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onehappyfellow, a  Vegetarian in Chapel Hill onehappyfellow
is a 76 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Chapel Hill, north_carolina
Vegetarian diet.

Of quiet mind, athletic and playful, light and open-hearted, deep-thinking yogi-gardener-farmer sometimes businessman hopes to find soulful companionship, effortless and natural joyful connection who like myself is natural, physically fit, sensual and curious about life, self-discovery, adventure and playful.. Excited to meet a woman who are curious to explore inner realms as well as the great outdoors, museums cities, arts and special events. In my wallet I keep my lifetime National Park Pass right next to my membership cards to the David Attenborough and Ray Mears fan clubs my bicycles are kept ready for riding along the Riverwalk, paved paths and on to country and woodland trails. I particularly love ballet, modern and jazz dance companies and all of June, I will have the opportunity to usher during some of the performances held at Duke University all month long. Engaged in deepening quiet reflection, regular meditation, spiritual grounding, kirtan and other practices learned in community living beginning in my mid-20s when I also began to study and practice tantrika, the various ogic practices all aimed at elevating consciousness, exploring the nature of reality and achieving spiritual liberation. I was about 23 when it suddenly occurred to me that my whole life had been replete with protection and guidance and all t needed do was listen and trust as well as accept what comes and what goes fluidly. It was a life-changing breakthrough. Love music including old time, anything with a fiddle, and harmony as well as and the culture-changing music of the sixties and early 70s before major commercialization. I was 14 when the Beatles performed in my living room on the Ed Sullivan Show and my older daughter was amazed when she learned I was in was in college in NYC and didn't go to Woodstock. Ha ha!... In summary, I enjoy the sensuality of body, and the sweetness of intimacy and integral deep personal contact as well as deep, open and honest and very personal communication . I am interested in a mature, deep and broad love relationship based on personal and spiritual growth play, enjoyment and pleasure, respect, and the integrity and trust that comes from a mutual commitment to the process of honest communication.

Vrinda108, a  Vegetarian in Chapel Hill Vrinda108
is a 41 year old, Hindu bi-female.
Living in Chapel Hill, north_carolina
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a friendly and positive person. I'm studying to become a marriage and family therapist. I'm a spiritual person. I do mantra meditation early in the morning and throughout the day (I'm a Hare Krishna). I enjoy long walks in nature and visiting the ocean. I support Black Lives Matter, and any other efforts to improve the human race.

J, a  Raw food in Chapel Hill J
is a 55 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Chapel Hill, north_carolina
Raw food diet.

NEW AMENDMENT!!  .... To those who have winked at me: Please know that I am not a full member at the moment, so I can not message you unless you FIRST message me. Please do, as I would love to chat with you!   .......  Hello, and thank you for viewing my profile. I fit a lot into my days and don't have much time to find that special someone, so I'm trying this. I would describe my personality as funny, loyal, forgiving, honest, intelligent, and supportive. I am very ambitious and I am currently in college pursuing my bachelors in biology so that I can get my MS as a Dietician or PA. I love to travel. I eat an 80% raw diet consisting mainly of green leafy vegetables, sprouts, berries, apples, nuts, seeds, avocados, tomatoes, quinoa, beans, sweet potatoes, and many other vegetables. I love eating healthy foods, and the process of making everything form scratch. I feel great, and have an abundance of energy and vigor. To me it is simple: Eat live food and receive the foods life force as your raw energy!

 I  love laughter, and when not in situations that require me to be serious, I am usually making someone laugh while laughing with them. I believe that laughter is a healer, a positive vibration that cleanses the soul and vibrates to others. Life is to brief and to beautiful to not involve lots or laughter.

I also have a strong connection with animals and the environment. I believe that humans have exploited both of these treasures for the sake of financial gain and self convenience. What a shame! I certainly want to make a good living, but not at the expense of the voiceless, and not for material possessions. 

Denis, a  Vegan in Chapel Hill Denis
is a 63 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Chapel Hill, north_carolina
Vegan diet.

Somewhat less funny, rich, and handsome than Jerry Seinfeld. But he's taken, so deal with it. Thoughtful, kind, curious, and sensitive. Seriously concerned about overpopulation and the environment, with long history of involvement. Happy living simply. Not fond of watching sports, shopping, television, Republicans, noise, asphalt. Very fond of foreign travel, folk dancing, lakes, rowing, snorkeling, hiking, good books, old movies. Native New Yorker. Dreamy blue eyes, nice smile, prominent nose (nobody's perfect). Love animals, ambivalent about owning them. Blessed with loyal friends, loving mother. Vegan for all the right reasons.

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