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Constantly Evolving, a  Veggie/vegan in Chicago & Denver Constantly Evolving
is a 58 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Chicago & Denver, colorado
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm a nature lover with passion for learning, creating, and adventure.  A semiretired scientist fully enjoying life -- now traveling, writing, taking photos, making home improvements, and investing.  Energized by meditation and stimulating conversation, I'm healthy, relaxed, secure, and in a position to travel or live anywhere.  

I like meeting people and exploring cities, cultures, museums, and wild places.  My diet's been mainly gluten-free vegan for 28 years, and is heavily raw organic in warmer months.  I exude calm, humor, and curiosity.  I'm patient, loyal, happy, and usually seen as being a decade younger (photos 2015-2016).  

I also like to hike, bike, and cook, and I enjoy good design and fine arts.  I currently have homes in Chicago & Denver, but will likely exit the former for milder climes somewhere offering clean air, fresh produce, beautiful terrain, and starry skies.


I grew up in paradise, played sports, built homes, left for college, made it in New York, and climbed a career ladder in Chicago.  All while traveling and reading extensively, and getting two masters degrees.  I thrive on amazing natural and human creations, and adventures of everyday life.

I'm a free-thinking, self-actualized man with progressive societal views who favors Eastern philosophy.  I've lived in six states, visited most others, and been outside the US dozens of times.  I'm baggage-free and ready to start a new chapter in a healthy committed relationship.

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