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SvelteSoprano, a  Vegetarian in Greenwich SvelteSoprano
is a 57 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Greenwich, connecticut
Vegetarian diet.

Complex but not complicated; independent but not aloof; inquisitive and not acquisitive. Logical, practical(except for my choice of opera as a career).
I wake up in the same mood (cheerful) every morning and don't need coffee to get going. Direct--I was told by a Buddhist monk that I needed to learn to "play the game" and be less candid. Travel! I entertain that all things are possible (except perhaps that "aliens fathered my baby"), and I believe there is a solution to every problem. Towards that end, I learned energy healing. I am considerate, caring (nursed my partner through 2 years of cancer), intelligent and a lot of fun. Oh, and a 115-lb opera singer who is comfortable with power tools.

I love nature, swimming, hiking, xcountry skiing.  As long as it supports crops and doesn't flood my basement, I think it's "good weather."

While I am perplexed at the lack of evolution in the human species, I do care about us humans as we are, and I do my best to love each human I encounter.  My spiritual life is important to me; I respect anyone's personal spiritual pursuits/ideas. 


Claire, a  Vegetarian in Greenwich Claire
is a 57 year old, Christian / other female.
Living in Greenwich, connecticut
Vegetarian diet.

Farm girl by day, diva by night. This opera singer enjoys exploring and developing spirit, mind, heart, body, and the modalities that heal them. (I am a practitioner of Reconnective Healing.) I am independent but not aloof, inquisitive, non-acquisitive, intelligent, sweet, giving, and lots of fun. The natural world is very important to me, and I enjoy xcountry skiings, swimming, hiking. I love travel (13 countries so far), music, theater, dancing.  

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