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LivelyFree, a  Vegan in Seaside LivelyFree
is a 43 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Seaside, oregon
Vegan diet.

  I  Love being a super uncle, work and Play hard, Love Nature , respect most Life,especially the non-human innocent bystanders  thoughtfull of helping others out, Ive been told  by my friends,family,and clients, my attitude of gratitude, nurturing spirit,and Zest for Life is contagious and fits my temperment...Had no idea till about 2 years ago about the myers and briggs temperment quiz,check it out,..really cool..

  I have been vegan for about 10+ years,veggie 15+.. .My activity level is so High,intuivitely I eat to Live, not live to eat ... increased vitality, Awareness and sensitivity to all LIFE around me,,Sadly,i grew up in a hunters family and it never sat right with me, unfornately i had to experience killing before I felt grief,sadness and regret as a young adult before i stopped hunting(twice),didn't know about much veganism than and it being a viable option not only someone could live on but Thrive!.. ...My heart/spirit is overflowing with compassion and reconnection to all animals and Life along with Great Health!!!

  I Love being near water and healing spaces,especially the Ocean where I feel the highest vibrational Life and Renewal.Currently Working as an home caregiver,health Coach, Canine support rescuer/pet sitter(current Golden Doodle), eye for detail, Handy fix it guy, who Loves Clean Living,fresh sweet peas, and a good Hike!

  If your Vegan and interested in Helping others and Pets at the same time ask me about it ...

    Looking forward to meeting new people with like interests..Wink 






VeganLady50, a  Vegan in Seaside VeganLady50
is a 50 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Seaside, oregon
Vegan diet.

Hello! I'm a Vegan of 5 years, looking for Vegan friends, possibly more if there is an undeniable connection. 

I love animals and support animal rights in any way I can. You could say helping animals is my passion!

I do my best to try to stay easy going and remind myself to not take life too keep pursuing my passions in life and do what brings joy into my life. I do not like drama and chaos. I've had enough of that in my life, thank you! 

I love to laugh and I am always thrilled to meet someone who can really make me laugh! Also, I love kind people. Mean people still suck! lol

I love caring for animals, art, music, books, movies, comedy shows, living at the beach and pondering the wonders of the Universe...deep thinking is an enjoyable pastime for me. Not a religious person, but definitely spiritually focused.

That's me in a nutshell! :) If we become friends, we'll eventually learn more about each other anyway! ;) 

Thanks for reading my ad. Have a blessed day! 


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