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Ken, a  Vegan in Norristown Ken
is a 59 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Norristown, pennsylvania
Vegan diet.

I have a wide range of interests, including travel, hiking/camping, bicycling, computers, Rodin sculpture, ballroom dance, yoga, Scrabble/ Words with Friends.  I am serious about health and fitness-still working to stay withing striking distance of my next (5th) Marathon.

I have a really awesome "work" situation, and can do as I please with my time, except for my 6% or so work week.  As of Fall 2013, I am taking salsa lessons, working on swimming, and considering voice and guitar lessons.  I just did a half day of collecting food donations for Food Not Bombs, which was fun, and will likely become a weekly thing.  Next time, while I am down on the docks, I will buy some produce cases for myself.  Causes I support include Organic Consumers Association, and I sponsor a goat at Farm Sancttuary, and I am pretty sure I am forgetting one or two, but you get the drift...

Can go from deep thinking to profound silliness and back with ease. I enjoy open and honest communications, and am told that I am a great listener. I remember one astrology type plaque I saw regarding Aries people...the phrase I remember was "ardent lover and reassurring friend"- I think that fits. Myers-Briggs type ENTJ- Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging.

I follow a vegan diet, clean/low on the food chain (lots of fruits and veggies), and have and "easy on the Earth" philosophy and practice, but not to the point of being  dogmatic.  I do buy non-vegan dinners for dates.

I don't drink much, but I do enjoy stouts, sweet wines, and, especially, sangria, which almost counts as a fruit, after all.

What I am looking for...greatness, in one or more forms, and/or arenas.  I'll tell you some things that I find cool....beyond the obvious, .like lavish physical touch, massage exchange, long kisses, etc....I know someone who is an Engineer/MBA and exec at a major Philly company, but gets excited about a frog for her pond...a woman who can do a pullup (or a couple, but probably not more than 10 :)...I still like the phrase "brings her own weather"....strength, stamina, running speed, general athleticism.....creativity: welding, building jewelry, cooking, tie-dying, sewing....I like to think that I value just about any cultivated skill.

Anything else?  Just ask..

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