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Quincy, massachusetts vegetarians, vegans and raw foodist events and singles dating

Aurora, a  Vegan in Quincy Aurora
is a 58 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Quincy, massachusetts
Vegan diet.

Awakened Heart, A Woman to Love!

I am a multi-faceted, deeper, passionate minded, at times relentless but well intentioned and spirited woman.
I am known to be quite sensitive, caring, compassionate, sensual and loving person. My intention is to be conscious, mindful and to remain teachable, thus not automatically to come from a place of knowing. I have learned the power of now, as well as recognize the impermanence of life.
I heard it said of the importance of writing out one's dreams and goals. Therefore: "I am ready to have a good man (who I would cherish) and good friends, to come into my life" I am open to whatever types of relationships that may develop, however I am seeking successful long- term relationships/marriage.
I am open to relocating to a warmer climate at some point with the right person.
I am a people person, can be quite social, am very inquisitive about life. I am a very honest individual! Honesty is a very important quality I give,as well as seek in another.
If there is no honesty...We have nothing!
Two of my major passions have always been dancing and my love of music. Dancing has always ignited my spirit and music has often uplifted me as well as resonated with many of life's many changing emotions. Being a dancer is not crucial, yet being spirited and a passionate person is; along with a willingness to try at times; even when no one is dancing or no one is watching. 
I am proud to have raised a son on my own, who now is grown and lives on his own. I have since then learned to be alone, often enjoying my time with myself, yet have appreciation as well as know the value of good friends and a good partner. 
I have been since expanding  towards a different path including developing spirituality, as well have become compelled about Environmental issues and have "Woke Up" with my eyes now wide open; seeing everything in the world connecting in a different way, Seeking a partner who would take interest and be supportive of my conviction toward Environmental/advocacy issues... is crucial to me as well, would you like to join me?

Being real, down to earth
Exhibiting compasssion and kindness
Deeper conversations
Laughing (need help sometimes);
Hugging, holding, touching, kissing
Environmental issues
Music, Barefoot Freestyle dancing;
Traveling, europe, africa......
Consumer safety/right to know;
Animal welfare
Conscious of being the change, i wish to see in the world 
Doing small things in a great way

Boston Vegan, a  Vegan in Quincy Boston Vegan
is a 49 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Quincy, massachusetts
Vegan diet.

Boston, MA 


Vegan Chef and Nutritionist


Servant of the Earth





City or Nature

Day Trips


Positive Energy

Patsy, a  Vegan in Quincy Patsy
is a 71 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Quincy, massachusetts
Vegan diet.

Want to connect with a  Longtime vegan lifestyle.... profiecient cook . 

A person  who is  easy to   get along with compassionate. independent, hopefully in good health .  If you are not healthy   a vegan diet will help. 

I would  like to to connect with a vegan male  ... around my age or a little  younger or older.   I wouldn't mind connecting with a  wannabee vegan.  I love talking about health benifits of veganism.   will reply to all.  I am a good listener  non judgemental   and articulate well.  



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