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tim, a  Vegan in San diego tim
is a 50 year old, spiritual male.
Living in San diego, Idaho
Vegan diet.

composing and recording original music, love positive mantras, and comedy, teaching farmers and gardeners to use ocean water for total mineralization of plants that feed us, living my truth, love nature and the outdoors, beach, water, sunsets, enjoy massage and intimacy, looking for a vegan raw foodest to share recipies and each other, love animals, casual and easy going, honest and trustworthy, I know you are out there, send me a message, do you like farming, massage, making love? Want to build something together that is sustainable, off the grid, conbining all our talents together? I believe a great relationship happens when two like minded people join with a common vision and mission in life and work towards growing spiritually and constantly work on making the relationship work. I love domes, domes make sense to me. If you like domes we are going to hit it off a bunch right there. Lets build our own dome off the grid and be an example of the change we want to see in the world.

Sara, a  Vegan in  Coeur D' Alene Sara
is a 26 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho
Vegan diet.

I turned Vegan about 6+ months ago when someone from the hospital told me about Forks Over Knives.

I'm very into Steampunk, BBC shows, and books. I hope to one day be able to go to school to study apparel design and have the means to open a little boutique. In the mean time, I enjoy attempting clothes, sketching on my Kindle, reading, and going on about what will happen on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

talljudyc, a  Almost veg in Ponderay talljudyc
is a 43 year old, Christian / LDS female.
Living in Ponderay, Idaho
Almost veg diet.

My name is Judy, and I am tall, 6 foot!

I recently started eating a mostly plant based diet, and it has been one of the deepest spiritual experiences of my life, and I would like to develop more community of like minded people.

I love growing things, dogs, sports,volleyball, writing, learning, growing in the Gospel, humor, 12 step recovery, gardening, canning, reading, horseback riding, health, public speaking, chickens, gratitude, hacky sack, and all kinds of stuff! I don't have or want cable TV. I have learned to slow down enough to stop and smell the flowers.

I have 2 grown girls that don't live with me.

I belong to and am active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, yep, I am a Mormon!


Kaia, a  Raw food in Moscow Kaia
is a 49 year old, female.
Living in Moscow, Idaho
Raw food diet.

I am a humanitarian who is always looking for ways to make the world a better place on local level and a global level. I actively work for the betterment of mankind and animals.I have never felt comfortable following social norms.I have always been naturalist at heart though I haven't always been able to live congruently to my beliefs. I have been vegetarian since age 12 and for a little over a year I was vegan and am now raw. There are very few of us in rural Idaho. For relaxation I do yoga, bike, walk, hike and hang out near water sources either ocean or hot springs. My only child will be graduating from high school next year and I am feeling a need to branch out socially and even enjoy a relationship again as I have been pouring my heart and soul into raising a great kid with social and environmental consciousness. Future goals:start a business involving raw foods, organic farming, or sustainable living while continuing my massage therapy, street yoga and mental health practice.

vibrantvic, a  Raw food in Boise vibrantvic
is a 42 year old, Humanist bi-female.
Living in Boise, Idaho
Raw food diet.

Healthy,happy and fun

Kristi, a  Vegetarian in Boise Kristi
is a 39 year old, Quaker female.
Living in Boise, Idaho
Vegetarian diet.

I seem to be at a crossroads with my life.  Having spent so very long healing the wounded hearts and souls of children I find my self needing healed.  And guess what, i have just given out my last band aid.  I am tired of being the caregiver to clients and ex's.  I want to be selfish and make this time for me.  I want to go back to school for respriatory therapy and heal people another way that does not take so much away from me in the process (of at lesat in a different way)  I am tired of being poor.  While I enjoiy the simplicity of it, being poor and single is scarry stuff at times.  So being the Tauraus I am I have found a carreer to persue that allows me to help others and make money to support myself.  It also will provide the skill to voluteer my services to those in need too.

I was "turned" by my exboyfriend to the life of vegetarianism.  The vegetables stayed the guy did not...So here i am stuck with this need to find a like minded person whith values and lifestyle choice to match my own.  I miss being younger where my main consern was if he was cute and single.  Life somehow got harder and older when I was not looking. 

Being single now, I can honestly be as selfish as I like.  I can devise crazy single girl movie nights and make people at restaurants uncomfortable by saying "yeah, its just me"  i can by rediculously small packages of toilet paper and shampoo that is foofoo smelling.  Yup, this is going to be the Summer of Kristi that is for certain.

Letting people know a bit about myself:  I do no shave my legs.  Not because I stand for anything but because I like the feel of the wind runnign through my fur.  I do however shava and wax in other places, i mean there is no reason to be a hero I mean gee wiz i am not a lumber jack. 

I do not eat eggs because I do not like them and my ex guilted me but now I no longer miss them.  But I am not an egg nazi, if there is a lonely cookie I am not going to let it cry off in a corner unattended. 

I do not wear make up or put product in my hair but for some reason must have these items in my bathroom as some membership requirement to the "being a girl' club.  So every year or so I will replace the previously unused makeup with newly to be unused makeup.  My curling irons and blowdryer collects dust and I have been thinking of bringing home a straightenr to join their little heartsclub band.

I love dogs but only have time for my grey-thinks-he's-siamese-and-thererfor-must-never-shut-up-cat. 

I grew up on a pig farm and while I knew the animals were all for food, befirended some of them nonetheless.  I would spend many a day talking about school and my disclike of my stupid little brothers and my dream of becoming either a solid gold dancer or an assiassin. 

One day my grandma sais it was butchering day.  I left for a day long hike knowing that is the way of things on her farm.  Upon arriving back after things had been done and the dest had settled I stood up to my grandma and said I would eat no meat from my friend the cow.  My grandma agreed.  So six months later after eating stew, grandma said, "haha I lied".  I loved my grandma but not eating meat is having her laugh in puzzlement in her grave right now I suspect.


For these and oh so many other reasons, I have always been considered 'different' or 'strange' or downright weird.  No I did no grow out of it and really suspect it grows with age. 


If you want to learn more about me, too bad, I am too easily distracted by shiny moving objects to sit down and write about my amazing narcisistic self")

Michael, a  Vegetarian in Boise Michael
is a 45 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in Boise, Idaho
Vegetarian diet.

Some say my pictures are inappropriate and suggest I have issues. Others say my last profile wasn't very funny. I disagree with the assessment of my last profile; however, I must admit to having issues - lots of em. But for the most part they're cute & endearing in a rugged sort of way. At least that's how the self help books my therapist loaned me characterized them anyway. As for specifics, I've been a vegetarian for over five years. I never liked that something had to die in order for me to eat, so I decided to stop being a hypocrite; not about everything of course, just were eating meat is concerned. On a personal note, I try to be open minded and willing to listen to opposing views, no matter how stupid or backward they may be. I can be funny at times, it usually happens when I'm alone, but not always. I'm also not completely stupid, so as long as I have note cards and you can afford me a little patience, we can talk about most anything; Cliff-notes, I mean literature; football and of course well. . . bunnies.

Peter, a  Vegetarian in Boise Peter
is a 65 year old, male.
Living in Boise, Idaho
Vegetarian diet.

University communications professor, director of a crisis hotline, I enjoy hiking, camping, cooking, karate, fly fishing (catch and release only), playing with my adopted niece and nephew.

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