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Wilemutt, a  Almost veg in Oregon City Wilemutt
is a 70 year old, other / not disclosed female.
Living in Oregon City, oregon
Almost veg diet.

Deja Vu - haven't I been here before? At this age, who knows! Semi-retired but wish to end my 2 part-time jobs and move on to saving the world. Not a big fan of living alone, but I am finding myself in a place with friends and family who do not share my values, nor do they care about how humans are rapidly destroying our planet just by lifestyles and food choices. I believe it with all my heart! I did not put down any religion for a reason. That is the biggest struggle of all. One of my part-time gigs is pianist/accompanist for the Catholic church. Finding a vegetarian or vegan there would be nothing short of a miracle. They don't exist. St. Francis of Assisi, where are you when I need you? Will the Creator condemn me for leaving organized religion? I don't know but I can't live this lie anymore, even if I do get paid for it. Besides, I think all vegans go to Heaven, while carnivores go to "pork-atory." Laughing Next, I will be working on my stand-up routine. Oh yeah, now that my little rant is over here, I would welcome a friend to share activities with: walking, hiking (puff, puff), cooking, eating, going to events, socializing with like-minded safe people, and more. I am looking at moving from my home in the next year and downsizing so relocation isn't a problem. Oregon is my birth state but I spent 32 years in CA. It seems to me that they are more forward thinking about animal rights and earth-friendly things than they are here; however, I look at it this way: If we only stay where it's safe and become exclusive then we are not having an effect on the part of society that needs it. Even though it's tough to stay and hit brick walls all the time, I can definitely see changes for the better, however incremental. It will happen. It appears that I am nearing my 500 word limit so I will sign off.

Desi, a  Vegan in Oregon City Desi
is a 55 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Oregon City, oregon
Vegan diet.

I am an easy going person. I love travel and animals. I have been to many places all over the world. 

I like working in my garden and being outside. I teach for a living- working with kids with learning differences. 

I love to read- mostly murder mysteries. When not working, I live to explore new areas or just relax at home. 

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