Wailuku, hawaii vegetarians, vegans and raw foodist events and singles dating

iseeecovillage, a  Raw food in Wailuku iseeecovillage
is a 40 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Wailuku, hawaii
Raw food diet.

I live in Wailuku, Maui.
Rucking a mountain trail. Syncing my contact improv dancing. Practicing natural movement routines. Yes, it’s not a weekend if your heart isn’t beating a little faster.

I'm looking for someone with drive who cares as much as I do for staying in good looking shape; whether you're down for an intelligent conversation before we workout at the gym, or a hiking backpack adventure. During the week, I build my startup, but come Friday night…you and I are going out to play.

I'm a trust fund baby ... ?? [straight edge though], so what that means is I'm outgoing, spontaneous and cultured. Being independent, I support my goals, I'm driven to succeed, and I'm confident because I've been called a walking encyclopedia.?? I have a caring and honest heart. Being an open minded natural romantic, I listen well and love to have fun, laugh (I'm looking for a laughing buddy??), and serve women.

I am a happy, positive minded, calm, caring & affectionate, kind, loving, and emotionally stable person. I'm a INTJ personality. I like to read, socialize, and to dance.

*I know... I sound too good to be true... Ok, there is one caveat...
I eat a 99% plant-based diet, with the focus on high amounts of fruit, and when I work toward a non-violent world, I express my love for people, animals, and the planet. I hope you would be open to exploring that with me. See... it wasn't that bad ?? Plus, I happen to have skills in the kitchen, so it's a bonus.

Oh, and I'm a 40-year-old virgin by choice, because I have held off for my soul mates, to co-create and co-parent lots of children. You may not want to birth kids, but still you could join my family tribe! I am looking for love with abstinence, except for creating progeny.

Love means to me being polyaffectionate (contact improv dancing and snuggling with many people, though I prefer one-on-one connections at a time) without kissing.

Since I value freedom while in prefered long-term relationships, I'm Ok for you to meet your needs and be free to kiss & play with other (long-term) intimate relationship(s), if you want. ;-)
I hope you share in prefering to or only date those seeking long term too! You need to know that I'm committed to staying STD-free for life, so if we decide to have kid(s), and you have a STD, my sperm may be implanted through artificial insemination methods, and I hope you are Ok with that option.

Ideally, I would see our co-parenting tribe living on a subdivided rural & nature abundant property that has on it an apartment with a snuggle party room, and large, small, and tiny houses (based on the parent's and children's needs) in the co-housing model.
Co-housing, meaning every parent owns their own apartment unit or house meeting my need for autonomy and independence. Please know that I don't want to nest with anyone. Nest, meaning financially and physically sharing our money and co-owning living spaces like the same room or house. I recently found a label for myself -- straight (hetero-romantic hetero-sexual) abstinent mixed solo polyamorous -- and you can look that up and read about it if you want. I hope you can resonate with all this, and are curious to explore these possibilities! :-)

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