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Berlinrun, a  Vegetarian in Des moines Berlinrun
is a 26 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Des moines, Iowa
Vegetarian diet.

I enjoy the simple things in life. I am an artist my style is realistic cartoons. I love music and I am in a band. I like 70s punk, metal, grunge, etc. I enjoy hooping its how I meditate. I don't have a religion but I am spiritual. I don't like to lie to people and I pride myself on not being fake. 

Steve, a  Veggie/vegan in Prole Steve
is a 64 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Prole, Iowa
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am seeking a highly compatible lifetime partner.......and may very well find her (you??) outside of Iowa.  I am open to a long distance relationship for a few to several to many months; but do eventually prefer a daily life together.  Although I am quite content living on my rolling hills acreage in rural Iowa, I am open to possibly relocating if my love life should require such.   If you are attracted to my profile please do contact me.

I have enjoyed outdoor activity and nature since I was a young adult.  I have had a daily meditation practice for many years.  During meditation I often “breathe in the beauty of the world”.  Over the years I have evolved into having a degree of spiritual reverence for this planet and for all living creatures that we share it with.  On some really good days I inherently feel the interconnectedness of all things, on some days I do not.

So I have this deep spiritual appreciation of nature, I practice “mindfulness” Buddhist meditation but do not consider myself a Buddhist, I attend Quaker meeting but am not quite a true Quaker either (I have definite pacifist leanings, but I’m not 100% pacifist………if my family was threatened, I would probably not sit quietly by while they were slaughtered).  Also do Qi Gong on some days, and sometimes mix in Reiki.

Take a tree hugger, add in a Buddhist with Quaker tendencies, add a touch of rational thought, stir, season well, allow to simmer, and I'm in there somewhere.

Am semi-retired, was recently an organic farmer, in past life have been an engineer, business owner, entrepreneur, and CEO.  I am a bit of an introvert, with reasonably adept interpersonal skills.  Became a vegan primarily for health benefits but also fits well with my values.

Had 20 years of a very good marriage to a good woman, then 6 years of rocky marriage........then divorce.  We raised two great young adult children.

My simplest pleasure is to do a sitting meditation in an outside, natural environment where I can breathe in the beauty of the world, listen to the frogs, crickets, birds, and feel the sun on my face.  This calms my mind, gives me a sense of wholeness, and imparts an innate appreciation of this green earth.

Would you like to join with me in a lifetime partnership, co-creating a life of beauty, wonder, appreciation, joy, and love; with truth and compassion?  I seek close emotional, intellectual, and physical connection and intimacy.  I offer a lovingkindness appreciation and approach to our relationship and to you.  I do know that a degree of "chemistry" is important and you only find this out in personal meetings..........


Worldpeas , a  Vegan in  Marshalltown Worldpeas
is a 56 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Marshalltown , Iowa
Vegan diet.

Single mother of a 16-year-old daughter. Seeks honest man for friendship, potential serious relationship.

Andy, a  Veggie/vegan in Fairfield Andy
is a 46 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Fairfield, Iowa
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm into Yoga, juicing, dancing, acting, hiking and in general having a good time with friends and family.

Joe, a  Almost veg in Camanche Joe
is a 44 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Camanche, Iowa
Almost veg diet.

MGTOW... later

Adom, a  Vegan in Des Moines Adom
is a 21 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Des Moines, Iowa
Vegan diet.

Vegan male.

I know who I am and stand for something. I have goals that I will reach and continue forward and I know where I stand morally/ethically. Wanna know what any of that includes just ask!

I volunteer and do cna work.

I work out and have an obsession with philosophy!

Spiritual not religious.

Nature lover and article/book collector

looking to get me a tattoo!

I'm pretty much a certified fortune Cookie by now.

coffeeeeee! Though I haven't been drinking as much lately.

I'm the most amazing cook ever. No lie. The best. Challenge me! Or at least try my cooking.

Total nerd and jeesh am I just FULL of intense information ideas!

anarchist at heart: no rulers, no masters, no slaves :)

I'm currently learning guitar!

I love hiking! Camping and all that good stuffs!

great lover, juuuuuuuuust sayin. Haha

an adventurist for all things good!


Michael, a  Veggie/vegan in Fairfield Michael
is a 48 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in Fairfield, Iowa
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi, I am a gentle, well-educated near Vegan, (Vegan only until I am starving with no choice to eat cheese, even that must stop soon). I am near-Vegan for ethical reasons. I am a serious Vipassana meditation student and would very much like to meet a woman for a possible relationship who is into this practice or any other form of meditation (or maybe someone who is just curious)... Through learning to meditate using this tool, I have reemerged into this world with a completely new soul, a positive outlook and hope for the world. I love people and so should you. I am a multi-instrumentalist, (guitar, piano, bass and drums) who composes mellow/soothing originals. I produce others and play live (mostly open-mics) here and there, now and then. I am a non-drug user/non-drinker/non-smoker with no bad personal habits... I look forward to hearing from you...

jefferson state wanderer, a  Veggie/vegan in crashlanded in Iowa jefferson state wanderer
is a 45 year old, spiritual male.
Living in crashlanded in Iowa, Iowa
Veggie/vegan diet.

---Cultivate yourself into being the kind of human being you currently look up to. You will attract a person of quality, if you are a person of quality.---


Hey! This seems to be a great site to meet like minded people.

I've practiced vegan/vegetarian/healthy diet since 1995 and I want to meet others with this lifestyle. In this era of genetic modification, fast food and flavor additive premade garbage, if you are what you eat, that is what you become. Therefore I burn only premium fuels inside my machine and strive to take care of what I got. This includes using au naturale toothpastes, vegan soaps, metal free deodorants and such, even if its homemade or an old time remedy.

I do lots of reading, on these subjects and more, as long as its non-fiction or reference manuals. I'm a total DIY kind of person, where I would rather make homemade, or upgrade furnishings and fashions to cater to my taste. I'm very handy and mechanically inclined and do my auto maintenance and take apart and fix stuff, and design and make signs and art. I'm very detail-aware and notice more than I care to sometimes. I guess I'M AWAKE as they say.

When I'm not doing the above, I spend time with my like-minded daughter of 17 years. We do these activities together. You can also find me geeking out in my luminous lamp laboratory - yes, I'm kind of a mad scientist of esoteric alchemy, I blow glass and make fluorescent lamps and have been doing this same occupation for 19 years now.

When I make spare time to relax, I don't waste it with tv broadcasts as I collect vintage noir movies...B movie horror classics, cult films, cheesy sci-fi and old mystery as well as modern day obscure flicks. I usually scan through resale, boutique, and pawn stores as well as order them offline if I can't find what I want. This goes for my musical interests as well. I never rely on radio airwaves, I tailor my tunes to the likes of electronica-  be it Paul Oakenfold or All india radio, the beats really drive and inspire me. I also prefer trance and extended remixes of classic hits, the mellow jams of Jerry Garcia Band and some classic rock which I grew up with. I collect vinyl records and 78rpm bigband and rockabilly causing me to explore used book stores and picking up old records and unusual reading material along the route.

I like to explore new territories, hence my handle here on veggiedate...I lived in the Oregon area/State of Jefferson for the last ten years but somehow have crash landed in the fields of Iowa (ask me). I've been all over the states, mostly occupation related and by choice as I am a free spirit with little obligation except to my daughter. I enjoy hiking, walking, exploring parks, woods, streams, and sometimes biking. Heck, I used to switch bicycle models an average of every four months! You will never find me watching football or other armchair sports even though I was raised in Wisconsin, I grew tired of the redundant "football and brats" mentality. You will also not encounter me in a bar or club...just not my scene anymore. I will however hike bike and survival camp preferably in the mountains or coast any day all day but hey, I've crashed In Iowa this time and repairing my anti gravitational transporter is delayed due to back order of parts from last years' model! May be time to bust out a metal detector and go relic and coin hunting!

I enjoy controversial readings and fringe science, and search to prove or debunk these and/or conspiracy in theory.

I like exploring new cities big and small, and can spontaniously plan an impromtu roadtrip at the drop of a hat, and I always travel prepared, literally, so I never get stuck in a situation and still remain self sufficient.

I like to trip out on art, be it my own ideas or the works of Robt. Williams, Vince Ray, Coop, Vargas, Nagel,(yea I'm a sucker for pin-up style) Lichtenstein...Warhol...Ralph Bakshi....know of any similar? I'm a capricorn and represent the sign well, I'm left-handed and I get pretty creative.

This should be plenty introduction to who I am....if you're here on veggiedate, perhaps you are of the same ilk and can relate?!


ChrispyDude27, a  Vegetarian in West Des Moines ChrispyDude27
is a 43 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in West Des Moines, Iowa
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a happy bachelor... That said, I am a hopeless romantic.  I want to fall hopelessly into blissful oblivion with that One.
I love my independence but relish spending time with a loving woman, that "gets" me, is compassionate and intelligent and digs vegging out, to enjoy me or life's little things; but that is also happy in herself and believes in the possibilities of a loving, sensual, nurturing relationship.  If I am lucky enough to find a relationship, in which my woman seems to be that One, I think that I romantically imagine it will be like the relationship the two Protoganists have in the movie, Rob Roy.  It's a really good movie you should rent it.  :)
I think of my ex' 9 year old as my own son; I'm the only Dad that he'll ever know though I'm not legally or biologically connected to him, I think of him and love him as if he were my own.  I try to spend as much time with him as his mother will let me.  Usually time with him includes a few hours one day, sometimes 2 days out of the week; I call him every night.
I'm a vegetarian!  Yep, in Iowa of all places.  I became a vegetarian when I was a Freshman at I.S.U. in 1995 and have been an ovo-lacto vegetarian ever since.  I wish I could be vegan but it's so difficult in Iowa.

Lastly, I love riding my motorcycle!  I imagine a girl that would like to ride with me.
Ya know, I could go on but it seems like it'd be more appropriate and make more sense face-to-face.  So, I'll leave the rest for what comes.

dkihenja, a  Veggie/vegan in Fairfield dkihenja
is a 43 year old, Catholic male.
Living in Fairfield, Iowa
Veggie/vegan diet.


I was born & raised in Kenya. I now reside in the US and have been for the past 15 years. I find it rather hard to box myself up, as I don't fit any typical description in any area of life. For example, one can't say I am a Catholic Christian, even though I was raised a catholic, attend mass, & had 4 years of training towards catholic priesthood. At the same time one can't say that I am Hindu, even though I practice a Hindu based meditation daily, can read & write some Sanskrit & can chant portions of vedic scripture from memory in the Sanskrit language.  One can't say that I am an Electronic Engineer or that I am a Philosopher by profession, even though I have bachelor degrees in both. I am now a vegetarian & have not knowingly tasted meat for the last 10 years but then again before that, I loved meat & even prepared my own animals from scratch. Still, one can't call me a health nut. Even though I juice-fast every year for 40 days, I also love food, & will have the occasional glass of wine or beer. 

One can't call me a language expert even though I can read & understand & converse quite a fair amount in Spanish, Italian & French, as well as being fluent in English, Kikuyu & Swahili. Nor can one call me a musician even though I love classical music, can read music, sing in a choir & have considerable music aptitude.

I am just me. I earn an average income, certainly below average for my education. I am a spiritual seeker & I am quite open minded. I have almost no worldly ambitions, only because I believe we know so little about where we came from & where we are going. I see our human lives as being born right in the middle of a marathon and most of us start running without asking, "Why are we running and where are we going?" For me the question is, "Why run when I don't know why I am running & where to? Do you?


I am not desperate to marry or get "hooked up, " even though I think I would really enjoy a committed partnership with a woman. I honestly & humbly believe I would make a very good partner.

I am definitely a friends-first kind of guy. I believe that a good friendship must be the foundation of a successful relationship, that romantic love is like ocean tide, it comes & goes & cannot be the basis of a committed relationship. If best friends fall in love & then fall out of love, they remain best friends with a firm bond that will hold them till the next tide, if & when it comes. For me, "I like you as a friend" is not only a good thing, it's a prerequisite for a relationship and 70% of the journey. To be bluntly honest, I am alarmed by how people are in such a hurry to mate! Yes I know it's fun, but first things first :-).

On being a vegetarian, I am one because I hate animals. OK, seriously then ...  I am vegetarian first for health & then for practical reasons.

Upbeat Birdie, a  Almost veg in Cedar Rapids Upbeat Birdie
is a 45 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Almost veg diet.

 I am told I look and act young for my age. I have friends of all ages from 20 to 70 yrs old. I have many dualities which makes it hard for people to understand me. I am a typical Gemini in the fact that I am witty, charming, chatty and intelligent. Other than the description, I am not really into horoscopes. I need time to myself sometimes though. I am a science nerd and I love all forms of art and expression as long as they do no harm. I enjoy some technology, but also love nature and the outdoors.

I am passionate about keeping constitutional rights, pit bull rights, proper treatment of animals, child abuse, health and nutrition. I research health and nutrition for fun. I am going back to school to become a Registered Dietician. My dream is to one day open a spa/clinic that serves plant based food and has a juice bar. I am currently trying to clearance and close an online jewelry business I started with my daughter. We are both ready to move in new directions.

I am a single mom with 1 of my 3 left at home who is 19. I have 2 dogs, 1 cat. I walk the dogs and cat every morning without fail. The cat used to walk off leash and come when I would call her. All the old ladies and kids in the neighborhood love us. She no longer walks with us because irresponsible neighbors allowed their 3 yr old child outside alone with their dog who ran over and attacked her. I miss her on our walks in the morning.

I am serious about ethical issues and will never back down about something that I feel violates ethics. In this respect I am very stubborn, but usually diplomatic. I try to find common grounds before getting into a heated discussion. I prefer to live drama-free. I am a total goof when it comes to other things. I sometimes say whatever silly thing pops in my head if I am at home or in a relaxed environment. I am a lady in public (usually), my mama taught me well.

I love food that has taste, texture and looks nice. I ate raw vegan for 3 yrs and mostly raw for another Year. It is just so hard to do in Iowa. I drink occasionally and it is usually organic, sulfite-free wine.

Physically, I have some curves and a fairly small waist. Some would say I have a J-Lo profile. I am somewhat muscular so I have a healthy farm girl look. (I grew up on a farm in the midwest.) People tell me I look like a 1990s Jennifer Grey when I smile and I tell them she was the one who had plastic surgery, so she looks like me. I am an original, no reconstruction surgeries. 

I don't put any chemicals on my body. All body products, soaps and household cleaners are edible ingredients. I sometimes watch netflix movies/ youtube videos, but do not watch TV much at all. (I turned off the cable years ago). Want to know more, ask me.

Michael, a  Vegetarian in Fairfield Michael
is a 65 year old, male.
Living in Fairfield, Iowa
Vegetarian diet.

Hard-working, devoted, giving, family first. I am looking for the same. Must be health conscious and love the outdoors. Being artistic is a plus. Being independent is a bonus.
I like projects and I love challenges. Getting lost in the woods or long hikes on a deserted beach brings out the best. Riding my bicycle for hours in the middle of nowhere is my idea of fun.
I enjoy group social events but I thrive in a one-on-one relationship. Smart women are a definite turn-on. Opinionated, thoughtful, relevant conversation is icing on the cake.
I am a lifelong vegetarian and preparing good food is a priority. I am not looking for another me. If your lifestyle and life choices are sincere and passionate then I am interested. If you have a youthful look and outlook then I am definitely interested. If you email me I will reciprocate (with pictures Included).

serendipidevotee, a  Vegetarian in Fairfield serendipidevotee
is a 52 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Fairfield, Iowa
Vegetarian diet.

I am a TM practitioner, Personal Trainer and attended MIU(MUM) 25 years ago.  I am wanting to connect with others and hopefully relocate back to Fairfield, IA...

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