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Evelyna, a  Macrobiotic in Haines Evelyna
is a 72 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Haines, Alaska
Macrobiotic diet.

9 Fire Libra Dog woman. I've discovered though I'm a fine person with good qualities, a viable man/woman relationship has been elusive. These times seem to emphasize differences, separation, etc., maybe my life reflects the times, maybe it's my own karma. I seek an understanding of life. Through Chinese Astrology, I've learned my best chance to share love are with a Tiger or another Dog. Tiger year closest to my own is 2-17-1950 to 2-5-1951; my Dog year is 2-2-1946 to 1-21-1947. I've made some progress with getting work/money/career into a low-end/reasonable place. Though my own food practice is more macro-snacking, than macrobiotic diet, & though I don't have the interest in sex I once had, I believe sharing food & sex is important for a couple. I can't promise an exciting life to one who's strongly, socially focused on changing the world, to one who wants to effect changes from the inside, I believe I have something to offer. My true love scenario may be too big a dream, oh well; kindness & companionship just might be enough.

Scoobiedoobiedoo, a  Vegan in Anchorage Scoobiedoobiedoo
is a 29 year old, Buddhist female.
Living in Anchorage, Alaska
Vegan diet.


My name is Suzanne. I'm a 28 year old receptionist at a busy salon 3 days a Week, and take online classes on days off.

In my spare time I watch YouTube/Netflix, write, cook, listen to music and read.

Been a Vegan for almost 2 years now (best decision I've ever made) and I eat high carb low fat, mostly starch solution-y. LOVE this way of eating. 

My hobbies are traveling, blogging, hiking, photography, karaoke, coffee (that's a hobby, right?), yoga, movies, designing T-shirts, and riding my bike. I like dancing too, but rarely get a chance to really do it. I'm not a terribly serious person, and love to joke around and laugh. 

My favorite movie is Children of men. I think I have a fav for every genre though...way too hard to pick only one. For music, I love electronic/techno, 80's (Madonna, duh), and a variety of other random tunes. I don't listen to radio. Not a fan of most newer music.

I guess you could say I'm closist to Buddhism in my belief system. I just want to be chill, enjoy my life and try to stay in a positive state of mind. Good vibes, basically! Let the universe do it's thing and enjoy the ride. I also don't shave, because that sucks and it's bad for your skin.


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