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VegGirl, a  Vegetarian in Stamford VegGirl
is a 29 year old, Christian / other female.
Living in Stamford, connecticut
Vegetarian diet.


Updating this profile for this first time in a while: I was a strict vegan for a few years and have now been vegetarian for a few years. I guess that's the biggest update for this niche site! Erm, also pumped SeaWorld is stopping their Orca program. I'll leave the rest below for now:

A little about myself...

I have an international focus. I have traveled extensively in the developing world for college and church volunteering. I now work at an international non-profit and love it!

I became a vegan last year for the health benefits and out of curiosity after reading an interview with Kathy Freston. I have continued being vegan for ethical reasons including animal rights and the humanitarian aspect of the diet. (The grain we feed to cows to make our steaks could go to feeding starving people!) :) I love watching documentaries on plant-based diets, just last weekend i went to the screening of Vegucated which was great!

In the past year or so I have had a newfound appreciation and love for music and live shows. 

I love living by the water, being technologically disconnected at times and going on adventures.

I love ethnic food like Ethiopian, Japanese, Mexican, etc yumm vegan food!

HealthCounselor, a  Raw food in Stamford HealthCounselor
is a 51 year old, Jewish female.
Living in Stamford, connecticut
Raw food diet.

I'm definitely a girl, with lots of feminine qualities and a big heart. I'm into health, love food from the farms and treating my body well. I'm extremely loving and giving. I love to create new adventures. Chemistry is important to me. I'm a bit Carrie Bradshaw, a bit earthy hippie girl and a bit intellectual...

I appreciate my life every day, and I see the glass as half full. I'm a therapist and nutritional counselor - all on the holistic end. I love what I do. I can either be found running at the beach, on a great hike or doing some yoga. I'm always making new and exciting recipes and love to cook. I'm into indie films, all music from rock to opera, art and theatre. I love to curl up in a big chair with a good book or spend a Saturday cozy at home, and then go out for a great dinner at night! I am blessed to have lots of extraordinary friends. Warm weather and the beach call to me and I love a day in the sand, sun and sea.

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