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Jena, a  Vegetarian in Bailey Jena
is a 46 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Bailey, colorado
Vegetarian diet.

Hi there nice to meet you! I am a unique mix of professional entrepreuneur, animal lover, and nerd. I am just as comfortable wearing tailored clothes after a last minute cross country flight, and heading straight in to deliver an important corporate presentation, as I am dressing up for Comicon with the kids, to going hard core snowboarding, to pulling on the ranch clothes and heading out to feed and brush the horses. 

We have a vegan kitchen and I love to cook up amazing gourmet vegan meals! Out at restaurants I order vegan, but I am not so high maintenance and uptight that I am going to send my salad back if it has a shred of cheese on it. 

I beleive in kindness, compassion, and love. I work hard, yet think I have finally figured out to have a good work/life balance that ensures I am not missing out on the important things in life. 

I love to discuss big ideas, business and marketing, as well as the science of animal behavior, and why a relationship between Wonder Woman and Batman just would not work...:)

I work out some but not too much, drink a little if it makes the night more fun,  and I love to travel and experience new adventures!

My life is my kids, my animals, snowboarding, and my animal resuce and education center. If this sounds like something you could get into,  mesage me! :)

Relinquished, a  Raw food in Bailey Relinquished
is a 25 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Bailey, colorado
Raw food diet.

Let's start this out on the right foot. Then the left, then the right again. One step at a time. First of all, I'm a vegan. Not for the animals, not for anything other than myself. Vegan food is light. Light food helps me float towards the stars; feel a lot more clear, empty, instead of being dragged down towards the earth; I'm not worldly, I'm otherworldly. I dream big, take risks, chances, because I know that I won't be on this earth one day. I'm here to grow, understand myself, experience my wonders, my humanity, and then return to the source. I am here to be human and utterly myself. I'm here to know what it is to be human...the whole journey.

I'm poetic, careful, intelligent, sensitive, subtle, sentimental and undying. I enjoy floetry, a new craft that stems out of the unknown; it is uncultivated poetry that builds itself from the whispers of existence, not mindcraft. Real poetry is not personal, egoistic. I take care of myself; organic food, bath products, bedding, I even have organic hair ties. I usually only tie my hair back for work.

I hate copper stoppers, for the reason of speed enforcement. Speeding, and crossing over a double yellow line one time are the only crimes I've ever committed. I respect the law, except for speeding. If they want you to go a certain speed, they should make cars only available to do that speed.

I hate sports, they're dangerous and pointless. Although I did play sand volleyball for a while a few years ago; that's the only thing I would play now, if invited. I love forests, parks, rivers, waterfalls, beautiful areas. I'm not addicted to anything.

Animals: animals are our family. In some ways I think animals are more natural than humans are nowadays. Although humans have the potential to be way more natural than an animal; the topmost of naturality. After all, an animal is still an animal. I wouldn't ever want a pet. There are some things that I can't tolerate, including living with a child. Kids are wonderful, I just can't live with one. I don't want kids. The earth is too populated, with poor children already available for adoption. Personally, I don't even want to adopt.

The sound of rainfall is the most meditative. Every single drop. I like clean things: cars, bathrooms, rooms, minds; cleanliness is godliness. And a clean mind is a God's mind. I am evergrowing. I will not stop. My being demands totality. I complete everything I do. I do not leave things hanging, or people hanging, even though I have been left hanging. I trust, even though I have been let down. I can't live my life without trust. I'm nothing and everything. I know that everything is interdependent. The guest has made its home in me, and it is a mighty guest; being a zero is the most satisfying experience. One cannot even call it an experience because there is no one there to experience it, you have disappeared. I don't expect most people to understand what I'm talking about; this is a delicate profile. Being vulnerable is being alive, open, receptive. If you're not vulnerable, you are closed to the immaculate. I respect everyone, underneath every human being there is a god; awakened or unawakened does not matter. There is a god inside that must be honored. I'm not religious. There is no God in the sky. When I say God I mean the source, the ultimate, the space that cannot be touched, the topmost of everything, the silence and benediction; those words can come close to what I'm talking about. Those words are fingers pointing towards what I'm talking about; hints. There is no God but there is godliness in everybody; blooming from your own individuality.

Compassion, empathy, growth is my religion. I'm a contradiction, paradox, enigma, with no codes, conducts, patterns; I don't leave footsteps behind. I flow with life, and life changes every day, every moment. To flow with existence, you have to, too. I can't be defined, explained, confined, but I'd like to be understood; I burn the bridges I cross and I know what I am.

I take life as a joke, a play, pointless; free to be spontaneous and do with it as you like, create the most blessed canvas. Serious are the sick, rich are the empty, nothing exists except your own salvation; your rebirth. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs because it ruins my high. And cigarettes are just gross. I make as many mistakes as I can everyday.

In the summer, I work at a concert venue as a bartender. Not the most rewarding, or likeable job for me, but it puts money in my pocket for the winter. I also enjoy the short hours, working outside, and the easy work; relative to the big payout.

Always changing.

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