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Nicole, a  Vegan in Wailea Nicole
is a 45 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Wailea, hawaii
Vegan diet.

I've changed a lot since 2002 to become the person I am today.  I met someone I thought was my perfect partner back in 2012.  I moved across the globe for "us" and after I invested all I had in it I found out he wasn't the person he said he was.  I left everything to chance but well... Live and learn?  I'm not sure how I find my soul mate from here but I figure if I never tell anyone I'm still looking then I may never find him! 

I LOVE animals, soulful and spiritual music... I was a practicing yoga teacher (amongst many things) before I moved to Hawaii, but I was many things before I moved to Hawaii.  It's a different world here!  Now I'm a self practitioner, but not as dedicated as I would like to be.

I like modern verses traditional and simple verses complicated.  I'm not into body hair or tattoos.  I try to be conscious of what I put into and on my body and hopeful my partner is too.  I've been veggie for near 25 years.  I'd like to claim I was raw vegan but I fall short when it comes to a few fav's.  I'm an author, graphic designer (help people lay out their own books),  healthy dog advocate (more than 50% die of cancer you know).  My dogs were vegan once but I ran into health complications and have yet to find the best solution and hopeful I can work with my partner to find the right solution as its been a long solo journey of trial and error and I'm kinda grossed out having to feed them a non vegan diet!  (Help!) I love my pups and I would do anything for them as they have proven to be great teachers!  

I know in order for us to work I will likely have to move, but that also means giving up my income.  I also need a yard for my pups... not sure how to make a transition into a new place and new relationship, but I have to start somewhere right?  

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