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Acadia, a  Vegetarian in Pueblo Acadia
is a 21 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Pueblo, colorado
Vegetarian diet.

I am a mature nineteen year old vegetarian. I work at a local advertisement company, a nearby yoga studio, and I am also a barista. I am going into my second year of college. On my free time I like to hoola hoop, belly dance, practice yoga, read, and explore the beautiful state of Colorado which is where I was born and raised. 

Scott, a  Veggie/vegan in Pueblo Scott
is a 53 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Pueblo, colorado
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am honest, sincere, and hardworking. 

I am in great health, intelligent and multi-talented.

I am stable, moral and loyal, but also flexible and open to change and growth.  I tend to want to stay at home but I can really enjoy traveling, too.  Self-improvement is a big part of my life outlook. I was raised with middle-class, Christian values, but I have explored life from all sides - as worker, executive and teacher.

I am open to relocating for the right person.  I understand the challenges of a single mother, and I understand wanting to stay where you are.

I enjoy being self-employed and my life's work as a cutting-edge research counselor for a unique form of philosophy-based counseling.  I am also a carpenter and architect and can fix up a house.  So I also improve properties and substitute teach school to supplement.

Honesty is the most important thing to me in a relationship and in life.  Loyalty is also important to me.  I have good communication skills and I care about people, the environment, and about all living things.

Andositis, a  Vegan in Pueblo Andositis
is a 28 year old, Buddhist female.
Living in Pueblo, colorado
Vegan diet.

I want to be your first choice. Not your 
second. Im a vegan looking for the same or at least someone who can eventually come over and embrace veganism. 

am a practicing Buddist. Id love a spiritual 
man (I dont mean god fearing) but 
Atheist or Agnostic is fine by me. I am 
obsessed with all things space! Stars are 
the way to my heart. Just lay with me and 
watch them. Take me on a long drive. Get 
lost in the woods with me. Ask me to come 
climb or a hike to refresh my soul:) Or just 
spend the day with me on the couch with 
blankets and pillows (thats the best!)

INFP Personality 100% (the dreamy 
idealist) Love all, trust few, do wrong to 
none. People often describe me as 
passionate, strong and fierce. Affectionate, 
honest, no bs type of person, and loyal. Im 
introverted. I dont do parties. I dont do 
crowds. I dont do people really. 
Besides..its always better with just us 

I live by the moon. A smoldering wild 
woman with a gentle demeanor and quiet 
loving softness. Although, I can be very 
fiesty and have been described as a 
"handful" and "a force to be reckoned with" 
when Im upset but it takes a lot to get me 
there lol. I hope someday when Im old I 
can have an animal farm/ sanctuary on 
some land sitting on a porch watching the 
sunset with someones hand in mine. That 
would do it for me**^o^**. Im not into 
material things nor am I impressed by what 
anyone has. I more impressed by Heart. I 
dont have much in terms of monetary 
investments but what I do have to offer you 
can never find in anything like that. It is 
something to be felt.

Im not into sports or bars so...I will 
probably never be that girl wearing a 
Broncos jersey drinking beer with you and 
a bunch of friends getting all rowdy about 
the game...Im sorry. My favorite 
color is Yellow I think its the color of my 
soul. I love art in all forms especially 
classical period, LOVE pre-raphaelite, 
Romanticism, surrealism, and street art. I 
love to go out on a whim and get lost in the 
forest. Id love even moreso to bring 
someone with me when i do. People who 
know me know I am quiet I am always thinking 
..pondering the many questions in life, 
considering what comes next, and where 
this great journey will lead me. Perhaps if 
you come to know me, you will understand 
that. And if you REALLY come to know me 
perhaps it will lead me to you. Id really love 
someone to call my "home".

CONS: I can be indecisive, moody, reactive, untrusting, and over-think 
things (I am a woman)

What Im doing with my life
Im work the wholesale division of a cannabis concentrates laboratory 
Living from my soul
Trying to make the best of things
Taking advantage of opportunities
Diving in head first
Being a good mother
Working on my bachelors in Psychology 
(would love a study partner!!)
Learning about myself and what I want for 
my life every day

Im really good at:
Being extraordinary
Being ridiculously passionate and intense which tends to drive people away I hear...
Being there for people
Being a total smart ass lol
Communication/ Meaningful conversation
Writing: Poetry, prose, essays
The "Natural" thing
Paying attention to universal signs/ 
symbols when they appear in my life
Not killing things (youd be surprised how 
many peoples first instinct is to kill 
something they fear or dont understand)

I listen to a lot of chillout, dubstep, trip-hop, trance, jazz but honestly I 
enjoy all music.
Movies I like a good indie, comedy, chik 
flik, horror, sci-fi, Anime or Documentary.
Books I am reading/ have read: The Mass 
Psychology of Fascism, Sex Time and 
Power, From Sex to superconsciousness, 
How to Practice, Buddha is as Buddha 
does, The Lotus Sutra, The Diamond 
Sutra, Sutra of the 6th Patriarch, The Heart 
Sutra, The Dangerous Passion, Warrior 
Goddess Training and Loving Sex
Food- anything with tofu and veggies!

The six things I could never do without:


Walking outside barefoot
I dont have many friends or a family so 
those are out!

I spend a lot of time thinking about:

The Universe
Philosophical ideologies
Time or lack thereof
Sexual Response
Disappearing without a trace

On a typical Friday night I am:
Home studying
Spending time with my kids
Reading a good book on the couch

You should message me if:
I interest you
The can duet the whole Bohemian 
Rhapsody with me
You like a challenge:)
you love yoga or Buddhism

**on a side note- if you are stuck on your 
independence and the need to "live 
separate lives" I am NOT the girl for you. 
Im very open honest & looking to share my 
life, I expect the same.
You probably shouldnt message me if you 
think an imaginary number like a credit 
score can determine a good partner. 
Those kinds of things are meant to divide 
people and give a false sense of security 
and entitlement not bring people together. 
Also if you dont like kids im out!

I think that good things come with time. I 
dont want to spend all of it by phone but I 
think when you feel it, it doesnt matter. Id 
love to find a way to spend time with the 
right person even if we dont live close. I 
am a busy woman I will make time for you 
but I also wouldlike someone who can 
come to me and make efforts as well.

Honestly, I dont need to be impressed. 
Just send me a message if you like what I 
have to say and just be you.. Thats who I 
want to fall for.

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