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Johnson City, texas vegetarians, vegans and raw foodist events and singles dating

anand, a  Raw food in Johnson City anand
is a 61 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Johnson City, texas
Raw food diet.

published author, artist, activist, alchemist, angel, designer and architect, musical composer, D.A.R., Ordained Essene Minister (Judeo-Gnostic Christian-Taoist approach), educator, entertainer, gardener, metaphysician, poet, sculptor, sober.

Lover of the Cosmic Christ. Explorer of Consciousness. Happy. Joyous. Divine. Sovereign. Free.

Conspiracy realist. Fiscal Conservative Objectivist. Terrain Theory all the way. Contagion is a myth. Not jibby jabbed. Veg*n 30+ years. Eat seasonally... mostly raw vegan-ish frugivore fruitarian, however I will sometimes indulge in local raw honey or more rarely, raw Swiss cheese from the alps. (I have met the cows at Desalpe and they are treated like royalty.)

I travel in 5 star style AND have also van camped across the US twice and also from southern border to Vancouver BC and back. Places you might find me at: hot springs, cold drinking springs. historic architecture, formal gardens, small quaint towns.

Entertainment tastes: Anything from country to Christian to classical to classic musicals. Desert island picks might include Bach, Sons of Pioneers, chillout dance tracks, score to High Society and Steely Dan. I like old movies with happy endings, funny slapstick movies. Other than "They Live!" not a fan of violent entertainment... but that ransmitter definitely needs to be taken out!

Retired from corporate communications ages back... Now a writer and Ordained Essene Minister helping to build an international vegetarian community of peace called Seed of Life.

I know WHO he is, but... 'Where' is John Galt?

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