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FunVeganChickipop, a  Vegan in  Prescott FunVeganChickipop
is a 57 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Prescott, arizona
Vegan diet.

Hello, I am just signing up to check this out right now.

I am a vegan, obviously :)  But want to clarify that I am an actual "vegan", meaning I live a vegan lifestyle (going on 5 yrs now) and am not just an eater of plant-based diet. I want to point that out, as many of you lifestyle vegans probably already know...there are a lot of people who call themselves vegan these days, but really are just referring to their diet. I am seeking a "full on"! (haha) vegan partner, as I believe in animal rights and am a believer in the abolitionist approach ( vs animal welfarists). If you're not familiar... check out Gary Francione's website ( And if you are just a vegan in diet Gary's website and go vegan. It is a joy, like he says! And if that's not enough... watch the movie 'Earthlings'... that should do the trick!

I would like to find a life partner ultimately, but also am a football fan... Go Cowboys! Would love to meet any fellow vegan Cowboy fans to watch games with (while eating yummy vegan food!) even if there is no romantic connection or interest, as well. I don't even have any non vegan Cowboy fans  to watch with right now. Whaaaah!


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