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Karen, a  Veggie/vegan in Irving Karen
is a 63 year old, Christian / other female.
Living in Irving, texas
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi I would call myself an eclectic empathic explorer. adventurer-nature child. I’m really a super introvert so love to experience things more than talk too much.  I love to be outdoors-ocean,mountains,rivers,desert,forests,everything in between. I really enjoy road trips even short ones. I drove to Enchanted Rock/Fredericksburg Texas for the day and drove home. I can just sail enought a get a boat out, on the water and back in the slip but i prefer to crew for someone else. I’ve tandem hanglided twice off the mountain in Telluride. Crewed for a hot air balloon team. 

I started rock climbing about a year ago and climbed in Yosemite so working on that for present and future. It has been a great help to me so far physically, emotionally and mentally. I still deal with grief in my life. But I want to be climbing when I'm 90.

I studied art and art history so i also can spend time in museums, listening to music, at a festival, listening to lectures, rumaging flea markets. I enjoy pohotography, videographs and sketching. i still have many books and love to read-mostly non-fiction. i love science history and health topics. Enjoy dancing-best at Argentine Tango can get by with basics of most ballroom.

I tend toward participation or doing than watching. So i'm still working on guitar, percussion and playing some ukelele. 

My spiritual journey is in quite a transition of sorts I suppose. Evengelical Christian who questions everything i think or thought I knew. The last few years looking into the brain mind body connections, consciousness and practicing mindfulness. I spent 2 years in Bible School and worked in Haiti years ago. Now i'm reading the Bible through and along with the Bagavad Gita. Trying to understand. 

Have been converting my lot into a native plant certified butterfly garden and certified wildlife habitat. I really am a super health freak as well as 31/2 yr. vegan. Mostly vegetarian before that.  I do not have a television. I have 9 cats- by accident and rescue. i'm probablly a bit eccentric by most standards.


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