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Eve, a  Vegetarian in Burns Lake, BC Eve
is a 62 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Burns Lake, BC, british_columbia
Vegetarian diet.

I am honest, Open and Optomistic, outwardly reserved in general, but warm, romantic heart. I am Independant, somewhat adventurous, Loyal, passionate in certain circumstances - Spontaneous sometimes and a bit shy, on the quiet side and a little laid back/casual - I am an awakened Soul who loves and respects Nature, this Planet and her inhabitants. I feel we are All One.
Refer to myself as a Lightworker. I feel a strong connection to Nature, Source and our Off World Family and Friends.
I feel and believe that we have been seeded from the Stars. I am working my way towards the Vegen and raw organic foods Lifestyle, but currently only at a vegetarian stage.  I feel that Balance, some form of equality, mutual Love & respect are necessities in a Healthy relationship.
Some of my Sideline activities include Quantum Biofeedback and Energy work. I am a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and a Licensed Spiritual Healer.

Not a wordy person here, but do, always make efford to communicate clearly.   Smile

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