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Heather, a  Vegan in Georgetown Heather
is a 26 year old, spiritual bi-female.
Living in Georgetown, illinois
Vegan diet.

Vegan, pansexual, Asexual. Southern Liberal. Equality Feminist. Foodie. Single parent. straight edge.

i like different kinds of music, indie, electronic, rock.I like Empire of the sun, and Grimes. Music with poetic quality, not mainstream music with no moral value.

I like animals, and healthy food, and quiet public places.
i love personal intimacy, and intellectual conversation, but mostly just some chill, good clean fun.

 I'm abstain but not religious , I'm also alternative but don't live an alternative lifestyle.
I don't put up with racism or sexism, or abuse in any of its forms. Mostly pacifist, but I defend my virtue if disrespected.

Im allergic to cats, and grass, but i dont let any of those things stop me from doing things.
I do like to cook and make new food.

Im very ambitious, i just like to take my time and relax no matter what im doing, i love peace and quiet but i can be silly and loud half of the time. Sometimes i can be hyper too but i try to stay 
chill as much as i can lol

I dont take myself seriously,i like to laugh and tell jokes, but i do take life and relationships very seriously.

I enjoy my solitude but get silly and loud when I feel like it, I'm practical, logical, mostly organized. I'm loyal, responsible, and extremely dependable. 

tend to be observant and good with facts, and I believe I'm very calm and composed - I rarely lose my temper, and when I do I try to handle it in a logical manner. 

I've got my feet firmly on the ground and I can take criticism quite well, but ignorance not so much. 
Some people might call me stubborn sometimes, but that is only because I don't readily accept opinions which are based on irrational emotions instead of verifiable facts. 
In love, my motto is "Love is based on duty and responsibility". 
I prosper with the male Nurturer (ISFJ) or the Guardian (ESTJ).

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