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Marie, a  Almost veg in Cockeysville Marie
is a 52 year old, Christian / other female.
Living in Cockeysville, maryland
Almost veg diet.

I love nature; grew up in Michigan, lived in Southern California, where there is plenty of water. That's the only thing wrong with Maryland. . .can't swim in the waters of the bay (sailing is fun, but not without diving in), cannot bodysurf here, etc.  Have travelled many continents for a former career but am now content with less of that. Though who's to say? I love adventure with the right person, and love foreign lifestyle/culture/cuisine because it informs and opens te senses and the mind and heart.

 Having enjoyed a couple of rewarding careers in journalism/ magazine and news editing, then as a social entrepreneur designing clothing in India/Nepal/Thailand, I am garnering new skills in. . . (drumroll) health, financial literacy.  Or law. (I have a M.A. in writing, good preparation). Or health PLUS legal advocacy for women disriminated against in the courts (like in the Bill Cosby case. . why do they still air and monetize his shows? EEEEEWWWW..) and against ageism. Too much focus on color, of late (what you resist persists); not enough focus on combatting ageism (on this coast but Oregon is better) and patriarchal thinking in the courts, presidency, more. . .

 I seek a partner who is youthful, healthy, open to discovering ways to enjoy the later years together. Pen pals who want to share insights in health of body/mind/soul.

 My spiritual life is big; I am given to continuous prayer and reflection though I don't feist it on another.  I am a follower of Jesus, that awesome healer, that extraordinarily ordinary radical Jew teacher of gentleness, that Redeemer in the triad of Creator/Redeemer/Sustainer.

I enjoy  plays, literature, the arts of course, and a museum tour on a rainy day; but also the simple life, including gardening a bit and feeding birds and consorting quietly with wildlife. . .as close to nature as one can get. I plan to live near water in a rustic/industrial home one day, with my love. (for now, my Angeldog). I plan to become a beekeeper like my grandmother was.And write and pubish nonfiction, plays, and at least one children's book.

I take good care of my body (dry brushing, apple cider vinegar, supplements, intelligent eating; at this time I do eat happy-chicken eggs from farmers I know, and wild-caught salmon from Alaska.  I have to research nutrition/food combining more  before swearing off on these) and enjoy every day I wake up.  Dumbbells on either side of my stove because--why not?-- I can work out/stretch upper body when making coffee, tea, or a broth. While listening to a Tedtalk or informative utube, or to nature. Or to the silence.

I read the New York Times; on a busy day I'm a skimmer, but I like to keep up with the arts in NYC, plus it's considerd a "writer's paper". I'll never forget seeing a trend for twin-set sweaters years ago in the Times which was a gold mine for me as an international designer. I also love BBC International News. We are NOT the world.

Ordinariness takes on sacredness when we spend time alone, doesn't it? I drip my espresso with cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, ( yes what's needed is a white pepper, right?) then add local raw honey and coconut or other nut milk. Just saying, we would likely not be meeting at Starbuck's. Or eating out anyplace that is a national chain. I like to support local talent and entrepreneurs, whenever possible.

Why? Because I've always been one. Just like you. Even the rare occasions I am working or consulting others, I am always self-employed, in my mind. 

 My cell rests on the kitchen counter and I check it when I walk by. I will never answer a phone call when I am in a conversation, or having a meal together, or. . . Oh! I LOVE documentaries and memoir. Favorites: A River Ran Through it, Memoir of a Geisha,The English Patient, shorts from all countries that don't always have the American requisite of a happy ending tied up with a bow. . .but characters whose choices live on in the mind for a time. (Yes I have written a play and am crafting a screenplay).

I love to work out and swim. . .have developed something I call "water kenpo". Yoga, yes, I'll get back to that in the winter. This is the season--summer--for hiking with my pupster and a neighbor's. I adore the sweetness and intelligence of canines, goats, horses, deer, you name it. All living things.


But more importantly, what about YOU?

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