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Miriam, a  Vegan in Cape cod Miriam
is a 56 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Cape cod, massachusetts
Vegan diet.

Very passionate, independent , very kind, hardworking ,generous, healthy 55 yo lady,  vegan for the animals first , activist as much as able between my busy work schedule , ( I work in the health care field) and caring for my multiple adopted pets ; to me a relationship should start as a friendship .... and on my case the goal is for a long term relationship.

I became vegan because I finaly saw the light of compassion that existed in me but was not turned on full power , came to realize how much suffering humans cause to animals without any need for it other than for greed / money/ vanity....we All should be vegan since day 1 of our lives ;  I feel bad  that I did not wake up soon enough and have participated in so much animal suffering by being raised on wrong eating habits.... I am a free spirit , I usually speak my mind and don’t always care what people think about my ideas and views , said that I don’t mean that am evil and offend people unless  am being vwrbally attacked then I may offend back , now that I am so aware of the need to encourage people to join veganism I do try to share how good I feel and the whys of a vegan lifestyle,  if they are not open to it i move on , but  do like to at least to plant a seed first ....I don’t like phony, too vain and  I am skeptical of people who say they are always happy , I feel that,if you tell me you are always happy,  it could be that you lack compassion and live in the land of ignorant Bliss with no regards for how other humans or other animals  live and suffer... I have a hard time just accepting that some of us are so fortunate and most are not , many live in misery , pain, oppression without any means to scape from their misery... knowing that alone brings sadness to my heart when I see it or find out about things like that ...

am not big on traveling outside the us and really prefer to be near home most of times right now, so if you are in the adventure mode I May not be the right partner in crime , and reality is , I have to stay near since I  have elderly pets and I want to be near and availabel for them ,  but for a retirement change in life I am cosidering moving somewhere warmer than cape cod , have thought about Virgin Islands, Cape Verde or Costa Rica, buy a small place with decent amount of land with Lots of fruit treea And veggies ....

I do like to keep busy , I exercise at home , love yoga , jogging, yard work,  I am not a princess  by any means, I don’t have long nails, fake nails , fake boobs or fake eye lashes , I could say I am easy on the eyes ,not fanatic about exercising as I was in my 30’ s but I am in decent shape for 55 ... I do  enjoy any music specially the kind that makes my body move ....




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