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Kukini, a  Raw food in Honokaa Kukini
is a 49 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Honokaa, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

An optimistic and romantic nature with a passion for simple living, sustainability, growing things (fruit!), and enjoying people and the love and joy they bring. I'm active, healthy, passionate, spontaneous and eager to drink in life in this most beautiful paradise. Want to play along?


JohnnyWonder, a  Veggie/vegan in Keaau JohnnyWonder
is a 41 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Keaau, Hawaii
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am currently working on finishing up my degree in chemistry at the University of Hawaii at Hilo but plan to take some time off to pursue entrepreneurial business oportunities in the Seattle area sometime during the summer of 2017.  I am from Iowa, originally.

My son is 11 and he lives in Arizona with his mama.  We divorced in 2009 and have both moved on, but have remained close friends bc that is what is best for our son.  I am open to having another child with someone who doesn't have one, but I am equally OK to enjoy the children of someone else or not have any more altogether. 

I like to take the time to get to know somone via the internet before meeting in person.  I am good with long relationships and don't expect commitment in such a situation, although I am ready to give it to the right person.  I am pretty open-minded about relaitonships as just being in one that was healthy would be enough.  I'm a trusting type that generally doesn't get jealous bc I want my partner to do what makes her happy and gives her the most joy as long as previous commitments and responsibilities are honored.  I'm rather honest, sometimes to a fault.

I would love to hear from you, so just please feel free to drop me a line!  Aloha for now.

iseeecovillage, a  Raw food in Wailuku iseeecovillage
is a 40 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Wailuku, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

I live in Wailuku, Maui.
Rucking a mountain trail. Syncing my contact improv dancing. Practicing natural movement routines. Yes, it’s not a weekend if your heart isn’t beating a little faster.

I'm looking for someone with drive who cares as much as I do for staying in good looking shape; whether you're down for an intelligent conversation before we workout at the gym, or a hiking backpack adventure. During the week, I build my startup, but come Friday night…you and I are going out to play.

I'm a trust fund baby ... ?? [straight edge though], so what that means is I'm outgoing, spontaneous and cultured. Being independent, I support my goals, I'm driven to succeed, and I'm confident because I've been called a walking encyclopedia.?? I have a caring and honest heart. Being an open minded natural romantic, I listen well and love to have fun, laugh (I'm looking for a laughing buddy??), and serve women.

I am a happy, positive minded, calm, caring & affectionate, kind, loving, and emotionally stable person. I'm a INTJ personality. I like to read, socialize, and to dance.

*I know... I sound too good to be true... Ok, there is one caveat...
I eat a 99% plant-based diet, with the focus on high amounts of fruit, and when I work toward a non-violent world, I express my love for people, animals, and the planet. I hope you would be open to exploring that with me. See... it wasn't that bad ?? Plus, I happen to have skills in the kitchen, so it's a bonus.

Oh, and I'm a 40-year-old virgin by choice, because I have held off for my soul mates, to co-create and co-parent lots of children. You may not want to birth kids, but still you could join my family tribe! I am looking for love with abstinence, except for creating progeny.

Love means to me being polyaffectionate (contact improv dancing and snuggling with many people, though I prefer one-on-one connections at a time) without kissing.

Since I value freedom while in prefered long-term relationships, I'm Ok for you to meet your needs and be free to kiss & play with other (long-term) intimate relationship(s), if you want. ;-)
I hope you share in prefering to or only date those seeking long term too! You need to know that I'm committed to staying STD-free for life, so if we decide to have kid(s), and you have a STD, my sperm may be implanted through artificial insemination methods, and I hope you are Ok with that option.

Ideally, I would see our co-parenting tribe living on a subdivided rural & nature abundant property that has on it an apartment with a snuggle party room, and large, small, and tiny houses (based on the parent's and children's needs) in the co-housing model.
Co-housing, meaning every parent owns their own apartment unit or house meeting my need for autonomy and independence. Please know that I don't want to nest with anyone. Nest, meaning financially and physically sharing our money and co-owning living spaces like the same room or house. I recently found a label for myself -- straight (hetero-romantic hetero-sexual) abstinent mixed solo polyamorous -- and you can look that up and read about it if you want. I hope you can resonate with all this, and are curious to explore these possibilities! :-)

Paul, a  Vegan in Maui Paul
is a 46 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Maui, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

I'm semi-retired and have been living in Maui for six years. Previously I ran an organic produce company in California. Now I teach yoga, tend to my garden, and read a lot. I enjoy the beach, hiking and swimming. Health, fitness and nutrition are very important to me.

My most distinguishing feature is probably my strong introversion. I need a lot of solitude to feel my best. I've learned to honor that in myself and also to be up front when meeting new people. It's essential to our relationship that you not take this personally.

Terry, a  Vegan in Honolulu Terry
is a 68 year old, female.
Living in Honolulu, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

I am Vegan, Vivacous, and a Very Happy, Healthy, Passionate Lady 
looking for that Special Someone who Adores Life and Me!

N, a  Vegetarian in Honolulu N
is a 52 year old, Hindu female.
Living in Honolulu, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

I am very pasionate about life. some of my passions are tennis, cooking, paintings, piano and learning new things. I am sponteneous and I thrive on that.

I enjoy time with someone who have a great sense of humor, strong sense of self and a healthy dose of intelligence and one who likes intelligent conversations, he is positive and feels nothing is out of reach. 

I care about mother nature and all of it's living beings and try my best to contribute to help preserve it. 

I am a day dreamer, active, advanturous, energetic, easy going, open minded, bathroom singer, music lover, kitchen dancer, health-fittnes freak, somewhat house trained, passionate and  very romantic. I dream without fear and love without limits. I love exporing into the nature. I can fall in love with my man over and over every minute.  I am very honest, kind. and I keep my word.

I love to travel and explore new places.

Life is a journey and want to travel with someone who will make it fun and easy.






John, a  Vegetarian in Haleiwa John
is a 46 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Haleiwa, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a nice guy. I don't drink and hate smoke, but I like to dance so have a love/hate relationship with nightclubs. My worst vice is chocolate. I'm addicted to surfing & also like to windsurf, fly gliders, mountain bike & I run 6 miles every other day. I love music & science. I play keyboards, fly and design R/C aircraft & am very mechanically inclined. My small house on Oahu's N Shore is a workshop with many unfinished projects, but I will be building a larger house on Maui soon & that will change. I run on Hawaiian time & am very laid back. I like my house clean & organized, but could use some help with the organized part.^^

Victoria, a  Raw food in Waialua Victoria
is a 62 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Waialua, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

Shy, horny, surfer, tomboy, alpha female, very independent.

chitta, a  Raw food in pahoa chitta
is a 69 year old, male.
Living in pahoa, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

I'm looking for that special woman that is ready and wanting to step outside the standard American lifestyle and live a more simple, sustainable and land based life. For about 15 years, I've lived on my own 3 acres in a subdivision of about 50 other mostly 3 acre lots, 10 miles to nearest town(Pahoa). I am way into exclusively raw non vegan Primal diet, growing allot of it right here. Taking care of my orchard & pasture,
I've learned, along the way, how to live very simply and inexpensively so I have not had to work a regular job, except just after college when I worked for 9 months as a mechanical engineer. I call myself a homemaker now or maybe sustainable homestead engineer. One quality about me is I have gotten very good at enjoying my own company...maybe to a fault. I am trying to be honest here...maybe also I'm picky in the sense that I really like the way I live except that I would like a compatible woman to join me ...I also visit friends by bicycle also as there are allot of like minded neighbors within two miles or so. I have lived right here for the last 25 years, the last 18, right here on my own land.
My land is on the Big Island of Hawaii, in Lower Puna, 10 miles southeast of Pahoa on a private dirt road of mostly 3 acre parcels, My land at present has 2 bed spaces, a living room/computer/office space, trampoline, eatery (kitchen with out the cooking), and various other shelters for storage and tools. Lots of solar electric, solar electric frig(All frig, no Freezer), 80 gal passive solar hot water system...enough for hot baths practically all the time ...a 24,000 gal. water tank that is mostly full all the time.
Currently on the land are 2 cats,  approximately 20 chickens, 4 sheep, and me. I have had more people here in the past....as many as 6 including myself, but now it is just me....

I am 5 foot 6 inches..about 148#s, 69 years old, and fairly strong from taking care of three acres of land with hand tools ..I don't own or use any gasoline powered stuff. I do use an electric weed eater, electric chainsaw, also an electric meat grinder that also works great on coconuts that I grind up for the chickens. I have not owned a car or truck for about the last 11 years. When I need the use of a car...I make other arrangements with friends. I had a small gasoline generator that I happily sold many years ago. 

Johnny , a  Vegetarian in  Waiehu Johnny
is a 60 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in Waiehu , Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

Aloha. Long time Island person. Spiritual. Full of humor. Daily yoga. Lifelong tennis player. A massage therapist for many years. A vegetarian since I was 23. Student of history. 


is a 33 year old, spiritual female.
Living in HONOLULU, Hawaii
Raw food diet.



Elizabeth, a  Almost veg in Honolulu Elizabeth
is a 56 year old, Christian Baptist female.
Living in Honolulu, Hawaii
Almost veg diet.

Stefan, a  Vegan in Laupahoehoe Stefan
is a 51 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Laupahoehoe, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

I am a strict ethical vegetarian (vegan), with American/German citizenship. Born in France, I lived much of my life in the UK. I live in rural Hawaii, where I operate a successful online medical business. My good points: Honest, hard-working, successful, intelligent, practical, faithful, humorous... my bad points: I work too much and take life a bit seriously. I am pessimistic about so much that is happening in the world. Other than finding love, is there much to be optimistic about? Although I work with computers, I prefer the outdoors - travelling, walking, working, enjoying nature. I prefer the simple life, away from cities: I live happily, simply and not wastefully. I see money as security, not happiness. I have a son (1997) and daughter (2000) living with me part of the time. Although I do not need to have more children, I love children and would welcome more.

Christopher, a  Vegetarian in Pearl City Christopher
is a 25 year old, Buddhist gay male.
Living in Pearl City, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

Hey everyone! My name is Chris, I'm about to be 25 this December (God, I'm getting old)! Haha I currently live in Hawaii due to my military obligation. When I'm finished with my contract, I'm getting out and going back to that civilian world. I have my degree in Hospitality Management and absolutely love the industry; however, I plan on going back to school. I'm a quiet guy at first, a bit of an introvert but am an overall good guy. I'm currently married but getting separated. If you have any questions - please do not hesitate. I don't bite!

dr deep green, a  Vegetarian in Pahoa dr deep green
is a 60 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Pahoa, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

    I am a deep ecologist, holistic family practitioner and emergency room physician, who built, and planted a farmstead on a rural Hawaii coastline over the past 23 years. I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to study medicine/healing and to create a myriad of choices in my life. I've been privileged and have taken what I have learned and applied it to living a "fair-share" "one planet living" ecofootprint lifestyle which lives within the carrying capacity of the land and supports creating a fair, sustainable and healthy planet. I am currently on sabbatical to finish writing a book. I live on a beachfront farmstead that uses rocket stoves to cook, photovoltaics for energy, solar heating for hot water, and water catchment for drinking water. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian who eats 100% organically grown food (1/2 from my farm [tropical fruit/nut orchards,vegetable gardens, goat milk/yogurt/cheese. chicken eggs] and part from the health food store e.g. grains and beans). I have never been married although I have had several long term and wonderful relationships with women who are still good friends; they wanted more of a city life with all of the conveniences of modern life that are placing us at odds with mother nature. I have no children.  I built my house on my days off which took about 10 years. It is is set back about 300 feet from the Pacific Ocean and it has panoramic views of the 2 volcanoes that formed this island.  My closest neighbor is ½ mile away. I like to sing, dance (ballroom and contemporary; currently in classes three nights a week; Argentine Tango, Swing, Waltz, Salsa, Bachata), play the recorder and acoustic guitar. listen to live music, lift weights, swim, snorkel meditate, bike, farm and cook. I enjoy Acoustic, Classic Rock n' Roll, New Age, World Music/Ethnic, blues and jazz. I like to read non fiction. I am a hard worker, responsible, romantic, earthy, disciplined, loyal and trustworthy.

Albert Einstein said, A human being is part of the whole, called by us the 'universe', a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest -a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." I also like Ghandi quotes such as: Live simple so others can simply live,.... Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Christine, a  Vegan in new york Christine
is a 48 year old, spiritual female.
Living in new york, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

I am currently relocating to Hilo, Hawaii because I found my true love here on this site (thanks veggie date!)...but it would be great to meet friends here that share the same mind set. I am an artist, love to practice yoga, kayak, vegan, wines, ski, the ocean, hiking, biking. I like to listen to music, good conversations, anything fun and up for new adventures. I am a very independent person but also like to include my partner at times as he loves the same as me and is also vegan. I am relocating from NYC, am very active in the art scene there (still will be) but want to start friendships here as well. Peace.

Meliha, a  Vegan in Ocean View Meliha
is a 61 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Ocean View, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

ar vegan, hoping to meet someone with the same values. I am a spiritual person having human experiences on a path of ultimate laughter, joy and peace.

 “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ? Mahatma Gandhi

Milan, a  Veggie/vegan in Honolulu Milan
is a 65 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Honolulu, Hawaii
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi I have recently moved to Honolulu to a very unique home with a gorgeous view in the Triangle area of Hawaii Kai which I purchased almost four years ago.  I try to rent the home once a month and when there are renters I live in a small owner`s studio apartment next to the carport which also has a wonderful view of the coastline.  I have been almost a total vegetarian and a vegan for several decades and recently stopped eating fish altogether.  My staple diet is fresh organic raw vegetables and salads and hulled millet and quinoa and an all-gluten-free diet with no refined sugars, absolutely no GMO, and I do take lots of organic health supplements to make sure my body is not lacking in any nutrients. I fell in love with Hanauma Bay and so I bought the most beautiful and at one with nature house built by Zen Buddhists using materials largely imported from Thailand which is located high above the other houses on the back side of the volcano from which Hanauma Bay was formed, so I can literally hike up the volcano and down the other side to Hanauma Bay directly from the backyard of my house, there is no fencing in the way.  By car it only takes about two minutes to drive to and park at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve and two minutes later I am snorkeling with the beautiful tame fish, fulfilling my dream of living in paradise.  What is lacking to make the paradise complete is a like-minded lady partner who will hopefully want to have a family with me (not a condition).  My beautiful young wife and two adolescent kids preferred to remain in my native city of Prague in Europe. I am patient and will gladly begin a relationship as friends, snorkeling and hiking.  I hope to find a lady partner young enough to be able to have healthy children. My ideal partner can be any race or religion but must not have smoked nor used any harmful drugs nor drink alcohol. I would prefer a lady vegan or vegetarian, who does not fry or grill or microwave anything especially no meat, and I try to talk everyone out of consuming soy or tofu or GMO or processed foods.  In the Czech republic I became a certified healthy life-style adviser through the Seventh Day adventist Country Life vegan restaurant and wholesale organic food distributor which tought the course but I only studied it as a hobby, I never charge anyone anything, and I am not a practicing Seventh Day Adventist but I do believe in DESIDERATA. Hope to hear from you soon. I am a lawyer and will soon be a broker in Hawaii.

Corey, a  Vegan in  Honolulu Corey
is a 50 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Honolulu, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

Gluten-free and vegan. Able to cook, at my place or yours. Love to channel my U.S. = Undivided Self, to get soul ages, etc. 

John, a  Vegan in Waimanalo John
is a 64 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Waimanalo, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

SWM 58 6’ 155# very fit. Triathlete. Clean cut nice guy. I always try my best to be a gentlemen. Silly at times, funny all the time. love to dance. Love children. Live alone in fairly secluded house on a scenic

West Maui girl, a  Vegetarian in Lahaina West Maui girl
is a 62 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Lahaina, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

Aloha!  I live on Maui & embrace the island spirit!  I've been a vege for 40 years, work in the academic & non-profit world, try to live clean & humbly, & am looking for new friends & acquaintenaces.  

Jeffrey, a  Vegan in Haiku Jeffrey
is a 51 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Haiku, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

Being the most compassionate person I can be is my goal. I MEDITATE, I'm a HEALER and empath and massage therapist and a poet.I feel deeply, but I've learned to use it to help others. I surf and work out. I'm looking for a lady that I can share the happiness of life with spiritually as well as physically. Looks don't matter as much as a loving caring heart. I'm vegan,but a vegetarian is allright for me, I am also interested in a raw food diet. I love to talk about things that matter. Things that better the world and people. I don't gossip. Friendship is the most important thing for me. All else can come later. May all beings be happy and well may no harm come to them may they have peace and foremost learn to LOVE.

aquajana, a  Vegan in  Haiku aquajana
is a 32 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Haiku, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

Aloha! I am a 30 year old Scorpio/Rat living on Maui. I run my own business as a photographer. Although I was born overseas and have lived and travelled all over the world, I call Maui home after living here for 6 years. 

When I am not busy working, I enjoy spending my free time with my friends and my dog, Zoey, who is my little shadow. She follows me everywhere and I include her in all of my activities and outings through the day and week with lots of walks, going to beaches, parks and exploring the island. 

Some of my favorite activities include swimming in the ocean, SUPing during whale season, walks on the beach, cooking vegan dinners and spending time with friends.

I went to art school and studied photography and then got my BFA in Graphic Design. I consider myself to be a creative entreupreneur who is always working on my business and new ideas. 

I live on a farm in the jungle and love how grounded my environment is with nature and the earth. I don't care much for politics, news, or superficial lifestyles.

I don't consider myself to be too materialistic. If I were to spend money, the first thing I would buy is fresh organic food to cook and share with friends for dinner. 

Some things that I love include chai, photography, graphic design, cooking, cameras, the ocean, music, numerology, astrology, traveling and spending time with people I love.

Boblew, a  Raw food in Kaneohe Boblew
is a 68 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-male.
Living in Kaneohe, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

Aloha: I'm mellow & easy going, I live in Hawaii, in the middle of the ocean. It's wonderful and I love it but it's a small population so I want to see how many other Hawaii veggies are on this site before I put two much effort in my profile.

Angel, a  Vegan in Haiku Angel
is a 63 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Haiku, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

Beautiful, Loving, Sensual Angel Waterfall Goddess, Yoga Instructor, Speaker, Author, Loves Nature Adventures, Dedicated to Lovingkindness, Self Realization, Peace, Joy, Balance, Service, & Grace!


Carlos, a  Vegan in New York City, Los Angeles, Haiku, Maui Carlos
is a 59 year old, male.
Living in New York City, Los Angeles, Haiku, Maui, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

I’m a stable, intelligent, honest, loving, hard-working, fit, energetic, sincere, down to earth, sensual, affectionate, passionate, rebellious, compassionate being and do everything I can to better the planet and the lives of all creatures. I’m somewhat spiritual but definitely not religious. I love my family. I don’t want to start a relationship with someone that’s not vegan. If they don’t get the basic right to life then they’re not advanced enough for me. I also don't want to kiss someone with blood and animal fat on their lips. I'm a big animal rights/human rights/GLBT rights activist. I play music, mainly drums, most of the time. I play doumbek, djembe, bongos, percussion and guitar/bass/keys a little. I’m spending most of the next year writing and recording my own music for an album someday soon. I’ll be recording in L.A., NYC and Berlin, but really prefer Maui. I also lived in L.A. a long time. I live simply with a minimal footprint on the Earth and am not a consumer for destructive corporations.

Nicole, a  Vegan in Wailea Nicole
is a 45 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Wailea, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

I've changed a lot since 2002 to become the person I am today.  I met someone I thought was my perfect partner back in 2012.  I moved across the globe for "us" and after I invested all I had in it I found out he wasn't the person he said he was.  I left everything to chance but well... Live and learn?  I'm not sure how I find my soul mate from here but I figure if I never tell anyone I'm still looking then I may never find him! 

I LOVE animals, soulful and spiritual music... I was a practicing yoga teacher (amongst many things) before I moved to Hawaii, but I was many things before I moved to Hawaii.  It's a different world here!  Now I'm a self practitioner, but not as dedicated as I would like to be.

I like modern verses traditional and simple verses complicated.  I'm not into body hair or tattoos.  I try to be conscious of what I put into and on my body and hopeful my partner is too.  I've been veggie for near 25 years.  I'd like to claim I was raw vegan but I fall short when it comes to a few fav's.  I'm an author, graphic designer (help people lay out their own books),  healthy dog advocate (more than 50% die of cancer you know).  My dogs were vegan once but I ran into health complications and have yet to find the best solution and hopeful I can work with my partner to find the right solution as its been a long solo journey of trial and error and I'm kinda grossed out having to feed them a non vegan diet!  (Help!) I love my pups and I would do anything for them as they have proven to be great teachers!  

I know in order for us to work I will likely have to move, but that also means giving up my income.  I also need a yard for my pups... not sure how to make a transition into a new place and new relationship, but I have to start somewhere right?  

PunaRaw, a  Raw food in Pahoa PunaRaw
is a 34 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Pahoa, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

Passionate woman seeking my other half. I love being active both physically and intellectually. I invision a life in which we support and inspire each other, homeschool our children and provide them the opportunities we not only wish we had but experience along with them, enjoy all the things that most people dream about only in retirement, on our own unconventional terms. ("Working" should mostly be working our land and growing our food, and as little money-making work as possible.) I enjoy exercise (hiking, walking, biking, skiing, inline skating, weights, stairclimbing), dancing (belly dance, hula, swing), web design, reading, singing, sewing clothes, museums.

Gina, a  Raw food in Pahoa Gina
is a 44 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Pahoa, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

I am a single German mother of two wonderful boys. We all live on an organic raw vegan diet, though we do sometimes eat cooked, but never any animal products, due to ethical reasons. I have been travelling all over the world and used to live for a while in Canada, USA, India and Italy.

I am very organized, free-spirited, natural, honest, open-minded, responsible, reliable, intelligent, educated, reasonable, reflective, down-to-earth, clear-sighted, sensitive, loyal, faithful and sincere. People sometimes fear my clarity and frankness. I love animals, the silence, the sun, the trees, the mountains, the sea, lakes ...

Fields of interests and activity are buddhism / philosophy / psycholgy, nutrition / health, literature, travelling, music, writing, reading, learning, meditating, sauna, nature, singing, running/walking in the forest and eating ;-)

Myself I consider as a buddhist, but I think, that every individual has to find its own way to happiness and peace.

Moreoever it is important to me to live a conscious, sustainable and simple life in nature, even so I realize that money is still neccessary. My wish would be that I don't have to do that alone, but with a like-minded partner or even ecocommunity.

All this doesn't mean I couldn't dress up if the occasion is appropriate, for example when going to the MET (Opera).

Anna, a  Raw food in Maui Anna
is a 49 year old, female.
Living in Maui, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

I am a single mother of a beautiful teenager, interested in positive parenting and compassionate communication and co-parenting-networking.

- am currently holiding a part time positition as personal chef & health care assistant 

-askilled bodyworker in private practice (trained in The Feldenkrais Method, lomi lomi and others). specialized in healing from trauma and other "negative" conditions..:), nutrition and soul-food:)

I am a passionate dancer,  athletic,  VERY gentle & caring, who loves to draw and play with paint, rhythms and emotional expressions. Going for depth with truth and the light of JOY.


Flyer, a  Veggie/vegan in Honolulu Flyer
is a 45 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Honolulu, Hawaii
Veggie/vegan diet.

*Veggie, tech entrepreneur, independent, open-minded, global traveler seeks his mate*


I am a tech entrepreneur who recently moved to this beautiful city. I grew up in India, went to school in Hawaii, and worked in Japan for several years. I have been fortunate to live in Vancouver, San Francisco and Stockholm! I love traveling, languages, swimming, flying, meditating, reading and adventure. I also like eating well, and I am looking to meet nice people and new friends. Do you know any cool veggie places to eat around here? Lets talk :) I can speak Japanese, Hindi and beginner's Swedish.


Barb, a  Vegan in Pahoa Barb
is a 62 year old, female.
Living in Pahoa, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

I'm a ethical raw vegan, following the 80/10/10 path, treading lightly on the earth. I am a caring, the jungle of Hawaii Island. We grow lots of awesome tropical fruit.

Honesty is something I value, along with authenticity, empathy, honest communication, trust, open mindedness and a love of all living things.  Compassion is important as is treating others with respect and dignity. I love nature, walking in the rain, camping, hiking, gardening (love growing healthy soil & organic food), music, yoga, swimming, cycling, reading & learning and having fun!

I enjoy the company of like minded souls, sharing beautiful food & being part of my wider community. I care for a goregeous doggie I recently rescued. Animal welfare is something I care about deeply. (My doggie friend is vegan). I care about mother earth & green issues.

Most of my working life has be involved with arts management.

garrett024, a  Raw food in kailua kona garrett024
is a 34 year old, spiritual male.
Living in kailua kona, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

BluVenus, a  Vegan in Kailua BluVenus
is a 50 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Kailua, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

I am a free spirited, artistic, earthy, compassionate, bohemian "hippie-chick".  I have explored many interests; gaining more insight into myself through each experience.  I am an artist, photographer, singer, musician, spiritual healer, activist, and explorer of Life.  I am currently attending college full-time, pursuing my BA in Zoology/Film Production/Journalism, with a minor in Art.

I have been vegetarian 20 yrs and vegan 7 yrs.  I am also a former model and have maintained my model figure.  I love travel and adventures of all kinds!!  Love sailing & islands!  Love dancing in the rain and playing in water! Music is a major foundation of my life, and I enjoy listening to & singing a wide variety of styles.  I also am passionate about art (painting, drawing, sculpture). 

I have a positive outlook on life - Not to simply exist, but to Exist with Passion!  I have a MAJOR love of animals & nature.  I strive to end the torture of animals and make a difference in the future of our planet!  I am creative, compassionate, fun-loving ... with a sweet exterior and a warm, soft soul.  =^..^= purr 

Flowerchild, a  Almost veg in Lahaina [and NW mainland] Flowerchild
is a 61 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Lahaina [and NW mainland], Hawaii
Almost veg diet.

Were you a Flowerchild? Do you remember the ideals of that time with a smile on your face? Are you in love with the ocean, mountains? Could a russet haired, hazeleyed, Celtic woman be ok for you? Looks do not last forever, if you are a person that that looks only at the outside you need not reply. Stable is good, but not necessarily seeking someone with a lot of money, [the way most women seem to be], But you must have a lot of heart. A smile on your face would be the most attractive thing you could have physically. Though I must admit that at times I still feel myself drawn to longer hair and face fuzz.[Sorry we all have our faults] I tend to be mellow and romantic, but can still jetski with the best of them. A confession should be addad here, I am a prepper. Is your heart still out there waiting? ***

Allan, a  Raw food in Ocean  View/ MarkTwain/Naalehu Allan
is a 69 year old, Pantheist male.
Living in Ocean View/ MarkTwain/Naalehu, Hawaii
Raw food diet.


Healthy, body/mind/ spirit, “biologically” fifty years old. My current focus is a ten-to- twenty year plan to create an integrated orchard, garden, art project, home, and visitor's center for people to learn about live foods, organic gardening, and more. I am a green libertarian, or sometimes I say “spiritual anarchist,” but not an activist; a practical idealist and artist. In my down-time, I like to read (study) and watch sci-fi movies. I want to explore life extension/immortality through diet, life energy and relationship. I think/feel real love is a choice rather than a "fall" with no control [as in “falling in love”]. I would like profound intimacy with a partner where we have a lot in common and both open our hearts and minds to each other. I am slightly alternative and have lived off-the-grid on solar power since 1990. I like to dance, have fun, feel good and aim for bliss and happiness every day. It would be nice to find more friends who can see the vision of an integrated place that also includes, the EFGP, the Immortality cult :) solar neighborhood, socializing with purpose, The Psycho Social Frontier and more.  Curious? Ask me questions!

I tend to be a futurist, so I do things in the NOW to make things easier later. I think of myself as a man on a mission who is a grain of sand on the beach of the evolutionary transformation.

Just to let you know, I have come to the realization that I am "somewhat" of an Intellectual in that I like to talk and go for a higher action. This also relates to buying and selling better ideas.

Also I have taken a vow of levity .  

I have noticed that I get quite a few views but very few contacts, so I'm wondering about that.   So if any woman that is viewing me would like to comment or give me feed back about anything I've said , I would  love it !

Update: It's been six years now that I started the ten to twenty year plan and the fruit trees are really coming on now. Had our first  visiters/work traders and they helped with the mulch and weeding for a month and half.  The center is coming along and won't be that long till we have a space for all kinds of activities while the world goes mad.    

Yes my photos   are recent.  

Ann, a  Vegetarian in Haiku Ann
is a 63 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Haiku, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

Friendly, kind, very esoteric interests; though I am quite worldly right now being that my 85 yr old mother lives near me, and I have some duties to attend to. I like theosophy, Da Vinci, Krsna, and anything philosophic in nature. I do mystical bodywork for a living. My website will clarify this for you. I love dogs, music, meditation, healthy diet- 80% raw. Also, I enjoy movies, the beautiful outdoors and meeting intelligent, intuitive persons. I look and feel a lot younger than my age. I can be a lot of fun, but I am sometimes a tease. Unique, intimate "liberating" relationships are more likely to happen with me than heavy, possessive, highly sexed committments of the more conventional nature. In fact, at this point, I am tired of the roller coaster dating scene, and am only interested in friends to travel or take walks with on occassion....   If more were to ever unfold, fate will have Her Way.


Ideally you wink me if you plan to be coming to Maui in the near future. Though I do travel to the mainland once in a while, I have no interest in moving there.


Watermelon Sushi, a  Vegan in Honolulu Watermelon Sushi
is a 105 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Honolulu, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

...a hip hapa homee of Japanese/Afrikan ancestry, i'm an advocate for multi-ethnic and transracial adoptee communities... ...filmmaker, visual artist and writer--an author, biracial blogger, a&e journalist... ...born in tokyo, i've lived on 3 continents and several u.s. cities like anchorage, bay area, honolulu and santa monica, as well as st. thomas, u.s.v.i. with many travel spots in between... ...yogaholic with a degree in Astrology...

Chubbybunny, a  Vegetarian in Kailua Chubbybunny
is a 42 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Kailua, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

If you’re looking for a partner with personality, you’ve come to the right profile. I adore adventure and challenging myself. I love starting businesses but not running them. In fact, I'm sort of running from two right now.

Let's work our ways through our bucket lists. You can count me in for bungee jumping, hang gliding, and traveling virtually anywhere. I’ll join you for bachata or we can give the polka a whirl. WARNING: on a regular basis, I attempt to practice my bad Spanish.

I’m an advocate of sustainability and have tried to live a life reflecting these ideals. This translates into a cleaning cupboard of products you can bathe in and a vegetarian diet since I was a stubborn 8 year old. But there’s room for improvement (see vehicles below)…

Because along with sugar and spice, I’m full of contradictions. For example, I'm indulgent: I like to sleep in and not just on weekends. Yet I'm a hard worker: It's not unusual for me to be working at ten p.m. I'm on a diet but also a practitioner of having your cheesecake and eating it too. Lately I've been giving away possessions but accruing vehicles.

The recession kicked my butt. I’m attempting to make it up to myself with a new year’s resolution to have more fun. So if you've got something fun in mind, let me know. If not, I've heard the secret to a long and healthy relationship is compromise so I'll suffer through an action movie if you'll make it through a musical...ladies first;).

michelle, a  Vegan in Maui michelle
is a 48 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Maui, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

Considerate, confident, sensitive, aware, deeply compassionate, fun, loving, and loyal..I am deeply grounded in who I am...although at times a little off center. I am nurturing and passionate about life and things I believe strongly. I also find great strength in surrendering...for love peace and friendship. I am health conscious, and physically active, I like to dance. I feel most comfortable in quiet earthy settings..with intimate conversation. My life is about healing divided minds and nurturing the collective heart, one by one...we are one..with laughter, fun, and creative love; music, sharing, and artistic flow...fully living, moving freely...and all kinds of letting go. I am a progressive thinker, always ready to challenge limiting beliefs -including my own. I have been blessed to know love in my life and all the lessons learned from it..and so now...I'm willing to bare my soul for beautiful.

CHARLES, a  Veggie/vegan in Maunaloa, HI CHARLES
is a 69 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Maunaloa, HI, Hawaii
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a young retired Firefighter,Pro-pilot(PHD,ATP, CFIIM), ex VN medic and Geographer (BSc with 4 minors,Math,Bus.& Mgmt & Hydraulic Engineer.).I also teach flying (PHD-ATP-level). I workout or run near-daily.I live in Hawaii & have for 9 yrs. With me, you will smile and laugh often. A very caring, compassionate, passionate, communication kind of guy.I am a very positive person thereby a logical, conservative, like the Chinese. Charles awaits further direction from you, he he Now I have four (4) grand-baby girls, yessss girls good, love those girls. A real Renaissance man..................... I have been a veggie since July 1975,near vegan since 1985, soooo there ya go girl. Great love of China as I have been 14 times and ready for more, please join me Inour self derected exploaration of thisgreatword. 'HNote where I live, Hawaii, Molokai but travel alot and return to family in CA. If all goes good, FWB, deal? My 3 oldest grand baby girls are ver fluent in Spanish, me Chinese only well English is my native tongue...

Plus everything works better than new, he he. Charles


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