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Dayna, a  Veggie/vegan in Greeley Dayna
is a 24 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Greeley, colorado
Veggie/vegan diet.

Simply put, I'm a vegan just looking for like-minded people. A little about me. . . .

My dream is to open an exotic pet museum/rescue in the future. I like things others find scary and strange.

I love to read and write, and I'd love to be a published author some day. I like the classics, but I'm also a great fan of the horror genre. But sci-fi and fantasy are great, too.

Gardening is one of my favorite things in the world, but I also love to run, hike, and pretty much anything else outdoors. I know how to play a variety of sports, but I'd honestly rather just play for fun. 

My mornings consist of watching anime and drinking too much coffee. But after that, I tend to be a morning person.

I'm really a true Aquarius no matter how much I don't believe in astrology. 

I'd love to travel the world some day, but I think my dream is to live somewhere by the ocean.

Please don't be shy to ask me any questions; I'm an open book, and I would love to meet you! :)

Christopher, a  Vegetarian in Greeley Christopher
is a 43 year old, Catholic male.
Living in Greeley, colorado
Vegetarian diet.

I have been a vegatarian since 2005 since attending a Buddhist retreat at the YMCA in Estes Park, Colorado.  In June 2006 I went to the home monestary of the monks who came to the retreat called Plum Village in France.  The abbot was Thich Naht Hanh.  There I had a mystical experience of Christ that completely baffled me at the time; why would I have an experience of Christ at a Buddhist monestary?  I came back home to my mom in ultra conservative Greeley, Colorado and my job at Halliburton, which I have had now for 10 years.  The Lord blessed me with a spiritual community which fit perfectly, Saint Alberts Liberal Catholic Church.  Clergy in the Liberal Catholic Church (LCC) can be married, which my Priest and Bishop are unlike the Roman Catholic Church.  And many are vegatarians.  In fact one of the central teachings of the LCC is vegetarianism for the same reason we all chose to be, compassion for living beings.  It has been difficult for me to be a vegetarian even in my own family and especially at work.  The only person who I can really talk to about being vegetarian is my Priest Father Brian.  Father Brian and Bishop Worley asked me if I wanted to be in minor Holy Orders.  I said yes and am now an excorcist.  I love my Church and the Lord she serves; I especially love it's teachings of compassion and love.  The Holy Eucharist is the most beautiful experience of worship and I am spoiled because I get it every week.  I also enjoy exercising and hiking, but I'd rather go to Church than go on a hike actually.  

Jessica , a  Vegan in Greeley Jessica
is a 27 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Greeley, colorado
Vegan diet.

My name is jessica and im currently still attending school im working on my B.A in criminal justice, im aware i stared late, but its better to have started then never at all. I love being active especially outdoors anything that has to do with cycling im there. Im just begining in cycling but i would love to eventully do long bike rides specificlly incline ones in the mountions. I absouloutly love animals i was vegatarian from when i was 10 and became vegan when i was 18 im now 25 and i love this lifestlye. Im very into reading and also just hanging out with friends i love to surrond myself with poeple with good vibes. It has been impossible to find a man a round here that is vegan and also does weightlifting as myself, i would defintly love someone who can help me with bodybuilding as im a very petite girl.

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