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Ross, a  Vegan in Ada Ross
is a 61 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Ada, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I seek a smart, childless, Vegan woman for Skype video-conversation and, hopefully, eventually, to meet in person. Me? After 22 years of teaching lots of Spanish and a little French, I'm an Ohio Supreme Court-certified Spanish-interpreter and interpreter-trainer. I walked well over 5,000 miles just to the university and back during my last fourteen years of teaching here in NW Ohio. I use no airconditioning, clothes-dryer, gas mower, cell-phone, microwave or garbage disposal. I've composted for 25 years now here at my humble hermit's hovel and animal-sanctuary. Consuming little, I thrive on a simple, peaceful lifestyle, complete with Veganism, gardening, lots of international/multilingual news, sky-watching, bread-baking and beer-brewing. (I've been a news-junkie since the 80s, when my years in military intelligence left me addicted to knowing something about what the Hell's going on. Survived 307 parachute-jumps on three continents back in those eye-opening, radicalizing days, including high-altitude, sport freefall-jumps and low-altitude, military static-line jumps.) Also enjoy maintaining an old foreign car and motorcycle, feeding and watering yard-birds daily, spoiling my rescued dogs and cats, and spending quality time with a very small number of friends. I'm healthy as a Shetland pony. Recently hiked eight miles in exactly two hours with my best friend from college-days. At 5'8", I weigh exactly what I did when I graduated from university in 1979, 134 pounds. Blood pressure: 105/65. No meds other than some aspirin every day. If you know the Briggs-Meyers scale, I'm a rare INFJ (more introverted than extroverted; more intuitive than sensing; (slightly) more feeling than thinking; more judging than perceiving). I adore this stunningly beautiful planet and every non-human animal species that humans have not yet driven to extinction. As a misanthropic antinatalist, however, I consider our own miserably-failed monkey-species to be a terminally self-obsessed, Earth-killing, animal-torturing, soul-selling, luxury- and comfort-addicted all-around disaster. I suppose I'm a Pagan, because it's the animals, Earth, Water, Air, and forests that I really worship. To be brutally honest, I don't have much respect for the "mainstream" religions - I've studied too much history and am too keen a watcher of current events! It would be an uphill struggle to try to have a balanced, respectful relationship with a woman who considers herself a "Christian" (of any type except possibly Gnostic), Jew, or Muslim, just as it would be hard for me to have a serious, long-term relationship with a woman who actually believes in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus or even (my favorite!) the Easter Bunny. My free time? I spend most of it keeping a very small (933 square-foot), tidy, smart-little-pig's house of bunker-worthy cinder-block and a very nice, large yard, taking care of rescued pets, feeding and watering wild birds, squirrels, rabbits et al daily, staying fit through walking, stretching, basic gymnastics and some yoga, following international news, watching television and films, reading, living simply, growing organic food, composting, doing yard, garage and house projects, and trying to put my money where my mouth, values, politics and heart are. Favorite music: Kim Robertson, Aine Minogue, Orla Fallon (and other Celtic harpists), Albannach, Gordon Lightfoot, Don McLean, Nancy Griffith, Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits, Highway 101, Alison Krauss, Iris DeMenth, Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson, ABBA, Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Julieta Venegas, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Miranda, Mecano, Gypsy Kings, Julio Iglesias, Yves Duteil, Nana Mouskouri, Eagles, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac, America, Al Stewart, 60s and 70s tunes in general, Christy Moore, Dougie McLean, (Scottish socialist) Dick Gaughin, Old Blind Dogs, Alton, Dervish, Seven Nations, and De Dannon (Ireland). For example! Among my most vital interests is leading a life humble and simple enough to leave money left over each month to give away to animal-rescue/rights, environmental, international human birth-control, and Green political organizations. I also like to walk the dogs at our county's new Humane Society. Finally, I also like to write. The single most important accomplishment in my life has been an internationally-published, scholarly work on medieval French literature, history of the Crusades, the Knights Templar, and the Cathar religious heresy. It's now in its third printing, in three countries, in my third language (French). The bloody Catholic Church would have tortured and toasted me like a heretical Norse-Celtic marshmallow for my book, a fact that fills me with subversive, seditious glee. I want to write another radical book in Spanish I've planned for years, but it will have to wait until if and when I retire, methinks.

Ella, a  Vegan in Dayton Ella
is a 45 year old, Christian female.
Living in Dayton, Ohio
Vegan diet.

Dedicated mother and teacher, who is a friend to all and lives as honestly and compassionately as possible.  I enjoy deep conversations, preparing meals, reading, writing, and all things sci-fi fantasy!  I have been vegan almost 10yrs and was vegetarian for 25yrs before that.  I am a non-traditional progressive Christian and open to ethical non-monogamy.  I have had both exclusive and polyamorous relationships.  I am very open-minded and am looking for a like-minded soul to share this adventure we call life with!


blurring, a  Almost veg in Zanesville blurring
is a 57 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Zanesville, Ohio
Almost veg diet.

Unique thinking individual. After scrupulously researching nutrition and food, inspired by failing heath, I restored 85-90% of my health by reverting to a baseline vegan diet. Constantly working hard to break out of the template/box of conditional programming that is what I believe to be today's normal hindrance to human success and well-being. Love all kinds music, and I continually work to hone musical skills; music remains a big part of my life. I know my way around a computer. Plan to rekindle a writing career cut short by the pursuit of financial freedom. Interested in diverse array subjects, with emphasis on the human condition. Love animals. Love the outdoors, although health issues until recently have proven a hindrance. Love sports--yep, it's a cliche--a man who likes sports, but there it is. Always learning, always seeking to grow stronger and wiser. Passion for life. Frank to a fault sometimes, but know the value of loyalty, integrity, honesty.

Holly, a  Vegan in Toledo Holly
is a 44 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Toledo, Ohio
Vegan diet.

Hello! I'm excited to try this dating site in hopes that it will help narrow down possibities! I've been vegetarian since ~1997 and vegan since Fall 2016. The reason behind this decision is strictly a deep respect for animals. I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, bird watching, gardening, etc. I also like movies and reading fiction. My musical interests include everything...literally. I am a dental hygienist and also have a degree in veterinary technology.

Greengirl80, a  Vegetarian in Toledo Greengirl80
is a 39 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Toledo, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.


So this is supposed to be about me. Well, I'm a fun girl! I'm gentle, kind, loving and generous.  I wear my heart on my sleeve for humans and animals.  I'm a great listener. I love travel, and a good backyard fire (great conversations happen there) I love to be in my garden and help things grow. I'm a music lover of all types. I love to just stop and look up at the stars.

I'm an observer. Making you laugh is my personal goal! I tell terrible jokes, I'm a deep thinker, a tree loving hippie that really loves this journey of life! 

Fiercely independent, hard working, fun loving, curious, snuggler champion, I paint, I speak movie, I make jewelry, love cooking and good food. I could talk to old people for hours, I love their stories. My family is large and I love them!!

I'm obsessed with teeth, if you dont brush and floss I'll be your friend.... from a distance ??

Mark, a  Veggie/vegan in Brinkhaven Mark
is a 61 year old, Christian / Protestant male.
Living in Brinkhaven, Ohio
Veggie/vegan diet.

Personality: Very open and friendly...I don't like barriers between people. I've got a good sense of humor, am on the intelligent side, very understanding and forgiving, and love a good conversation.

Attitude: Positive, optimistic, energetic, goodnatured

Passions: Teaching, learning, songwriting/performing, woodworking, designing and making just about anything, hobbies

Beliefs: There is one God that I am a part of and I look forward to every day where I grow more spiritually through every experience.


Howard, a  Veggie/vegan in Cincinnati Howard
is a 40 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Cincinnati, Ohio
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am athletic, multilingual, montessori educated. I enjoy dance, Ballet and Modern, yoga, running, swimming, inline skating, hiking, being with my friends. i especially enjoy traveling and living and visiting cosmpolitian cities: Paris, Montreal, Washington DC, NY, Miami, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Athens, Casablanca & Agadir, Rhodes, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Costa Rica's Talamanca region, Panama and others. Health and nutrition are important to me. I like the magazines Organic Style, Scientific American, Economist and read the NY times, Wall Streeet Journal and foreign media. I like black and white photography plan to own a 1920's Steinway Concert Grand piano one day. [if you could play it and teach me that would be a plus :0 ] I am outgoing, social, full of life, sincere, romantic, I believe that the measure of an individual is ones character.

Michele, a  Veggie/vegan in Cincinnati Michele
is a 42 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Cincinnati, Ohio
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a lover of yoga, meditation, outdoor activities, day trips, reading, and learning new things.  I believe that your friends are your family and that it's important to have a tribe of people who you can count on.  I am a fan of the underdog and would love to see this world move more in the direction of compassion and tolerance.  On the lighter side, I'm a pretty motivated person who likes to do a variety of different things.  I like live music at small venues and recently discovered paddleboarding.  I love a good glass of red.  I'm looking for a serious relationship, but am the type who likes to take things a bit slower at first and enjoy the process. 

Creig, a  Veggie/vegan in Columbus Creig
is a 55 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in Columbus, Ohio
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi, I’m a caucasian male, 5’11", 180 lbs, with dark hair and brown eyes. Physically fit ( I practice Chinese martial and healing arts). M.S. from the Ohio State University in Aquatic Ecology through the School of Natural Resources. I’m also a musician, guitarist/singer/songwriter and dance some ballroom and Argentine Tango. I've traveled in Asia and I speak Mandarin Chinese pretty fluently. I love nature, animals, and outdoor activities. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 25 years and now eat mostly vegan.

marty, a  Vegetarian in Canfield marty
is a 51 year old, Christian male.
Living in Canfield, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.

Hi, I am Vegetarian, going on 10 years now. I like most animals, esp dogs. I am liberal politically, and am easygoing. I like going to Yard sales, and Fleamarkets. I am straight, and only looking for a female. I am very open on Religion, and like to learn Metaphysical things. I am easpecially interested in the afterlife. I am always open to listening all points of view. I live alone, and I have one dog. He is a miniture poodle.

daytonvege, a  Raw food in dayton daytonvege
is a 71 year old, spiritual male.
Living in dayton, Ohio
Raw food diet.

Started out working on main frame computers straight out of high school. Worked at nasa during moon landings.  Then found my real desire to be with the arts. graduated from art school with several majors plus becoming a vegetarian.  Shortly after that became vegan. followed the teachings of several masters but also an intervoice as a guide. Started a health magazine with others.  Worked on many inventions. research, research, research has been lthe norm for a long time now.  Most noted teachers Kipal Singh, Darshan Singh, Yogananda, Shri Chin Mo. Trained with computers, biofeedback, arts, art history, everything with an  idea in mind to improve life.  Trained as an inventor.   The world is going crazy in making it so hard to live here.  I want you to think about where you want to live to the end of time.  Ken.  Like the idea of mini homes. Actually big sailboats figured it out a long time ago.  Have lived in situations in the mountains and in urban areas.  Storage is the big problem if you want to anything.  Been looking at sailboats for some time. Annie Hill (she has soom books out) and her husband have spent 30 years on the ocean as vegetarians.  Zoning is the big problem with any kind of home on land.  Boats do not see that.  If you need stuff to keep your life going mini homes are real hard to do.

My gardens are mostly selfstarts. Weeds or what most call weeds are the one I grow(well they grow). Always seem to be watching over some cats. 

I have tried many  ideas.  Gone on long juice fasts.  One 10 day fast consumming nothing but air.  Life is the point.  Not many people are really interested.  Preserving the history of the vegan human race is important to me.  You have a connection to real life in the universe.  We are all star dust travelling in space over hundreds of million miles every year.  No charge.  Ken

I find your life very fascinating .  sometimes thinking about who we are and what we are living in our mind is so far from what is really going on.  I feel the touch of your energy, ha, ha, ha. You know what I mean. 

I wish I could share your consciousness.

My love to you.  Ken

Michael, a  Vegan in Hudson Michael
is a 31 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Hudson, Ohio
Vegan diet.

Agnostic-atheist who grew up in a substantially Christian, conservative-leaning suburb with Good Schools, and went to a very liberal private college. My two cents are tempered by a lot of quiet time alone and often dismay at the lack of listening or analysis or other qualities in our systems. Yes, tempered by dismay. I have peculiar aesthetics perhaps; at least, the postmodern section at the art museum, forced to choose, would be a slight favorite. I have been vegan admitting slight exceptions for eight weeks. Long-term, I want a food garden. Myers-Briggs type INTP, you?

There is definitely more to say about me, but. You can remedy this cliffhanger on a whim.

Eric, a  Vegetarian in Columbus Eric
is a 28 year old, Christian Baptist male.
Living in Columbus, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.

Normal person searching for new friends, who will share my interests and life-style.

animal_lover587, a  Vegan in lancaster animal_lover587
is a 61 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in lancaster, Ohio
Vegan diet.



My favorite quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson-- "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment".

I live in a simple cabin I built in a beautiful forest in Ohio with wood I bought from the Amish. I'm vegan for ethical reasons because I care for all living things. The dog in my pic is one of my Newfies. I'm a hard worker but I'm not a workaholic. I graduated from Ohio State but choose to be a craftsman and work with my hands. I like cooking, playing music and singing, reading or watching a movie or a documentary. I don't get any t.v. stations. I love my pets. They are my anchor. I will rescue any animal I find in need, wild or domesticated, even butterflies in the road, as I don't like to see any living thing suffer. I also try to help old people if I can, like my friend and neighbor Velma who is 96! Her grandfather was in the American civil war!!!! I try to help her and keep her company sometimes since she is isolated and lonely.

I'm really an outdoorsy person but I don't believe in hunting and fishing. I'm horrified by these and can't understand how people can derive so much pleasure from violently murdering other species.

I'm pretty goofy at times. A lot of people say it in their profile but I really am. I love being silly just to be silly, and just to make myself and others laugh.

I'm fascinated by astronomy and the universe. I'm very curious about everything, science, art, music, psychology, medicine, law, justice, history, the environment, weather, permaculture, the list is long...

For me, the acquisition of wealth is not the driving force in my life. I am interested in life-long learning and sharing my life with someone, and all that entails, the good and the bad.

I'm looking for someone that I can be best friends with. I value intelligence and kindness above all else. I also value honesty, loyalty, humor, playfulness, silliness, generosity, selflessness, sentiment, emotion, and the ability to laugh at oneself, to name a few. I'm also looking for someone who can just sit and do nothing sometimes, just relax. A lot of people can't do this..

One of the things I find attractive about a profile is someone who doesn't try to convince the reader that her life is all smiles all the time. I admire someone who has the courage to list the good and the bad about herself. But not many are willing to risk scaring off a potential partner by listing anything negative. I'm more attracted to reality.

I admire a woman who doesn't yield to the pressures of what mainstream society and Madison Avenue have decided a woman should be in America. She doesn't need this kind of validation, and has the confidence in herself to march to her own music. She rejects the role of being subservient to men, and instead attracts me with her naturalness, intellect, wit, sincerity and kindness.

My future partner and I respect each other, a lot. We laugh a lot together and also have serious talks. We can work out disagreements calmly and both of us are eager to compromise for the good of our relationship. We work well as a team and we would really like spending time together doing things, from the mundane to the adventurous. I like doing little things for my partner and not just on holidays. Pick you some flowers, or surprise you by cooking you something or writing a song for you. Maybe just start dancing in the kitchen with you while dinner is cooking. Or maybe just out of the blue tell you I love you. Romance is the best...

What I’m doing with my life:

Trying to leave a small carbon footprint, helping the vulnerable and those in need, pondering and daydreaming about things I need to do, as well as things unrelated to the tasks of everyday life. Like how far is it to the nearest galaxy from ours? (4 light years), Why is there injustice? Why is there such runaway consumerism? I also dream about crazy, funny stuff that cracks me up.

I’m really good at:

Building things, fixing things, expressing myself, compromising, admitting when I'm wrong, saying I'm sorry, making people laugh, staying calm in an emergency.

I'm also pretty good at doing impressions of people, like non famous people I might be talking to...I really don't do impressions though. It's more like caricatures, just for fun. I can do funny things with my voice-probably because I've been a singer all my life.

I'm really bad at keeping my desk and my truck organized, staying focused, saying no to a begging pooch or cat, admitting I'm mortal and will one day die, tolerating any of these: machismo in men or women, racism, sexism towards men or women, ignorance, passive aggressiveness, dishonesty, speciesism, cruelty, narcissism, arrogance, selfishness.

The first thing people notice about me:

I guess that I'm tall... No one has ever told me.

Favorite authors, movies, music, food:

authors- Thoreau, Emerson, Wendell Berry, Phillip Roth, Bukowski
movie- the best of youth (Italian and the movie is 6 hours long)
music- right now I love the Hollies(an early and mid 60's band), and a cd I have of bossa nova lounge music from Brazil.
food- fruits and veggies

Things I could never do without:

my animals, the quiet, beautiful forest I live in, a positive attitude, humor, kindness, emotion, hope, music, dreams.

I spend a lot of time thinking about:

finding love, how big the universe is, injustice, the fate of the planet, how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful forest, how different I am (sometimes it's hard being so different), how cute my new Newfie puppy Emma is, and how fast she's growing, it's amazing...

On a typical Friday night I am:

watching a documentary, talking online, playing or listening to music, designing something I'm going to build.

The most private things I am willing to admit:

I'll share four things: First, I like to chew on Sassafras leaves while I'm walking or working in the forest. It's like nature's candy. Second, I cut my own hair, sometimes at home and sometimes while I'm driving. Third, I'm searching earnestly for peace of mind and inspiration. And fourth, I believe there is a kind, unique, earthy, really smart woman somewhere on this planet searching for me, just as I'm searching for her. Maybe it's you...

You should message me if:

My profile interests you and you want to get to know, and learn from each other. Maybe you feel that I might be the one you have been searching for.


Paul, a  Veggie/vegan in Toledo Paul
is a 52 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Toledo, Ohio
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am easy-going and ever positive.  I am passionate about many things and I try to make the world a better place for others.  I am curious by nature and I am always learning about or pondering something.

I love family get togethers and experiences.  I eat healthy and love international travel and road trips.  I like antique and book shops, the water, beaches, cooking, art, walking, dancing,  live music(I like a lot of genres, not crazy about country), dance and music festivals and new adventures....

Hunza1, a  Vegetarian in Streetsboro Hunza1
is a 56 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Streetsboro, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.

I am Hungarian, non-violence based vegetarian.

EcoVegan, a  Vegan in Toledo EcoVegan
is a 34 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Toledo, Ohio
Vegan diet.

The best way to describe me is

A liberal, geek, vegan, feminist, environmentalist choosing to live childfree


I'm a big animal lover and have been my entire life. I would consider myself a highly sensitive person. 


I recently went back to college to finish my degree in communication after a relatively recent car accident. I plan to attend graduate school after graduating but we will see where life takes me. When I’m not studying I enjoy biking, working in the garage, painting, and reading. I’m also a coffee snob and enjoy spending time relaxing in the local coffeehouse with a latte in hand. 


I enjoy seeing new places and exploring the local culture. I’m definitely a city person and enjoy the culture of the city life. I’ve lived in Philadelphia and Los Angeles both cities I enjoyed immensely. I also enjoy the arts and spending time in Museums. 


I absolutely believe in fighting for minorities and disadvantaged humans and nonhumans alike. I've volunteered extensively with PETA as a community campaign coordinator and also completed a stint in the LA office as a social media/marketing intern.


I feel the best being in charge of a situation but don't enjoy being in control all the time. I like balance in my personal life and even enjoy relinquishing control to my partner at times. I am a fairly kinky person so you have been warned ;)


If you have any questions feel free to ask I don’t bite...much :) If you believe in education and have a passion to create change in the world; let's chat over coffee or tea, perhaps?

Michael, a  Vegan in Eaton Michael
is a 42 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in Eaton, Ohio
Vegan diet.

JSun, a  Vegan in Cincinnati JSun
is a 44 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Cincinnati, Ohio
Vegan diet.

animal lover, sunshine, hiking, art, meteor showers, being creative, believes in a thing called love, music addict looking for someone to share lite with, have our souls dance 

Mark, a  Vegetarian in Cincinnati Mark
is a 43 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Cincinnati, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.

Big Lummox seeking a handler. The Beast: Very loyal and loving, enjoys walks in the park and nights in the big city, needs a little patients, but doesn't play around. Seriously, I'm a guy who moved to Cincinnati a little while ago and am trying to meet people. I'm caring, nurturing, not perfect and don't expect you to be. I'm an honest and reliable person, just trying to find the right woman. I enjoy the theater, museums, the outdoors, and staying home. I love animals and hope this message finds those of you out there who also do. I'm a little shy, but don't let that stop you. I can come out of my shell with the right person. Send me an email. We'll have fun!

Stephen, a  Vegetarian in Akron Stephen
is a 22 year old, male.
Living in Akron, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.

I don't  eat meat, i eat some seafood, drink unhomogenized milk or  milk in glass containers  and eat eggs only if theyre mixed into something else, try to be strict  NON GMO always , i weigh less than i did in middle school due to diet restrictions, try to eat mostly organic foods , no unnecessary additives in my body, no high fructose corn syrup,  absolutely no soy, but plant proteins are amazing. Just bored with being the weird guy for trying to take care of myself want other weird  people to talk to. Would not impose any diets or restrictions on my future kids and would cook them bacon if they wanted, in fact find safer  but just as good if not better alternatives to junk foods such as all natural  slightly more costly pop. I think of it as we should respect the animals already killed in the stores if people are going to eat anyways, just i dont trust  it hasnt been tampered with even if it says so, if i could control that i would. Finally, i do get the urge to eat meat if i smell it, im a truther, its just since new years eve 2017 (give a few days before then) i chose to not eat meat and im sticking with this  for some reason.

Travis, a  Vegetarian in Dayton Travis
is a 36 year old, Christian male.
Living in Dayton, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.

Quiet to those I don't know.  Loud to those who do.  I like fringe history, basketball.  I collect crystals, which is probably weird.  You will definitely hurt my feelings if you don't allow me to open the car door for you, even though I won't say it.  I can become frustrated, but I could never be mad, angry, or argumentative to someone I like.  Oddly this seems to upset people.  

 Currently I work at an auto auction place that sells wrecked cars.  I have a vehicle.  I own my own apartment building which I live in.  My father takes care of it with his other properties.  This is because I hate talking to people who destroy their units.  No kids.  I'm open to having them or being with someone who does.  My main purpose is to find my soulmate, my life partner, above all else.  

I have a dog and a cat.  I don't want them to just be accepted, I want them to be loved like you would expect me to love your pets or children.  

 I'm a vegetarian not because I don't like it, rather I believe it is the right thing to do.  Environment wise and compassion wise.  I would probably be a vegan if it wasn't for cheese and sugar.  Haven't been able to kick those habits yet.  

I like to go out and plan dates.  Women say thats what they want but I've found that not to be totally true.  We can hang out, but I'll assume your not that in to me.  

So if you like animals, vegetables, doing activities outside of the home, and want to be treated like the most important person in the world, I'm the guy for you!

Jenna, a  Vegan in Cleveland Jenna
is a 35 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Cleveland, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I love nature, hiking, animals, traveling, live music, vegan food, and making new friends. I have a pet sitting business and I'm studying real estate. 

Joshua, a  Vegan in Fostoria Joshua
is a 41 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Fostoria, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I'm 40 years old I have a good job no children my own home two dogs I'm a vegan and have been for over a year I am looking to be in a relationship with a vegan or vegetarian with no children not really sure just trying this site out

Missy, a  Vegan in West Chester Missy
is a 48 year old, Catholic female.
Living in West Chester, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I am easy going, laugh a lot, kind, and sensitive.  I appreciate the little things and enjoy spending time with family and friends.  I am affectionate; enjoy cuddling,  holding hands, kissing.  I do not like to fight, so you won't hear me yell.  But I am not a pushover either.  As you can see, I never had children and at my age I do not plan on having any.  I am a teacher, so I obviously enjoy children and I am blessed to work them every day.  

My interests are varied; I like to go to  musicals,  live music in general(any kind really),  movies, kayaking, biking, walking, bowling, board games, and festivals just to name a few.

I am a teacher, and after a few years away I am back in the classroom ( yea).  

I recently became a veagan....my sister is one and has made it easy for me to transition to it.  I still get ice cream and veagan cheese so yea!  Except for eating out, it's not hard to do.

Exciting events this summer for me were seeing Hamilton, Rob Lowe Live, finally getting to Universal and seeing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ( no words....so cool), and I had shoulder surgery (not so fun).

And as for me personally, I am just a girl trying to find the right guy to enjoy life with.

Donna, a  Vegan in Pataskala Donna
is a 57 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Pataskala, Ohio
Vegan diet.

Nature-loving vegan interested in meeting some men with similar tastes.  Into nutrition, animal rights, cooking, spreading the movement.  Interested in merging bodies, hearts, minds and souls!

Dan, a  Veggie/vegan in Lima Dan
is a 45 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Lima, Ohio
Veggie/vegan diet.

Honest, decent, employed, mostly wfpb, workout regularly, usually humanoid, other fascinating stuff. Laughing

New adventurer, enjoying life, biking, hiking, reading, exploring new cities, atvs, board games, sci-fi shows, craft beer and live music, etc.

dutch, a  Almost veg in Columbus dutch
is a 56 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Columbus, Ohio
Almost veg diet.

I'm shy and prefer U initiate and like 2B a member soon.

I'm a backsliden abstainer. I don't cook meat. The little meat I eat is prepare by someone else who disrespects my (backsliden) vegetarianism. It's rude to disrespect my beliefs, but may be more rude to refuse...

ESSENTIAL:  Excellent emotional intimacy, communication and relationship skills OR learning, Sainthood:  accepting, patient, tolerant (have to, I teach)

RESTATING:  I'm an intellectual, ascetic teddybear....

Teddybear: tactile: snuggler, cuddler, hugger, nurturing:  do self-help, aced psychology courses, with excellent communication and emotional intimacy skills...

caring: love ppl, optimist, naive, love ('AGAPE')

I'm shocked by stupid stuff that some men write. Yr body?  < 90 SECONDS

Acetic: thrifty  food is sacred, live on little money, vegetarian, 'green' for sake of economics.

Intellectual: More than 12 years of FT college engineer and certification aced psychology tutor college chemistry, economics, electronics, math, physics science interests,  Sheldon on BBT is a paria as I want all U to excede me.

news addict PBS, NPR continual student (recertification) extremely curious gamer vegetarian Esperantist (officer locally) and 4 more languages.

Brianna, a  Vegetarian in Akron Ohio Brianna
is a 36 year old, Catholic female.
Living in Akron Ohio, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.

A little about me..My passion in life is to meet someone to enjoy the rest of my life with and that person have to be my best friend, i like to travel. walk on the beach i enjoy the simple thing in life, like movies ,laughing, smile i enjoy everything....


easyeboy, a  Vegetarian in Cleveland easyeboy
is a 41 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Cleveland, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.

Think outside the box. Color outside the lines. Get your creative juices flowing. Imagine the man of your dreams, painted vividly in your favorite color. Still not sure who he is or what he is like? Then allow me to do the work and entice you from there. You’ve come this far in my profile. You must be here for a reason!

Now, before I explain more, here's one of my favorite quotes:

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

A man of many interests and passions, the shorter list for me would be to pontificate as to the things I don’t like to do. After that brief moment, we can move on to the list of my passions and interests, from which I am certain we can find some common ground. I enjoy working out, adventures in travel, practicing yoga, seeing movies or plays, relaxing in a hot tub, going to a concert, or just hanging out at home with someone special.

I love to sing and am king of the karaoke. You are more than welcome to join me in this endeavor. I cannot imagine a life without the internet and my computer, great food, my cell phone, and gadgets of any kind … once a man, twice a boy…I love my “toys!”

What truly sets me apart from others is my ability to employ creative thinking, taking things to a new level, and seeing things from a perspective that is often lost on others. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and creating new things. From idea to inception, I see things through, connecting people and ideas in the process.

In matters of the heart, my areas of expertise include a kind heart, a loving soul, and attention to devotion. I may not drink or smoke, but I definitely know how to turn up the volume on fun and excitement…..this is where my talent for creativity comes in handy!

When contemplating my perfect match, from a physical perspective, I am the kind of guy who appreciates a slender or athletic figure, bright blue, green or hazel eyes, blonde (or brunette), straight, white teeth, and a chest. (Hey! I’m a guy! I can’t help it!)

Beyond the outer package, however, I am more impressed by a woman who is a balance of quick wit and curious intelligence, one who is capable of contributing to dialogues of depth and substance.

I admire a girl who lives with purpose and on purpose, continually setting goals for herself as she charts her course in life. She is an independent thinker and ambitiously pursues her dreams in life, no matter what those are.

The woman for me lives with all of her senses fully engaged: her sense of purpose, her sense of humor, her sense of wonder, her sense of adventure, her sense of self, and here sense of fun. As for a sense of direction, however, that remains completely optional, as half the fun in getting somewhere is in the journey along the way…and if we ever do get lost, my creative insight will surely find us a way home!

Yogicat, a  Vegan in Columbus Yogicat
is a 58 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Columbus, Ohio
Vegan diet.


i'm a happy single mom, only one child with me still, half of the time, a sophomore in high school. I have one in college, and the rest are out of the house on their own now.  I've been divorced about 13 years and have had just a couple long term relationships since then but I just haven't found the right guy for me yet. I have one dog, she's a Rottweiler mix and she's a sweetie. 

I have a full time job in a school, and I teach yoga part time. I'm looking forward to retiring and yoga will take more of a front and center spot in my life then. It really is my way of life now and I'm so excited to be able to share it with more people in a few years. Another big part of my life is playing flute. I'm always looking for a new gig, you'll often find me in the orchestra pit for a local production, or in a community band concert, or just playing for fun. There is nothing like being part of group of musicians creating a piece of music together. Or even just by myself when I really get in the zone. 

I love to be out in nature, walking in the woods, hiking or camping. I also love anything to do with water. Beach, boating of any kind, water skiing, swimming, I love it all. I like to play tennis, I'm not really good at it but I love to try. I also love frisbee, ping pong, pool, foos ball and bowling. I enjoy cooking a lot, I'm newly vegan so I love the challenge of creating recipes or following recipes that make me never miss meat in my life. I believe that anything I used to love that included animal products can be made vegan, and I love the fact I'm not harming any beings and leaving a much lighter footstep on our environment. I hope to find someone who can relate to that in some way. 

I am looking forward to finding someone to enjoy this adventure of life together. I'm happy as a single person but can't help thinking it would be so much sweeter to have someone to share it with. I know it's not easy to find that special person, so I'm looking forward to meeting some new people and even if I don't find the guy for me, hopefully I'll have some new friends, so it's a win-win.

Kelly, a  Vegan in Wilmington Kelly
is a 38 year old, Christian / Protestant female.
Living in Wilmington, Ohio
Vegan diet.

Hi, I'm Vegan for health reasons only. I'm Not into non christian spirituality practices. I'm not proactive on issues. I'm not an activist. I'm not your typical vegan. I'm not against it if you r. Just thought you should know.


Hi! Seeking the final one. I want somebody not always perfect and down to earth about it. Has some concern about going to heaven and being healthy until then. I'm laid back and shy with groups. So, I tend to avoid that. Wanting a man 33-42. I'm happy living alone with my 5 yr. old son. I am willing to relocate. Looking to move closer to the Dayton area. Btw, I live in the city now. But, much prefer the country for it's tranquility. I don't own a car so all the driving is on you. I'm open about what to do on our first date. I especially like the idea of watching a performance: a show, a play, anything on stage; and talking in the car on the way up there and back to get to know each other.

Moongazerlily, a  Veggie/vegan in Warren Moongazerlily
is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Warren, Ohio
Veggie/vegan diet.

I have been vegan off and on since last year but when I first started I was choosing to eat vegetarian things at families houses or family gatherings, sometimes I'd choose not to and other times if I was hungry enough I would just eat it. Have been vegetarian since 2014, as a dedication to my rabbit Olive that passed away because I watched her traumatically pass/fight death/dying (convulsing etc) and she did this "death scream" some rabbits are known to do when dying. It was devastating for me, will never forget it, nor get over that it was partially my fault, although I couldn't completely have stopped or helped what hapepned to her. And, because of what she died from I do personally loathe the creatures/beings that killed her, so even when I am 100% vegan, some other vegans would not see me as a "good" vegan because of that. Although, I am low income, living below the line of poverty so I am still not "vegan enough" for some as I do not buy vegan toilet paper for example but DO buy cruelty free vegan toiletries when I can because there are some out there within a low income person's budget. I began my re-journey into veganism around December or sometime prior to, I ended up watching "What the Health" on Netflix and that helped me get back into it. Have had 2 slip ups due to emotional eating and utter apathy, only someone who has experienced utter apathy would understand how ethics can be thrown out the window in those moments (I have thrown them out the window in other aspects of my life as well at times), does not mean I was never an ethical vegan. As, I am only interested in stopping consuming animals and animal by products because of ehtical reasons. I still eat processed foods, they are my favorite foods, despite those vegans who go on about something being a "chemical sh*tstorm" , I would ask, "But vegan chemicals, right?". Besides processed foods I eat a lot of hummus, pasta and am learning how to cook potatoes that aren't baked because I seriously hate baked potatoes. My favorite vegetable would be brussel sprouts, though demonized sometimes, ie they are an "archetype of food-that-tastes-bad-to-kids" which "has earned its place in foodlore".

Other reasons I might not be "vegan enough", I choose to use presciption meds though that could, in my opinion, fall under the "practiable and possible" part of The Vegan Society definition. I have tachycardia during the day under control by meds (tho getting a sleep study done soon because I awaken abruptly to have severe tachycardic episodes as well though and have hypnopompic hallucinations [probably stress related somehow]), severe insomnia sometimes not from a mind that's not quiet but literally not feeling tired (despite it still was leading to sleep deprivation symtpoms such as vomiting, nausea, physical pain etc), severe anxiety (generalized anxiety disorder) and suffer from major medication resistant depression, the latter I don't bother taking medications for. I have 3 cats, the loves of my lives, soulmates and my world whom I feed meat. I do not believe in feeding obligate carnivores vegan diets. I even have a strange interest in carnivorous plants AS a vegan. There's the toilet paper I mentioned, trash bags and who knows what else but that doesn't deter me from becoming vegan as it does some people because there's no possible way for a lot of people to be completely and utterly 100% vegan, always and all the time due to these by products that end up in so many things we use.

Religiously I am agnostic but atheist leaning when I am angry and upset. Do not get along with other atheists typically and usually, as I usually will defend or at the least choose to be respectful of people who believe in other religions as long as they don't use their religion to defend/excuse killing in the name of that religion (I don't mock, make snide comments, belittle, etc). Don't even mind people knocking on my door to "spread the word of Jesus" (I only get angry if they mention "going to Hell" which as a teenager interested in Wicca/Witchcraft I got told a few times), there's a graphic floating around that makes Jesus sound like a great guy though and he sounds similar to myself how I am or choose to be, if he were even real anyway (although the "great guy" thing is if a story of him throwing a friend off a roof who died isn't true, though there are explanations for that story where Jesus isn't necessarily the "bad guy"). If I had a religion I could see being some Panetheistic form of Paganism makes sense to me, and I feel that veganism and those go hand in hand. Feminism and veganism go hand in hand in my opinion as well, thus I believe in feminist values as well.

Chris, a  Vegan in Cleveland Chris
is a 33 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Cleveland, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I am a drummer with a crazy sense of humor who loves laughing. I've been playing since I was 5 and continue to be in multiple bands. I like writing, riding bikes, running, eating healthy, movies, going to the park, being with friends, and having an absolutely ridiculously good time.

I currently work for the Cleveland Clinic and do Medical Billing for Vision.

I am Vegan for the animals, the planet, and my health. I love to cook. Looking for friendship/possible relationship. 


Andy, a  Vegan in Cincinnati Andy
is a 31 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Cincinnati, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I am a vegan who got into plant based foods for health and fitness.  I now consider myself to be an ethical vegan as I don't stand for any animal cruelty.  I find pleasure in educating others about a whole foods plant based diet.  I am into simple living.  I love being outdoors.  My favorite outdoor activities include cycling, hiking, running, attending farmers markets and gardening.  I am a certified wood technician, which is the fancy way of saying I build wooden furniture.  I am very passionate about my work from designing, interacting with clients, to building one of a kind pieces of furniture.  I am pursuing my dream as a woodworker by starting and growing my own custom furniture business.


Nikki, a  Vegan in Wilmington Nikki
is a 37 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Wilmington, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I'e been a vegan for about 3 months, there's no going back now! I would love to find someone who has the same beliefs and interests  as I do. 

Al, a  Vegetarian in Niles Al
is a 53 year old, Hindu male.
Living in Niles, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.

Truck drover in the steel industry and do well, home weeks sometimes during the week,go between east coast and chicago, have nice home and orderly life,clean person and not much for pets,usually have a project going on so I'm the busy type, I've been veg since 01 and it is important,I believe meateaters are a little uncomfortable with me so I hope to find a veggie friend on here,take care

xVegetarianx, a  Vegetarian in Cincinnati xVegetarianx
is a 31 year old, Agnostic / not religious lesbian.
Living in Cincinnati, Ohio
Vegetarian diet.

I have many interests and hobbies, but they all revolve around being artistic and creative. I don't care for watching sports, but if you want to try something one on one, then let's go! Most of all, I enjoy figuring things out and providing solutions. I'm a problem solver.

I do love music and movies, but I can't name any favorites because I love so many of them. However, I only like a few t.v. shows, because good t.v. shows are harder to find, but I do watch everything without commercials. If you want to talk about music, movies, or t.v. shows, send me a message.

Amusement Parks, Building, Creating, Dancing, Designing, F Machines, Games (Video/Board/Activity), Intellectual Conversations, Inventing, Listening To Music, Psychology, Staying Thin, Taking Pictures/Video, Teaching Science, Vegetarian Cooking, Watching Movies, Website Design, Writing,

Heather, a  Vegan in Columbus Heather
is a 42 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Columbus, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I am a gluten-free Vegan which most people consider to be very difficult >>>>lol. I have a strong compassion for animals and I'm a huge empath.  I also have a passion for music. I enjoy going to see live bands, going to music festivals and being outdoors. I really enjoy sitting poolside, hiking & biking the most. I'm kind of an introvert.. but I enjoy intimate conversation with a kind soul. I am not a paying member so if you would like to know more please message me. 

Willfresh, a  Vegan in Cleveland Willfresh
is a 40 year old, Christian / LDS male.
Living in Cleveland, Ohio
Vegan diet.

Living in a terrible world having too much on shoulders so much so that I haven't grown but an inch in the past ten years.

im affectionate or desiring kisses and hugs and conversation - activities ( I want to live learn and love).

Dani, a  Vegan in Cleveland Dani
is a 27 year old, lesbian.
Living in Cleveland, Ohio
Vegan diet.

Dani. 25. Vegan. Cleveland, and moving to Columbus.

I don't ride roller coasters/amusement rides and I can't swim (but enjoy water) so if that's a deal breaker, sorry.

(to be continued)


IG pv.wz

John, a  Raw food in Huber Heights John
is a 60 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Huber Heights, Ohio
Raw food diet.

I feel my best when on a raw vegan diet and looking for someone that feels the same.  I love preparing raw food dishes and have come to be pretty good at it, but I'm always looking for new ideas and ways to add variety.  Leafy greens are the most important food in my opinion because the are so alkalizing and full of minerals.  Through the week I spend a lot of time working in an office so getting outdoors whenever possible is important to me.  I have a Labrador retriever mix that I take for 2 mile walks almost every day after work, which helps.  I love hiking in the woods, along the ocean, in the mountains and wherever nature is at its best.

I am hardworking, optimistic, honest, dependable, creative, caring, open minded, goal oriented, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, most always even tempered and I love animals.  I am a business owner.  I enjoy traveling the world and do frequently for business.

I also enjoy tennis, golf, snow skiing, photography, reading and listening to books, watching movies, a wide range of music, exploring new things and new ideas.  I have great respect for animals and nature and looking for .

Ellen, a  Vegan in Akron Ellen
is a 67 year old, Jewish female.
Living in Akron, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I feel energized, present, and grounded, when I am outside. Whether it’s hiking year round, or biking, I am revitalized, body and soul, when I’m outdoors.  I also enjoy yoga and pilates. 

I continue to learn about spirituality, by studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation. I organized a non-denominational, mindfulness workshop, which was attended by people from several states.  

I keep my eye out for theater productions, speakers, concerts, movies, and “off the beaten path” events.

I make concerted efforts to eat healthy, vegan

food, and keep fit. 

When I find a person, topic or issue which piques my interest, I can become very curious, and focused.  That’s why I was so motivated as a moderator of a public affairs tv and radio show for 20 years, for which I chose the topics and guests.

I am intrigued by individuals’ stories, whether it’s conversing, reading, or watching documentaries.

After a trip to Israel, I became inspired to do something to further sustainable practices, and organized a community garden. All the vegetables were harvested, and used by a non-profit organization to feed those in need in our city.



shoulderdevil, a  Vegan in sandusky shoulderdevil
is a 66 year old, Atheist male.
Living in sandusky, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I like to have fun in life. I am a busy person, being in business, so I do my best to make time for recreation and also down time. While life is full in many ways, I find companionship missing. I love good conversation. I'm easy going and hopefully you are too. I'm a long-time vegan learning about raw food. My radio is usually tuned to NPR, especially on the weekends. I like jazz, motown, Jimmy Buffett, rock, party music, and more; not big on bluegrass or country. I like being outdoors but am not really a campground kind of guy. I love the ocean and warm climates. If you think it might be fun to communicate or meet, take a chance. Peace,

Maryann, a  Vegan in London Maryann
is a 67 year old, female.
Living in London, Ohio
Vegan diet.

High energy, work constantly (joyful), care for many animals no one else wants, sardonic political wit, compulsive with detail, petulant amid everyday prattle, hopelessly spiritual in philosophy, appear classy but actually a country bumpkin! So what's not to like?

Landscape designer was previous "incarnation", now an organic grain farmer (life's a wonder). Very active and fit in body, mind and emotions.  Like NPR, BBC, old stuff, art, music (classical & jazz) poetry, fiction, and good heavens the outdoors, birds, bugs and laughing (ahhhhh). Love to learn, Europe, and both food and decorative gardening.

Introspective a lot, private and independent in all ways. Outspoken, exuberant, really good hearted but not overly sentimental (okay, sometimes). An exceptionally good listener and adore the intimacy of forthright discussions and a generous spirited repartee or polemic.  Highly loyal, monogamous, like a certain portion of relational routine, yet unconventional in structure.

Michelle, a  Vegan in Lancaster Michelle
is a 30 year old, Buddhist female.
Living in Lancaster, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I recent-ish-ly moved to a new area and I've found it difficult to meet people, let alone people I have much in common with. That being said, the people I have stumbled upon seem to think that a vegan diet is somehow equivocal to being a Communist who burns bras and walks around barefoot with their 12 string. And while all of those things are fine and dandy, I feel as though they're not completely indicative of who I am. So, I thought I'd give this a whirl and see how the cookie crumbles!


Pamela, a  Raw food in Springfield Pamela
is a 61 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Springfield, Ohio
Raw food diet.

I am very down to earth seeking someone special to share a life of commitment, love and passion and laughter, someone who values family. The beach is especially important to me. I love all animals. I am looking for someone who is open-minded and can openly communicate as I belive communication is the most imortant factor to a good realationship.

I also enjoy reading, new adventures and just being home enjoying the solitude.



ed, a  Vegan in Russell ed
is a 69 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Russell, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I'm passionate about my vegan/conservationist lifestyle and classical music. Since my 17 yo daughter lives with me, right now it seems best for us to remain in this area until she finishes high school. I would then welcome relocating.
I try to always be aware of how my actions will impact our "Mother Earth" and our health. I wholeheartedly embrace the example of our indigenous ancestors and respect all of creation. That includes even the respect of insects, weeds, predators, etc. I am on a spiritual path and am constantly trying to become a better being.
Honesty, compassion, respect, and tolerance are very important to me. 

Rk, a  Almost veg in Akron Rk
is a 58 year old, male.
Living in Akron, Ohio
Almost veg diet.

hello all :) would very much appreciate all the help i can get on going completely vegetarian . i have been around the lifestyle almost all my life but have never been able to take it all the way. i have been a personal trainer and physical coordinator off and on for over 20 yrs. most of the time working with natural bodybuilders , police and firemen . you can imagine how hard it is to try to get a bodybuilder to adopt a vegan lifestyle . not looking for a girlfriend just friendship .. soon to be separated and would like to get my body and mind back in shape . love the great out doors and traveling . have been from Maine to Mexico but not overseas . received passport a few years ago but no opportunity to leave the country yet . thank u for reading my profile and hope you have a very pleasant life :) Rk

TtheV, a  Vegan in Columbus TtheV
is a 41 year old, female.
Living in Columbus, Ohio
Vegan diet.

I would rather someone make their own assessment of me than describe what I think of myself.

claudia, a  Veggie/vegan in dayton claudia
is a 65 year old, spiritual female.
Living in dayton, Ohio
Veggie/vegan diet.

I value compassion and kindness and simplicity. Work as a library assistant. I'm gentle but also have a passionate nature. I have a B.A. in the humanities, love literature and music, like to sketch, take walks, and be snug at home. I enjoy massage, touch, sleeping and dreaming, and supportive friendship. I love the beauty of nature. Romantic streak runs deep. Foreign cultures are an endless source of fascination for me.

Megann, a  Veggie/vegan in Cleveland Megann
is a 50 year old, Christian female.
Living in Cleveland, Ohio
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am an ethereal, open, honest, diplomatic, communicative sort of person who is committed to personal and spiritual growth. I love to laugh, have fun; some things I like are museums, a walk in the park, biking, road trips, East Coast beaches, reading (very much so), camping, traveling, movies etc etc. I am passionate about making a difference in the world, and have a few causes that are close to my heart with animal welfare being at the top of my list. I have set some lofty future goals in the direction of animal welfare/rescue. I like to both live life on purpose yet take it as it comes. I also have a strongly analytical and philosophical side and love good conversation. I believe in balance in relationships; emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and the importance of self-awareness and understanding.

jimmy, a  Veggie/vegan in shaker heights jimmy
is a 46 year old, spiritual male.
Living in shaker heights, Ohio
Veggie/vegan diet.

i love to cook with my fiance gina. we like to have parties sometimes with really good food and fun people.

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