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Rich, a  Vegetarian in Lisle Rich
is a 38 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Lisle, illinois
Vegetarian diet.

Ok this is what you will get here, it seems most females have it in your head that all men are all dogs so yes you are right I am a dog also but see I'm one of those dogs that is done with an abusive, disrespectful, dishonest, uncommitted, unfaithful life and just wants to be in the right life. Attention to new owner this dog has some problems but what he is is primarily housebroken, loyal, protective, respectful, committed, honest, faithful, open minded, down to earth, and much more. If you don't take the time to talk it could be to late.Sorry If you don't like the way I did this I'll be nice and put the regular profile here.

I'm basically an open book, if I don't answer then I'm not ready for you to know that sorry. I have on here That I am a Non Smoker, now I am currently smoking do to the stress that is in my life(which I'm trying to alleviate, but I normally vape. (HONESTY)I will smoke green to kill the pain in my back from my scoliosis regularly no I don't have a med card but I do wish to so less worries( thank you for letting me be honest). Yes I said a Player not PLAYA, I do like to play around and have fun when I am permitted to, but I also view life as a game of knowledge and I'm a player in life till the day I die cause I am now doubling down and I'm all in now baby let's ride. I will not upgrade I'm SORRY I have a few more important things to do, if needs be negotiations can be made to figure something out. Again THANK YOU and please SO MOTE IT BE( not FM).

C$, a  Vegan in Lisle C$
is a 41 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Lisle, illinois
Vegan diet.

I am vegan because my body feels better this way -- it's not political for me at all!



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