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LYONO, a  Almost veg in Fairfax LYONO
is a 34 year old, other / not disclosed male.
Living in Fairfax, virginia
Almost veg diet.

I like cuddling and laughing, noticing details that make this world amazing, the noise of waves, raindrops on the windows, sunny days at the seaside. Everyday is a real magic for me. ..

Pracheta, a  Vegetarian in Fairfax Pracheta
is a 89 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Fairfax, virginia
Vegetarian diet.

I am against dogma and religion yet in some ways I am a traditionalist. I like the constructs of the family, staying loyal to friends and societal dependencies.  I am very tolerant and respectful of other's beliefs and can almost fool you with my nostalgic adherence to divinity but I am a spiritual atheist.  That means I introspect, ponder and think about consequences of my actions but own my faults.
I love science but equally enjoy arts.  I have no idea what each musical note denotes but I do enjoy a symphony or an opera or the blues concert and I cry sometimes touched by the beauty of it.  I can't differentiate one step from another and move all my limbs in sync but my heart leaps and dances without bounds.
I don't have enough language or grammar but I have the intensity to keep putting effort into it.
I am fiercely independent yet equally dedicated to family, friends and their needs.  
Family is first and children are most important to me.  Nothing can come in between until kids start  their own flight in terms of priorities.
I try to eat healthy with occasional indulgence of comfort foods.  I fight drudgery of a regular day and make sure I make some kind of progress everyday.
I am simple and try to be humble.  I am devoid of paints, colors and spackling on my face but I make it up with a smile and enough charisma to carry myself confidently.  My charm is not in my fashion but in my virtues.  My feminism is in humanity.  I happily extend myself to make a meal for you often but don't like it to be expected.  I enjoy chivalry but I like it to be something meaningful to you rather than expecting it.
I love animals and they love me back but then I pay for it with hives, cold and wheezing.  In my childhood my brother would say, I will be veterinarian one day.
Contradictions aside, I am a well-integrated immigrant, positive, happy, independant, responsible,  laid back, appreciative, conscientious, comfortable with myself, get along with most people,
core human values are important to me and I work hard for those cherished values and have the grit to make them true.  
I am a vegetarian that loves chocolate. I will try to whip up any kind of meat dish for my kids by playing with a recipe.

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