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bacedifo, a  Vegan in Englewood bacedifo
is a 32 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Englewood, colorado
Vegan diet.

Hey babes,


I'm goofy, serious and laidback.  I do yoga in the morning mixed with some, what I call, old-man pilates, and then I only drink distilled water, because, well, englewood's water TASTE LIKE SHIT.  (But hey, at least it doesnt' smell like fish like the water does in Littleton).


I hate courtship and dating (hence this profile).  I like the part of the relationship a few months in when both people are relaxed and you can just be yourself.  Not exactly sure I want a girlfriend--which doens't exactly mean I'm looking for a fwb, but I enjoy female companionship and flirting, and really, if you and I can laugh together, that's all I really fuckin' care about.  Nothing beats genuine guffawing, not even sex = P.  (Well, ok fine, it might be a toss up).


Minus my occasional bouts of existential depression mixed with a longing feeling of emptiness, I'm pretty excited where my life is headed.  I'm also into primitive living, intermittent fasting, and living how I believe our bodies were evolutionarily designed (then again, I spend waaaay too much time on youtube induliging my never-ending pursuit of knowledge, and I'm addicted to chocolate, you know, the Kirkland kind you get at Costco. . .chocolate covered almonds with sea salt, omfg. . .).


NEVERTHELESS!  Ok, well this profile sucks ass---but I really don't feel writing anymore o_O.


I'm friendly, so don't be afriad to say hi.

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