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Hailee, a  Vegetarian in Eugene Hailee
is a 24 year old, other / not disclosed bi-female.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Vegetarian diet.

I'm Hailee, I spend most my time working or creating some sort of art. I go hiking once a month but want to make that more frequent. Video games board games and arcade games are all an addiction of mine, and I do get competative. cooking and baking is something I enjoybauite often. Also, meral and punk music is a thing I enjoy, I love sharing musical tasted with new people and figuring out their tastes.

shiva777, a  Vegetarian in Eugene shiva777
is a 52 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Vegetarian diet.

Hello there! I'm a fun loving, thoughtful person making their way through this crazy world. I was partnered for 10 years with a beautiful woman, but she died last year. I've been adrift this past year just taking it easy and taking extra special care of myself getting lots of healing work. I have been traveling the last six months through Indonesia, Asia, New Zealand and Australia and  Hawaii Currently in the bay area and will be traveling around the states for the spring and summer. Considering going to Europe in the fall.

I like to read a lot. I love fiction but will read some non-fiction and especially stuff like Eckart Tolle and Charles Eisenstein. I'm generally a quiet sort and love to stay home and work on my projects or just have quiet time with a beloved and/or some close friends. Sometimes though I like to go to big parties and dance. I love going to music festivals and burning man type of events. I love art and own a number of originals. I love having a beautiful house. I am interested in buying a house and homestead in the near future and making it into a thing of beauty. I love to garden. I also love to go on hikes. I have an awesome 18 year old son and we are great friends.

In my life I have had a lot of interesting and unusual life experiences and have done a lot of work on myself. I meditate regularly and very much into living in the moment. I believe strongly in sharing and kindness and live that way. I'm drama-free, a great conversationalist and love to laugh. I have a great online business that I do very well with and can operate from anywhere. 

As for diet I have done the range from growing up on a standard american diet to four years of raw food. Currently my diet is to listen to my body and eat consciously. I love having an awesome superfood smoothie every morning and a juice every day and I don't eat a lot of carbs. Although I have been eating fish for the last few years I have been phasing that out and going more back to full veggie. We'll see how it goes. I look much younger than my age and have great energy levels. 

Rebecca, a  Vegetarian in Eugene Rebecca
is a 66 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Vegetarian diet.

Tonight is a Tuesday, and so let me describe my past week in an effort to describe myself, as perhaps our actions speak more honestly than our words. Because the rain let up here in Oregon, I worked outside cleaning up winter debris and because I like to exercise, I went to several classes at the gym. Frankly, I'd often rather be on my bike than in the gym, but not in this weather. I picked up one of my grandchildren (I have two, ages 15 and 12) and took her and some friends to lunch because I want to be part of their village. I met my grandson at the YMCA and then walked his dog for the fun of it. Friends and I gathered for food and board games and lots of belly laughs. As a retired teacher, I substitute at my old high school from time to time, so I spent one day doing that -- enjoying discussing the life of Indian activist Zitkala-Sa in one class and Mandela in another.

I spent an hour getting physical therapy for a pulled calf muscle. Not romantic, but there it is -- pulled but improving.

One afternoon when the rain stopped, my two best friends and I walked their dog along the river through a filbert orchard, just us and the dog weaving our way between the shadowed lines of trees. Later, we ate a fabulous meal of black eyed peas with collards over brown rice plus salad and goat cheese. I came home to work on the small book I'm writing, tentatively titled "Why Be Vegetarian? Living with Compassion." A publishing company in India wants to publish such a book from a Westerner's perspective, and things are going well with it so far. This is a service project for me -- I won't get paid, and the book will sell at cost (probably about $2).

I watched my current favorite t.v. show, Nashville, on line while I was cooking and later, ironing (Yep, I know there are only about 6 people left in America who iron) and read more of Rain: A Natural and Cultural History. I'm usually reading 2 or 3 books at a time, depending on my mood.

Every morning, I begin with meditation. That's central.


CompassionatePal, a  Almost veg in Eugene CompassionatePal
is a 45 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Almost veg diet.

Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by. 

I'm a classy, caring lady with a harmonious blend of: 

* spiritual soul-sister. * humanitarian peacemaker . * holistic homemaker. * earthy green-gal * an inquiring innovator * creative adventurer. * a nature explorer. * realistic optimist. * sensual savorer * encouraging joyspirationist

. . .and a scrumptious cook that also enjoys playful silliness, skipping, swinging on park swings, and cuddly snuggle times- all wrapped up in a unique package that is self-assured, comfortable in my own skin, and I gratefully love who I am in every way!

Some of my most passionate values include the following, and are the foundation of what I offer, while appreciating the same:

* Simple living (less is more) --Connections vs. possessions, inner treasures vs. aesthetic pleasures, and quality vs. quantity 
* Choice of what I hear & see, while giving others choices (i.e. headphones or portable media player)
* Sensitivity to others, with compassion & empathy, while embracing diversity
* Savoring moments vs. racing to the end
* Sustainable, durable solutions 
* Holistic health & earth-friendly practices
* Reasonably quiet activities vs. loud
* Manifesting positive living through intentional thoughts & wholehearted actions
* Daily peaceful time to self- balanced with quality social time with one or a few
* Mindful personal growth, always evolving
* Mutually cooperative open communication, with integrity
* Love-centered conflict resolution with mutual understanding, acceptance, & agreements
* Loving respectfully with affection, thoughtful service, heart-made gifts, encouragement, quality time, & gratitude

Christina, a  Vegan in Eugene Christina
is a 60 year old, Buddhist female.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Vegan diet.

Describing yourself is tough- so heres the short and   sweet version:

 I am a progressive, corky, spiritual thinker. I am empathic and intuitive. I think outside the box, see beyond the obvious, and focus on the positive in life. I really enjoy yoga, have a huge passion for animals, and absolutely love music, art, and creativity. I love and need nature- being outdoors and the coast are my favorite. 

Simple, to sum it up

Priya, a  Veggie/vegan in Eugene Priya
is a 60 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm a self employed professional counselor and spiritual person. I was initiated into a yogic practice thirty years ago by Baba Hari Dass and live a quiet low stress and peaceful lifestyle.  

Lila, a  Vegan in Eugene Lila
is a 32 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Vegan diet.

I love yoga, being outdoors, dancing (belly dance, ballet, tango, ecstatic, want to learn blues). I want to live  in the country, I love gardening. I love music, favorites include Beirut, Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine, the Black Keys, and I also love jazz and classical. I play the piano and the guitar as hobbies. Yoga and sunshine are currently my main passions. 

USJeff, a  Raw food in Eugene USJeff
is a 56 year old, Christian / other male.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Raw food diet.

I lost 43 pounds and regained control of my health by embracing a raw food diet and life style. I have been on a raw vegetable diet since August 2009. I feel better both physically and mentally. Danial is my favorite Prophet in the Bible who choose to only vegetables instead of the King's delicacies. I find that I have become more spiritually receptive by being raw vegan

PNW Adventure, a  Veggie/vegan in Eugene PNW Adventure
is a 63 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Physician, outdoorsman, animal lover.

birdsong, a  Vegan in Eugene birdsong
is a 61 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Vegan diet.

I'm optimistic, and easily delighted! I'm committed to personal exploration and growth. I'm deeply moved by beauty, be it light moving across landscapes or the eloquence of words. Creativity is a guiding force in my life. When I feel a spark, an aliveness that pulls me forward,  I get out of the way and allow it to lead me. Intuitive yet grounded in practicality. Process oriented, I seek and find truth within. I feel a profound appreciation for, and connection with, animals and nature. Though at times very expressive, I am often quiet, reflective. I'm both playful and intense. Meaningful communication and deep listening are important to me. I'm drawn to and inspired by the alchemy which connects us. I love collaboration, especially in partnership, the disappearing together into that wordless flow.

Alice, a  Raw food in Eugene Alice
is a 69 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Raw food diet.

Alice, 5'3", 100, natural look. Organic raw vegan, simple healthy lifestyle, deep respect for the earth and all beings. Warm, playful, honest, caring, sensual, earthy, adventurous free spirit, devoted to personal/spiritual growth and planetary transformation. I love nature, animals, children, music, dancing, massage, hot springs/tubs, gardens, hiking, backpacking, swimming, building, creating beautiful spaces, living sustainably and peacefully on the land. In my work as a massage/watsu/bodymind therapist, I am dedicated to serving people of all ages and increasing the love in the world. I have a home in town as well as 75 beautiful creek-side acres with intentions of having a small community and retreat center.

Bodhisattva 1981, a  Vegan in Eugene Bodhisattva 1981
is a 36 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Vegan diet.

I'm 34, single,  have no children, & have never married. I feel very content, happy, full of abounding joy, & deep peace in my own skin, as well in my experience of this lifetime. I see, feel, & experience Life in a positive light. I'm seeing, loving, & embracing things as they are more & more; as a constant in my perception of this lifetime. I am spiritual & very open minded, I'm acute in my thinking & philosophy, I'm a bit of a wordsmith. the cultivation of my spirit is an integral centerpiece to my intentional & simply way of living, on a formal level it mainly consists of practice of Yoga, chanting, reciting the Heart Sutra, & juicing (although my spiritual practice is naturally & progressively flowing into every facet of daily living. I greatly enjoy evolving & growing as a being (self growth is very important to me), I enjoy research, watching documentaries, & other forms of self-education, I live in a simplistic & minimalistic way ( I own little & desire little when it comes to material things, there is a great quote from Ghandi that inspired this being a number of years ago, " live simply so that others may simply live". I feel that applies to the consideration of all life, in all it's forms. I am altruistic in my nature & being. Enriching & empowering the lives of others for the betterment & evolution of this world is what is most important for my being; to assist humanity to empower itself to blossom into & thrive in it's full potential is my soul's passion & mission in this lifetime. in short synopsis, i am progressively living this lifetime more & more in alignment with my soul's mission & intention of this present lifespan to assist humanity & all Life on this planet to thrive in the evolutionary process that stands before us. in the physical, i am presently in the final visioning stages & about to begin bringing in my soul's work/mission of this lifetime which is a social empowerment movement called "The Human Empowerment Project". my feeling is that when humanity is thriving, all Life on this planet will follow suite & thrive also. 

ps- I'm not yet a paying member, but intend to be soon, so write me if you can or we can wink back at one another until one of us is able to become a paying member.

Brian, a  Veggie/vegan in Eugene Brian
is a 61 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Through consciousness - awareness of Being - I open to connection, compassion, joy, bliss, and inner peace. Fun experiences like music, dance, movies, humor, and a myriad of outdoor activities invariably are a part of the journey. Additional discovery through meditation, travel, tuning in, and allowing of and flowing appreciation for what is color more space and time. Plants, animals, and kids (of all ages) further enrich the mosaic. You are invited along for the ride (helmets and seatbelts, like illusions, are optional)! Balancing the physical and metaphysical worlds, a well-rounded business professional as well as mystic poet guide. Located on a beautiful organic ranch/farm/healing center near Eugene Oregon.

angelchka, a  Veggie/vegan in Eugene angelchka
is a 68 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I like: laughing, walking, gardening, piano, good conversation,yoga, culinary exploration.silence, trees.

Brooks, a  Veggie/vegan in Eugene Brooks
is a 53 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi, I'm a free sprited creative person, 'love to host or prepare meals for my friends. I like to dance, hike, watch occasional movies, help with projects, be progressively minded and generly cheerful.I play the silver flute and hand percussion, and make albums. 

I' m playful, fun, and sensual in the bedroom and studied Toaist techniques for longevity and sexual energy which I think is important to share with my partner. I love to see coordination and can fix many things around the house,  I'm generalluy easy going inquisitive and cheerful.

I look forward to talking with anyone who would like to talk with me to find out more or ask me any questions about anything at all. Have a beautiful day


gerrit , a Veg at home in eugene gerrit
is a 74 year old, spiritual male.
Living in eugene, oregon
Veg at home diet.

I live comfortably in my funky cottage on the edge of Eugene, away from traffic noise and walking distance to great trails for running and hiking. I'm an energetic kind of person, very fit, youthful, very happy where I am and find it hard to be ever bored. I guess being "young and healthy" is due to having 2 younger lovely kids (16 + 20)..
I have a great sense of the absurd. I like to fix things and work once in a while on my vintage car my son and I own when I have a chance, as well as reading, socializing and working on a new career soon to come (I retired from the computer field).

And I have my lovely ladies (hens) to take care of (for eggs only).

I'm usually busy, but not busy enough to go out for dinners, have many conversations, walks, hikes, trips, listen to music, see movies with someone I feel comfortable with. I'm looking for someone who can be fun to be around with, is energetic, thoughtful, interested and interesting, mindful, intelligent, independent, maybe adventurous. But that's taken with a grain of salt since nothing's set in stone and we're all different human beings.

I want a partner-in-life. Not to smother or be smothered; have shared and individual interests and friends; comfortable being independent/interdependent.
I'm retired after a computer programmer/analyst stunt of about
30+ years (an SF Bay Area transplant and now doing my second career I recently started in Eugene OR, something completely different. I'm not into multiple TV channels or watching any of them altogether. In my free time I do long hikes, mostly up.., visit the coast, read, socialize with my friends or kids, do my "backyard farming".
I practice my cello and enjoying it . And my attempt to master French keeps me going.
not ever being bored.
haven't a clue.. I guess I'm too modest and even if I knew, I wouldn't, you know, say it here.
I read non-fiction to fiction to to bio's (from Tolstoy to my family's). Music, Jazz to classical to electronica, and pretty much everything in between. Indie movies of all genre my fav. I do like scifi.
Books, computer, cell, my scooter, plans, projects, organic local Oregon produce, friends, goals, great pizza, music, my hobbies, the coast, our great Oregon wilderness. And a nearby escape to my old CA stomping grounds.
The present. My directions. Connections. Possibilities.
Existential concerns necessary for survival.
hanging out with friends, my kids, see a movie, write letters. Or whatever.

Elizabeth , a  Vegan in Eugene Elizabeth
is a 41 year old, Christian / other bi-female.
Living in Eugene , oregon
Vegan diet.

Love to smile and have fun. I'm not looking for games or drama. My ex and I get along so there is no stress there. I'm new to Oregon and would love to meet someone to become friends with and maybe one day more.


Joel, a  Vegetarian in Eugene Joel
is a 53 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a nature lover who strives to keep a small footprint.  Love hiking, biking, camping, gardening, cooking, traveling, hanging out on beaches.  Have just about everything I need, but it would be nice to find someone to share vegetarian meals with.  Seems like all of my friends are carnivores.  I have a degree in biology, the study of life.  How can you go wrong there?  My other degree is in neuroscience.  I'm also an artist.  I make and sell batiks, but have not quit my day job yetWink  I'm a very dependable person.  In a lot of situations it seems like I'm the one who takes care of details and makes sure things get done.  I'm very active and stay in great shape.  Interested in enlightening experiences.

Amber, a  Vegetarian in Eugene Amber
is a 60 year old, Hindu female.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Vegetarian diet.

truemindveg, a  Vegan in Eugene truemindveg
is a 19 year old, Jainism male.
Living in Eugene, oregon
Vegan diet.

Are you listening?

When the five essences diverge and the duality converge, given the unique circumstances of the time, that is where I became.

Want a little more detail?

At the moment, I'm thoughtfully thirsty for a little more insight for this world. There may be something more, but cannot be anything less ostensibly, so why not explore a little and try to sate my curiousity?

Let's enjoy the gift of the moment and have some fun.

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