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Tina , a  Vegan in Indian Orchard Tina
is a 58 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Indian Orchard, massachusetts
Vegan diet.

I am a 57 year old black woman looking for a rewarding joyful and peaceful relationship with a man that loves God and that knows that Jesus is our savior and respects the power and the guidance of God's Holy Spirit. Although I am not a Christian as defined by this worlds corruptible system... I am a follower and disciple of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and respect his teachings and I am a feeder of all his teachings. As well as being a disciple (a spiritual student) ... I am a true prophetess of God in Heaven and being a child of God's Holy prophets of old.

Nine years ago I married a man that I thought was my Jesus In the flesh ( if you will) however turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Finding this out within weeks of the marriage I asked God why and he said that I had to learn that even the elect could be fooled by the deception of false prophets false teachers and Antichrist if it were possible. However I praise God today for delivering me from the hands of my enemy that I indeed fell in love with or at least fell in love with the deceptive part of him but after realizing it wasn't real I didn't want anything to do with him and so God separated us accordingly... I'm looking for a relationship that's real and I'm praying that God will order my steps as well as his steps toward each other... In Jesus name this is my prayer... Amen

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