country/small town. I aim to live more simply/ sustainably but not severely. Helen and Scott Nearing are 2 of my heroes, ergo, I aspire to a more self sufficient, green lifestyle. Organic gardening, animals, outdoors activities/explorations, handcrafting, reading, intentional community, natural/green building, philosophy, art, mineralogy and travel are a few interests. Have studied/am studying holistic/ macrobiotic health and nutrition, Studied, taught and performed dance many years. Like to write for children about vegetarianism, environment. Pretty low tech--don't watch TV--although I like an occasional video--and prefer to spend very little time in front of a computer. I listen to my body. Pix are a couple yrs. old but I am youthful and in very good health. I also design and make gemstone jewelry. Creating a happy, healthy, mutually supportive home environment is important.

detourhere, a  Vegan in Napa detourhere
is a 61 year old, male.
Living in Napa, California
Vegan diet.

I love to make people laugh and at the same time help them look at themselves, others and the world in a different light. I think that most people are routine based and that true freedom stems from living life as an integral part of the universe rather than just being in it. My inner focus and manner derived from  'the butterfly effect' principle that every action, thought and breath are influential. My mind works 10 moves ahead without rigidity yet with spontaneity. I've worked hard at who I am and don't base my lifestyle on routine. I push myself to the edge and thrive on the excitement of the unknown, knowing that fear and apprehension are by-products of the ego. Confident I can make anything work and get whatever I want. A powerful force that I use with care and responsibilty.

I'm a knowledge junkie and love to share with whomever wants to learn and grow. Sadly, many people don't want to hear the other side of the coin.  I have little patience with mediocrity, close mindedness, waste or negativity, especially in myself, yet I strive to be better and want to open the minds of others to something better . I Perceive and take things in more than judge. My body and the universe are one and I compile with every sense and breeze as a whole, not just with my mind, gut or heart. I am a bit psychic and extremely intuitive. 

I'm a true proponent on becoming friends first . Couples break up and say, 'Let's be friends'. I don't think the core friendship was there in the first place in most cases. I'm not interested in shallow, mechanical sex or romance. I'm not sure that I believe in love at first sight. Great in the movies but...doesn't seem realistic and people get stuck in the routine only to break up after discovering incompatibilities later than sooner. I'm in no hurry.  

I was a pesco veg for 42 years and in 2017 put down on seafood completely. I don't miss it at all. 

I can't stand politicians. If any were good, they were corrupted, bribed or blackmailed. I do my own research for news.

I'm not religious though have been studying all for 40 years. Especially like Buddhism, Tao, Hindu.

Not a huge sports fan. Amazes me how so many worship players yet don't even know who mother Theresa was.


  • Excellent cook
  • Self employed/flex schedule, though hard working 
  • Designer
  • Musically inclined
  • Green thumb
  • Artistic
  • Don't own TV
  • Outdoorsy
  • Writer
  • Reader
  • Affectionate
  • Supportive
  • Eclectic
  • Open minded
  • Open hearted
  • Non conforming
  • High energy but love to chill, too
  • Not easily swayed, yet welcome new ideas
  • Philosophical
  • Love getting older 



 Please reach out if any of this hits home. Thanks a lot for making it this far. 















Karin, a  Vegan in San Ramon Karin
is a 56 year old, spiritual female.
Living in San Ramon, California
Vegan diet.

I'm a fun, bright, compassionate vegan professional female full of energy with a good sense of humor with many interests including health and fitness, cycling, outdoors activities, movies, music, dancing, etc. 

john, a  Vegan in santa monica john
is a 64 year old, Jewish male.
Living in santa monica, California
Vegan diet.

cute has always been the word to describe me.... blue eyes, brown hair....witty sense of humor.....I love oldies rock 'n roll.....skiing, rollerblading, golf.....outdoors......but also theatre, art and occasisional black tie.....i'm easy going and hope you are too.....vegan.....with an interest in raw....just because its healthy.....i'm jewish but more spiritual....

VeganLass, a  Vegan in Pomona VeganLass
is a 56 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Pomona, California
Vegan diet.

I am a compassionate, vegan woman. I am committed to helping animals and attend demonstrations/protests on a regular basis. When I am not demonstrating, I enjoy dancing, reading and karaoke. Music is important to me and I enjoy most types. I love arthouse films and cats. I enjoy vegan dining and walks along the beach. I am honest and have integrity and live by the golden rule. I am a big fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus and "Weird Al" Yankovic. I can be very affectionate with the right person and I'm very loyal to my friends.

Robert/NewlyVegan, a  Vegan in Roseville Robert/NewlyVegan
is a 45 year old, Christian male.
Living in Roseville, California
Vegan diet.

Hi! I am a pretty new vegan but better late than never. I'm also new to this particular dating app but I am excited and hopeful enough to give it a try. I am looking to meet someone who is kind, compassionate, and into living a healthy lifestyle as that is what I also bring to the table. I like movies, cycling, the gym, hikes, art, and music. My favorite show is The Big Bang Theory but I gave up cable TV last year so I'm not a huge TV guy. I do like to watch college football and USC is my team. I consider myself to be liberal, environmental, and ethical. For me those things fit together.  Entering 2018 my goals are to keep eating vegan, put in a garden, and hopefully meet someone new.

Susan, a  Vegetarian in Calabasas Susan
is a 57 year old, Christian female.
Living in Calabasas, California
Vegetarian diet.

Hi, I am a single female who loves life and is happy.  I am curvy, athletic, like to laugh, fun to be with, lots of energy, good cook, and educated.  Interested in traveling, vegetarianism and a healthy life style. I am classy, fun, outgoing, like tennis, swimming, dancing, riding horses, going to musicals and plays and watching movies.  

I hope to find a loving man who wants to travel and enjoy the finner things in life.  Lets meet and see what happens.  I am expressive, kind and am attracted to an educated, successul man who is ambitious and creative.  I am Susan. Thanks, love to hear from you.

ProMan, a  Vegan in Victorville ProMan
is a 52 year old, male.
Living in Victorville, California
Vegan diet.

I changed to a whole plant base lifestyle primarily due to health reasons. Amazingly, the results have been incredible.  Just like from the book of Daniel chapter 1. 

A few of my carnivorous friends have the impression that I can eat the raw bark off straight from the trees.

As I got more into eating plant base foods, I also realized the importance of animal rights and enviromental reasons.

I am 90% leaning towards raw plant base foods. But, I love all cooked (boiled) beans.

To inspire and educate me along the way I discovered the documentaries "Fork Over Knives" (2011), "Got the Facts of Milk?"(2008), "The Cove" (2009), and "Earthlings" (2007).  Also, the book "Skinny Bitch" (2005).  And many more to mention.

Wanting to see "PlantPure Nation" (2015).


Renaissance Man, a  Vegan in Santa Monica Renaissance Man
is a 51 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Santa Monica, California
Vegan diet.

I am a genuine, faithful, successful, animal-lovin', optimistic-romantic who believes in true love, romance, monogamy, honesty and humor. I moved to Santa Monica from NYC, where I left a successful career in the fashion industry to pursue a healthier lifestyle in Southern California.  


I love to dance. I grew up playing hockey and tennis and I'm very athletic and love to go to Kings games.

I live in gratitude everyday and gratitude equals happiness. I'm fortunate to be able to live anywhere and live life to the fullest. 

I love all animals and have two rescue dogs and two rescue cats that I adore. I volunteer with various animal rights groups and humanitarian organizations, such as Food Not Bombs, where we feed vegan meals to the homeless and needy.


I'm fortunate to be able to live and travel anywhere, especially for the right woman. I won't let distance get in the way of love. I'm looking for my soulmate, wherever she may be.


taking an animal out of the shelter on their last day
looking forward to that first kiss with that special someone
feet in the sand
being in love
random acts of kindness
dog hiking in the mountains
picnic on the beach
Newport, Rhode Island
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
veg people
kissing in the rain
beauty of a sunrise and a sunset 
Someone that appreciates life

I promise to make you laugh!

Heywood, a  Vegetarian in Thousand Oaks Heywood
is a 67 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Thousand Oaks, California
Vegetarian diet.

European, intelligent with a great sense of humor(at least I think so). I'm active and play sports regularly. I've won two California Senior Olympics silver medals. I think the field has thinned out with time so I outlasted my peers.

I enjoy playing the guitar, mainly for relaxation.

I also enjoy cultural activities such as museums and art galleries. My parents dragged me to the theater since I was 5 and now I go on my own volition.

People always mention travel and I've been many places and now whilst I enjoy the destination, I don't enjoy the actual traveling part any longer, if its air travel.

I'm honest, caring and loyal.

Cecil, a  Almost veg in Chino Cecil
is a 47 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Chino, California
Almost veg diet.

God is the center of my life.   I am half Trinidadian/half Panamanian.  I attend Mosque and Church regularly.   I am neither nor, but find the environment  and community uplifting and healthy for me and my kids.   I would be remiss if I did not emphasize that god is the CENTER of my life.  I am eternally grateful for every day that I wake....the "good", the "bad"...all the same all, "Alhamdulilah!".   I am focused, determined and purposeful in my life.  I know where I am going and why.   I am strong, consistent and positive.  

I take my role as a father very seriously.  At the same time, this wolf needs his space:)  I keep a clean and orderly home and make sure my kids are disciplined.  At the same time, I give them space to be kids and strive to make sure that all of our lives are balanced.  I love life.  I recycle.  I do not and will not live with a television.  If you like what you are reading, but must have a TV, we can be!  I am not starving for a woman, nor looking to get married, but would not mind to find a life partner to spend the next 100+ years with, easy and cool.  Anyhow, I think you get the gist of me....wishing you all the best in your search. One love!

NOTE:  Relocation "Yes" does not mean that I am willing to relocate for love/relationship.  It means that I do not plan to live out my life here in Chino, California or the US for hat matter.  I wlll be relocating back to the Caribbean/Latin American region.   

Not a conformist, a  Vegan in San Jose Not a conformist
is a 44 year old, Atheist male.
Living in San Jose, California
Vegan diet.

Be curious and open minded, be kind to others, and seek a meaningful life. Leave the world better than it was found.


I live a minimalist lifestyle in a tiny house ~300sqft. I belong in the outdoor among friends and living abroad for parts of the year to experience other cultures. Some of my favorite backdrops are Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Milan.

I'm a freelance photographer and tennis coach. I also play competitive tennis and enjoy various volunteering opportunities. I have a geeky side and in my spare time I've started a non-profit online service with the aim to reduce waste in our communities.

I'm more intrigued in meaningful one-on-one conversations rather than in group settings, though the latter is fine now and then.

MadRabbit, a  Almost veg in Los Angeles MadRabbit
is a 43 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Almost veg diet.

Hi!  Thanks for checking out my profile. :) 

I love delicious vegetarian food and would say that I'm 90% vegetarian.  My meat-eating friends ask me why I don't eat meat, and my vegan friends ask me why I'm not totally vegan ;)

I love all kinds of things, including yoga, guitar, Thai massage, traveling (recent travels include Taiwan and Japan), good jokes, reading a good book, watching a good movie, wearing my fave jeans, candlelight in a dark room.....

I'm currently self-employed in the education field and enjoy it.


Heart cooks brain, a  Vegan in Long Beach Heart cooks brain
is a 33 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Long Beach, California
Vegan diet.

I like to think I'm a pretty simple guy. I'm honest and dependable. People have said that I'm "laid back" and "always so positive". I dont like drama and I'm pretty good at not stressing out about things. I have a big heart and I'm always makng time for the people I care about. I'm more into adventures than I am into material things. I like road trips and sleeping under the stars. My favorite movie is "Cool Hand Luke" becuase you just cant keep a good guy down. My favoite book is "The Way of the Peacful Warrior" becuase it reminds me of whats important in life. My favorite albums are Massive Attacks "Blue Lines" And Black Sabbath "Masters of Reality" but if you ask me again in 6 months that I would probably have a different answer for that one.




Pablo, a  Almost veg in Gardena Pablo
is a 46 year old, male.
Living in Gardena, California
Almost veg diet.

Michael, a  Vegan in valley village Michael
is a 46 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in valley village, California
Vegan diet.

Open to my last first date with a soulmate type woman to share a healthy life with.
I am vegan which is extremely important to me for ethical, health and environmental reasons.
Honesty and straight forwardness gains my interest first and foremost. Emotional health, confidence, humbleness, reliability, peacefulness, positivity, maturity and gratefulness gains the rest.
Open to sharing laughs, passions, genuine love and intellect.
I love nature & animals. I like cycling, running, swimming, endurance events, triathlons/duathlons, tennis/racquetball, hiking, camping, inline skating, photography, creative/repairing things, thrift shops, cooking, exploration, relaxing, espresso and intelligent conversations.
Don't settle for less than what you need.
I am Bukharian Russian Yemen Israeli (mothers side) and Spanish Italian Austrian German (fathers side) mix who lives by "Do onto others as you would want done to you".
Manifesting your life to what you want in it is my mentality. Life is too precious and short to be wasted, so face the fear head on and make the most/best of it.
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. That's why it's called Present"
Ok, if you've read this far we might be compatible :)
More about me: I'm veganmw on the FB I was born in Israel moved to Los Angeles at 6.5yo, moved on my own to San Francisco at 15yo, moved to Miami Beach in 96, moved to Hawaii in 02, moved to San Diego October 2016 and now due to family emergency back up to Los Angeles.
I've travelled to Bahamas, Thailand, Israel, Germany, France, Belgium & England. Almost moved to Brasil recently and looking to explore Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica in the next few years.
I am content on my own but extremely open to a genuine passion filled and heart full life long partner who can see beyond the unneeded dramas/stresses of life.
There is a ton more but lets save that for in person conversations :)

Richard, a  Vegan in Los Angeles Richard
is a 28 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

Currently in LA for grad school. I'm working on a PhD, hoping to graduate soon!

I've been vegetarian all my life, and vegan for a couple of years now.

Mermaid, a  Vegan in Bay Area Mermaid
is a 56 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Bay Area, California
Vegan diet.

Thanks for taking a chance! Time with animals serves as inspiration for my music, film, artwork, and books. I believe that animals have a very high level of intelligence and love and are incredible teachers. My life's work is to serve as a bridge of compassion and beauty between animals and humans, hopefully erasing illusion, lessening suffering, and a belief in separateness.I have long naturally curly blonde strawberry hair, aqua eyes, fair skin, and a heart shaped smile. A vegetarian since I was a little girl. I am also passionate about composing and playing music, and very excited about completing my first indie feature film, writing, illustrating books, dance, silliness, yoga, my beloved birds and rescued kittens, creating peace while making a difference, and living with as much authenticity as possible. Laughing is my favorite hobby.

chauhan, a  Vegan in Sacramento chauhan
is a 39 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Sacramento, California
Vegan diet.

I am very passionate about my work and career. I strive to improve everyday to make a difference. It gives me great satisfaction to do best in my job. I am also very passionate about my health. I eat good and excercise regulary. I have already finished my first marathon in SF in 2013..yay.In addition, I enjoy hiking, good red wines, cooking and hanging out with my friends. I am vegan for ethical reasons. I have been to 12 countries and counting. France and Thailand are my favorite destinations.

I grew up in India before I moved to USA to pursue my PhD education. I stayed in USA ever since after I got my job here. I support my parents who live in India. My parents and my siblings are integral part of my life although we live far apart. We are a hindu family. I am personally not a religious person though.I try to visit India twice a year. They have inculcated in me values of hard work and being respectful. Respect to my family is very important to me and you can expect same from me. I plan to have my parents live with me in the US in longer term. You should be open to such living arrangement with open heart.



Richard, a  Raw food in Los Angeles Richard
is a 67 year old, male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Raw food diet.

Native to west los angeles; Studies nature; travel; classes;walks;listens to lectures at UCLA; family oriented;easy living;cultural events;

Hope, a  Vegan in Orange County Hope
is a 23 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Orange County, California
Vegan diet.

Hi, I'm Hope! I have short red hair (currently in the process of updating my profile with more recent pics). I'm an avid rock climber and hiker. I try to be outdoors as much as possible and soon I'm going to try out backpacking.

I love to cook almost as much as I love going out for Thai food. I've been vegan for 3 years. I work as a secretary at a high school so right now I don't work in the summer - it leaves so much time for adventure!

Blaise, a  Vegetarian in Soquel Blaise
is a 48 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Soquel, California
Vegetarian diet.

Holland, a  Vegan in Los Angeles Holland
is a 60 year old, spiritual gay male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

Honestly future partner, I'd rather snuggle! 

Not much into "real sex," but very into sensuous touch, hugging, kissing, and romantic adventures. In the language of millennials, I might be considered a homoromantic mostly asexual.

Well, now that that’s out of the way, I’m an actor and...wait, wait, come back, there’s more!

Smart, playful, vegan of 40 years -- the longest I’ve stuck with anything. Quit driving in 1992 and fond of saying the world is now a safer place for everyone.  I kick around town with glee on my footbike (a big human powered scooter, see pictures).

Enjoy light hiking, day trips, board games, Perry Mason, spiritual inquiry, and good conversation.

If you’re local, prefer to meet in person after a few e-mails or calls.  I want to end up in some guy's arms, not on his laptop!


Best wishes to all.


PersianSarah, a  Vegan in Westwood PersianSarah
is a 43 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Westwood, California
Vegan diet.

Hi, I'm Sarah. Vegetarian for 23 years and vegan for 8. Social worker. Moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago from Washington DC. I care about the environment and animal rights issues. I am both strong and weak. I enjoy cooking, dining out, movie theaters and picnics. I dig deep and meaningful conversations.  I seek harmony and banlance in life and I move towards bettering myself, consciously, everyday.

Monique, a  Raw food in Los Angeles Monique
is a 44 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Raw food diet.

Artist / Activist / Educator

Romantic Asexual / Affectionate Attraction, not sexual

Kisses, hugs, and lots of love

My acting, teaching, and activism are my children. It costs about $250,000 per year to raise a child in the States.

I do believe there is a power in Jesus name.

Looking for a compassionate thinking person, who is into their's and the planet's health. Primary reason for being vegan is not to hurt the animals. 


goodkarma87, a  Vegetarian in Palm Springs goodkarma87
is a 31 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Palm Springs, California
Vegetarian diet.

I like to explore new things, go to new places, meet new people. New things excite me. Sometimes you just gotta get in your car and drive far. I am a runner, hiker, explorer, auto racer, off roader, lover of all things interesting. Yes, I live near the Coachella Music Festival and I have been to it several times (before you ask) lol

Phillip, a  Veggie/vegan in Los Angeles Phillip
is a 61 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

I organize the street salsa club on the 3rd Street Promenade. Come up and introduce yourself. Perhaps we can dance. I am a 54 year old man, 6'1", 185 lbs, brownish-grey hair and brown eyes. I am vegetarian and a daddy. I live in the Pacific Palisades in a small condo at the beach surrounded by mountains and Lake Shrine. I love the outdoors. I am an educator. I work as a Resource Specialist with incarcerated teens that have exceptional needs at a Juvenile Detention Facility. I interned in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis years ago but that is not my profession. I like to spend time with my 6 year old son. When I am free, I may visit the local espresso or funky cafe, dance salsa (poorly but I organize a street dance club), bookstores, cinema, a walk through the Promenade in Santa Monica, a hike or long distance run. I have an environmental and social consciousness. I seek someone to date casually or with the possibiity of it leading to a serious relationship. I am divorced and father to a handsome little boy.

J, a  Almost veg in Los Angeles J
is a 61 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Almost veg diet.

Doctor of nontraditional chiropractic, nutritional counseling, Reiki and Qi Gong. Spirituality is the center of my life. Hobbies: hiking, swimming, yoga, exploring nature, speed walking, music, dance, being with friends, reading (nonfiction, technical, nutritional and spiritual),snorkeling in warm water, travel. I make several treks a year to Northern California redwoods. Mostly vegan.

Big Zucchini, a  Almost veg in Thousand Oaks Big Zucchini
is a 39 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Thousand Oaks, California
Almost veg diet.

Very: Focused-Driven-Ambitious-Caring-Athletic-??Loving & Super Silly! 

Love outdoor adventures, theater, cultural events/fairs/festivals, music, health/fitness & nutrition.

Looking for my princess ??

Peace, Love, & Carpe Diem, a  Vegan in Mission Viejo Peace, Love, & Carpe Diem
is a 44 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Mission Viejo, California
Vegan diet.

Well, I'm real. I guess that's a good start, in today's southern California. I'm just Alec Marken, learning and growing at every opportunity. I'm probably most known for my music, dance (Swing/Tango/Ballroom) performance and teaching, acting, activism, humour, kindness, generosity, playfulness, and honesty. And of course, travel addiction. I dig nature, political/environmental/social consciousness, and making the world a better place...starting with oneself. Energy work, massage, sharing arts such as music, theatre, poetry...all things I love. There are videos online on y.t. and f.b. of some of my performances dancing, playing with my band Deep Stirrings, and drumming in my Bellydance/drum duo, Global Groove. I really appreciate how being a musician, both professionally and randomly strumming anywhere in the world, introduces me to so many beautiful and artistic souls. What else...I'm vegan, into adventure, and addicted to Ireland. The glass is not only half full...the level is rising.

Ken, a  Veggie/vegan in Santa Monica Ken
is a 65 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Santa Monica, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi! I'm Ken. -I'm looking for someone to share good times with in an equal & mutually rewarding relationship. My interests include SEEING GOOD FILMS(foreign,independent,"uplifting","emotionally affecting"), FOREIGN/ETHNIC CUISINES (I'm mostly vegan vegetarian, but eat fish occasionally),& ROLLERCOASTERS(good "wood" ones which are difficult to find). I actually belong to a fun club called The American Coaster Enthusiasts. --I work part-time for a Vegetarian Dining Club, which holds Sunday evening dinner events. I also enjoy the BEACH, ROLLER SKATING,WATER SKIING, MASSAGE(giving & receiving), AMUSEMENT PARKS, WATERPARKS, & BASEBALL. --Favorite films include SIDEWAYS, BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM, PIECES OF APRIL, LOST IN TRANSLATION,WHALE RIDER, NOWHERE IN AFRICA, LORD OF THE RINGS, AND NOW MY LOVE, WALKABOUT, WHAT'S UP DOC, THE TALL BLOND MAN WITH THE ONE BLACK SHOE(french version), MEET JOE BLACK??, AMERICAN BEAUTY, THE WIZARD OF OZ, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT,WINGS OF DESIRE, and BABE.

Claire, a  Vegan in Los Angeles (Westwood) Claire
is a 39 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Los Angeles (Westwood), California
Vegan diet.

I am a registered nurse, currently working in ambulatory surgical centers.  Feminine, somewhat nerdy, easily amused, very loving, sentimental, compassionate towards animals (both human and non-human animals).  I am hoping to meet another vegan/vegetarian who shares my values and goals.


Likes: movies, documentaries, museums, board games, video games, dogs, leisure time, bubble baths, hiking, music, reading, writing, farmer's markets, cooking, fresh fruits and veggies, spicy food, chocolate, holidays, the beach, beauty of nature, sunsets, romance, affection.


Interests: psychology, self-improvement, MBTI, inner-beauty, linguistics, learning new languages, traveling, DIY projects, continuing education, biology, becoming a home-owner, gardening, exercise.


Values: knowledge, altruism, monogamy, gratitude.


Bucket list: scuba diving, viewing the earth from a hot-air balloon, traveling to many places in the world. Volunteer work domestic or abroad.  To fall deeply into mutual, lasting love.  Starting a family with my love.

Michael, a  Vegetarian in La Habra Michael
is a 59 year old, spiritual male.
Living in La Habra, California
Vegetarian diet.

I am seek women only..

I am blonde, Green Eyes, 190lbs Athletic Build, Hard Working, Fun Loving, Easy to please.

Physically fit..  Crossfit Enthusiast.

Veggie Gal, a  Vegan in San Diego Veggie Gal
is a 56 year old, spiritual female.
Living in San Diego, California
Vegan diet.

Hello veg-type folks! Nice to be here. I’m a healthy, active, 56 year old woman. I’ve been vegetarian since college (more than 30 years!), and vegan – for all the usual reasons – for about the last 10 years. Concern for animals tops my list, but I am also very interested in achieving and maintaining excellent health, and I also care greatly about Mother Earth!


Professionally, I’m a social worker; I like helping people grow and achieve their goals. Also, I’m super politically liberal and I am a supporter of civil rights, a clean environment, universal healthcare, quality public education, sensible gun laws, etc. I’m not a big activist-type, but I do sometimes attend rallies and write legislators.


I love to read, get together with friends, attend lectures, and be in nature. Walking is my main form of exercise, but I also sometimes do yoga, play tennis, swim, etc. Oh, and I also like to play ping pong and shoot pool.


I tend to eat a pretty simple diet – salads, baked potatoes, soups, sandwiches, and all sorts of raw and cooked vegetables. I used to be more into cooking, but that’s kind of gone by the wayside. (If you like to cook, though – great, because I like to eat, and I’ll do the dishes!) Oh, and I’m not a big drinker – a very infrequent glass of red wine on occasion. I stay away from refined sugar as much as possible, and I’m in the process of getting off all caffeine (coffee and espresso). Wish me luck!


That’s a little bit about me. If what you’ve read here interests you, please drop me a line and we’ll go from there. Good luck to everyone on this site!



Swimfin, a  Vegetarian in Seal Beach Swimfin
is a 64 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Seal Beach, California
Vegetarian diet.

Easy-going, nice guy who wants to find someone to fall in love with & have a serious relationship. I am 6'2", 190, blonde & very good looking. REALLY want to have a complete relationship with a woman - someone I fall in love with intensely & they will love me passionately too.  Positive thinker who tries to see the best in people & life. Work out daily & keep in shape.  Like to laugh & see my woman laugh with me. I like to squeeze, kiss, & be affectionate with my woman all the time, how can I resist? Like most sports to participate or attend events. Like to dance, go hiking, or anything fun.  Enjoy travel & hoping to find a good woman to share adventures with.  I have never been married & have no kids, but I would iike to find someone special for a serious relationship. My career was my only passion for too long. I am financially secure. Now I want to find someone special.   


Regina, a  Vegan in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles Regina
is a 71 year old, Jewish female.
Living in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

I love to dance. I love getting together with my family and cooking up a great meal for all to enjoy. I love animals; I have a cat, and some fish. I am romantic, love to kiss, and I give a Great Massage. I have a good sense of humor, happy, positive, intelligent, sensuous. I am looking for a permanent relationship, my best friend and lover. Sorry, I am not a Church goer. I am Jewish.

I am honest, loving, caring, supportive, emotionally stable, easy going, cultured, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. At the very least, I am looking to meet new friends; even if romance doesn't come into the picture. But if asked what my ultimate mate would be about this is it: He is Well Groomed, Loving, and Kind. Someone who is open to exploring all that life has to offer; Traveling, the Arts, etc. A man with a sense of humor, loves to laugh, and enjoys life and romance.


I have learned that:    Life is a Journey

                                What is here one day may be gone the next day.

                                What was once valuable may soon become worth nothing.

                                As we all know times and tastes change.

                                The only constant in Life is the Love in your Heart

                                And the Essential Values YOU have chosen.

sasonvsimcha, a  Vegetarian in Los Angeles sasonvsimcha
is a 64 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegetarian diet.

I value honesty and altruism. I strive to make life meaningful through giving. I often do that giving in a Jewish context. I believe that life is good and something to enjoy and celebrate with others. I have many interests, and like to enrich myself by learning about and sharing the interests of those people who are close to me.

I emphasize values and integrity in daily living. I see enjoyment in life as part of promoting and facilitating those values. So, I enjoy natural beauty (in people and in the world around us), outdoor recreation, sports, music, stimulating discussion and debate, and participating in social service activities.

I love Shabbat and having people over to celebrate it together for hours on end with great (healthy) food, singing, laughing, and discussion.

I'm vegetarian and believe in the sanctity of all life.

This scratches the surface. I like to save the rest for getting to know each other in person.

Angie, a  Veggie/vegan in  Winchester Angie
is a 48 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Winchester , California
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am new to S CA. I enjoy going to plays, visiting wineries, going to festivals, hiking, movies, concerts, museums, travel.... I am looking for someone with similar interests that would enjoy doing these things with me... 

Cooldeltabreeze, a  Vegetarian in Livermore Cooldeltabreeze
is a 41 year old, Hindu female.
Living in Livermore, California
Vegetarian diet.

Hello, welcome to my profile. Looking for a nice guy who shares similar interests and outlook in life...

KittyDoggieDoc, a  Vegan in Los Angeles KittyDoggieDoc
is a 37 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

Wussup? Hola! Bonjour! Aloha! Meow...woof, woof!

Much of my time is spent with affectionate, energetic, hairy, four-legged males who love to lick my face when given the chance. I’m interested, however, in meeting a two-legged male who doesn’t lick my face! If you are an animal lover we will get along very well…

How should I describe myself? Well, I'm independent, loyal, fun-loving, affectionate, witty, and love a good laugh. I can tell great stories about my four-legged patients and I look forward to hearing about the animals in your world!

I can be shy at times but easily adapt to the situations. Enjoyable activities include camping, hiking, tennis, nature walks, and playing classical music. Movies or a night out dancing are fun, but I'm not a big partier. I enjoy different types of music, especially Enya, classic/soft rock, oldies, and instrumental. I like thoughtful discussions on a variety of issues. I don't much care for TV as I find my time better spent doing other things, but I don't mind watching a good documentary or even an occasional chick flick.

I consider myself a lifelong learner. I enjoy talking about issues surrounding animal rights, justice, medicine, & speaking in Spanish is always fun. 

Sharing the vegan lifestyle with others is part of my life's work. It gives me great satisfaction to learn of people going veg. Helping animals is a passion which has persisted despite enduring many challenges along the way.  When I went vegan 18 years ago there weren't nearly as many vegans as there are today. I look forward to the day when a significant percentage of the world's population is mostly vegan, which may be sooner than we know.  

Qualities I value: compassion, emotional honesty, integrity & a good sense of humor. I can be either serious or silly. Let's make each other laugh! 

Unlike some of my patients, I don't bite! :)

Tony, a  Vegan in Los Angeles Tony
is a 56 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

I have been a vegetarian since I was 21 and a vegan since I was 23 for health as well as ethical reasons. I'm easy-going, a bit on the quiet side, and I have an off-beat sense of humor.

kryoyogi, a  Raw food in huntington beach kryoyogi
is a 38 year old, spiritual male.
Living in huntington beach, California
Raw food diet.

Living in Huntington Beach and love to travel to eco friendly parts of the world. Currently helping to develop tree houses and hobbit huts on land in Ecuador for detox and optimal living. All veggies are encouraged to stay rent-free in a hobbit hut for a couple weeks (or forever!) to experience a taste of clean air, water, and food in the self-sustaining community of Terrafrutis!!

Some of my hobbies include: yoga, gardening, raw food prep and deserts, singing, dancing, movies, and tennis.


In summation of my perspective:


"When The Dalai Lama was asked what surprised him most, he said Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived."


Yovanna , a  Vegan in  Tustin Yovanna
is a 41 year old, Christian female.
Living in Tustin , California
Vegan diet.

Veganwaterbaby, a  Vegan in El Cerrito Veganwaterbaby
is a 48 year old, Jewish female.
Living in El Cerrito, California
Vegan diet.

Looking for a co-captain of my team! I view life as an adventure with new beauty and surprises every day. Would you like to join me on the journey? It's more fun together.

I shun conventional rules and expectations & I value my freedom and creativity, which is why I'm self-employed. I used to work in non-profit and briefly studied moneky behavior in a Venezuelan rainforest.

Travel's a favorite pastime, especially to see wildlife in nature and snorkel spots.  I've lost track of how many countries I've visited and still have a lot of places on my "list".  Some of my favorite places: Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, Kauai, Italy, San Blas Islands, San Juan Island, Acadia Natl. Park.  

I've lived in Israel, Venezuela, Canada, New York, California, South Carolina.  I now live across the street from beautiful San Francisco Bay.  I exercise daily.  Swimming's my favorite form. You can see me with my doggie, in two of the photos.  

 I only date Jewish men and within a few years of my age, so no old men or 20-somethings, please. I am not looking for a penpal And, I only reply to those who post photos. Fair is fair. Oh, and someone just thought my photos must be from when I was 30.  Big compliment!  But, I assure you they're recent and how I look now. Still my natural hair color and all me in my 40s.  I just have very good aging genes and also eat healthy, exercise, laugh a lot, and take care of myself with sleep, so manage to have people thinking I look much younger. 



Saku, a  Vegan in Los Angeles Saku
is a 41 year old, Buddhist female.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

Hello, I'm a musician, artist, dancer, and yoga instructor.  Love traveling and try to do it as often as life allows me to.  Not very religious, I choose to practice and live my spirituality rather than going to temple every week.  I love spontaneous random adventure and weird artsy stuff, and dogs and cats (and other animals).   Activism on some level is important to me, especially for animals, the environment, racism, feminism, and LGBT issues. 

Maintaining BALANCE with activism and enjoying life are also important to me.  

Sunny days on the beach, chillin' out in nature, dancing in the club (to the right music), going out to experience live music, soaking up the art in museums, lazy movies under the covers at home, cooking vegan food at home are my thing.  I make BOMB vegan ice cream and cheeses by the way!

I'm a variety of stuff - I can rock an elegant evening gown as well as rough it and talk trash if we're shooting pool or whatever.  I like to be treated like a lady, and I also like to have determination over my own life.  

Relationship stuff:  Happiness, peace, independence, and having space to create my art is important to me - and so is bonding with and loving my partner.  There are so many kids on this planet that need a home to live in with loving parents, and I would rather be that loving parent to adopt one of these rather than create babies from scratch...  IF I decide to be a mom one day.  But no rush or urgency on this.  

Krishna, a  Vegetarian in Sunnyvale Krishna
is a 34 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Sunnyvale, California
Vegetarian diet.

I am a smart guy, working in tech field in the Bay Area. I like to hang out, play sports and travel. I like the outdoors and am into activities like Rock climbing, hiking, badminton, rollerblading apart from others. I am an INFJ-T, enjoy life to the fullest, am fun to be with, compassionate and quick-witted. I relocated to US 10 years back to pursue my Masters.

Amar, a  Veggie/vegan in Torrance Amar
is a 43 year old, Jain male.
Living in Torrance, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

I like my private jets, counting my millions, winning body-building contests, belly dancing - the usual. Interested?.... I'm actually kidding about some of that ;-) What I really like to focus on is being the best man I can be, and I want to create a great life and a strong and happy family with a good woman. I'm driven to gain new abilities and wisdom, grow as a person, and help people whose paths cross mine. Careerwise, I work in the aerospace industry, and outside of this one of my passions is producing films. I'm a happy and giving person by nature and principle. I'm part introvert and part extrovert, and in the beginning I tend to do a little more listening than talking, or vice versa :) I exercise, eat right, and have never felt more terrific than I do now. I love kids and have a blast with my niece and nephew every time we're together. My friends know me to be a good listener, a problem solver, and an optimist, which isn't to suggest that things never get me down, just that if and when they do, I get myself back up! Born & raised in Illinois and Ohio.

Eric, a  Vegetarian in San Diego Eric
is a 43 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in San Diego, California
Vegetarian diet.


I am tall, outdoorsy guy looking for someone to go out and do things with. Not neccesarily every day, but I am usually out something most nights of the week- raquetball, bar with friends, poker, etc.  I'm a big fan of art shows, dance shows, plays, live music, biking, hiking, camping, river rafting, etc. I also like traveling, which my work has been trying to actively thwart for the last few years. (Although I have been traveling a lot for work lately).  

I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter part time, so this allows me to have a double life- i.e. I can do all sorts of "kid" things when I have her, but can go out and do other fun stuff when I don't.

shegnome, a  Vegan in Laguna Beach shegnome
is a 52 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Laguna Beach, California
Vegan diet.

The short story of it is, I'm an unconventional, renaissance person. You're never going to meet another person like me.

I'm fairly certain I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but that's OK.

Not afraid to reveal my age - which has nothing to do with chronology.

The bottom line is, the reason why I'm here is because I feel very strongly about not eating/consuming/using animals, inasmuch as its feasbily possible, and I don't know many other people who "get" that.

I like (true) house music, and I like to go to undergound events, but I am seriously tied up with studying, so I haven't been doing much of that lately. I still would like to meet new friends. 

..I am both more fun, and more serious, than anyone would expect. But speciesism is something I'm very strongly against, so a long-term relationship would be difficult wihthout that basic, mutual understanding. Ergo....Here I am. I'm sure I'll be waiting a long time. There are SO very few of you. Anyway... 

Looking to meet a good friend - open-minded, not *too* quick to judge - people who know when and what to be serious about, and when to just be cool.

At the end of the day, I think it's about trust. Honesty is everything.

Cheers... :)

multifaceted, a  Vegetarian in grass valley multifaceted
is a 74 year old, spiritual female.
Living in grass valley, California
Vegetarian diet.

I am  a serious minded retired medical lady. My only child has 4 children, who live near-by both me and my very sweet ex-husband. I'm a 40+ year ovo-lacto vegetarian, fit and have many interests. Music, I play the flute, rock-and roll-Eagle radio, dancing, art, architecture, gardening, poetry,6 new kittens- my only kittens born to a cat of mine-Sunshine, chickens, more. I'm a very energetic 70 year old. My life is very busy, but I'd like to meet a vegetarian male my age to spend some time with while I'm still on this Earth planet.

HOWARD, a  Almost veg in Los Angeles HOWARD
is a 48 year old, Jewish gay male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Almost veg diet.

hello vegans and vegetarians,

how are you doing today in sunny Southern California or wherever else You are in the World Right Now?

my day is going fine, thank you, except due to the Fact that I am missing something from my Life and that is Love!

it is very hard to find it nowadays due to many factors such as the many apps and websites that are out there which kind of ruin the chances of finding someone good due to the Tense and Severe Competition that we all Must Live Through Each And Every Single Day, but I am Not Giving Up!

why should i?

i have something to offer and it is Damn Good and that is ME!

take it or leave it?  i am what i am!  Lol.

furthermore, i know that i am also a Good Person and Deserve Better!

in addition:  i did try OkCupid and it was horrible! 

You find very few good quality people and i personally feel that finding either a Vegan or Vegetarian man would be Most Appropriate Type Of Person For Me To Meet due to the Fact that he is Very Health Conscious On What Goes Into His Body.

typically Speaking:  Vegans and Vegetarians do Not Smoke, do Not Do Drugs and Rarely Drink and are Disease Free!

Well This Is ME too!  100% since the Day that I was Born!  I definitely Want My Match!  Obviously...

The only barrier that I have is that at the present time, I am Not Vegetarian or Vegan, however, (I Have No Problem Slowly Converting To The Vegan or Vegetarian Lifestyle) if that is a necessity and/or requirement!

I am Very Much Open Minded to Your Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle and I Love Your Food by the way so for ME it is No Problem!

Continuing On:  I was born in Toronto, Ontario  Canada and have lived in Los Angeles since 1994 and I moved here to be an Actor, however, that has Not Worked Out, unfortunately and I am Just Collecting Some Rents from where I Live Right Now and Hope To Be Changing Careers since I Love Tourism Very, Very Much and would Not Mind Working For Amtrak or something like that!

Hope You Don't Mind My Honesty and Directness since i am 100% Canadian and that is How We Are All Brought Up!

Regarding My Interests:  I Love Travelling, Karaoke, Going To The Beach, Writing On Social Media Since I Am A Google Guide, Level 8 With Over 5,000,000 Views Per Month On My Reviews And Photos With The Google Maps, 70s-80s-90s Music, Eating Vegetarian Food That You Cook And I Will Wash Your Dishes After, Hanging Around My Good Man, Hanging Around Family, Going To The Beach, etc.

I am also very much Relationship and Marriage Minded and want to Be With Someone Who Believes In A Healthy Lifestyle and Someone Who Believes In Marriage as well!

If You are Seriously Interested in getting to know ME, then please respond back to ME and do Not Be Shy cause I do Not Bite and I am 100% Disease Free and Willing To Prove It!

I am more than looking forward to hearing back from You with a Positive Response some time in the very near future.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,



frenchandfruity, a  Vegan in San Diego frenchandfruity
is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in San Diego, California
Vegan diet.

“The real marriage of true minds is for any two people to possess a sense of humor or irony pitched in exactly the same key, so that their joint glances on any subject cross like interarching searchlights.”

Ethical Vegan/ Progressive seeks same for ltr...

I'm very a outdoorsy, physically fit person and I would love to meet someone who wants to travel and go camping and explore the city with. I also love literature and the arts, chivalry, flowers and salsa dancing :)

Catching Lightning, a  Raw food in Pasadena Catching Lightning
is a 49 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Pasadena, California
Raw food diet.

Oh just your normal, run-of-the-mill goofball hoping that he won't be over-the-hill
And realize too late that love could have led to a better fate
With beauty in the world that would never exist if not for a plot twist.
Willing to put up with bad poetry, of course, and lots of things worse than verse.
My prospects are good, and all will be stable, I think, as life should,
With my skills: I've worked as a teacher, sculptor and scientist - and others missed
"Catching lightning for alternative energy" I wrote recently, and decently try for more.
Yoga, play, music, flutes, and adding beauty to the day, since nothing is here to stay.
I'd love to have kids, too, someday.

HugsandKisses, a  Vegetarian in San Francisco HugsandKisses
is a 54 year old, Hindu male.
Living in San Francisco, California
Vegetarian diet.

I am kind, considerate and loving. Physical closeness is important. Holding hands while walking and stopping for a hug and kiss come naturally to me. I am a giving person and expect the same. No subject is taboo for us to share a hearty laugh. I am extremely responsible, yet like being silly and playful. 

Jessica, a  Vegan in San Francisco (and vicinity) Jessica
is a 26 year old, spiritual female.
Living in San Francisco (and vicinity), California
Vegan diet.

I am a San Francisco Bay Area native but have spent some time living in New York and the South (Currently live in Tennessee).

I am interested in psychology, music, films, fitness, animal rights and living a vegan lifestyle.

79of83, a  Vegetarian in East Bay 79of83
is a 35 year old, Atheist male.
Living in East Bay, California
Vegetarian diet.

I work in the environmental industry, produce my own music, and generally try to have a positive impact on the world. 

ME & YOU, a  Raw food in Huntington Beach ME & YOU
is a 47 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Huntington Beach, California
Raw food diet.

Health Conscious; Happy; Easy going; Romantic; Affectionate; Laughter; Fun; Dance; Yoga;  Meditation;

Massage; Simplicity; Feng Shui; Organic; Fine Arts; Deep inspiring conversation; Organic live raw foods; kind; Spiritual;

metaphysics; etc.

Looking for the same.

cyrus, a  Raw food in san diego cyrus
is a 49 year old, spiritual male.
Living in san diego, California
Raw food diet.

strive to be compassionate, kind hearted and open minded. I've been mostly vegan since 20 years and raw vegan for about 8 years and don't ever see myself going back,

Katrina, a  Veggie/vegan in Costa Mesa Katrina
is a 38 year old, Atheist bi-female.
Living in Costa Mesa, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

Interested in meeting local active, heath conscious friends or a partner. I love the outdoors and super active. I have been vegetarian at home for about 7 years and went full vegetarian a year ago. I eat vegan-ish at home. Would love to have dinner parties where people are not complaining I'm not making meat. Haha. Originally from FL, been in CA for 5.5 years. I have fallen in love with the mountains and hiking. Also love to travel. Been to a lot of places and still so many to see on my list.


George, a  Vegan in San Francisco George
is a 63 year old, Buddhist gay male.
Living in San Francisco, California
Vegan diet.

I will be 64 soon & I am in pretty good shape for my age. Being a gardener, a recreational dancer, a regular yoga practice, & loving the outdoors  has helped me there. I like to travel, a bit, but don't like planes. I prefer to be on the ground. I have no children or pets.

mountaingirl, a  Vegan in Grass Valley mountaingirl
is a 54 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Grass Valley, California
Vegan diet.


Would you like an intelligent, capable, and fun companion? Would you like to be appreciated for everything you offer your partner and the relationship? Do you like lots of affection, and want to be sexually desired and make love often? Do you want to be accepted and respected for who you are, even with your flaws? Do you appreciate direct, honest communication? Can natural be beautiful, or do you require make-up and high heels? ( I wear neither.)

On a typical, mid-week day in summer (1- 2 times per week), I get up between 6 and 7am, water the vegetable garden, check email, make a green smoothie for breakfast, pack a lunch, and drive an hour into the mountains for an 8-15 mile hike with 1 – 4K feet elevation gain. Ideally there’s a peak to bag and a lake to swim across along the way. When I come home, I remove my shoes at the door and wash my hands before touching anything. Then I shower, and fix an organic, plant-based dinner and watch an inspiring, educational, or fun movie. (i.e. Spiritual Cinema Circle, documentaries, romantic comedies) Then I go to bed for some cuddling and love-making before sleep, if we’re not totally exhausted.

In winter, when there’s enough snow, the hike may be replaced by a cross-country ski trip. i’m also a good downhill skier. (black diamond runs)

On Sundays, I like to go for a 10 – 30 mile bike ride. On another day, I do yoga and Pilates, then run 40 minutes. I also take lots of local walks.

Music and theater are a big part of my life. I’m a classically-trained musician. I perform, teach, manage musicians, and help produce concerts. Most of my work is done from home on my own schedule.









girlyveggirl, a  Vegetarian in Los Angeles girlyveggirl
is a 46 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegetarian diet.

quality is worth waiting for... so i'm waiting for the right guy for me. i think there are certain fundamentals in a relationship -- love, trust, respect, honesty, integrity. and on a daily basis, laughter is essential. another thing i think is critical in a relationship is keeping your word. it's primarily a matter of integrity and secondarily a basis for trust. i always strive to keep my word. i have an amazing family -- very supportive and loving without being controlling. i want to share my "space" -- and with any luck, eventually my life -- with a guy who makes my heart smile... and for whom i do the same. i love traveling, but don't travel nearly as much as i'd like because of a demanding job. still, some of the happiest moments in my life have been spending "home" time with my family; I'm not religious, but I am philosophical/spiritual.

Mevalleydr, a  Vegan in  San Francisco Mevalleydr
is a 30 year old, male.
Living in San Francisco , California
Vegan diet.

uvsound, a  Vegan in San Jose uvsound
is a 55 year old, Christian male.
Living in San Jose, California
Vegan diet.

Yes, these are current photos of me.

The greatest decision of my life was returning to the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2005 to finish a bachelors degree in history. While the experience of being a full time student while working full time as a musician was often accompanied by a lack of sleep, I had so much fun earning the BA that I signed up for the MA program in history at San Jose State University where I realized that I am happiest spending most of my time reading and writing about history. In the graduate program, I developed an arsenal of historian’s tools which have sharpened my sense of observation and I have become familiar with the historiography of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, Fascism and the Cold War. I have written on Rosa Luxemburg, George Orwell, Robespierre, Jose Ortega y Gasset, Émile Zola, Hannah Arendt, and Virginia Woolf, among others, and earned six scholarships including one for women’s history. The experience of being a student of history has inspired me to pursue a career as a history instructor.

Needleinastack88, a  Vegetarian in  Clovis Needleinastack88
is a 39 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Clovis, California
Vegetarian diet.

I am a vegetarian looking for someone with common interests :)

vegan669, a  Vegan in downey vegan669
is a 38 year old, male.
Living in downey, California
Vegan diet.

Vegan, Single Parent.

Scince, Star Gaze, Animals, Road Trips, Movies.

I currently live in Las Vegas but Im moving back to California... I grew up in California so going back. I own a vegan restaurant in Las Vegas so planning in opening one in Cal as well.

I also do farm animal rescue when Im able and given the chance to help. I have horese, goats, chickens, ducks anc cows.

Sam, a  Vegan in Encin Sam
is a 32 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Encin, California
Vegan diet.

What can I say, I'm a Broker and financier.Let's grab a drink!? Coffee? Whatever it may be.. Cool down to earth etc.. =)

Interests - Hiking ~ Hockey ~ Finance ~ Veganism!

Looking for a vegan.. lol.. thats my only criteria.. any vegan women out there?

JustMe, a  Veggie/vegan in costa mesa JustMe
is a 49 year old, male.
Living in costa mesa, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

Ready for that next chapter in my life, currently in North Carolina, but moving to California in a few month. Looking forward to discovering new places and meeting new people. I'm an animal lover and vegetarian. I'm a rather easy going individual and would rather appreciate the world around me and find humor in life than waste my energy being mad at something or's simple if someone is late cherish the time with them instead of being angry that they were late. Love the outdoors, particularly near water. Whether it's kayaking or sailing. I'm in. By nature I'm curious and love to learn and drawn to things that challenge me. When it comes to relationships I believe in equality and even partnership. Relationships, whether they be romantic, friendships or family have to be healthy, supportive and beneficial for all involved. I feel open communication is essential for that. I don't like conflict and would rather talk through issues and together find a solution that works or everyone...oh I like solving problems...mine not yours lol. I like being in a relationship and working together towards something...oddly, though I hate dating. That doesn't mean I don't believe in romance . Quite the contrary, but any fool with a credit card can buy roses or take you to dinner. I think real romance grows with time and getting to really know someone, when you know someone's favorite finger food and dessert and you surprise them with a picnic or their favorite flowers just because...a card for no reason other than I was thinking of you. 


How's that for a start? Honestly, though I  think people are simple in nature I do enjoy that individuals have so many layers. I think websites and emails are kind of like window shopping. It's all the pretty and fluffy stuff up front, but the really interesting and fun stuff is buried in the back. It takes talking and time and shared experiences to really get to know someone 

  I have a simple belief that you can never have enough good people in your life so let's meet for a drink and see what happens. Who know we may click and spend forever together or end up great friends. Either way it will be fun : )

Stella Blue, a  Vegan in Lancaster Stella Blue
is a 58 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Lancaster, California
Vegan diet.

My main passion in life is helping animals in distress. I'm doing the best I can to help as many of them as possible, mainly through my life style, rescue and education. I live on 5 acres in the desert outside of Los Angeles in a big house where I am running an animal sanctuary for dogs and cats. I have 2 of my own dogs, but always have plenty of dogs and cats in need of loving homes. Dog or cat anyone? 2 times a week I drive to Los Angeles for work. The rest of the week I spend taking care of the animals and working on my property and believe me there is always something to do! I love to go hiking or hang out at the beach or any other form of water if you will.  I used to go to Grateful Dead shows and miss them tremendously. Recently I I got hooked to John Russo Almost Dead. Wow they take the Grateful Dead material to a whole new level, total rebirth of the Grateful Dead experience.  I went to the High Sierra Music Festival this year and last.  That is my necessary getaway to recharge my batteries to be able to keep continuing with animal rescue.  Traveling is something I'd really like to do more often. There are so many beautiful places I haven't seen yet which I would love to visit one day.  Get an RV and just go and stay whereever your heart feels happy as long as you like.  I do want to experience that kind of freedom one day.

kwalla, a  Vegan in Topanga kwalla
is a 39 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Topanga, California
Vegan diet.

Loves: life, beautiful anything, nature, music, kind people, all art, animals, travelling, hot springs, kayaking, motorcycling, the ocean, jungles, mountains, cultures, food both str8 from earth to gourmet, fine wines on special occassion, camping, off-grid hiking, making people feel good n special, reading, movies, sketch comedies, digging crystals, and etccc.......

I was 100% raw vegan from '02-'12...was pescaterian/vegetarian from '13-' since Jan vegan again....just one of those follow your heart and body things...both called me back to it.  Feeling better then ever.  In a workout mode and have gained 10pds of muscle since I started.  Being vegan and strong feels good.  No sacrifices needed.

Anyways I love connecting in person.  I am sweet, naturally funny, adventurous, etc....   We'll save it for in person ;)

Thnx for reading all that

Nature Boy, a  Vegetarian in San Diego Nature Boy
is a 48 year old, spiritual gay male.
Living in San Diego, California
Vegetarian diet.

"Love is all around, no need to waste it." Beauty and Truth are everywhere, just open your eyes and your mind.

Rebecca, a  Vegan in Studio City Rebecca
is a 53 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Studio City, California
Vegan diet.

I am a very fun, happy, goofy person who loves animals and is trying very hard to make this world a better place for all creatures. I love the outdoors, and I walk everywhere. Hiking has become my passion, and I would love to find someone who could share that with me. Animals have always been my dear to my heart, and I find it very difficult to turn away one that is in need. For this reason, I currently have 4 cats. I have my own business, so I'm more than set financially, but, like all of us, I'm looking for someone who can be my best friend and maybe drive me wild a few times a week too! :)

Ron, a  Vegan in Studio City Ron
is a 60 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Studio City, California
Vegan diet.

Let's go exploring. I love adventuring--hiking, museums, trips, veg/ ethnic restaurants. The world of creativity is my passion along with love of animals. For music: Beethoven, classical, U2, Peter Gabriel, Enya, Sparks, many others. I own a popular vegan restaurant, SunCafe, with many raw food choices in Studio City. I love great films (especially with a message) Groundhog Day, Shawshank Redemption, Tootsie, Now Voyager--a complete list available upon request ;-) My Adjectives: Honest, affectionate, caring, easy going, fit, creative (composer, artist, writer), humorous, spiritual and 142 others you'll need to discover.

animalluvr, a  Vegan in Mission Viejo animalluvr
is a 56 year old, Christian / Protestant male.
Living in Mission Viejo, California
Vegan diet.

Thank you for browsing my profile! I'm an athletic, outgoing, optimistic, compassionate, intelligent and caring person. I give with good intentions and take with gratitude. I am an explorer and walk through life with high spirits and openhearted. I laugh and smile a lot and often laugh at myself. Enjoy the outdoors as well as the indoors. I am looking for someone who's not afraid to laugh and so a good sense of humor is a must. Nothing better than a quick wit and a humorous comeback. Also, not afraid to be affectionate, holding hands, kiss and share happy and sad experiences together. Ok, I tend to be a hopeless romantic!!  I live in Mission Viejo.

Lori, a  Vegan in Lafayette Lori
is a 61 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Lafayette, California
Vegan diet.

Hi - I am a recently widowed retired woman who loves the outdoors and would love to find someone to share all the beautiful things life has to offer. I specifically love to windsurf and West Coast Swing dance, ski, hike, and mountain bike. I have a new airstream trailer and would love nothing more than to find someone interested in enjoying traveling and the outdoors with me. I was born and raised in the bay area and also worked in the bay area. I also love to travel so would like to do more of that. 

mary, a  Vegan in Pleasanton mary
is a 37 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Pleasanton, California
Vegan diet.

I'm an ethical vegan that is looking for travel buddies who want to travel or go on an adventure and eat vegan food. I prefer that you also be an "ethical" vegan. Thank you.

Alex, a  Vegan in Berkeley Alex
is a 47 year old, male.
Living in Berkeley, California
Vegan diet.

I'm an English Professor at a small liberal arts university outside of Berkeley, California.

Have worked as a music critic, covering festivals and bands around the world, from Iceland to India to beyond...

I'm the author of three books and none of them are about vampires.

I'm divorced and I kept the cat.

Looking for someone who's smart and funny.

I don't care if you live far away--if you're a nice person, the geography will sort itself out. 

Music, Books, movies, television shows, comedians:

Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, Augie March, Sam Cooke, Specials, The Fall, Trashcan Sinatras, Aztec Camera, Vaccines, The Thrills, The Smiths, Stars, Palma Violets, Spoon, Joe Strummer, The Clash, Gang Of Youths, Pogues, Camera Obscura, Gaslight Anthem, Libertines, Garageland, Prefab Sprout, Weakerthans, The La's...Catcher In The Rye, The Sheltering Sky, Absolute Beginners, The Trial, Franny and Zooey, Nine Stories, Lolita, Invisible Man, An Evening Of Long Goodbyes, The Portrait Of Dorian Gray, Candide, The Edible Woman, A Moveable Feast, Chekov (short stories). The Graduate, Mediteranneo, Blade Runner, After Hours, Comfort and Joy, Annie Hall, Kontrol, I Heart Huckabees, Donnie Darko, Local Hero, JAWS, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Black Books, Bob's Burgers, Arrested Development, Silicon Valley, Party Down, The Office (UK), Bored To Death, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Wings, George Carlin, Dylan Moran, Gervais, Eddie Izzard, Dana Gould, Garry Shandling


Gail, a  Veggie/vegan in  Santa Maria Gail
is a 61 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Santa Maria, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm easygoing and love to laugh. I am caring, loyal and considerate. I have three married sons and 7 grandchildren spread out over 3 states. My hobbies are gardening, tai chi, walking, birding and writing poetry. I was born in Oregon and lived there over 50 years before moving to California. 

My diet is best described as pescatarian, which I have been following for about 1.5 years. I also have a gluten sensitivity and so avoid gluten. 

I have a degree in social science, though am currently working as an office manager for one of my son's businesses. I am interested in social justice issues and think it's important to be a good steward of the land. I keep up with politics and lean liberal. I like to learn new things and be challenged in my thinking. 

I like to have a certain amount of alone time, especially to spend time in my garden or anywhere in nature. 


VeganForLife, a  Vegetarian in  Mountain View VeganForLife
is a 50 year old, Hindu female.
Living in Mountain View, California
Vegetarian diet.


·       Hi, Thanks for visiting my profile.

I am on this site like many of us to meet my companion, a compatible partner where we can cherish our future times together, build new memories and see the world again together. While honesty, integrity, intellectual chemistry and communication are very important to me, a kind heart and an open mind catches my attention. I am looking for someone who is articulate and cultured.


·       For work, I am in marketing and management for chemicals. For fun, I love traveling and have traveled extensively in North America, South America, Europe and India. I like to stay healthy - swimming, jogging, spinning are some of the activities that I do. I also try to meditate everyday.

I would consider myself a blend of east and west. I have lived in the US for the last 26 years and my first 23 years of my life were in India. My friends would describe me as a very caring and loving person. Colleagues in professional life describe me as capable yet humble.

I will stop here for now and look forward to hearing from you if this piques your interest. Thank you for visiting my profile and I wish you the best in your search. Be happy


jennifer, a  Vegetarian in monterey park jennifer
is a 47 year old, Taoist female.
Living in monterey park, California
Vegetarian diet.

I describe myself as an easygoing,kind ,considerate,easy to talk to , very down to earch. I am interested in learning something new. I enjoy cooking,reading, watching sunsets. I like going to beach to listen to the sound of wave. When I have time, I like to go to Seaworld to see the Shamu show, dolphin... I believe at the heart of every being , there is a spirit of wonder. I believe love is like a garden , it grows when you take care of it. If you give it your time and lots of attention , it can be as big and beautiful as you want it to be. I believe that people can do whatever they put their hearts/minds to... I'm looking someone to share my life with. I would like him to be a genuine person who is generally happy and looks to the positive side of life. Appreciate and thankful for each beautiful day. Money is gone, nothing is gone Health is gone, half is gone Hope is gone, everything is gone

JD, a  Vegan in Los Angeles JD
is a 38 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

Compassion/veganism have become such a cornerstone of my existence that it has become impossible to be in a relationship with a woman who isn't at the least vegetarian.  I hope to find someone with a similar outlook in this community.

Larry, a  Vegan in San Francisco Larry
is a 58 year old, gay male.
Living in San Francisco, California
Vegan diet.

 Easy-going, nice guy who enjoys the outdoors. I like to ride bikes, camping and hiking. I enjoy the company of my friends and sharing good times with others. 

Peace & Passion, a  Veggie/vegan in Pasadena Peace & Passion
is a 55 year old, male.
Living in Pasadena, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

I like look of a panda bear, a horse, a dolphin,....and all other animals in any forms, shapes and colors. And I do respect them. They are fascinating. 

I like people as well, any forms, shapes, and colors. And I do respect them.  I think we are a fascinating creatures as well.

I like smell of a jasmine, smell of air after rain, smell of Hawaii, beauty of a smiley face, I like contemporary arts.

I am emotional but emotionally stable, love to travel to new places. I have deep respect toward myself, as well as others, and their believes and their ideas. I am an ethical vegetarian.

rich900, a  Veggie/vegan in Los Angeles rich900
is a 67 year old, Agnostic / not religious gay male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

Caucasian man Born in Colorado, grew up in San Gabriel Valley CA.

I don't have children. But my older sister has 2 sons so I like my nephews and their children are great.

Raised Methodist but now Agnostic but willing to be open to my partners choice.

I like listening to music: rock, R&B, classical, ambient-mystic-electronic.

BS degree and much more continuing studies in theatre, economics, finance, stock market.

3 rescue cats: Bugsy with grey & white like Bugs Bunny; Teeger with tiger strips; Tuxsedo obvious black & white markings he's 24 pounds.

Semi- retired Finance field. I travel a lot and always willing to visit a new country.

I am somewhat impatient and not fond of procrastination, Example, don't want to date but instead get to the relationship part (haha). I like Netflix movies, Live small theatre productions, I am financially conservative and generous with relatives and friends. Food: light cuisine salads asian wings, speak some Spanish. Travel to friends in Ecuador yearly, I am curious about all things in life.

Favorite movies Good Will Hunting, Stand By Me, Southside With You, Ordinary People, RomCom's, documentaries, gay themed. 

I follow some politics and I like to keep abreast of recent news with sites like Flipboard and Quora. I like Wired Magazine.

My personality ratio serious vs. playfulness is 51% - 49%. I need to work on playfulness.

I am goal oriented and focused. Money directed and I like to complete projects. I set smart goals and visualize achieving them.

My observation: I see a lot men allow their sexuality to define themselves. They do "gay this" and "gay that". They rarely go beyond the gay bubble they have created. I am more of man from the straight community that can love. I like women too.

I would like to learn to Juggle balls.

I can believe I can be devoted, stable, romantic, supportive and financially secure. 


Juliet, a  Vegan in Banning Juliet
is a 23 year old, Atheist bi-female.
Living in Banning, California
Vegan diet.

Hello everyone! My name is Juliet. I'm a modern California hippie who loves the beach, sunny perfect days, my family, animals, kissing, eating, writing, finding the perfect shirt, sex, meeting new people, finding vegan food in unexpected places, and singing

ConsciousBeing, a  Vegetarian in San Diego ConsciousBeing
is a 57 year old, spiritual male.
Living in San Diego, California
Vegetarian diet.


Looking for that conscious lady friend who's willing to share a lifetime of events, laughs, and comforting thoughts. I love to travel. Walking  and hiking are my fav. Doing a movie and sharing a cup of latte can be good. 

I am a Nutritionist,Herbalist and Holistice Health Practitioner. I do energetic healing work and balance the chakras and DNA. I am a qigong practitioner and this helps with many balancing issues. 

Love raw foods and am a green smoothie nut! But love sauteeing on occasion. 

Into the arts and have written some childrens books. Delve into sculpture along with digital art, and watercolors too. Would like to do oil paintings. 

Love music and dance. All kinds.

Please share,



Rose, a  Vegan in Torrance Rose
is a 52 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Torrance, California
Vegan diet.

Kindness and honesty are very important to me.  Some people mistaken my politeness as being shy, or even submissive.  I may seem quiet, but I’m actually intense, decisive and confident.  I’m passionate, and sincere in my relationships.  Nature speaks to me, I feel free when I go hiking (you don’t have to hike).  I love animals, meditating, creative writing. I’ve put work into living a simple but very comfortable, fulfilling life.  Free of drama.  Enjoy looking into the meaning of life, destiny, free will.  Would love to meet a compatible soul, who does not need to do the same activities that I do -but share the basic principles—-*(I have two small dogs, and I’m allergic to cats.)

Angie, a  Vegan in Oakland Angie
is a 31 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Oakland, California
Vegan diet.

Passionate vegan, cyclist, environmentalist, foodie, explorer who loves adventures & building community. Currently in a master's program for counseling with the intention of becoming a high school counselor and using my clinical license to provide pro bono counseling to activists who have experienced trauma. When I'm not working or at school I can be found exploring bike lanes & trails, getting lost in books, drinking tea, and planning my next overseas or camping adventure. Ask me about cycling across the United States, canoeing the entire Mississippi River last summer, learning to kitesurf in Costa Rica last month, training for Wildflower, the 32 countries I've explored, my adventurous/minimalist approach to life, or anything else-- I'm an open book.

UniqueGuy, a  Almost veg in Sunnyvale UniqueGuy
is a 56 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Sunnyvale, California
Almost veg diet.

I am a unique combination the eastern and western worlds. I have a strong interest in eastern spirituality. For example, I practice and believe in the deep philosophy of yoga. After college (degree in philosophy and psychology), I studied and got certificates in massage, therapeutic breathwork and yoga. I worked in the westernmedical field for several years, and currently work in the eastern medical fieldI have a fun personality, a great sense of humor and enjoy laughing a lot. I am intelligent, honest, spontaneous, adventurous and love to try new things. Life is meant to be enjoyed. I enjoy going to the gym, including the steam room and hot tub, to keep in shape. Being active outdoors, especially cycling, and staying at home are both fun. I also enjoy cooking, especially with someone.

Larry, a  Veggie/vegan in Los Angeles Larry
is a 53 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

In 1990 I went vegetarian, and that began my immersion into the entire natural health and natural living lifestyle. Since that time I've launched, published and sold two magazines devoted to the topic, wrote a book about natural living (and co-authored another one on ADD/ADHD), and now I make videos about natural health/natural living. I have a passion for educating others about health food and health food stores, detoxification, natural medicine, holistic dentistry, supplements, yoga, whole foods cooking, and of course, eating vegetarian. I'm vegetarian for health, environmental and moral reasons. I've been doing it for 24 years, and it is a lifestyle I fully enjoy.

I've also delved into the entire vaccine controversy, the Autism controversy, the cancer controversy, and many more controversies. 

My mission is a creative one: to educate people about natural health and how/why to treat root causes of health problems (which leads to cures), rather than treat symptoms, which leads to ongoing health problems and fat profits for the drug manufacturers. Currently, I am an Executive Director for a state association for natural medicine doctors and I put all of my previous skills to work in this very demanding position.

I have a significant spiritual side as well, which includes prayer and knowledge/application of more esoteric practices as found in most of the core teachings of the world's major religious teachings. I'm grounded, emotionally stable, consistent, reliable, and trustworthy. 

Barry, a  Vegetarian in Los Angeles Barry
is a 43 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegetarian diet.

I believe that we should not make the other animals we share our planet with suffer. Just because we have the ability to needlessly abuse animals does not mean we should.  I like skiing and sports.

TolucaVegan, a  Vegan in Toluca Lake TolucaVegan
is a 65 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Toluca Lake, California
Vegan diet.

I live with four of the best roommates anyone could ever have! Two of them, though, are a little bit lazy and sleep all day. But, then again, they are also ready on a moments notice if I want to go for a walk or a run. Another of my "roommates" has a unique way of putting his unusual talents in perspective by sometimes saying "I can talk, can you fly?" Reminding us that when he goes air-born, we remain firmly attached to mother earth. And then there's our "roommate" who often enjoys taking a snooze underwater for a few hours with his built in scuba gear and air tanks. You see, the "roommates" I have with me are two dogs, a parrot and a turtle. Truly amazing creations each with their own unique personality. As far as myself, well I guess you might call me a night "owl". I feel most awake when the rest of the world is sleeping. I'm very active and I work out every day. Weight lifting, running, hiking, swimming and martial arts. And, soon I plan to add cycling to the mix with the goal this year to complete my newest challenge, a triathlon. Music is also a passion of mine and I really enjoy playing the keyboard. I love to travel and see new and exciting destinations. I'm on a never ending quest to discover more about life. My studies have included several modalities that utilize the body's energy meridians, chakras and sub conscious. In the past, I've had some profound spiritual experiences which have any many ways shaped the way I look at life.  I've been self-employed for the past 25 years.  This has afforded me the opportunity to not only express my creativity, but also the freedom to pursue my other interests. I'm in my sixties.  And I have come to realize that the stigma attached to age is no longer relevant, as it once was.  When I was growing up and through my earlier years, I looked at people in their sixties as very old.  And yet, now here I am, doing things that some thirty somethings have a difficult time keeping up with. 

James, a  Vegan in Oceanside James
is a 44 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Oceanside, California
Vegan diet.

I'm just an artsy, creative, mad sciencey type guy that is into permaculture and making the world a better place. I'm vegan for ethical, environmental, and health reasons. Politicaly I am progressive. In my free time I love to hike, cook, work on creative projects, and go to farmers markets.

DanceFirst, a  Vegan in Irvine DanceFirst
is a 35 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Irvine, California
Vegan diet.

Hi, I have been Vegan for about 9 years and was vegetarian for about 9 years before that. My hobbies include travelling, photography (hobbyist), hiking (Yellowstone Mt Washburn hike, Grand Canyon South Kaibab Trail, Yosemite Falls trail, Custer State Cathedral Spires Trail South Dakota, Bridal Veil Falls trail Oregon, Crystal Cove Laguna Beach hikes are some my favorites), camping (love the national parks on the west coast), biking (for fun), reading motivational books, gardening, organic farming, language learning (hablo español un pochito, Deutsch ein bisschen, J'étudie le français) and yoga (headstand is my favorite). I meditate regularly and avoid any type of intoxicants (marijuana, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes) for spiritual reasons. I love ballroom and latin dances! Waltz, Tango, Rumba, and Viennese Waltz are my favorites. Swing and Salsa are fun as well. I believe that yoga, meditation, arts, music and dance can help us rediscover our real self. I am a lover of arts although I am not an artist myself. I spend some time learning how to play and sing a song on the guitar whenever I'm free. I listen to all kinds of music from pop, rock, country to classical. I love attending live concerts and performances!

One of my resolutions for the year 2018 is to get fit, so, I have been taking regular fitness and yoga classes at local gyms. Another new year 2018 resolution is to learn piano, which I had postponed until now.

I love dogs and have raised a Vegan dog myself. I think dogs are the source of Unconditional love 24/7! I have fostered a mama cat and her four kitten when they were all about to be killed in a high kill shelter in the LA area. It was very lovely to see the kitten grow. I have helped rescue turkeys and chickens from slaughter and watched them as they enjoyed their free life. I wish our world would be more loving towards the animals and protect them. And I absolutely love and admire those that work towards saving them. I love gardening and organic farming! Nothing tastes better than home grown organic veggies! I think we should all try learn to grow our own food and understand the food eco-system!

I consider myself spiritual, positive minded, motivated, active, goal-oriented, cheerful and easy-going person. Yes, I am a dreamer and a tree-hugger! I believe in the positive power of our thinking.

I work full time but I always find time for the things I love and the people that are dear to me. Friends and family are important part of my life. I think the best partners are also the best friends. I believe a good relationship should be built upon trust, respect, patience, understanding and an unshakeably strong love for each other. Nobody in this world is perfect. I think we are all here to share, love and learn from each other. 

Varesha, a  Veggie/vegan in Sherman Oaks Varesha
is a 47 year old, female.
Living in Sherman Oaks, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hello! I've been vegetarian since 1990 after I read Gandhi's autobiography, moving steadily towards vegan but not 100% yet, probably at about 80%. I joined the Hare Krishna's in college at Florida State in 1992 because I was actually looking for a vegetarian religion and they had really good food! LOL My hobbies include painting, sewing, movies, art, and working out. I'm pretty good at shooting guns too. I LOVE live music and have been making up for lost time since I moved to LA since I didn't get to go to a lot of concerts as a young person due to lack of funds or transportation! My favorite genres are classic rock and 80's pop but I don't just stick to that.

I'm drug and smoke free and looking for the same. I tend to be more introverted and lean towards being more conservative. So I move slow and at my own pace. I've travelled the world and have seen a lot. I have about 8 years left at my job here in LA and I don't plan to stay in this city. I'd actually like to buy a camper van and travel a bit before I go back to Florida where I came from in 1995. 

Karmin, a  Veggie/vegan in Sutter Karmin
is a 68 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Sutter, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

I love this gift called Life, simple things given freely like smiles & laughter, waterfalls, starry skies, ocean waves, morning flowers, kitchen songs. I care whether my choices bring me health, uphold my spirit, and help me fulfill my true nature and reason for being alive. Vegetarian 46 yrs for spirit, compassion, health, environment. Love real communication, music & silence. Meditation. Serious astrologer. Creative hobbies keep me busy and happy. I am honest and loyaL

Jody, a  Vegetarian in San Francisco Jody
is a 43 year old, spiritual male.
Living in San Francisco, California
Vegetarian diet.

I will update this later.

Shamaz, a  Vegetarian in Sierra Foothills Shamaz
is a 70 year old, male.
Living in Sierra Foothills, California
Vegetarian diet.

I live on an eight acre wildlife and hiker's refuge in a semi-wilderness river canyon in the Central Sierra foothills. I enjoy hiking, practicing yoga and tai chi, reading, cooking wonderful, slow vegetarian food, and all kinds of music. I sing in the local church choir although I'm not strictly a Christian but am an extremely spiritual, mystical Taoist who believes in One God. I also play ukulele, mountain dulcimer and blues harmonica. I like to grow lots of my own veggies. I'm good at fixing and maintaining things around the house. I really enjoy watching the light change at sunset in my river canyon. Love to travel, especially to the UK and mostly North Wales. I am retired but most recently was a massage therapist and manufacturer/vendor of Chinese tonic herbs. Well, I like vegetarian Thai, Indian and Mexican cuisine. Indie and foreign films. My musical enjoyment really runs the entire gamut of human musical expression and creativity with the exception of rap and "heep-hop."

Janelle, a  Vegan in Redondo Beach Janelle
is a 52 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Redondo Beach, California
Vegan diet.

I love to travel, and working for a major airline allows for frequent and spontaneous trips. I'm very fortunate! Latest big trip was Singapore, Thailand and Guam. I am a devout, ethical vegan, and am very passionate in my belief that everyone sharing this planet has a right to simply be.  My friends say I have a great sense of humor, that I can be goofy, but I'm also very deep. I'm happy, warm and playful, and would like you to be as well. I also like going to the movies or just watchin' one at home. 

I like to go out to eat, I just LOVE chocolate and daisies, and will tell you much more when we connect!  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Supriya, a  Vegan in Sacramento Supriya
is a 59 year old, spiritual bi-female.
Living in Sacramento, California
Vegan diet.

 Backpack the Tahoe Rim Trail with me?! I am up for a romp in the mountains on high.... Be even better with a fun-loving guy! I am a staunch vegan, great if you too... I love all living creatures... (even spiders, it's true!) I meditate and contemplate the purpose of life I want to bring happiness, help eliminate strife When I am not backpacking, teaching or hiking Then I am swimming or acting, gardening or biking! I am zestful and cheery, impish and fun... Love anything natural under the sun! Hoping to find an adventurous soul To be a companion, fill the sweet role... ...of a like-minded being, compassionate and kind A tender, good man I am hoping to find! 

Sandra, a  Veggie/vegan in Los Angeles Sandra
is a 48 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi! I'm a fun easy going person who loves life. I started up a non profit to make a difference for people and animals. Our main program helps people who can't afford their vet care so pets are not put down because of lack of funding. I have finally found a career path to express my passion for animals and people. I am optimistic and strive for finding the good in people. I Love my family and friends. I enjoy learning new things, dancing, people, outdoors, animals (of course), laughter, traveling, being creative, playful and witty and pretty much anything thing from going out on the town to staying home snuggled in my PJs.

Animal Lover, a  Veggie/vegan in Calabasas Animal Lover
is a 41 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Calabasas, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

Most of my time is spent learning, exploring and trying to do some good.

Background…I grew up in NYC, then moved to Princeton, NJ, thereafter Carefree, AZ and most recently, as of two years ago CA. I was a precocious kid, I had started four little businesses before I was 20. At 15 my academic career concluded (albeit admitted to a University), enabling me to focus on my business and professional baseball pursuits. My 20’s were spent doing various start-ups. Around 30, I started to  refocus my time on non-profits and mission centric ventures.

Tidbits…Perpetual entrepreneur. I’ve never had coffee, alcohol or seafood. I’m a vegetarian. I'm a hospice volunteer. I don’t kill bugs. I wear shorts and a T-shirt 99% of the time. I played baseball, but don’t watch, or follow any sports. I love to clean.

Descriptors…Intelligent. Funny. Tenacious. Witty. Charming. Takes no BS/Gives no BS. Passionate. Inquisitive/Truth seeker. Loves deeply. Empathetic. Solid family values. Thoughtful. Sarcastic. Fearless spirit. Authentic/Genuine. Romantic.Communicative. Mindful. Respectful of all sentient beings. Confident. Nonconformist.

Hobbies…Self acupuncture. Archery. Dabbling with a few musical instruments, tap dance, ballroom, art, etc. (objectively bad at all of them). Conducting sociological experiments. Activities mountain biking, running, indoor training, Pilates, yoga, Feldenkrais, etc. Martial arts, primarily Tai Chi. Chess. Meditation.

Professional…Art Director (100% passion project). Most of my remaining time is spent serving on boards, related to my interests Innovation/Entrepreneurship, Children, Psychology, Hospice/Thanantology, Animal protection and Neuroscience/Brain. Lastly, I help individuals and businesses solve problems.

Breeze, a  Vegan in Arcadia Breeze
is a 55 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Arcadia, California
Vegan diet.


I'm a positive, upbeat vegan female of 38 years.  I have two dogs and two horses and love being outdoors! My interest include; traveling  hiking, skiing, kayaking, rodeos and organic gardening. I have never dated a vegan/vegeterian and would find it to be so refreshing. I get tired of hearing the same old question, "How do you get your protein?" It's a shame that so many people are uneducated regarding  their nutrition. I consider myself a Libertarian and take complete responsibility for myself. I don't believe in BIG Parma, GMO's, fluoride or vaccines. I often have to deal with sad events in my medical career, so I prefer to surround myself with non drama positive friends and dates. Please feel free to drop me a line. Have a fantastic day, and thank you for reading a little about me :)

Iam12no, a  Veggie/vegan in Canyon Lake Iam12no
is a 60 year old, Jewish female.
Living in Canyon Lake , California
Veggie/vegan diet.

About Me

I am a fun loving, young at heart 60 year old woman. My interests are very varied and include pickleball, ygoa, hiking, wine tasting, dining out, live music venues, plays, intimate at home dinner parties, game nights the beach and just about any outdoor activity. I have a great balance of work, busy activities and chilling at home. Allthough my life is very full and happy I am missing a special someone to share it with. I love animals, dogs in particular. I have a dog Rigby that we rescued. He is a 15 pound I don't know what. I have 3 amazing 20 something children. They are the light in my life and we all have fantastic relationship.

Currently I am interested in dating with a long term desire to find an amazing man. Is that you???

My Ideal relationship Is one of give and take. At this point in our lives we should know what we want and don't want what. works for us and what doesn't. I want you to bring out the best in me and I in you. I want to love love me. I would hope our families blend well as my children are important to me. I want to light up when you walk into the room and can't wait until the next time I see you. Open lines of communication is of utmost importance to me. Words spoken with respect, kindness and coming from a place of love and honesty can diffuse many challenging times in a relationship.

My past relationships Have gotten me to this point in life where I am ready to be myself and share openly our future. I have to believe the best is yet to come. You should definitely message me if you... If you would like to meet and see if we have a connection worth developing. I am not interested in long drawn out weeks of emails and texting. I am not looking for the perfect man just the perfect man for me. Someone who likes to give and receive attention and affection. Someone who likes to hold hands, kiss and cuddle. If that is you lets see if we work together.

Karyna, a  Veggie/vegan in  Los Angeles Karyna
is a 23 year old, Christian female.
Living in Los Angeles , California
Veggie/vegan diet.

I seek adventure, travel, long lasting friendships, success and euphoria. I love animals and would love to volunteer overseas with animal shelters. I try to look at each day as if it were just reborn again. 

Star_gazzer2000, a  Vegan in Los Angeles Star_gazzer2000
is a 38 year old, Buddhist female.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

I'm happy, fun, outspoken, brutally honest, sarcastic at times, intelligent, down to earth, open minded, romantic, affectionate, trustworthy, kind, loyal, loving, generous, and am looking to share that with someone else. Love to read, learn and absorb new information, joke around, listen to all kinds of music, dance, concerts, festivals, theme parks, museums, the theater, political causes, travel (visited Sweden, Germany, Amsterdam, France, Rome, Cuba), swimming, being in nature, having intellectual conversations, and am up for anything new and interesting. I believe life is beautiful and too short to waste time being unhappy or having a life full of drama. I don't blame others and take full responsibility for my life. Therefore, I enjoy every moment and see the brighter things in all aspects of my life and am looking for someone who looks at life in the same way. I'm very liberal and always rooting for the under dog. I'm very environmental and political, which means I believe we are all part of the problem and therefore, are apart of the solution. So I do my part to be part of the solution in my day-to-day affairs. I love animals and have pets. I'm also very spiritual and practice Buddhism. Buddhism is a huge part of my life and makes me the awesome person I am :0



Steve, a  Vegan in Santa Monica Steve
is a 58 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Santa Monica, California
Vegan diet.

I am a creative person and am a professional, classically trained musician with a music degree. I'm lucky to be able to earn a living doing what I love! I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. I enjoy the arts, world travel, hiking, nature and the outdoors. Travel is exciting to me and I have spent a lot of time in Europe recently. I have spent time in Hawaii (Oahu, Maui and the Big Island) and love to go snorkeling there. I have also been to India twice. I am interested in meditation, holistic and most metaphysical subjects as well as animal rights. I don't drink or use drugs. I am originally from Long Island, New York but have lived in Los Angeles since 1987. I was born Jewish but am more into Eastern philosophies. I don't watch much television these days, although I love films. I am open-minded and intelligent. I'm a good tennis player. I enjoy cooking vegetarian meals, I studied macrobiotic cooking in the early 1980's.

VeganMan, a  Vegan in Los Angeles VeganMan
is a 46 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Los Angeles, California
Vegan diet.

I love to laugh. I gravitate towards people, books, films and TV shows that elicit lots of light and laughter. Paradoxically, I also love watching 1-hour dramas and listening to really sad ballads.

I love feeling deeply about life, enjoy having new experiences and learning new ideas that add to both my depth of feelings and broaden my awareness. I am an avid reader, love to travel internationally and enjoy binge watching a good TV series.

Mark, a  Vegetarian in  Vacaville Mark
is a 66 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Vacaville, California
Vegetarian diet.

I am pretty low key but caring, empathetic, sensitive, creative, loyal, a fun time with kids, open. I have led a rather independent lifestyle with extensive travel over the past 30 years and I am in a place of being more settled. I have a strong spiritual focus to my life but not from a conservative dogmatic place. I am not very mainstream in my outlook or way of being in terms of lifestyle, food choices, and spirituality. I have liberal political views. At least one area I am mainstream is in my love of sports, my home teams are from Detroit. It's a childhood loyalty thing. I am an artist so creativity is my thing although self promotion is not my strong suit. 

Karl, a  Vegan in Oakland Karl
is a 32 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Oakland, California
Vegan diet.

My spiritual practice is a central part of my life.  I meditate daily and spend a lot of my free time doing volunteer work for a non-profit that promotes meditation, a spiritual lifestyle, and vegetarianism.  I love the outdoors--hiking, swimming, camping, etc.  I love movies and studied film in college.  Didn't finish college, and that's why I'm a manager at Starbucks.  Always writing.  Working on a screenplay.  Used to be 100% raw and wouldn't mind getting back into it.  

Deborah, a  Raw food in Burbank Deborah
is a 66 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Burbank, California
Raw food diet.

The following description of me is taken from a personality test I took, and I think it is right on the mark. I have an appreciation for art and nature, but am also down to earth and realistic. I am fond of music and art, and enjoy and appreciate things that have a clear point and some sort of practical utility. I have a certain degree of awareness of my own emotions; I notice when I’m feeling a particular way and take those feelings into account when making decisions. I tend to think in both abstract ways—in terms of metaphors—and logically. In my work and free time, I enjoy activities that get my “creative juices” flowing, but am also able to keep my mind on the primary objective of the task at hand. 

My friends and colleagues perceive me as lively, fun to be with, and good-humored. My openness makes it easy for me to respect and appreciate people that are different from me. I am happiest in serious relationships with people that share both my open-mindedness and realistic nature. I am quite content in a romantic relationship with someone who shares my same values and is a spiritual person of any faith. I would find it satisfying to develop a long-lasting relationship with a person who enjoys both spending time at home and going out for fun. 

I have an excellent level of emotional intelligence. I show considerable tolerance of ambiguity and emotional expression. I am extremely sensitive to other’s feelings and to their body language. Those who know me well describe me as patient and eager to listen to others. I also am not afraid of making or admitting to mistakes. I am keenly aware of how my behavior impacts others. I can communicate my needs and feelings honestly when someone engages me directly, and I seek to understand others, rather than seek for others to understand me. I would like someone who will not put up emotional barriers when I seek to understand his thoughts and feelings, but rather will communicate with me intimately and candidly.

Michael, a  Macrobiotic in Covina Michael
is a 49 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Covina, California
Macrobiotic diet.

I love life, I am an attractive man easy on the eyes. I am a very loving and kind person with a sense of humor. I love not only to give affection but receive it as well. I have been blessed to be my own boss. My job is one that you can work out, get a tan. have fun and get paid to do it. Designing and building natural water features is what I do best. My best trait is hospitality. My love language is affection and I enjoy doing special deeds for others. I am looking for a beautiful person inside and out who Is affectionate and kind hearted who is not afraid to develop and meaningful loving intimate relationship with me where mutual respect and adderation is valued.

Almostveganrsm, a  Veggie/vegan in Rancho Santa Margarita Almostveganrsm
is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

Me - I’m far from perfect but learning every day.  Am I funny, my daughters thinks so. Do I tell jokes, no, but in the right company you better believe we’ll laugh. Being sarcastic is always fun, just need to keep it in check. Are my morals in check, absolutely....hope you can say the same. Family and friends are very important.  I'm old fashioned, yeah I open doors. Games, that’s not me. Am I wild & crazy (... maybe). Some of my traits - confident, compassionate, and creative. Love adventure, trying new things.....risk = reward.  I'm fit and active and in my free time I enjoy being outdoors, either mountain biking in the hills or going to the beach. Coffee is my friend.  Some of my less cardio-intensive activities include reading, watching a good movie or tv show, and yes, I'm guilty of a binge watch now and then.  I’ve also taken on a home improvement project or two (I better keep my day job), at least the house is still standing.

I'm here to find that special someone, who is also vegetarian thinking.  Let's take our time getting to know one another, chemistry is a must.  If my profile interests you, click me a wink....or better yet, send me an email and say hi.

Dede, a  Vegan in Davis Dede
is a 68 year old, Christian female.
Living in Davis, California
Vegan diet.

I am kind and considerate of others as need be. I grew up in the mid west in a Christian family. After attending college I worked and supported myself and I took care of my familY. Now I’m alone again but I keep active within my community. It would be nice to meet a gentleman who is also vegan or vegetarian. Who has some common interests as myself. To build a good relationship with. I believe in honesty And treating each other with respect. And of course having fun!!

Travler717, a  Veggie/vegan in Encinitas Travler717
is a 69 year old, Taoist male.
Living in Encinitas, California
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am seeking a woman whom I will fall madly in love with and her with me. I believe in patience but also moving quickly when it is called for. I am very loving, romantic, love kissing, cuddling holding hands and generally wanting to be able to express what is in my heart with the woman I am in love with. I have been Vegetarian for 42 years, started a soyfoods company 29 years ago sold it 8 years ago and have a company that supplies soymilk to a large chain store, and now I just started a wasabi farm growing fresh wasabi root, own my own home here and Lake Tahoe, love the outdoors, hikings, walks along the beach or in the mountains, scuba dive and love to travel and do some landscape photography. I have studied the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky for 40 years and with a Chinese Master , Taoism, for 45 years. I believe it important to be in the present not in the future or past..

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