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veggieboy, a  Vegan in Portland veggieboy
is a 32 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Hi, I’m Kyle. I am a 32, straight, blue-eyed, vegan. I am a Certified Public Accountant and I work in corporate auditing.

I am from the Midwest, temporarily residing in Las Vegas, and moving to Portland soon.

Interests: running, meditation, laughing, movies, Charlie Brown, minimalism, cuddling, long walks/hiking, trying new restaurants, cooking/new recipes, board/card games, and science fiction. I don't smoke or drink.

I am looking for a long-term partner who shares a couple of my interests but can also open me up to a few new ones. If any of this sounds like you, then send me a message!

You can email me directly at northwest.vegan@gmail.com.

Veggie-geddon, a  Vegan in Portland Veggie-geddon
is a 38 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I was brought up a lacto-vegetarian but have been a vegan for ethical reasons 'bout 6 years now.

Ply my living as a hospitalist physician in Portland, OR. 

Miscellaneous Interests = Bikram Hot Yoga + Viscerally Gripping Horror/Science Fiction + Decadent (Vegan) Desserts + Volunteering + Writing + Traveling + Live Music...


Lost&Found, a  Raw food in Portland Lost&Found
is a 33 year old, Christian male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Raw food diet.

Full time student


Interests include: Documentaries, black and white movies, Film Noir, Foreign films, history, old school jazz, classical and experimental music,  raw cuisine, essential oils, learning new things, etc.

Open to chat with people both local and international. I'll leave my profile simple. However, if you would like to chat, or if you have any questions for me, send a message :)




Stephen, a  Vegetarian in Brownsville Stephen
is a 69 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Brownsville, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a real mixture of practical and mystical. I like working with my hands on tangible projects (like building a home, garden, etc.) and I also enjoy delving into the intangibles (like dream work and contemplating why I am here on this planet, writing a novel, etc.). I’ve worked as a computer programmer, web site designer for a number of years and have expanded into photography, fine art printing and videography. I feel that creative communication is probably one of the most powerful ways of bringing about social change. I'm very active in my community, working to create a more sustainable living environment. I'm awestruck by the great mystery and beauty that life presents to us.

Sonya, a  Raw food in  Portland Sonya
is a 43 year old, female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Raw food diet.

Funny, disciplined, unusual, intense, physical,musical, adventurous, extroverted, yogi, parent, traveler, educator, healer.

I am a long time daily yogi, yoga teacher. I was a professional performer on stage and television in NYC and L.A. before that, so I love to sing and dance. I'm a 25 year vegan, 10 year raw/living vegan. I'm a Wellness Counselor (nutrition, colon hydrotherapy, cleansing, aroma therapy, crystal healing, sound healing, intuitive/empath, massage therapist/bodyworker, Reiki).

I love my work! I am the only parent to 3 kids, all growing so much now. My oldest is an adult, and my 2 teens live at home with me full time.

I love traveling and experiencing different cultures and people. I've been to South and Central America, and want to experience Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, and Europe next. 

Sarah, a  Vegan in Portland Sarah
is a 34 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I am a 34 year old sailboat-dwelling vegan. I prefer to live simply. I have recently taken up cycling and have found that I truly love it. I bike around 20 miles at a time, and have averaged 100 miles/week over the past three weeks. I manage a restaurant. I love to sketch in my sketchbook. I especially love hand lettering. 

Joel, a  Vegetarian in Eugene Joel
is a 53 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a nature lover who strives to keep a small footprint.  Love hiking, biking, camping, gardening, cooking, traveling, hanging out on beaches.  Have just about everything I need, but it would be nice to find someone to share vegetarian meals with.  Seems like all of my friends are carnivores.  I have a degree in biology, the study of life.  How can you go wrong there?  My other degree is in neuroscience.  I'm also an artist.  I make and sell batiks, but have not quit my day job yetWink  I'm a very dependable person.  In a lot of situations it seems like I'm the one who takes care of details and makes sure things get done.  I'm very active and stay in great shape.  Interested in enlightening experiences.

ANDREW, a  Veggie/vegan in Gold Hill ANDREW
is a 64 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Gold Hill, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

You can best describe me as engaging, humorous, intelligent, active, compassionate, entrepreneurial and environmentally conscious. I have great respect for women and believe our differences, as well as what we have in common, add color and diversity to a relationship . I am spiritual, rather than religious.  I'm open to expanding my horizons and growing spritually with my partner.  . I love the outdoors(hiking, biking, camping). I like independent film, a wide range of music (jazz, r&b, alternative), comedy and astrology. I live on  a 12 acre paradise with a beautiful octagon house that has an awesome kitchen! It is walking distance to the Rogue River in southern Oregon.  I love to travel and have been around the world a number of times.   I grow medical cannabis, both THC and CBD strains and believe in it's healing properties.   I'd love to have that special someone to share the journey with and I hope it's you.

Tina, a  Veggie/vegan in Bandon Tina
is a 44 year old, Christian female.
Living in Bandon, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

open-minded Christian and an ethical vegetarian, and into green living

I play piano, sing(although shy), paint, draw/write, I enjoy meaningful, funny and romantic movies;especially time period ones, and love horseback riding and would love a country-type lifestyle someday with kids.

I'm against vulgar language, dark humor, and against gory content in movies, books and video games.  I'm also against factory farming, animals in circuses, etc.

I'm working towards being a published children's book author.

I have two girl cats.  I'm grieving deeply for my mom.  But, I know that she is watching over me.  I can't wait to finally meet my mr. right and know that it will bring more healing, joy and family into my life.  And to that right man; I miss you, think of you and have you in my  heart until we meet at last.

I'm not a paid member due to limited amount of time to the interenet, so apologize for not being able to initiate any contact other than a wink for now

Elaine, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland Elaine
is a 66 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

 I enjoy life and I love to laugh! My sense of humor is a gift from my dad.

I enjoy making stuff by sewing, knitting, painting, etc. I'm am looking forward to getting back to music by playing my hammered dulcimer, after a few years break.

I have some wonderful friendships. Friends are people who love you when you forget to love yourself. I also love going to the airport and flying away into the blue...I've been to Australia where my daughter and I enjoyed snorkeling and skydiving, what a blast! I love all the different animals there; I would like to go back some day and commune with the quokkas on the west coast.

I long for a beautiful and serene home, but I also love looking at all my books, to see which one is calling out to me each day. I have lots of photos and art that I rotate in my home so that they continue to surprise and inspire me. I have collections of project material for art, music, yarn, and sewing.

I enjoy many styles of music, from Appalachian to Zydeco, and from Paul McC to Paul McC. I love classical guitar and hammered dulcimer music (not together!).

I love conversations and enjoy comfortable silence, each has its own time and place.

I am inspired by the lives of animals, especially pets, who are perfect teachers of unconditional love.

My bucket list includes finding a beautiful white beach with sunny skies and crystal clear blue water! Drinks with tiny umbrellas will aso be fun! I'm looking forward to experiencing this with my special guy. Remember to bring sunscreen because I burn!

If anything about me resonates with with anything about you, maybe we should talk! No matter our paths, I wish you all the best on your journey to friendship and love. I hope it is exciting, fun, and successful!

Instead of a wink, send me a message, and use my name!

CaptainMidnight, a  Veggie/vegan in Beaverton CaptainMidnight
is a 43 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Beaverton, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm a hard working guy looking for a woman to enjoy activities with. I am an avid reader and also interested in archeology, pets, outdoor activities, art, music, cooking, baking and mycology. Additionally, I enjoy yoga, bird watching and bicycling. I am a lifelong vegetarian and artist - I love to paint oils and watercolors. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

JT85, a  Vegan in  Corvallis JT85
is a 31 year old, Agnostic / not religious lesbian.
Living in Corvallis, Oregon
Vegan diet.


Margo, a  Vegetarian in Oregon Coast Margo
is a 66 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Oregon Coast, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

I'm fairly adventurous having lived in several different states. I love professional baseball (go Giants!) I love to sing and have been in choral groups over the years. I like to read, enjoy walking my dog and swimming. I love to laugh.  I want to travel overseas in the future, something I  haven't done. Still a natural blonde. I'm as comfortable in heels as I am in flip-flops. 

Caitlin, a  Vegan in Portland Caitlin
is a 24 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I'm a quirky vegan into tiny homes, minimalism, sustainability.  I love hiking, riding horses, painting, making music, and cooking.  I love trying new things!  I also love yoga.

William, a  Veggie/vegan in Corvallis William
is a 77 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Corvallis, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

A liberal environmentalist, homebody and handyman who likes observing nature, writing and scientific studies. I enjoy conversations, have a sense of humor and am inclined to be outspoken and affectionate. I've understanding and experience with yoga, meditation, Eastern philosophy, spirituality, personal growth and have lived in various communities or ashrams in America and briefly in Nepal. After forty years of vegetarian living, including periods of macrobiotics, fruitarian, sproutarian and raw food diets, I'm now vegan with rare exceptions. I prefer a simple life style, a chemical free home, natural healing, eating organic and items made of natural materials.

vegancatlover25, a  Vegan in Salem vegancatlover25
is a 25 year old, Christian female.
Living in Salem, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I love rescuing animals, acts of kindness, helping others, reading, going on walks, listening to podcasts, and watching movies/TV. I'm very introverted and it's hard for me to meet new people/make new friends, but once I get to know you I am an extremely loyal and caring friend.

Innerverse, a  Almost veg in canby Innerverse
is a 29 year old, Taoist male.
Living in canby, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

FREE SUBSCRIBER message me first or I cannot message you, if I wink back that means I'd like to speak!

I am interested in the following things, but the list is not exhaustive as this barely scratches the surface since i am interested in more, plus that which i have yet to discover. Many of these things are regular hobbies.

science, lifes mysteries, song writing, daughter,science fiction, fantasy, books, learning, lounging, sleeping in, siezing the day, procrastinating, philosophy, physics, chemistry, quantum physics, engineering, camping, backpacking, canoing, hiking, outdoors, thinking for myself, guitar, piano, jamming with friends, Aviation, counter culture, conspiracies, politics, world events, kung fu, tai chi, self betterment, subtle perceptions, sailing, exploration, discovery, ancient history, mycology, nature, archery, firearms (fear not), self reliance, independence, fishing, fly fishing, inventing, meditation, bikes, myriad of talents, research, reading, dreaming, fathering, far away lands, travel, master plans, theories, plain old fun.


I am serious and intense, humourous and witty. Silly but adult, clinging to youth. I am  loyal and chivalrous. I am affectionate caring and trustworthy. Accomodating but firm. Curious and itelligent. I seek my own truths and define my own reality. I am a fierce and passionate lover, yet gentle and aware. I am convinced those who know don't know, so the more i know, the more i must know, since the greater the divide grows with each learned thing, i may someday satisfy this quest for understanding.


When I am not centered I am the same, yet my life may be appear more chaotic to the outsider, as it may actually be such. I may slip toward the surface and be less concerned with the depths. I think this is good since I have to come up for air sometime.


I have an associates degree, I am a commercial helicopter pilot and aviation mechanic. I currently am employed as and Avionics Installation Technician.




Alice, a  Raw food in Eugene Alice
is a 69 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Raw food diet.

Alice, 5'3", 100, natural look. Organic raw vegan, simple healthy lifestyle, deep respect for the earth and all beings. Warm, playful, honest, caring, sensual, earthy, adventurous free spirit, devoted to personal/spiritual growth and planetary transformation. I love nature, animals, children, music, dancing, massage, hot springs/tubs, gardens, hiking, backpacking, swimming, building, creating beautiful spaces, living sustainably and peacefully on the land. In my work as a massage/watsu/bodymind therapist, I am dedicated to serving people of all ages and increasing the love in the world. I have a home in town as well as 75 beautiful creek-side acres with intentions of having a small community and retreat center.

Josey26, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland Josey26
is a 59 year old, Christian female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi there, I'm a fun, energetic, successful, independent women that is looking for someone that enjoys life. Some actives I enjoy doing are exploring new vegan foodie scenes, wine tasting, visiting the different vineyards, volunteering at animal sanctuaries, hiking and staying fit, walking my dogs, traveling, etc. However, I also enjoy my down time, like watching movies and reading books.

ifvegan, a  Vegan in Portland ifvegan
is a 35 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I've lived in Raleigh for about 3 years now and came to the Triangle the way of Eastern, NC but I was originally born in Germany as a child where I lived for 8 years. I quite honestly hated living in the South for a very long time but i think that was more associated with personal and professional experiences from my childhood and twenties. I have really become reborn in some ways while living in the Triangle.

That started with setting out to take control of my health and I have lost over 120 pounds thus far. A friend introduced me to the Vegan lifestyle so I decided to try it originally for dietary reasons. I have come to find I can meet my protien requirements just fine and its very affordable to boot. I'm now starting to see more of the ethical reasons and think what we are doing with the mass farming, etc. is just not needed in modern times.

My other lifestyle factors outside of being a Vegan is that I'm a minimalist and also operate a meetup group for those in the Triangle that are seeking guidance and help on living a more minimal lifestyle. Minimum for me at least doens't mean getting rid of stuff as much as it means focusing on what matters in life. Beyond that I lift weights 3 times per week and run around Lake Lynn 3 times per week.

Professionally I'm a digital project manager, which I have been doing for about 18 years now. The job has been stressful at times but I see the huge benefits that my efforts bring to my clients and that is a reward within itself. Other notable items are I love to travel and frequent coffee shops!

Daniel H Bell, a  Vegetarian in Portland Daniel H Bell
is a 56 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

Travel is my passion. I have visited 60 countries and lived in 4. I am looking for a woman who would like to explore the world with me.

I am will be living in several different countries around the world in the next 24 months for about a month or more in each city.  Can you join me?    

I love great food. I enjoy visiting temples in Asia, Castles in Europe, or Palm trees in the Caribbean.  

I run three times a week, and lift weights three times per week. I hike, bike, ski, swim, play tennis and run; but all in moderation. I have no biological children, and none in my future.   

You do not need to post your profile or pay any fee to contact me. I have paid extra so you can just send me an e-mail at: dhb2015@yahoo.com. Please include your picture and please tell me a little about you.  


July 2016

sagemint, a  Veggie/vegan in Bend sagemint
is a 63 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Bend, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.


 I might have a problem reaching out to you first but i don’t have a problem being happy, sensitive, thoughtful or listening to you and taking in what you are saying. You might find me helpful, funny and easy to talk to. I enjoy soccer, dancing, snow boarding & and anything to do with family/kids.

My friends call me an entupunear and my banker calls me a real estate developer. However, I'm not doing much right now except working out at the gym, eating good and riding mountain bike in the national forest.  I don't believe in the tyfical life of each of us going to different jobs all day, come home and share our evening together. I believe in us talking about our dreams, what we enjoy doing and setting our goal on something we choose together and then going for it. I see us working together towards our goal and making adjustments as needed. I have experienced a wide range of things and find myself creative and resourseful. I've been thinking about creating super green foods and growing organic vegetables and herbs. However, you might have a dream that interest me and we could work towards that as well. I expect you to WANT to take part in our decisions - everything to what color of car to the type of house we want to live in. We make decision's together, I believe in empowering women.  I'm not looking for someone I can bend and manipulate. However, I also realize that I may fall in love with a woman that has no clue what I'm talking about and I'll have to make huge adjustments, lol.  I can do it:)  I am definately sensitive, caring and relaxed. I can deal with a lot of crap but I can NOT deal with lies and head games. oh, I DO love long kisses mmmmm



gerrit , a Veg at home in eugene gerrit
is a 74 year old, spiritual male.
Living in eugene, Oregon
Veg at home diet.

I live comfortably in my funky cottage on the edge of Eugene, away from traffic noise and walking distance to great trails for running and hiking. I'm an energetic kind of person, very fit, youthful, very happy where I am and find it hard to be ever bored. I guess being "young and healthy" is due to having 2 younger lovely kids (16 + 20)..
I have a great sense of the absurd. I like to fix things and work once in a while on my vintage car my son and I own when I have a chance, as well as reading, socializing and working on a new career soon to come (I retired from the computer field).

And I have my lovely ladies (hens) to take care of (for eggs only).

I'm usually busy, but not busy enough to go out for dinners, have many conversations, walks, hikes, trips, listen to music, see movies with someone I feel comfortable with. I'm looking for someone who can be fun to be around with, is energetic, thoughtful, interested and interesting, mindful, intelligent, independent, maybe adventurous. But that's taken with a grain of salt since nothing's set in stone and we're all different human beings.

I want a partner-in-life. Not to smother or be smothered; have shared and individual interests and friends; comfortable being independent/interdependent.
I'm retired after a computer programmer/analyst stunt of about
30+ years (an SF Bay Area transplant and now doing my second career I recently started in Eugene OR, something completely different. I'm not into multiple TV channels or watching any of them altogether. In my free time I do long hikes, mostly up.., visit the coast, read, socialize with my friends or kids, do my "backyard farming".
I practice my cello and enjoying it . And my attempt to master French keeps me going.
not ever being bored.
haven't a clue.. I guess I'm too modest and even if I knew, I wouldn't, you know, say it here.
I read non-fiction to fiction to to bio's (from Tolstoy to my family's). Music, Jazz to classical to electronica, and pretty much everything in between. Indie movies of all genre my fav. I do like scifi.
Books, computer, cell, my scooter, plans, projects, organic local Oregon produce, friends, goals, great pizza, music, my hobbies, the coast, our great Oregon wilderness. And a nearby escape to my old CA stomping grounds.
The present. My directions. Connections. Possibilities.
Existential concerns necessary for survival.
hanging out with friends, my kids, see a movie, write letters. Or whatever.

Rebecca, a  Vegetarian in Eugene Rebecca
is a 65 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

Tonight is a Tuesday, and so let me describe my past week in an effort to describe myself, as perhaps our actions speak more honestly than our words. Because the rain let up here in Oregon, I worked outside cleaning up winter debris and because I like to exercise, I went to several classes at the gym. Frankly, I'd often rather be on my bike than in the gym, but not in this weather. I picked up one of my grandchildren (I have two, ages 15 and 12) and took her and some friends to lunch because I want to be part of their village. I met my grandson at the YMCA and then walked his dog for the fun of it. Friends and I gathered for food and board games and lots of belly laughs. As a retired teacher, I substitute at my old high school from time to time, so I spent one day doing that -- enjoying discussing the life of Indian activist Zitkala-Sa in one class and Mandela in another.

I spent an hour getting physical therapy for a pulled calf muscle. Not romantic, but there it is -- pulled but improving.

One afternoon when the rain stopped, my two best friends and I walked their dog along the river through a filbert orchard, just us and the dog weaving our way between the shadowed lines of trees. Later, we ate a fabulous meal of black eyed peas with collards over brown rice plus salad and goat cheese. I came home to work on the small book I'm writing, tentatively titled "Why Be Vegetarian? Living with Compassion." A publishing company in India wants to publish such a book from a Westerner's perspective, and things are going well with it so far. This is a service project for me -- I won't get paid, and the book will sell at cost (probably about $2).

I watched my current favorite t.v. show, Nashville, on line while I was cooking and later, ironing (Yep, I know there are only about 6 people left in America who iron) and read more of Rain: A Natural and Cultural History. I'm usually reading 2 or 3 books at a time, depending on my mood.

Every morning, I begin with meditation. That's central.


CosmicStar, a  Raw food in  Merlin CosmicStar
is a 30 year old, spiritual bi-female.
Living in Merlin, Oregon
Raw food diet.

Hi my name is Marissa. I'm so excited to connect with like minded people! I am an artist. A true free spirit. My creativity runs very high. My motto is reuse repurpose. I like to engender ways to be more economical. I am a dumpster diver. Very down to earth. I love Tony Robbins and Alan Watts. I'm embracing my fears instead of running away from them. I am action oriented. Lets rock this planet while we've got the shot! Thank you for viewing my profile. 

TrinityAlps, a  Vegan in Portland TrinityAlps
is a 48 year old, male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I love living in Portland. Getting out in nature is a priority for me, yet I don't do it often enough and I am looking to create more opportunity. I bicycle pretty much everywhere, year round. I'm a positive, optimistic person. My kids are grown, but I really enjoy other people's children. It's important to me to be compassionate, vulnerable, joyful, and authentic. Yoga is key to my body and heart feeling good, and a main filter through which I interpret the world. I adore books, hiking, ecstatic dancing, and home-cooked food. I like to sing along with punk rock when nobody's listening. I am curious about the world and the people I see in it.

Polyamorous: I am in a stable, long-term marriage which we carefully and lovingly opened about 3 years ago after 13 years of monogamy. And it's going rather well -- my wife has a deep relationship with her awesome boyfriend and is wonderfully supportive of me dating. She's great. My new favorite word: compersion!

In discussing my hesitation about online dating with a friend, he looked at me and said, "Own your awesomeness!" Yeah!

kevin, a  Vegan in Portland kevin
is a 38 year old, spiritual bi-male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I work as a academic tutor and freelance editor. Much as I enjoy that, I am passionate about music and developing myself as a singer/artist/musicmaker. Sometimes my passion for food and cooking overshadows that...so I am making exercise a more regular activity. Smile I'm really into the outdoors as in enjoying nature, especially after having lived in a huge city for over two years; I'm looking forward to the abundant green spaces and nature oases Portland has to offer.

jamesismymiddlename, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland jamesismymiddlename
is a 41 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hello. Well, what to say huh? And here I fancy myself a writer and yet the blank page is always mildly intimidating.

Are you familiar with Chomsky, and Howard Zinn, well my political beliefs line up with theirs.

I like to read, mostly older more classic stuff, rarely living writers, which I kind of regret because writers, like all artist, need support, and it doesn't help much to support them after they're gone.

Music wise; it would be much easier to say what i don't like: gangsta' rap, contemporary country, hair band heavy metal stuff.

I'm not a "normal" guy (if there is such a thing as normal). I don't know anything about cars (except how to drive them and change a flat tire, or add oil (basically, the basic stuff).  I don't like sports (unless you consider chess a sport - which it is in some ways).  I write poetry, and have been wanting to work on putting a novel together, but that is quite difficult, and there are so many things which pull at your time, and time is what you need for that, but am I just making excuses? Probably, because we find a way to make the time for the stuff we really want to do, don't we?

much, much more, but after all, this is really only an introduction, so, how do you do?

Christopher, a  Vegan in Portland Christopher
is a 42 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Nature amazes me, so I tend to hike a lot these days. When I'm not hiking, I go for long walks with my dog in the city. Sometimes we play ball in the park. I also live with two older cats who are a bit more sedentary. I'm a very compassionate person, and I love helping others, especially those who need the most help. 

I've just received my architecture license, though I may abandon that field for something else. If you want more info on that, send me a "note"!

Interests: wandering, animals, nature, urbanism, chance encounters, documentaries, hiking, exploring, riding my bike, detail, juxtaposition, sarcasm, satire, smoothies, walking through a winter forest in the snow, warm rain, trees, sunlight, film, thinking, architecture, narrow streets, narrow buildings, chocolate, and drawing.

falafel123123, a  Vegan in Portland falafel123123
is a 43 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Just moved to Portland!!

I am a fairly mainstream guy who enjoys quite time relaxing at home.   I write during my spare time. While I do enjoy watching certain shows on tv, I dislike the Hollywood hype. I am an ACTIVE animal rights activist.

Maelui, a  Vegetarian in Hillsboro Maelui
is a 31 year old, Christian female.
Living in Hillsboro, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.


I'm from the Portland, Oregon area. I'm a recent vegetarian, and eventually I'll transition to veganism. 

My interests include cooking, baking, Japanese anime, manga, crocheting, knitting, sci-fi & fantasy films, video games, magic: the gathering, biking, watching films, spending time with my family & friends, etc.

I'm hoping to find someone whom is also Christian, and believes supporting factory farming is a cruel act. I truly believe God is unhappy with what we are doing to His earth, and I know it must be heartbreaking to see us raping, torturing, enslaving, exploiting, and slaughtering His creation. 

If you're interested, feel free to contact me! Mata ne! ??(??∂)?

proposedsolutions, a  Vegetarian in Medord proposedsolutions
is a 52 year old, Christian male.
Living in Medord, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

Not spoiled as the average American. I prepare all my meals. I have no need for overpriced restaurant food and I do not need to be seen by others (so much) to need to be in public. I am writing all the time, helping this world in many ways. I have quite a few unique websites and a book, "Thoughtful Living", to push for prosperity. I have been writing government and sending them the real solutions to fixing this country but so far they remain ignorant.


I need someone to assist me. One of my projects is to have a secondary/post secondary education curriculum that would be vastly more efficient than the current inefficient education program. I have worked in many fields to know education in its present form is quite wasteful and is a burden on the poor.



Agreatlife63, a  Vegan in Grants Pass Agreatlife63
is a 53 year old, spiritual bi-female.
Living in Grants Pass, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I am a tomboy interested in culinary arts, travel, language, film, podcasting, hiking, yoga, fitness, music, goals, good people, creativity, giving back...health, care of animals, care of environment, thinking, exploring and becoming more.

I am seeking a person interested in health, fitness, travel, reading, language, learning, exploring and things of a similar arena.

I am a vegan in training with aspirations in consuming more uncooked than cooked foods, but struggling with this goal. Its much easier in the summer.

I do not eat meat but sometimes I eat foods that contain milk, egg, and cheese, although this is a seldom.

I would prefer to meet someone and others who is/are closer to my aspirations but ultimately its about whats in a person's heart.

I am strongly attracted to buddhist teachings.

I am always reading, watching, and listening to inspiational or educational materials that offer wonderful nuggets of insight for a better life. 

I have not thrown out all of the leather products and clothes, but i think that is on the horizon, for i am a vegan in training.

Thank you for reading. 



Cilicia, a  Vegetarian in Cornelius Cilicia
is a 58 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Cornelius, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

I moved from Southern Oregon about six months ago and am looking for someone to go exploring this new-to-me area. I love to go on hikes and picnics and I would like to meet someone else who does also. Other interests include cooking, baking, gardening, canning and preserving foods, reading, writing and traveling. I am 6' tall and slim. I have been a vegetarian since I was 19 years old. 

AsquaredPlusN, a  Almost veg in Corvallis AsquaredPlusN
is a 31 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Corvallis, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

Hi there, I guess I should start by saying that I'm only half-heartedly "looking" for any kind of dating. It'd be nice to meet some people in the area who are interested in the same ideals. It would be nice to find someone who is vegetarian or beyond to cook with, learn more from, get to know, and have a good time with. I work a couple jobs and have kids so I'm actually too busy for any serious relationship. Maybe exchanging some e-mails, etc. would be good to start. I guess the disconnectedness that seems to happen in daily life makes the prospect of finding connections online seem so appealing, or perhaps it's just that we're all so damn busy in our day-to-day. 

andyfree, a  Almost veg in portland andyfree
is a 47 year old, spiritual male.
Living in portland, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

I love outdoors and being in nature. like filming video, editing... writing...singing.....and talking with friends. want somone who would talk and try different foods, sports, hikes.

esmerelda, a  Vegetarian in  Bend esmerelda
is a 54 year old, Buddhist female.
Living in Bend, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

I am a Buddhist, I love to hike, ski, just be out in nature. I am fit, active and adventurous . I love animals, especially dogs, horses and polar bears. I am kind, compassionate and passionate.

PaulK, a  Vegan in  Portland PaulK
is a 32 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I don't know what this site will / can offer.. It would be nice to meet an interesting, perhaps a bit old fashioned, free thinking woman with a strong sense of "self". As for me, I'm super active, I cycle, rock climb, hike, backpack, snowboard, paddleboard, swim, basically anything that has to do with being at a river. I read a lot, enjoy the taste of an amazing espresso macchiato, and love real conversations with the "real" hard working individuals who create the fabric of our society. If that's too deep, I'm not really sorry that you don't get it :) HA! Also, i'm vegetarian / 85% vegan. I don't force my eating habits on anybody, I come from a family of meat eaters. I will on occasion (very seldom) have an egg, dairy cheese, or fish (line caught). That may seem to many of you to be a super pain in the butt, but in reality its super easy to do and i feel amazing as result of my dietary choices. Please don't judge my rabbit food lifestyle, and i wont judge your desire to eat something bloody :) I work to live, not live to work. I do however typically work two jobs simultaneously but being that I'm a computer geek I work them both remotely. This allows me the freedoms to live, work, and play anywhere I like, any time I like. I have zero geography restrictions and would love to someday travel the world. Plusses if you a bag packed and ready to go. Good luck to all those who embark on this seemingly necessary-evil that we call online dating. 

Dustin, a  Raw food in Florence Dustin
is a 32 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Florence, Oregon
Raw food diet.

I'm outgoing & easy to get along with, usually always smiling

Instagram: thefruitnation if you want to see what I'm up to recently. 

I am very active in the raw food community and health activism. I also run a non-profit platform called Fruit Nation. I spend a lot of time exploring and am looking to spend more time in the mountains or at the beach before summer is over. Let's find some other stuff to do if you're adventurous - people say this sh*t all the time, but I don't see many people living it.

I'm part of a community of friends around the world who are all working to move back to the tropics to live a more pleasant and relaxed life full of ripe seasonal fruit, warm sun and great community. Some friends currently in Ecuador are building up 300 acres as a fruit forest eco village and will be heading that way to buy land in the next year or two, to do the same.

Hit me up if you want to go hiking & camp on the beach, take road trips up and down the freeway finding things to do, go foraging for fruits (I know a grip about this and can explain more) volleyball is starting up again where I'm at (Wed 9/9/15) Let's drink some great wine for the sake of enjoying it? 

I'm out in the sand dunes picking bilberries or sandboarding a lot, join me :)

If you like discussing things in detail or just want to have a casual chat, I find myself wanting both.

If you like to explore and challenge how the world has made you. I like my environment to be a product of me, not the other way around.

Heidi, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland Heidi
is a 33 year old, Humanist female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I want to share the rhythm of life together.. I'm looking for someone to talk about life's ups and downs. I am emotionally healthy, not codependent, a little introverted but moving towards extroverted. I'm super self-aware. I'm intuitive in relationships and therefore a healer, in a sense, or so I've been told. Mostly, I'm a good listener.

Intuitive because I've been practicing eastern meditation and yoga (on and off) since my early 20s.



 so ideally you'd have it as well, or can accept that I do


I'm good at nurturing. I enjoy dating older and younger men. My last relationship was with someone a year younger than me.

I have a child who doesn't live with me, and I love kids. My field (usually) is in behavior therapy. I just returned to Portland and getting reestablished. I thought this would be a good way to make new friends. 


Date ideas-

Bike ride and Frisbee

Picnic in the park and cloud watching

A really rudimentary, beginner's game of tennis



I'm mostly vegan/raw, love to cook and take care of another. I like sharing responsibilities and planning for the unwritten future.

Marlee, a  Vegan in Salem Marlee
is a 62 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Salem, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I am a licensed clinical social worker who works as a mental health therapist and a special education behavior specialist.  I enjoy running, biking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, yoga and taking weight training classes.  Also, I enjoy concerts, independent movies, cooking dinner with friends and playing on the beach, hiking in nature, running and biking.  I am developing a meditation practice and like to attend meditation groups and retreats.

Andee, a  Vegetarian in Bend Andee
is a 36 year old, Christian female.
Living in Bend, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

I've been a vegetarian since I was 12. Mostly for the animals. It's rare for me to meet like minded people in Bend. I own a busy Property Management Company and like to work hard. When I'm not at work, I love to be outside! Camping, hiking, taking pictures. I love traveling and exploring more than anything! Just want to live my life to the fullest, laugh a lot, and make new friends :)

roys101, a  Vegetarian in Florence roys101
is a 51 year old, Christian / Protestant male.
Living in Florence, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

Hello. Nicole and I are looking for a sister-wife for possible LTR. We hope to move to a larger city (Olympia, etc) in five years or so. Nicole is currently a student working towards becoming a RN. I am daddy-daycare, and run a small army surplus store. . We have two daughters, 12 and 3. If you have kid(s), all the better. Hope to hear from you.

deb, a  Vegan in portland deb
is a 57 year old, Christian female.
Living in portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Hi I am a newer ethical vegan, I am looking forward to getting more involved in the vegan movement and saving as many lives as I possible can.

Bodhisattva 1981, a  Vegan in Eugene Bodhisattva 1981
is a 35 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I'm 34, single,  have no children, & have never married. I feel very content, happy, full of abounding joy, & deep peace in my own skin, as well in my experience of this lifetime. I see, feel, & experience Life in a positive light. I'm seeing, loving, & embracing things as they are more & more; as a constant in my perception of this lifetime. I am spiritual & very open minded, I'm acute in my thinking & philosophy, I'm a bit of a wordsmith. the cultivation of my spirit is an integral centerpiece to my intentional & simply way of living, on a formal level it mainly consists of practice of Yoga, chanting, reciting the Heart Sutra, & juicing (although my spiritual practice is naturally & progressively flowing into every facet of daily living. I greatly enjoy evolving & growing as a being (self growth is very important to me), I enjoy research, watching documentaries, & other forms of self-education, I live in a simplistic & minimalistic way ( I own little & desire little when it comes to material things, there is a great quote from Ghandi that inspired this being a number of years ago, " live simply so that others may simply live". I feel that applies to the consideration of all life, in all it's forms. I am altruistic in my nature & being. Enriching & empowering the lives of others for the betterment & evolution of this world is what is most important for my being; to assist humanity to empower itself to blossom into & thrive in it's full potential is my soul's passion & mission in this lifetime. in short synopsis, i am progressively living this lifetime more & more in alignment with my soul's mission & intention of this present lifespan to assist humanity & all Life on this planet to thrive in the evolutionary process that stands before us. in the physical, i am presently in the final visioning stages & about to begin bringing in my soul's work/mission of this lifetime which is a social empowerment movement called "The Human Empowerment Project". my feeling is that when humanity is thriving, all Life on this planet will follow suite & thrive also. 

ps- I'm not yet a paying member, but intend to be soon, so write me if you can or we can wink back at one another until one of us is able to become a paying member.

VeggieHumanist, a  Vegan in PORTLAND VeggieHumanist
is a 45 year old, Atheist female.
Living in PORTLAND, Oregon
Vegan diet.

 I'm an INFP with a propensity to occasional extroversion.  I love solitude and can keep myself busy and entertained but when I get together with friends I know how to have a good time!  When I do go out I love to dance, sing karaoke, hike, explore and watch good entertainers.  When I'm alone I like to watch documentaries, read, play online poker and cook.  I love to hike, camp and enjoy the outdoors when I can.

Bill, a  Vegan in  Portland Bill
is a 61 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I am a recent converted vegan who loves to play guitar, work out, and read. I love my job, I am a video producer for Nike. I have 2 beautiful daughters who are very important to me. I also have 1 rowdy Black lab/vizsla. 

Brooke, a  Vegan in Portland Brooke
is a 21 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I've decided to join Veggie Date to see what happens and to be open to the possibility of new vegan friends or a partner.

I've been an ethical vegan for almost 6 years and vegetarian my whole life. It would be really great to have some meat free dinner dates or spend some time camping with some vegan snacks under the stars. I haven't met many vegans my age and would like to connect with some like-minded others. 

I love traveling and have an adventurous spirit. I would love a travel partner for the future. I have a long list of all of the places I would like to go and things I would like to do and I plan on conquering all of them! 

My typical day to day includes going to class at Portland State, working at one of my two jobs, going for a run or hike, and cooking some vegan grub. I'm currently in Australia working as an Au Pair, but love my Pacific Northwest home back in the states. When I finish my university studies, I plan on backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail with a friend and then traveling across the globe. I'm currently planning on graduating with a Bachelor of Science for Pre-veterinary graduate studies. I am slowly finding my way in this world and I fall deeper for life around me everyday. 

Colin, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland Colin
is a 49 year old, Hindu male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Yoga has been an important part of my life for a long time. I taught it for years in Seattle. The yoga then turned to mantras, meditations and pujas. I don't think I ever would have chanted my first mantra without doing my first asana. I have a love of the outdoors which seems to always bring me back to the Pacific Northwest. I like the idea of the approaching God as female and learn as much about her different forms and methods of worship as I can. That’s my preference, but I feel all paths are valid. There’s always more than one way to get to the same place. I’ve been to India a few times. Originally to study yoga with BKS Iyengar and also to celebrate some of the important holidays like Navaratri, Sivaratri and Holli.
My most recent trip included temple tours in Tamil Nadu to the major Goddess temples (Kanchi Kamakshi, Madhurai Meenakshi, Neemili Bala) and the five elemental (Pancha MahaBhuta) Siva Lingam temples.
I practice Tantra, not in a new agey California way, but in an authentic Godess worship way. I do empowerment rituals for people. It is very satisfying for me as well, to help.

Jim, a  Vegan in  Portland Jim
is a 51 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I am calm and quiet,  but love adventure. I am currently riding my motorcycle around the Western US looking for my new home. I have just returned from living in France.  I am kind, loving and loyal. 


I enjoy many things my my two favorite activities are bicycling and motorcycles. 


Veganpie, a  Vegan in  Portland Veganpie
is a 60 year old, Taoist male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Hi I'm a full time musician  and part time music teacher in downtown  portland.I moved here in 93 to work on a campaign to outlaw cruel hunting practices. We won and I stayed. I was so impressed with the vegan options after having come from the Boston area where vegan dining was an oddity. Here I am. -Patrick

Molly, a  Vegan in Portland Molly
is a 42 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I love animals, nature, learning and books.  I am quiet until I feel comfortable with someone and then I enjoy good conversation about all manner of things both silly and serious.  I am out of step with popular culture and my political views are very progressive.  My hobbies are quiet: hiking, sailing, handcrafts, reading baking and cooking.  I'm not one for clubs or large noisy crowds.  I feel my life is simple without being Spartan and I am distressed by the consumerism of much of modern society.  I'd rather share a book with someone than watch a movie and often find it more fun to cook together than go out.

Veganism is very important to me because of the compassion it encompasses.  I am vegan first for the animals, secondly for the environment and thirdly for my own health.  I live with a companion kitty who is my best friend. 

My sense of humor tends towards the silly and satirical with some added sarcastic self-deprecation.  This isn't a lot, but this profile, like myself, is a work in progress!


shiva777, a  Vegetarian in Eugene shiva777
is a 52 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

Hello there! I'm a fun loving, thoughtful person making their way through this crazy world. I was partnered for 10 years with a beautiful woman, but she died last year. I've been adrift this past year just taking it easy and taking extra special care of myself getting lots of healing work. I have been traveling the last six months through Indonesia, Asia, New Zealand and Australia and  Hawaii Currently in the bay area and will be traveling around the states for the spring and summer. Considering going to Europe in the fall.

I like to read a lot. I love fiction but will read some non-fiction and especially stuff like Eckart Tolle and Charles Eisenstein. I'm generally a quiet sort and love to stay home and work on my projects or just have quiet time with a beloved and/or some close friends. Sometimes though I like to go to big parties and dance. I love going to music festivals and burning man type of events. I love art and own a number of originals. I love having a beautiful house. I am interested in buying a house and homestead in the near future and making it into a thing of beauty. I love to garden. I also love to go on hikes. I have an awesome 18 year old son and we are great friends.

In my life I have had a lot of interesting and unusual life experiences and have done a lot of work on myself. I meditate regularly and very much into living in the moment. I believe strongly in sharing and kindness and live that way. I'm drama-free, a great conversationalist and love to laugh. I have a great online business that I do very well with and can operate from anywhere. 

As for diet I have done the range from growing up on a standard american diet to four years of raw food. Currently my diet is to listen to my body and eat consciously. I love having an awesome superfood smoothie every morning and a juice every day and I don't eat a lot of carbs. Although I have been eating fish for the last few years I have been phasing that out and going more back to full veggie. We'll see how it goes. I look much younger than my age and have great energy levels. 

LivelyFree, a  Vegan in manzanita LivelyFree
is a 41 year old, spiritual male.
Living in manzanita, Oregon
Vegan diet.

 Travel and adventure companion...





Brian, a  Veggie/vegan in Eugene Brian
is a 61 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Through consciousness - awareness of Being - I open to connection, compassion, joy, bliss, and inner peace. Fun experiences like music, dance, movies, humor, and a myriad of outdoor activities invariably are a part of the journey. Additional discovery through meditation, travel, tuning in, and allowing of and flowing appreciation for what is color more space and time. Plants, animals, and kids (of all ages) further enrich the mosaic. You are invited along for the ride (helmets and seatbelts, like illusions, are optional)! Balancing the physical and metaphysical worlds, a well-rounded business professional as well as mystic poet guide. Located on a beautiful organic ranch/farm/healing center near Eugene Oregon.

Winter, a  Vegan in  Portland Winter
is a 28 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

My name is Winter, I recently moved to Portland from the northeast, and I love it here.  I've been a vegan for about 5 years and have plans to keep it up for the rest of my life!  I love yoga and nature and doing all kinds of things outside, but also love relaxing inside with netflix or a book.  I enjoy writing and blogging and all kinds of creative things.  Dance (mostly ballet) and music are a big part of my life.  I'm an INFP and a Ravenclaw, pretty sensitive and definitely an empath.  Most people think I'm extremely kind and I am, but caring so much about others can definitely take its toll.  I'm also fairly shy/quiet when I'm first getting to know someone but I do appreciate having good conversations and warm up quickly.  Please don't take it personally or be put off by it, it doesn't last long!

I think it's worth saying that even though I'm describing myself this way and it's all true, people would definitely say I'm pretty normal.... especially in Portland.  I was unique in living/feeling this way back home but compared to how people look/act that I've met here, I'm much more of what someone would consider a 'normal' person.  Not judging or having anything against people that aren't 'normal'!  

I think I'm pretty cool and fun, and I think most others do too. :) 

M, a  Almost veg in Portland M
is a 35 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

Hmmmm....well I am full of energy and curiosity. I have a strong passion for gardening, cooking, community, finding my place in this world, and my daughter whom my world revolves around. I am an eclectic individual who loves nature in most of its striking and humbling forms, hiding indoors with a book, listening to a good musical artist, or unleashing my creativity which centers and grounds my exuberant spirit. I have recently re-discovered gardening and with a determination not to cut green life short have launched into turning my front yard into my own "project utopia". I love to cook whether for myself or for my small community (usually between 25-50 amazing vegetarian people) and generally just throw caution to the wind by following intuition versus recipe.

I want to add that I am a part-time pescatarian and only eat fish on occasion. I was raised vegetarian but rebelled. I decided 2 years ago that it was just not ok to eat my fellow creatures and stopped. So when you see that I am almost vegetarian this is why. 

Community both small and large matter to me a great deal. I want nothing more than to be a part of bringing people together and unifying the (at times) lost tradition of love as a foundation where true harmony and peace can emanate. I have been on a path all my own and have found through deep energy work and self-exploration that my voice is clear and vibrant, needing only a connection between my higher consciousness and my true self to be a channel for truth and grace. Living in alignment with the greater good is not just something I do for myself; it provides my daughter an opportunity to emulate the higher qualities of humanity. 

If I have to sum myself up it would be that I am: a unique, deeply loving, creative woman who wants nothing more than to make a difference in this world. I can be both a challenge to the status quo and a soothing balm for the woes life can bring. I am fiercely independent in nature and also incredibly loyal. I am traditional with a hint of spice. 

I am who I am and I Love that I am so aware.

Julie, a  Almost veg in Cottage Grove Julie
is a 59 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Cottage Grove , Oregon
Almost veg diet.


I'm a sweet, spiritual,  easygoing, energetic, healthy lady.

Love to cook, sing, dance, work in the garden, go bike riding, walking, exercising .

My children are grown and on their own.




Steven, a  Vegan in Grants Pass Steven
is a 38 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in Grants Pass, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Hello my name is Steven Roach and I am a full vegan I am struggeling to find the right open minded person who would like to spend time with me.

 A little about me I spend my time taking care of others, putting everyone elses needs first, I want to be a little selfish and put one of my needs first and that is to find the right person for me. 

Kevin, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland Kevin
is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious gay male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I have been a vegetarian for more than thirty years, and now veganish. I am a masculine, liberal man who wants to date another gay vegetarian or vegan. Politics and art are especialy important to me, and I'm interested in baseball, literature, cinema...

Stephanie, a  Vegan in Portland Stephanie
is a 32 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Ben, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland Ben
is a 42 year old, male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Veggie people rock! Tho... Some party like a rock. I like to roll, and: rock. Whatever.

tmdancer, a  Almost veg in salem tmdancer
is a 69 year old, spiritual male.
Living in salem, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

Elizabeth , a  Vegan in Eugene Elizabeth
is a 41 year old, Christian bi-female.
Living in Eugene , Oregon
Vegan diet.

Love to smile and have fun. I'm not looking for games or drama. My ex and I get along so there is no stress there. I'm new to Oregon and would love to meet someone to become friends with and maybe one day more.


Still Waters, a  Veggie/vegan in Salem Still Waters
is a 66 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Salem, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Giving up here. I

Tasha, a  Vegan in  Portland Tasha
is a 24 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Hey all! I'm Tasha and I currently live and work as a nanny in Portland, though I'm originally from New Jersey. I've been a vegan for almost five years and I love every second of it. I have a wonderful dog who hates everyone and that's basically it. Any questions? Ask away, I'm an open book.

Sarah, a  Vegan in Portland Sarah
is a 25 year old, Catholic female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Hi, I'm Sarah. I moved to Portland almost two years ago to attend Lewis and Clark Law School. I moved here from Texas, although I grew up on Air Force Bases around the world. I went to Texas A&M University and majored in bio-environmental sciences with a minor in French.

I'm currently a second year law student. I have a passion for animal rights, which is one of the reasons I'm studying animal law and environmental law. I've been vegetarian since I was 13 and since I moved to Portland I've made the change to vegan. 

My hobbies are reading, drawing, painting, writing, hiking, dancing, and exploring Portland. 

Easterner, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland Easterner
is a 57 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm in East Coast native from my childhood relocated to the Pacific Northwest. So I consider myself rooted in ultra liberal cosmopolitan East Coast culture but appreciative of the beautiful wilderness in the West. I'm an aspiring vegan who's almost there but not quite. I'm an animal rights activist an environmentalist and take whatever limited actions I can take towards those goals. I'm a progressive in my politics although once in a while a slightly more conservative viewpoint sneaks in. I have never had any children and not child-oriented but totally oriented toward all canines. I'm looking for someone who is real and not about phony made up walks on the beach and all kinds of exotic travel. That's not real life. Real life is the day to day things that happen. I consider myself a real list on the pessimistic side. And more of the Rock of Gibraltar type.

Devin, a  Vegan in  Portland Devin
is a 22 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

My name is Devin, I recently moved to Portland from Massachusetts mostly so I could actually eat. I am a rather nerdy, hippie, punk individual. I get along with everyone and I enjoy the outdoors. I have been known to meditate, star gaze, and randomly decide to go on adventures. I'm not a hookup type of person, connection is important to me. I love folk punk music and I am love to go out of my way to help others. I am an animal advocate as well as a humanist. I am very much a hopeless romantic and positive person.

Dzesika, a  Veggie/vegan in Lincoln City Dzesika
is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Lincoln City, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I love to have fun as long as work gets done. I love learning, though I wish more would stick. I am very curious and have very few firm beliefs such as religion or spirituality is concerned. To each his own and I don't claim to know any answers to any of the big questions in life, though I have theories. I like things done well and with positive intention. Prevention is preferred rather than waiting until the problem has presented itself. I appreciate using only what you need and conserving resorces whatever they may be. I enjoy nature and doing my best to keep invasive species at bay. I enjoy cooking with others with a bit of wine and though I don't smoke often, I do enjoy the occassional deep and elevated experience that flowers or mushrooms can bring.

I teach yoga, am dabbling with silk, I like hiking and dancing to my own rhythm. I have been extremely hard on my body through my years of climbing, traveling, paragliding ect. and now must be very careful to listen for when enough is enough. I have learned to live with pain and appreciate massages and baths as much as I can.

I speak French and hope to be able to practice more! 



rusty, a  Vegetarian in portland rusty
is a 37 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-female.
Living in portland, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

a distillery worker & nursing student, I am a nurturer with fancy taste. I love kids and animals and anyone that can appreciate my goofy and intellectual sense of humor. I also like zombie movies, old jazz, and to talk about gross things while we're eating. currently teaching myself the accordion, because my guitar, concertina, flute, piccolo, harmonica and musical saw were getting lonely. literary tattoos are my favorite kind.

Jerry, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland Jerry
is a 48 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.


I'm an outdoorsy, generally mellow person, shy (at first) and thoughtful. In sixth grade a teacher called me pensive and as much as I disliked being labeled at the time, she hit the nail on the head. I love to listen and talk with people. Life's deep questions and the ridiculously mundane are equally fascinating. If I drop an "I wonder...." we could be talking for hours. I like to laugh and make people laugh. With or without alcohol I have a pretty wide mischievous streak.

I'm trying to be the best person I can be. I work hard to have my overall impact on the world be positive. I'm lucky to have an insanely high quality of friends and I put a lot of effort into being worthy of their presence in my life.

If I'm not spending time with the people close to me, I'm probably on a bike, listening to music/NPR, traveling, or building something with my hands, 

My best friend is the most handsome guy I know. When I take him for walks and the sun is glistening off his white fur I often hear the theme to Saturday Night Fever in my head. 


gomode, a  Vegan in Portland gomode
is a 38 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

life is too amazing and full of opportunities that I don't understand it when people get bored. I always want to surround myself with interesting people who are passionate like I am about what they do and are engaged with their lives.

I don’t know what “normal” is and enjoy spending time with people who have depth to them and unusual or highly developed skills and capabilities. happiness is a big deal for me and I can tell if my life is “normal" or not based on how happy I feel.

these days I'm having a lot of fun and am not afraid of making mistakes and learning from them. I love learning new things and being told when I'm wrong.

physical fitness and overall health and well-being are important to me. I meditate regularly and in the past few years, I've been studying flow state and the mind-body connection. I’m always looking for acro, yoga and gymnastics buddies to train and play and stretch with.

food makes me extraordinarily happy and I love food trucks, good wine and an occasional sugar-free mojito. I'm vegan for all the reasons, my diet is completely plant-based, and I usually I stay away from processed foods and anything invented in the last hundred years.

I have an incredible partnership with the love of my life. we’re both vegan and polyamorous and I'm always looking to meet up as friends with more people like us.

to be clear, I'm here to meet new friends.  Thank you!

Cookie, a  Vegan in Salem Cookie
is a 51 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Salem, Oregon
Vegan diet.

My youngest child is now 19, and I am ready to concentrate on myself. I am originally from Orange County, CA. I moved up here in 2005, and I am still trying to adjust to the rain and lack of sunshine. The summers here are fantastic.

I am a huge animal lover, love to veggie garden, and love movies. I fancy myself a pretty good cook. I have my own antique home, and would love to find someone who is handy around the house.

Religion - I prefer to take what I like from each faith and make my own. I would consider myself a sun and nature worshipper of sorts. 

As far as sexual orientation -  If you have chemistry or connection with someone, who cares if they are male or female. Life is short. Go with it. 

Tom, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland Tom
is a 66 year old, Pantheist male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Peace and justice activist, writer, hiker, biker, listener, talker, teacher specializing in nonviolence, learner. I live in Portland and gave away my car years ago, so take mass transit or bike. Gardening is my therapy.

Macrofish, a  Almost veg in Keizer Macrofish
is a 55 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Keizer, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

I seek to enjoy the Great Adventure and walk the path less traveled. Life is better experienced on the back roads. Sounds good,right?
Honestly, I've yearned for such things, but you know how life gets in the way, I rarely had a chance to pursue them. I've always called this the George Bailey Syndrome. 

Looking to pursue a life long dream of country life, I think we people are so out of touch and isolated from the earth.Maybe i was just born a hundred years too late. ; )

I'm a good listener with a caring and empathetic nature. I'm quick witted and funny,I love the youthful exuberance that children bring,and have been known to jump in their mosh-pit of silliness. I can be a bit inert at times in the winter months,but with the right nudge, i'm off and running again.

I absolutely love old cars and guitars, anything vintage is awesome,Houses, radio's, cars , furniture ,etc.
My favorite movies are the Grinch, American Graffiti , Terminator and Matrix series,any B movies, the cheesier the better. black and white TV. I'm Quick with a joke and a light of your smoke, but there's someplace that I'd rather be.;-)

If life is a wave and we are merely Surfers, let's just say the first wave was kind of a flop, but you know what? There's another wave coming.....Surfs up!']]]]

Christina, a  Vegan in Eugene Christina
is a 60 year old, Buddhist female.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Describing yourself is tough- so heres the short and   sweet version:

 I am a progressive, corky, spiritual thinker. I am empathic and intuitive. I think outside the box, see beyond the obvious, and focus on the positive in life. I really enjoy yoga, have a huge passion for animals, and absolutely love music, art, and creativity. I love and need nature- being outdoors and the coast are my favorite. 

Simple, to sum it up

Sean, a  Almost veg in Portland Sean
is a 37 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

I am a happy, healthy, creatively inspired fellow. Thoughtful, kind and intelligent. I am a seeker, an explorative type. Life-learning is a constant. My path is never usually straight and has many curious and exciting detours to which I enjoy growing from.

I try not to have expectations, and enjoy learning and experiencing new things. I am assertive, honest, and deep but also very laid back and casual. I have plenty of wry wit and humor to go around...sometimes I find myself giggling at something funny someone said last week.

Passion calls...

I am a musician, artist, energetic nature lover. I hike, swim, bike throughout the week and just love being outside. To me, that is the "good life".

I appreciate others fully. I take my friendships seriously and am old-school about the value of them. The feeling of connection runs through life, from eating well, exercise, people-connections and hard work. This is the life magic we all learn from ; ).

I am deeply empathic and a sensitive-intuitive. I encourage your conversation and hope you are well.

Lila, a  Vegan in Eugene Lila
is a 32 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I love yoga, being outdoors, dancing (belly dance, ballet, tango, ecstatic, want to learn blues). I want to live  in the country, I love gardening. I love music, favorites include Beirut, Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine, the Black Keys, and I also love jazz and classical. I play the piano and the guitar as hobbies. Yoga and sunshine are currently my main passions. 

OceanGirl, a  Veggie/vegan in Oregon Coast OceanGirl
is a 72 year old, Unitarian female.
Living in Oregon Coast, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a happy, friendly, intelligent, educated, sometimes-funny woman, looking for an egalitarian relationship--a best friend and possibly lover, possibly husband, but friends most importantly.  I enjoy (and need) open communication from someone who can confidently and kindly communicate his feelings and needs as well.I'm empathetic, compassionate, an animal lover and a bleeding heart liberal.  I don't like killing things, so if you hunt and fish, we probably won't get along very well, long term.

I enjoy travelling and have the ambition of seeing most of the planet, especially the beaches, harbors, waterfronts and rivers.  I enjoy cruising on ships, as well as road trips exploring off the highways.  I have lived on the east and west coasts and grew up in an academic/military family, so we moved a lot.

I spend my free time painting, writing, and some exercise.  Lately, I've also been working on my home to create a calm, nurturing, tranquil and serene zen-like environment, free from the clutter of unnecessary things.  It is a challenge.

My hair is naturally curly and a little unpredictable and uncontrollable.  I don't fuss with it, nor wear much make-up.  I think healthy is the best look.  However, I do like to dress up for a night out or formal night on the ship.  I mostly attend the Unitarian church, but I am also exploring Buddhism as a way to live more happily.  

I'm open to meeting like spirits--healthy, warm, fun and open.  My favorite quote of late is "I am a spiritual being having a physical experience."

Jordan089, a  Vegan in  Portland Jordan089
is a 24 year old, spiritual bi-female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

herosjourney, a  Veggie/vegan in Ashland herosjourney
is a 61 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Ashland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a professional male looking for the same, introverted, easygoing, health minded, creative, intelligent, emotionally available, sensitive, caring, nurturing, compassionate, understanding, a good listener, and romantic. 

I like to do most outdoor activities, including hiking, rafting, biking, running.  I also enjoy movies, a good meal, walk in the park, outdoor events like concerts and dance, I like contra dancing and west coast swing.  I am conscious about my diet but not a fanatic. 

One of my hobbies is listening to music and collecting vinyl, I also have vintage stereo gear at home.  I am a former singer-songwriter and guitarist but now actively pursuing a therapist license in the mental health field.  Laughing

Charlie, a  Almost veg in  Orenco Charlie
is a 51 year old, male.
Living in Orenco, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

Hi, just looking to see if there is someone interesting and on the same page as me... oh, and I have good hygiene

oceangal, a  Vegetarian in manzanita oceangal
is a 62 year old, spiritual female.
Living in manzanita, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

Warm and whimsical, funny and creative.I am a healer and artist.Practice qi gong daily,love plants wildflowers,making art, hiking, kayaking, birdwatching ,stargazing, books,music,laughter and dancing.I am a hard worker and avid gardener, pretty good veggie cook.I enjoy the simple things in life.I live in an enchanted coastal town with hiking trails and forest all round

sunjay, a  Veggie/vegan in White City sunjay
is a 64 year old, Christian / Protestant male.
Living in White City, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Vegetarian, outdoors, photography, biking, prepper, spiritual, art, ocean, gardening, cats, dogs, horses, etc. 

Kiko, a  Vegan in Portland Kiko
is a 62 year old, Agnostic / not religious gay male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I adore Spanish - the language and the people who speak it. I also have a passion for teaching and enjoy playing piano duets and duo pianos. Hobbies center around building things - whether with wood or fabric. I follow a cruelty-free, sustainable lifestyle and am hoping to find others with similar ethics.

InstantKarma, a  Vegan in Portland InstantKarma
is a 42 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

When anyone first meets me, they assume I am shy, quiet, and innocent, which I suppose I am until you get to know me. Then once you know me you will learn I am quite the opposite. My two passions in life are animals and music. Both definitely bring out the best in me. 

I need to be with someone who is compassionate, empathetic and affectionate. Animals have always been a huge part of my life. I am an advocate for animals and spend some of my free time volunteering to find homes for some pretty amazing pets. I hope to meet someone who will support me in these efforts. Even better if you want to join me. :-)

I have a pretty sarcastic sense of humor and usually know when to lighten a difficult situation. 

I live my life by the Law of Karma and have no regrets. Everything in my life has been a lesson learned and has lead me to where I am today.

It's important to have a passion in life.  Something that makes you get up in the morning.  Something that pushes you to want to do better, to be better.  What is your passion?

Kathy, a  Almost veg in Portland Kathy
is a 69 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

My interests are diverse. Love to cook from scratch and share with family and friends. My friends think of me as easy-going, entertaining, loyal, giving, intellectual, and witty. Raised five children, all are married and through college with good professional jobs. I work for 40 years and I am a retired RN with my own pension. I enjoy hiking, Long walks, lifting weights (especially at a gym), and going to the yoga studio for various practices; hot, vinyasa, yin, and restorative. I produce medical marijuana for clients and have a large vegetable garden, Fruit trees and berries that I like to preserve. I'm a happy grandmother of 10 or 11, if God willing. They don't live close but I see them periodically and love their company. Early to bed and early to rise with busy in between but there's still someone missing. I Love love.

Chazmon3, a  Almost veg in Keizer Chazmon3
is a 70 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Keizer, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

I am semi-retired and very active. I also have hobbies that keep me from going totally crazy spending to much time alone. Can you help me out on that one? Easy going, likes to laugh and good conversation and would also need some alone time but would like to eventually find someone to start and end each day with and some interaction in the mid day. I am very health concerned and am working toward improving my diet for the benefits that come with that. I like to spend some time in the kitchen and it would be wonderful to find someone who does as well.

Nicole, a  Vegetarian in Portland Nicole
is a 33 year old, female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

Priya, a  Veggie/vegan in Eugene Priya
is a 60 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm a self employed professional counselor and spiritual person. I was initiated into a yogic practice thirty years ago by Baba Hari Dass and live a quiet low stress and peaceful lifestyle.  

Karleen, a  Vegan in Portland Karleen
is a 37 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.


I'm an ethical vegan.  I care about animals and wish people would stop eating and abusing them.  I recognize it is a very complez issue that will take some time to shift.  love to sing.  I use to sing in karaoke bars all the time but don't really drink much anymore and am not the hugest fan af bars. I would love to join a band though, if you know of any let me know!


I like talking about society and philosophical issues as well as latest cute animal video.  


I suppose I don't have much else to say at this point.  I hope you all find who you are looking for!


Take care and best wishes!

PDXSusie, a  Almost veg in Portland PDXSusie
is a 43 year old, Unitarian female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

Happily living in Portland.  Going to school full-time to learn more about the woods and sustainability.  I also have a part-time job subtitling video for PCC classes. I would love to have my own piece of land someday, and homestead.  I'm a single mom with two awesome kids, an 9 yr old boy and a 7 yr old girl.  I love to go hiking, camping, watching movies and snuggling.  I also love to go out dancing.  I am liberal and open-minded, supportive of gay rights.  

I am comfortable with who I am and happy, for the most part, with my life.  I'm a curvy girl, and proud of it.  My curves rock.  I no longer have a car, by choice, and I walk an average of 30 mi/week. 

My musical tastes are pretty eclectic.  I love a lot of stuff from the 50's-90's, but enjoy being introduced to contemporary music, too.  I love film noir and Hitchcock.  I also love reading and learning.

I'm a crafty girl.  I love to sew and make things.  I also enjoy gardening.  

I enjoy cooking fresh, healthy food.  I occasionally eat chicken and fish, but I am primarily vegetarian.  I enjoy drinking wine, beer, and cocktails.

I am a spiritual person, but I know that I am responsible for my own actions.  I have been a member of a UU fellowship for about 10 years.  I am totally open to dating people with beliefs differing from mine.

Pamala, a  Veggie/vegan in Ashland Pamala
is a 64 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Ashland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I would descibre myself as genuine, open, friendly, healthy, playful, creative, active and spiritual.

As we all are, I am a blend.  Personality-wise, I range from moments of quiet shyness to radiant, vibrant wild woman.  Physically, I am small, energetic, attractive, strong and active, with brown hair, hazel eyes, clear skin and a healthy body.  Emotionally, I am empathetic, passionate, warm, balanced, affectionate, caring, a good listener and into huggng and touch.  I consider myself intelligent and read abundantly and can hold up my end of a deep conversation, yet I prefer to spend my time in my heart rather than my head, so the mental realm is my least favorite.  For me spirit is everywhere, so I am definitely tuning into the emerging spirituality, primarily through nature, beauty, and service.  

My life path has been two fold:  I have been a performer (mime and clowning, children's theatre) since my teens and still do singing telegrams as well as occasional mime shows.  I also have studied and been involved with alternative healing practices since my 20's, primarily energy healing, nutrition and body work.  My healing and performance work have taken me around the world to many places and I am grateful for the knowledge I have to share with others as well as my many international friends and the many opportunities to learn and grow from other cultures.

I like to live and eat as simply as possible, primarily organic, live foods.  This has kept me young and vital and strong.  My organic garden is one of my big passions, as are my spiritual and health practices.  Reading, music, theatre, films, dancing, bicycling, hiking, hugging and snuggling are all high up on my list of pleasures and I have managed to live this life without alcohol, smoking, addictions, or intricate technology to distract me.

Currently I run a small non-profit I started 18 years ago in southern Oregon which collects clothing and food (mostly raw and organic) to give to those in need.  My life has been full of blessings and adventures and i am looking for someone of like mind and spirit to share the next adventurous chapter with (or at least parts of it).  Over the past couple of decades, I have done a lot of work on myself and I am looking for someone who also feels he has reached a place of self-acceptance and self-worth through inner work.

Brooks, a  Veggie/vegan in Eugene Brooks
is a 53 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi, I'm a free sprited creative person, 'love to host or prepare meals for my friends. I like to dance, hike, watch occasional movies, help with projects, be progressively minded and generly cheerful.I play the silver flute and hand percussion, and make albums. 

I' m playful, fun, and sensual in the bedroom and studied Toaist techniques for longevity and sexual energy which I think is important to share with my partner. I love to see coordination and can fix many things around the house,  I'm generalluy easy going inquisitive and cheerful.

I look forward to talking with anyone who would like to talk with me to find out more or ask me any questions about anything at all. Have a beautiful day


CompassionatePal, a  Almost veg in Eugene CompassionatePal
is a 45 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by. 

I'm a classy, caring lady with a harmonious blend of: 

* spiritual soul-sister. * humanitarian peacemaker . * holistic homemaker. * earthy green-gal * an inquiring innovator * creative adventurer. * a nature explorer. * realistic optimist. * sensual savorer * encouraging joyspirationist

. . .and a scrumptious cook that also enjoys playful silliness, skipping, swinging on park swings, and cuddly snuggle times- all wrapped up in a unique package that is self-assured, comfortable in my own skin, and I gratefully love who I am in every way!

Some of my most passionate values include the following, and are the foundation of what I offer, while appreciating the same:

* Simple living (less is more) --Connections vs. possessions, inner treasures vs. aesthetic pleasures, and quality vs. quantity 
* Choice of what I hear & see, while giving others choices (i.e. headphones or portable media player)
* Sensitivity to others, with compassion & empathy, while embracing diversity
* Savoring moments vs. racing to the end
* Sustainable, durable solutions 
* Holistic health & earth-friendly practices
* Reasonably quiet activities vs. loud
* Manifesting positive living through intentional thoughts & wholehearted actions
* Daily peaceful time to self- balanced with quality social time with one or a few
* Mindful personal growth, always evolving
* Mutually cooperative open communication, with integrity
* Love-centered conflict resolution with mutual understanding, acceptance, & agreements
* Loving respectfully with affection, thoughtful service, heart-made gifts, encouragement, quality time, & gratitude

Veggielove, a  Vegetarian in Portland Veggielove
is a 47 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.





A date with someone who loves his pets but eats animals just isn't going to work for me, so here I am... 100% Vegi for 25 + years;


It seems that people do not often meet in person anymore! Online dating isn't my first choice but I am open to being pleasantly surprised... The very best case scenario would be true lasting love.

I would  prefer getting to know one person with potential "really" well vs. multiple people "sort of" well, but a veggie meal with a new like minded friend is always good...


I am NON denominational but I have experienced miraculous synchronicty for sure....

I grew up in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) around a huge Indian community so I am always reading some sort of Eastern philosohy or non fiction; Yogananda, Krishnamurti, BKS Iyengar etc. If you have not seen the documentary "Awake" about Paramahansa Yogananda, it is SOOO spectacular! 

"Meditate don't medicate!" Kriya yoga, holistic medicine etc, Good stuff!

People have actually told me "You are too pretty to be single" which I guess is a compliment? But the truth is my internal beauty is too great to accept anything less than amazing and honorable. I am looking for am "US against the world" best friend sort of dedication, not just someone to change my relationship status!

Writing a cool profile about "who we are" is fun but how is it when the newness of a relationship wears off? That is what interests me truly; In a perfect world, I would like a relationship where after several years we still hold hands while walking our dog(s) etc..

It's one thing to "get a lady" but knowing how to keep one around is far more honorable, at least in my opinion. "Best friend" sort of love; does it still exist? I think so... I hope so. 

I am ABSOLUTELY searching for a man with a "heart of gold" not just a "pile of gold" tho money certainly can make life more comfortable and fun, so if you have both, great.... I live somewhat simply. I try to keep the amount of "stuff" in my home in check. I do enjoy nice things in my home/shopping etc but it is certainly not my only interest or activity.

I am open to your spirituality but if you are super fanatical (or an Athiest) I would probably disagree. I believe in the spirit of the universe, something more than what we know on this earth for sure. I have seen "miraculous synchronicity" in action many times. 

Fun, silly, serious. Kind to strangers of all shapes and sizes yet not fake and not a pushover. I probably will not have a million dollars in this lifetime but so far have chosen my passion over working in a cubicle. If I won the lottery I would likely give a lot of the money to animal rescue and spend a lot exploring new places... 

I LOVE: Integrity / my dog / music / concerts / documentaries / natural medicine / exploring a new place on foot / soy chai / rainy Portland days in a bookstore / Thai food, Indian food and a good vegi burger / juicing greens;

I am a healthy clean eater mostly but I also enjoy a nice slab of pizza and chocolate cake now and then... Not at the same time of course! 

I DO NOT LOVE: Smokers / dishonesty 

Music: Everything from U2, Neil Young, Coldplay, The Clash, Snow Patrol, George Harrison and all of the Beatles, Kings of Leon, Garbage, Prince to Johnny Cash! Paul McCartney is my favorite animal rights activist and he is still rocking in his 70's! 

(Not big into Jazz)


*I honor ALL animals and animal rights are very important to my life.... Rats, pigs, bats, etc.  All beautiful souls who want to live as much as we do*




Patrick, a  Vegan in Portland Patrick
is a 25 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I am a compassionate individual who sees that any being should be treated as equal. In addition, I have a passion for cooking, and I am someone who enjoys existentialist philosophers like Camus, or Georges Bataille. As far as my music tastes are concerned, I am extremely varied. I can go from listening to Deathspell Omega, to enjoying the works of Aphex Twin, or Nick Drake.

Phred, a  Vegetarian in Salem Phred
is a 54 year old, 7th Day Adventist male.
Living in Salem, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

I am an Adventist believer who likes to have fun and laugh. I enjoy making others laugh. I have one teenage child at home. I am fully devoted to God and enjoy Sabbath dinners and hikes with my church family and friends.I am reasonably good looking and have a very outgoing and passionate personality.My hobbies include reading and working on classic cars.Also enjoy golf and bowling.

Krystal, a  Vegan in Mcminnville Krystal
is a 23 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Mcminnville, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I am currently in my 3rd year of university, majoring in history. I plan on becoming a teacher when I graduate. I spend my free time watching movies, reading, and playing video games. Animals are a big part of my life, I currently have 4 cats and 2 dogs, and having a hobby farm would be a dream of mine. I was a vegetarian from age 14 until 2013 when i made the transition to veganism because of my love of animals. 

Chelsea, a  Vegetarian in Grants Pass Chelsea
is a 22 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Grants Pass, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

This profile was for me to find people and for people to find me.

I'm Chelsea. Astrology is my passion, so now it begs the question, when is your birthday? : )

I love reality television. I love people wholeheartedly and have the (rare) ability to genuinely care about people. I'm very, very introspective and must get to the bottom of things and expose the truth of a situation no matter what it is. I apply this to myself as well. I highly enjoy telling people information. There is no end to my empathy and understanding for people, and that makes me a total doormat. 

I enjoy talking with strangers and close friends. Don't be afraid to ask anything! 90% of my life is an open book. I am very trustworthy. I practice and believe in the power of crystals, karma, animal communication and psychic (or spirit) communnication, symbolical jewelry, astrology, theism, auras (or energies), yoga, anti-dogmatism, holistic medicine, and meditation. Among other things. It's hard to explain my belief of New Age,

 I love indie music, love indie movies even more, and love documentaries even more than that. And yes, I am obsessed with cats.

Moon sign (western astrology): Gemini
Rising Sign: Libra

I do not respect those who have done nothing for me to respect them for. Respect is earned, not given. I cuss a fuckin' lot.

 I love all animals, by the way, not just cats. Just be fine with my cats. :)  I do enjoy to work. I'm pretty serious, but with the right person I break down and smile and enjoy life. 


Ray, a  Vegan in Williams Ray
is a 65 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Williams, Oregon
Vegan diet.

Vegan or Vegetarian, practicing meditation,Yoga and living organic,alt lifestyle since teens. Garden,permaculture,homesteading oriented, Like music,listening,concerts,festivals and playing music as well as danceing .Like nature esp water,travel esp India [go often].Into healing,health,medicine,personal growth  Shadow work,environmental,humanitarian causes,animal rights.





Nicole, a  Vegan in Eugene Nicole
is a 72 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Vegan diet.


The most important things to know about me are that I am kind, loving, loyal, interesting and honest.   i know and like who I am and I accept others as they are.   

I have two grown daughters and 3 grandchildren, whom I dearly love.  I raised my girls as a single Mom with no support from their father, which has made me self- sufficient and strong.  I come from a large family and maintain a close relationship with them though they live in another state.  I have many close friends, male and female.  I am content with myself and my life and am interested in a partnership with a man I can share my wonderful, interesting life with.  

I work part-time as a counselor/life coach.  I've had a challenging and fascinating life and use what I've learned to help others create more joy and peace in their lives.

I have been an avid reader all my life and I love to learn.   My interests include travel, good music, ballet, community theater and opera and I love good movies.  I've been a strict vegetarian for 32 years and meditate every day as part of my spiritual practice.  I love to laugh and to travel and I have a good time wherever I go.  My interests are broad - enjoy watching football. good food, dancing, swimming.  


Viriditas, a  Raw food in Ashland Viriditas
is a 45 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Ashland, Oregon
Raw food diet.

On the rise, like a bat out of hell! A vegan fruit bat of course. I don't believe in "God" but I feel very spiritual. I love reading, I compose music, I choreograph, I dance.  I want to remind people of nature through art. I feel very in tune with my destiny and wonder if someone will share this path.

Transformative1, a  Veggie/vegan in Portland Transformative1
is a 64 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a warm, loving, compassionate man. I am witty, intelligent, and love to make others smile :)

While I consider myself to be a self-confident man, I understand about the interplay between confidence and vulnerability. I tend to look for the positives in life and believe that things happen for reasons, and ascribe to learn from my experiences. I am a good listener, and feel that my professional medical training allows me to understand others.  

I enjoy spontaneity and will sometimes, surprise my partner with the unexpected, believing that when things are always predictable then can sometimes get monotonous. I think life can be exciting if we see it as more of a journey than just a destination. 

I've been told that what is most appealing about me is that I am honest, trustworthy, dependable and sincere. Perhaps that is why I enjoyed raising my two daughters so much because it gave me an opportunity to show my warm, loving, playful and affectionate side while providing the emotional support that is necessary to raise a family.  Most of all, I am comfortable in my own skin, know who I am, and not afraid to be me. I think others find that appealing over men who will say or do anything because they think it is what others want them to say or do.

If these aspects are important to you, I am: Cancer sun, Leo moon, and Pisces rising; Enneagram #2 and ENFP 


Marilyn, a  Vegetarian in Portland Marilyn
is a 50 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

I'm an outgoing, high-energy, former Chicagoan who has been vegetarian for 20 years. I prefer to be out and about versus staying in for the day. I like hiking, frisbee in the park, riding my bike, live music, playing guitar, and spending quiet time taking long walks, reading, and writing. I really want to run more but have yet to achieve the runner's high people say exists. Art and music are a big part of my life.  I've been watching the rides go in for Rose Festival. I've never been. Tilt a whirl, anyone?

cinja, a  Vegan in BEAVERTON cinja
is a 40 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in BEAVERTON, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I'm an intelligent, active, carefree, fun loving, honest, loyal Lady. I love animals so I don't eat them. I'm here to find a friend because I realize great relationships come out of friendships. Let’s chat, make plans to meet up for a yummy green drink/smoothie and see how it goes. I'm not looking to force or rush anything. I'm NOT going to settle and neither should you. 


VeganOR, a  Vegan in Coos Bay VeganOR
is a 43 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Coos Bay, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I've been vegetarian (and later vegan) since November 1990. I see all the reasons; animal rights, health, environmental, etc - it all just reaffirms my commitment. I spent about 10 years in NC, but relocated to Oregon in 2015. I'm enjoying exploring what Oregon has to offer. I am definitely left leaning politically. I can be sarcastic, silly, serious - all kinds of s words. I love bringing friends together and hosting gatherings, but I am independent and need time to myself sometimes as well. Fun things include time with friends, live music, movies, cooking and eating out, hosting parties/potlucks - just regular stuff. I like outdoor activities like hiking and camping. I am a good cook. I attempt to do more good than I do harm and try to enjoy life to the fullest. I can be an introvert or an extrovert depending on my mood. I look younger than my age and feel much younger most of the time. : )

Michael/redmcdougall, a  Vegetarian in Kings Valley/Monmouth Michael/redmcdougall
is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Kings Valley/Monmouth, Oregon
Vegetarian diet.

My name is Michael,I am a fortysix year old father of two beautiful teenage daughters and five beautiful stepdaughters,one step son.I am widowed and divorced,I have recently parted from a relationship with a wonderful woman who is a raw food enthusiast.She has taught me many great things about the vegitarian and raw food lifestyle,I very much enjoy eating healthy and living a happier and less stressful life.My interests include meeting new people and attending social functions,such as local concerts and festivals in the corvallis area.I am buying two season tickets to the Oregon State University Symphony Orchestra,I really enjoy classical and modern music.It would be nice to share these and other interests with a kind and gentle, yet spirited woman.Age is of little concern,most of my relationships including marriages have been with women who were a little older than myself.I am currently self employed as a small engine mechanic and construction/farm hand.I am opening a resale home furnishings store very soon.Thanx for looking,Mike

Claudia, a  Vegan in portland Claudia
is a 52 year old, spiritual female.
Living in portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I have an adventures spirit...love to travel - anywhere. Love seeing new places and meeting new people. Caring vegan, easy going, healthy, kind, loving, grounded, young minded, fun, a good listener; disciplined, uplifting and calm. HUGE animal lover, loves to hug trees and can be a bit shy sometimes. Honesty is huge !!! I strive for balance and happiness in everything I do. In the future I would love to travel more, help repair Mother Earth, save the animals, educate people, become more raw, find my best-friend (partner), own land where I can have some animals and grow an organic garden.



birdsong, a  Vegan in Eugene birdsong
is a 61 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Eugene, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I'm optimistic, and easily delighted! I'm committed to personal exploration and growth. I'm deeply moved by beauty, be it light moving across landscapes or the eloquence of words. Creativity is a guiding force in my life. When I feel a spark, an aliveness that pulls me forward,  I get out of the way and allow it to lead me. Intuitive yet grounded in practicality. Process oriented, I seek and find truth within. I feel a profound appreciation for, and connection with, animals and nature. Though at times very expressive, I am often quiet, reflective. I'm both playful and intense. Meaningful communication and deep listening are important to me. I'm drawn to and inspired by the alchemy which connects us. I love collaboration, especially in partnership, the disappearing together into that wordless flow.

Ch, a  Vegan in Ashland and South France Ch
is a 46 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Ashland and South France, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I live in both the Pacific Northwest and Europe, up in the Mediterranean mountains next to a wild river. I'm searching for moutain property to establish another holistic center in the US and Central America. And a partner to share this adventure with.

Karl, a  Almost veg in La Pine Karl
is a 57 year old, Humanist male.
Living in La Pine, Oregon
Almost veg diet.

Non-materialistic, fun and playful, dependable, unpretentious, compassionate, optimistic, open-minded, patient, alive! Interested in alternative energy and green building. An out-of-the-box thinker, a craftsman and 'Mr. fix-it' type, an optimist, lover of nature, explorer and adventurer. I'm self-employed in a niche market that enables me to have more freedom in my life, and spend more time playing and traveling than working. I mainly listen to public radio, don't own a TV, yet still love a great film. I love to garden and cook, hike, bike, ski, snowboard, snorkel, kayak, rock-climb, trail-run, motorcycle, travel, explore other cultures, attend great music festivals, and contra dance! Oh, but I'm always up for learning something new too... Friends first and see where it leads? I'd love to have new friends with which to share my adventures!


Diane, a  Vegan in Portland Diane
is a 66 year old, female.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I am enthusiastic, creative, intelligent, compassionate, witty, and a little sassy. Commitment to my family, animals, the environment, and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is very important to me. I ride my bike, hike, walk, and love being active and fit. I"m a professional organizer, a homeopath, and President of a non-profit organization.

Rick, a  Vegan in Ashland Rick
is a 57 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Ashland, Oregon
Vegan diet.

I am a quiet person, who enjoys the outdoors; gardening, hiking, camping. Home-centered activities are important to me, although I enjoy traveling on vacations. Folk music, dancing, independent film are some recreational activities. Enjoy home improvement projects. Healthy, vegetarian lifestyle, experience in bodywork and alternative healthcare. Seeing the spirit in life, meeting life headon, with honesty commitment, perseverance -and a smile, is how I try to live my day.

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