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JRooo, a  Vegetarian in Volcano JRooo
is a 48 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Volcano, hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

Aloha from Big Island Hawaii, I'm interested in art, music, dancing, gardening, ancient history/alternative history, gnosis, esoteric wisdom/knowledge, aerospace,  architecture, alternative healing, and much much more.  Im here to find true love.  Im a real man, meaning I can fix a car, build an entire house from the foundation, excavating-concrete-plumbing-electrical-framing-roofing-finishing. Im an expert metal fabricator, specializing in CNC waterjet programming/machining. Im an artist, I work with pen+ink, copper art, blacksmithing, metal artwork, glassblowing, and any other materials I wish to integrate.  I love live music and I love dancing I would like someone that enjoys dancing.  I am not materialistic, the best things in life are free.  Im very open minded, and I am looking for someone that is open minded as well.  Ive been a vegetarian/ovo-lacto and sometimes pesca, since I was born.  I have exquisite taste, a code of ethics/morals, and I question everything.  Im an empath, and a bit introverted.  I have experienced some very extensive bone shattering physical injurys, and have  healed.  Im in excellent physical shape.  I appreciate honesty, loyalty, empathy, compassion, humility, attention to detail, passion, beauty, and love.  Im Sweedish Scottish and Native American.  A Gemini Dragon, and a water elemental.  ;) 

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