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johnny, a  Vegan in Greensboro johnny
is a 70 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Greensboro, north_carolina
Vegan diet.




God's best to you! I am seeking you if you wish for a life of service and love.

 Join me if you want to create a beautiful, highly spiritual and health-oriented, vegan family, since the creation and positive guidance of new lives is a real spiritual service.  We need healthy bodies so advanced souls can incarnate and help us fashion a beautiful future for our world.

  Join me if you want to help grow and teach the world about eat beautiful organic vegan foods, if you want to exercise and live really well.

   In addition to your own fitness and service goals I invite you to help create a beautiful vegan food cart business serving thousands in several cities and live on our own organic farm, a sanctuary for animals.    

Join me if you want to travel the world and help me sow seeds of love, better living, people and animal health and harmony. Help me spread peace and brotherhood and join me.

Are you open-minded? I was raised a Christian and now believe the returning One is the same Great being awaited by ALL religions under different names. NO MORE ‘us and them’ thinking-we really are one tribe. Some religions await Christ, others Krishna, others Maitreya Buddha, others the Messiah...we are seeking the same great Being.

Hence as we welcome Him He will please us all since His major message  is that we need to live by principles of sharing, justice and love, peace, brotherhood and interdependence.

  I have a background in health. I had a health products and fitness equipment business and a vegetarian catering business long ago. I am now a longtime vegan which keeps me feeling very alive and young. I hope you’d also enjoy going to fun natural health conventions, organic farm conferences and tours. I have land for an educational organic farm which us in the making. Soon we will put it onto YouTube with an aim to share and inspire a healthful lifestyle. I plan running and hiking trails through its forest, yoga and meditation/magical practice platforms and gazebos and many fitness stops with beautiful views. Would you like to come help me build and then live in an earthen dome cluster and underground greenhouses with all the best home and farm features for our family- human offspring and very lucky animals? This is a vision we can create.  I have been preparing for this and for you.

I luckily have a background in deep spiritual thought and esoteric and magical studies. I have many friends to share wigh you. My friends would welcome you to our fold. I long to serve people, animals,and  the plant world just as do you. I know we are always guided, cotinuously connected to God.

    If you find resonance with these dreams please contact me and let’s explore together. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks.

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