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Sam, a  Vegan in Glendale Heights Sam
is a 49 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Glendale Heights, illinois
Vegan diet.

I am an avid reader,love classical and other music, scenic photography, work out, practice yoga, meditation and fasting and last but not least I am a mushroom hunter (profile pics # 3 and # 4) and I forage wild edible plants for food and as a reason to be outdoors and in the wilderness. I have been a vegetarian for 22 years and a vegan for 6.  My initial reason for vegetarianism has been animal rights and I upgraded myself into vegan due to health reasons, animal rights and environmental concerns. I would say I am an ambivert (between extroverted and introverted).  I am interested in politics, social sciences, philosophy and spirituality including mysticism.  I believe in reincarnation.  Starting in my adolencence I have become attracted to eastern religions and when I was in college some of the greek philosophers.  I have lived in four countries, but now prefer more settled life.  I have a son living abroad.

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