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Phil, a  Raw food in Pahoa Phil
is a 70 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Pahoa, hawaii
Raw food diet.

I am a good and decent Raw Vegan man. 

I am a long term ethical Vegan that is fit, active, athletic, fun, funny, playful, warm, adventurous and sane.

Cycling, hiking, camping, kayaking, and sailing are my favorite outdoor activities (no, I do not own my own  boat). My usual bike ride is 20 miles. My last hike was about 7 miles.

I am on a spiritual journey, participating in Kirtan, singing bowl meditations, Hatha Yoga, and sweat lodges. I'm also having fun, taking Latin dance classes in Salsa and Rueda de Casino (Spanish square dancing in a circle)

I am responsible, respectful, kind, compassionate, loyal, giving, honest, monogamous, affectionate and passionate. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist who is kind, caring, and effective.

I am grateful to be living on this sacred land. It is truly a magical place with incredible beauty around every corner (almost). We are tropical beings and I am living in our natural environment, eating our natural diet: fresh ripe fruit, right off the tree when I am lucky. 

I am looking for a like minded Vegan woman. Ideally she would be a best friend who is intellectually stimulating, emotionally available, and sexually compatible. Aliveness, playfulness, imagination, curiosity, passion, and adventurousness are attributes we delight in and share.

I hope to hear from you. :)

This is an afterthought and it saddens me, but I feel I have to state this right up front and get it out of the way:
What has been sadly going on in the world for the past three years now is a monstrous lie and a crime against humanity that was planned decades ago. This is an act of unprecedented evil.
I am a Raw Vegan who believes in health. I have a immune system, a healthy immune system.
I am not vacinated. I do not consent.
I am factcinated with the facts. I have immunity to fear.

Bullboy, a  Raw food in Pahoa Bullboy
is a 52 year old, other / not disclosed male.
Living in Pahoa, hawaii
Raw food diet.

Raw vegan 30 years. 80/10/10, never going back to conventional eating.  High energy, Athletic, creative:  professional singer, musician, songwriter, band leader (fronting 2 bands at the moment), and fine artist.  Live on 3 acres of pristing jungle farm in Puna district of Big Island of Hawaii.  30 year yoga practicioner, trained jazz dancer.  Love to surf, swim, bike, hike, and work the land.  I'm a Taurus, 4 planets in Taurus, slow and steady wins the race!  I know all about food, and, there is no better regime than 80/10//1MOST MEN AND WOMEN OVER 50 have a depleted sex drive and sexual capacity. This is because of what they eat, and, have been eating during there lifetime. Having been a low fat raw vegan (aka 80/10/10). for 30+ years I maintain the sex drive and physical sexual capacity of a 20 year old. Just the way it is. if you know anything about circulation, blood flow, cellular fueling etc. you will understand how a 100% raw organic diet keeps one young, healthy and vibrant. My physical, and mental capacity is much better as I get older, than when I was in my 20's.p, and, I bever get sick. Covid is a joke! That being said I am the only one that you will ever meet who can show you a life style that will allow you to live to 140 years old and be high energy, and extremely healthy, and loving every minute. PS. I am interested n younger wonen only because older wonen just can't keep up with me. see youtube:20 at 70 plant based.

I have discovered the fountain of youth. right in my kitchen! I'm a Taurus, (bullboy!) fixed earth sign, slow and steady wins the race. Fine Artist, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Band leader (2 bands at the moment) 30 year low fat raw vegan, master yogi (30 plus years). live on a farm in Puna district, the big island, surf, swim, make great raw food cuisine. Trained jazz dancer. what else? with 4 planets in Taurus I'm pretty earthy. I live completely off grid in a natural paradise, pristine jungle setting near the ocean with lots of fruit trees, no human sounds, the cleanest air on the planet, off a one lane road. up a 1/4 mile long driveway. I work the land. I supervise an emergency shelter, I front two different pop/rock bands. I take classes at UHH. I'm athletic and busy but love to enjoy the serenity of this idyllic place which is a little peace of paradise. I am writing a book on Astrology that takes a completely unique approach to the subject. (I’ve been into astrology, which I call cosmic programming, for over 30 years).

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