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iseeecovillage, a  Raw food in Wailuku iseeecovillage
is a 40 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Wailuku, hawaii
Raw food diet.

I'm a social anarchist. live in Wailuku, Maui.

Rucking a mountain trail. Practicing natural movement routines. Syncing my contact improv dancing. I'm down for an intelligent conversation before we workout at the gym, or a hiking backpack adventure. During the week, I build my startup, but come Friday night…you and I are going out to play.


I'm a trust fund baby ... ?? [straight edge though], so what that means is I'm outgoing, spontaneous and cultured. Being independent, I support my goals, I'm driven to succeed, and I'm confident because I've been called a walking encyclopedia.?? I have a caring and honest heart. Being an open minded natural romantic, I listen well and love to have fun, laugh (I'm looking for a laughing buddy??), and to serve women.


I am a happy, positive minded, calm, caring & affectionate, kind, loving, and emotionally stable person. I'm a INTJ personality. I like to read, socialize, and to dance.


I know... I sound too good to be true... Ok, there is one caveat...


I'm a 40-year-old virgin by choice, because I have held off for my soul mates, to co-create and co-parent lots of children. If you may not want to birth kids, you could still join my future relationship network clan of co-parents! I'd like a partner to explore options if they can't have a lot of kids or aren't willing to conceive; at minimum be ok around kids.


I hope you share in prefering to or only date those seeking long term too! You need to know that I'm committed to staying free of unwanted STI, if possible, and I hope you are too.


I dream of a relationship network vegan orchard, natural building community, tiny houses, co-living commons apartment with snuggle party room, & opening a transformational retreat center.


Please know that I don't want to nest & marry with anyone. Nest, meaning financially and physically sharing our money and co-owning living spaces. I would like to nest with an intentional community, by joining/starting one. I recently found a label for myself -- straight (hetero-romantic & hetero-sexual) solo polyamorous.


One of my questions I might ask you is “What is Love?” As much as it might be cuddling, it’s also using my heart to promote peace. Getting my hands dirty at the animal sanctuary farm. Showing my appreciation of friends through a well prepared meal. Celebrating life by salsa dancing. Keeping a garden for food and green joy. When I kiss you with all of me fully present, tender, playful, and happy, I share myself completely with you. The women I go for are smart, fit, healthy and not afraid to make the first move. If you think you’re up to the challenge, send me a message.

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