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ethicalveggie, a  Vegetarian in pinecrest ethicalveggie
is a 45 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in pinecrest, Florida
Vegetarian diet.

I graduated from the University of Miami (FL) with my Master's degree and have since been settled in nearby. I also own a tiny firm with only a few full-time employees. I personally believe meat-eating is the major factor that is corrupting the coherence of our morality. Nothing can (maybe subconsciously) fortify our selfishness and diminish our concern for the interests of others in a greater scale. Therefore, I was an active animal activist but now am into more mundane stuff, like some sports and stock trading. I am into movie, swimming, tennis, traveling, etc. I am also into cryonics.

Andy, a  Vegan in Orlando Andy
is a 29 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Orlando, Florida
Vegan diet.

Hello! I am easy going, laid back guy who can get along with just about anyone. My personality is sort of mute or humble. I respect all living creatures on this planet and don't think I am entitled to have more than any other being. I recently started a Vegan lifestyle where I don't consume or buy anything that was derived from animals. I am a self employed reseller and spend a lot of time working. I was going to college for computer programming but then soon decided that I didn't want to listen to a boss and I wanted to work for myself. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends. Some of my personal hobbies are riding dirt bikes or motocross, and I also like to golf. I can enjoy doing just about anything though. One thing I would like to do is travel the US and then other countries, there is just so much to see.

Pirouette, a  Veggie/vegan in Miami Beach Pirouette
is a 65 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Miami Beach, Florida
Veggie/vegan diet.

singer/songwriter/yoga teacher and student/employed in natural & organics industry -  love walking on the boardwalk on a beautiful day admiring the clouds and getting ideas for songs/lyrics - peace and lovingkindness advocate - positive in the moment attitude most of the time-  like foreign and indie films - Asian and Indian food, music, dance, art, coffee, bookstores and witty reparte'- people tell me I'm attractive - petite, curvy brunette - enjoy meeting other musicians/artists/professionals to fulfill creative dreams and live in possibility and solutions - have travelled and lived in a foreign country in my early childhood - may run away and join the circus (just checking to see if you're still there) would love to join or start  an improvisation group.

Scubapilot, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale/Cayman Islands Scubapilot
is a 67 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Fort Lauderdale/Cayman Islands, Florida
Vegan diet.

Pictures July 2014

I'm looking for a soul mate, best friend, dive buddy, copilot, exercise companion, and travel partner. Diving or flying are optional but I can teach you if you are interested.  I'm fit, trim, in perfect health, happy, and no dark side.


I'm a genuinely kind, generous, cheerful, helpful, considerate, interesting, and loving person.  I'm in search of the right woman to be in love with and spend the rest of my life with.


I don't drink (no problem, just don't), and like animals and don't eat them.


My religious beliefs are important to me; I don't have any :) 


Originally from the US, I spend most of the year at my home on Grand Cayman (an easy one hour flight from Miami) and most days outdoors near, on, or in the ocean, or flying. Night time has good restaurants, or a quiet night with a bonfire on the beach and dinner on the porch with friends, next to the ocean. 


I'm retired from working and play all year. I scuba dive a few times a week, snorkel, sea swim, and do aerial photos. There's also kayaking, boating, miles of gorgeous beach for walking just outside the door, and lots more to do.


I'm casual. Deck shoes and casual clothes is the perfect attire most days.


If an even tempered, warm, friendly, liberal, open, tolerant person is a good match for you, please contact me. Loving the ocean and nature, and living in the tropics are pretty important.


I'm willing to relocate (to someplace even nicer), or looking for someone that thinks living in the Cayman Islands would be a dream come true. It is.


I don't smoke, drink, hunt, fish, watch sports on TV, ride a motorcyle, have tattoos or a belly, and live on a beach. Join Me!



Iulia, a  Vegan in Tampa Iulia
is a 23 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Tampa, Florida
Vegan diet.

My name is Iulia. I came from Russia half of a year ago for studying in USF. I’m doing my masters degree in finance. I like to spend time in the open, to travel and to meet new people. I fond of camping, vegan cuisine and psytrance festivals. 

I went vegetarian 3 years ago and this year I went vegan and been solid since. I gave up eating meat due to ethical motivation and I can not imagine that once I could come back to it. I’m happy that I realized that all creatures have a right to their own existence, but I have no right to use them as food or clothes. 

Eric, a  Vegan in fort lauderdale Eric
is a 32 year old, male.
Living in fort lauderdale, Florida
Vegan diet.

I'm a surfer at heart, but a businessman in "the real world" I like keeping fit and healthy. I like online shopping, and video games. I go to the beach almost everyday, and if there's wind, I'm kiteboarding. I've traveled the world over and I know of some really beautiful places, but I don't have much desire to travel anymore. I live a easy going laid back yet highly successful private lifestyle. I like being romantic and tantric it comes naturally to me once I like someone. I keep a fairly close circle of friends and see my family pretty often. I'm not a religious person, but I meditate. I'm looking for a chick that can roll with my arrangement. It would be great if she's an awesome cook, I like flixible girls, sorority types are cool, easy going chicks, smart chicks, rich chicks too, bit tits or small tits just not fake tits, did I mention I like rich chicks, don't ask me for money, don't be a gold digger, likes going to the beach, chilling out and watching tv and movies together, cuddling, exercising, talking on the phone. I like vegetarians, but I'd date a meat eater girl too, 269 preferred. if you've read this far, then you are brave lol and you should definitely write me a note, comment on something you liked or ask me a question, the more absurd the better. So If you think we're a match, then drop me a line and I'd love to meet you in person.

Mel, a  Veggie/vegan in Florida Keys near Key West Mel
is a 59 year old, male.
Living in Florida Keys near Key West, Florida
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a single father with 2 kids, a girl 12 and boy 15, whose mother died in early 2011.  She was a native Chinese.  Both of my kids are high academic achievers and very well behaved. I am a former tenured college computer science instructor who is presently retired.  I live in a trailer on the sea, with several boats at my backyard dock, including my 23' sailboat in the water and just a few seconds from my back porch, overlooking the clear, warm, and gentle waters of the Florida Keys. 

I like travel, hiking & biking, swimming, sailing, snorkeling, diving, and jumping on trampolines.  I play rudimentary guitar & conga drums. I've traveled across mainland China & taught English in Taiwan for 2 years.  I would like to travel around the USA in an RV.  Very much interested in living off the grid, using solar & wind power, and treading very lightly on this planet.  Very concerned about basic human rights, like health care, homelessness, free speech, torture, & social justice.  

Although the Keys are nice, I would prefer to live on a mountainous tropical island, such as in Hawaii or some islands in the Caribbean. 


Anthony, a  Vegan in Key West Anthony
is a 58 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Key West, Florida
Vegan diet.

I'm a mostly raw vegan. I'm a singer, actor and artist (painting & drawing). I believe in reincarnation, karma and astrology. I am a Gemini (inquisitive & fun) w/Libra Moon (fairness, beauty & harmony are essential to me), Taurus rising (earthy & sensual), Mercury in Gemini (intelligent), Venus in Cancer (very sentimental, emotional and romantic), Mars in Pisces (sensuous, very sensitive & sexually non-possessive), 3 planets in Leo (rebellious, strong-willed & love to be on stage) and Saturn in Scorpio in my 7th house (relationships), which makes me intense, passionate and very deep. I lived in Europe for 10 years & speak French fluently. I love the beach & ocean and want to live near the Caribbean, scuba diving & motorcycling. I also love to stay at home, talk, act silly, watch romantic movies & be intimate. I have a pretty wicked sense of humor. I've had some very difficult and painful experiences in my life that, I believe, have helped me to become a deeper, more compassionate person.

jay, a  Almost veg in delray beach jay
is a 71 year old, Jewish male.
Living in delray beach, Florida
Almost veg diet.

I've lived a holistic lifestyle most of my adult life. Have owned vegetarian restaurants in Ca. and Hawaii. Served in the Peace Corps in Thailand 65-67. Just beginning to look for a partner and realize after trying other on line dating services that a healthy lifestyle is the necessary beginning without which all the other difficult realities of a new relationship can not even be addressed. I am a good tennis player.

Jeepersjamie, a  Vegan in Tampa Jeepersjamie
is a 35 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Tampa, Florida
Vegan diet.

I am a very passionate person. I love what I do for a living, which for me is not lucky but a requirement. I live simply, I don't need a lot. I have a rescue dog, he's my soul dog. I practice veganism for ethical reasons. I choose not to support or partake in any practice that uses animals for our greed, gain, and entertainment. I am obsessed with music and love to sing. I am still mourning the loss of my jeep and plan to replace him as soon as i possibly can :) Im pretty opinionated, infatuated with nutrition, my neice and nephew, and love my life. I'm just a quirky girl who's creative and funny, passionate and compassionate, looking for my best friend. I'm hoping to find someone like minded.  Lets explore, laugh, cook yummy vegan food together, star gaze from my jeep (one day) and not take life too seriously!!!

Tuba Tom, a  Raw food in Brooksville Tuba Tom
is a 57 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Brooksville, Florida
Raw food diet.

Just me, Tom, born 30 March 57, 6 feet, 175 pounds, brown eyes and hair. I worked for the U. S. Postal Service for 15 years. For now I am studying trading the markets. I am a live food vegetarian and meditator, I have a degree in music (viola).

Wan13, a  Vegan in  Jacksonville Wan13
is a 32 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Jacksonville, Florida
Vegan diet.

Tim, a  Vegan in Santa Rosa Beach Tim
is a 50 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Vegan diet.

I've been Vegan since 2004, mainly for environmental reasons, though health & animal rights are also important. I'm passionate, sensitive & witty, with a big heart. A nutty sense of humor is definitely one of my traits. I'm very loyal, though I cherish my independence; it's all about balance isn't it? I enjoy healthy, stimulating & honest conversation. I enjoy talking, though I learn by listening. I care deeply about having a small impact on the earth, though I'm not obsessed with it. I have a Communications degree from Florida State University. I'm passionate about music & play drums professionally on a part time basis (jazz, blues & funk). I'm also a "foodie", so I love cooking and sharing this passion with others. I listen to NPR & watch PBS occasionally; my TV is off most of the time. I'm originally from Washington D.C., so I read The Washington Post online to stay informed. I enjoy long distance swimming, kayaking, frisbee & basically anything outdoors. I'm not religious, although I consider myself spiritual.

Alisson, a  Vegetarian in Orlando Alisson
is a 30 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Orlando, Florida
Vegetarian diet.

First Timer here!

In a nut shell, I am an "awesome" individual, that have experienced most of what I have wished in my short life. Financially stable and have plenty of free time, which I use most of it to help close friends by sharing some old philosophies I've crossed at a very early age and also sharing my biggest passion, Yoga.

I love running, Cross-fit, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Rock Climbing, Playing the guitar, and of course Yoga. I am extremely social and open minded, and have a crazy ability to meet the most amazing people every time I step out of the house, although I prefer staying in most of the time as I am very easy to please and get satisfaction out of the simple things in life such as laying out by the sun or taking the boat out with close friends to enjoy some water-sports, but I suck at Wake boarding (Just can't get that one right) or simply using the most of my intuition in the kitchen finding the most delicious meals a vegetarian can have.

Graduated as a Physical Therapist in 2006 and I proudly say that I have never charged any other human being for any of my services, and feel most blessed when gifted in return with fruits, veggies or my favorite Hibiscus Flower, so I can put them in my water to drink!

By far you already know my likes, and I don't have many dislikes and live with a huge smile on my face, I truly  do!

Let's see if this thing works or if at least is some fun.

moongazer, a  Vegetarian in eustis moongazer
is a 57 year old, spiritual male.
Living in eustis, Florida
Vegetarian diet.

Hi! How are you today? I've just finished work and am getting ready to prepare my vegetarian dinner. My work with Hospice is more up lifting then a downer but I do need to unwind afterward.

I will go online after eating and check all of my newspaper and magazine sites as I do like to keep informed. After that some reading then my meditation which relaxes me for sleep.

Tomorrow I am off and most likely will be in my back yard doing some yard work...any activity outside gives me such energy. I miss living near the beach but being among the trees is very peacefull. I love to travel but at the same time value the home life.

As you now know I am single...hard to believe after all of these years. While I enjoy my solitude I do miss having some one by my side to share in all of the bounty of life. I love to have spirited conversations on most subjects. I can be quite silly at is likely we will have mutual trim belly's from our laughter.

It's great that we are both kind and caring. We both believe in the adage it is better to give than receive. We both believe in love and mutual respect to each other while allowing our own growth to continue. It would be great to hear from you and slowly take our time to truly get to know each other. Hope to hear from you soon.   Joe




Moni, a Veg at home in FL Keys / any warm place Moni
is a 65 year old, spiritual female.
Living in FL Keys / any warm place, Florida
Veg at home diet.

Originally from Germany, I lived in FL and HI for some time, where I felt much more at home - that's why I'm looking for my soulmate there (makes sense?). I am spiritual and sensitive, loving, affectionate, honest, passionate, caring, understanding, tolerant, unconvential, with quite a sense of humor. Some wrinkles in my face now, but still feeling much younger. I like music, nature and animals (especially cats), and every kind of creative art - I have done ballet and jazzdance, played keyboards and bass guitar in a band, sculpted and painted, and now I do graphics and webdesign (feel free to ask me for my website). I like traveling and outdoors - but only in warm places. I am far away from being perfect - but I can listen when you need to talk, be silent when you need to be alone, give you comfort when you are sad, spend the whole night with you talking about the universe - and in the morning I will wake you up with a cup of coffee and a kiss...

is a 55 year old, spiritual male.
Living in HILLSBORO BEACH, Florida
Almost veg diet.

I am loving spritual person , who is not judgemental,humble,puntual,oraganized,affectionate,hard working,loyal,athletic,loving, good looking, well traveled,successful.

Beverly, a  Veggie/vegan in New Smyrna Beach Beverly
is a 19 year old, Christian female.
Living in New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Veggie/vegan diet.

My hobbies include exercising, playing tennis, and learning foreign languages. I love animals and I am passionate about working with children. I aspire to become a speech pathologist and I am still in college.

Michael, a  Vegan in Venice Michael
is a 26 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Venice, Florida
Vegan diet.

I've been a vegan for a few years and a vegetarian much longer. I also have an interest in various political and social causes, including (but not limited to) the environment and animal rights. I hold a Master's in International Relations, and I'm currently pursuing a second Master's degree in History. For fun, I enjoy getting out in nature, bicycling, reading, watching movies, and cooking new and exotic meals. On top of that, I've been working as a professor at a community college for several months, which is something that I immensely enjoy and plan to continue doing for years to come. Don't hesitate to ask if you would like to know more about me.    

Vegan FL/MN, a  Vegan in Sarasota Vegan FL/MN
is a 47 year old, female.
Living in Sarasota, Florida
Vegan diet.

I ideally want a great chemistry. There should be a lot of smiles, laughs and easy conversation. Hopefully we are both ultimately looking for a relationship where we want to experience the simple to the big things in life together while maintaining happiness, respect, trust, love and great communication while living a healthy lifestyle. I want to share my life with someone who has the same fundamental respect for animals and can share an appreciation for great vegan food.

I've been vegan over a decade because of my love and compassion for animals. I'm down-to earth, easygoing and usually always upbeat.  I've been in Sarasota FL about 7 years. I'm orginally from the midwest and still own a home on a lake there. I only drink a glass of wine rarely and I'm totally open to dating a someone who never drinks.

I enjoy a variety of different things. A few include travel, boating, dining out, concerts, comedy, art, nature, animals, hiking, swimming, beach walks, movies, road trips, festivials, theater, farmers markets, jet skiing, live music, sunsets, vegan cooking, great conversations and exploring more of the area.

I think I could improve on my profile writing skills. This sounds a little blah, but it's a sincere start. I look forward to sharing more once I get to know someone special.   Smile

The Natural, a  Vegan in Sarasota The Natural
is a 36 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Sarasota, Florida
Vegan diet.

Hello, ladies,

I'm a author and songwriter who loves Natural Law, acoustic music, and cycling; hoping to find a woman to join me as a consort and travel companion, someone who is emotionally stable and physically active.

I travel seasonally for work which allows me the luxury of living in 2-3 cities each year.  I've studied Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western medicines (mostly through apprenticeships without a college degree), and am certified as a holistic health consultant and iridologist.

This Spring I will be a Certified Personal Trainer who works with professional and amateur athletes.  Presently I'm certified as a holistic health counselor, and due to my work in the health field I work out on a daily basis and remain current in the field of nutrition.

I look forward to hearing from all interested ladies who have a zest for life and a shining personality.


arnieom, a  Vegan in Sunrise arnieom
is a 66 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Sunrise, Florida
Vegan diet.

LOVE PRACTICING YOGA ALL THE TIME. AM A VEGAN since 1978.  Did my apprenticeship with living foods at the Sprout Gardener in Coral Gables, FL. Am alumni of Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach. Am RETIRED with, stationary cycle, sauna, oxygen, inversion unit and all the other props Yogi's and Yoginis enjoy. Meditation is a major part of a good practice as well. Swimming laps is a good thing.  Love to dance Hot Latin Moves on Goldcoast BallRoom floor in Coconut Creek, FL.  You might be interested to know I choose not to consume intoxicants like alcohol, drugs, tobacco or have firearms.  Am a veteran from during the Vietnam Era. Believer in non-violence. Prefer good cinema and audio. Can dress up.  However, prefer mostly loose organic clothing and threads. Love children although never created my own.  Born and raised to age 30 in Brooklyn, NY. Am not a so called 'richman'.  Then again some of us are truly poor with Love of Power and Love of Money vs. Power of Love and Money of Love. It is said Health is true wealth. With many paths in life, believe that all paths lead within.  You will find me where beings are loving, kind, that share wisdom,love and generosity. Drumming with sacred dancers (belly, etc) is a gift for all of us as well. An of course where good vegan food is loved. I love pets and prefer dogs.  Guess it is a male thing dogs. Respect religious beliefs of others.  Currently am happy to practice Yoga, Buddhism, Kabballah. Am one of those so called 'JewBu's' that SMILES and is open heart and open mind in any religious venue. Know the truth, speak the truth, feel the truth.   LOVE YOU! Smile

Meghan, a  Vegetarian in  Orlando Meghan
is a 39 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Orlando, Florida
Vegetarian diet.

Hello, I have been a vegetarian most of my life would love to find a vegetarian/vegan man who shares similar interests.  I love romance. Basically, I am the kind of girl who prefers flowers and little notes on my pillow to a ridiculously expensive gift. I am down to earth (but it is still nice to be swept off my feet)and look for the same in a date. I am the type of woman who will speak my mind and look for the same in a man(I love a good discussion or debate). So please have some idea as to what is going on in the world. I love all animals (still working on accepting spiders though) I enjoy volunteering with the Human Society and Animal rescue groups .I love art, dancing and Frank Sinatra. Did I mention that I love any form of Asian or Italian food? All you need now is a DNA sample,right?...I have had the amazing opportunity to live overseas multiple times and it has allowed me to travel the world and open my mind- however there is still much to see and I would like to find someone who enjoys the experience as much as I do. I am tired of just dating and I am ready to find my match whom I can share life with. I have worked really hard at my career and I am happy in what I do . I am a very casual person , most of the time you will finding me in a tee shirt , jeans and flip flops . I enjoy dressing up and going out to dinner or to a show once in awhile as well though . After purchasing my own home almost three years ago I have become a little more of a home body , I enjoy working DYI projects around the house , gardening and landscaping (when I am not traveling). I love being outdoors walking, hiking, biking or just lounging by the pool . Enough about me , now I want to hear about you !

RJ, a  Veggie/vegan in Delray Beach RJ
is a 60 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Delray Beach, Florida
Veggie/vegan diet.

 Healthy, successful, spiritual, kind, honorable,romantic, sensitive, sensual, compassionate,caring,introspective, generous, intuitive, well-travelled, sense of humor with a quick wit. I believe that open and honest communication based on trust, is the key to success in any relationship. We are all unique and have our faults- nobody is perfect, and everyone should still be treated with respect. I was born and raised in New York and moved to South Florida a number of years ago. I'm also entrepreneurial, having been involved in many diverse business activities. Interested in alternative healing, esoterica, travel, art, museums, movies, music, and life. Lacto-vegetarian since late teens; striving towards vegan. I keep a healthy balance between the mundane and the spiritual. My meditation practice is on the inner Light and Sound Current (Surat Shabd Yoga).

Mary Jo, a  Vegan in Lake Worth Mary Jo
is a 51 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Lake Worth, Florida
Vegan diet.

I consider myself to be different than most women.  I am friendly, caring and giving while being very passionate about my desire to pursue the healthiest and most environmentally friendly lifestyle as possible.  Although I attend a Christian church, which is an enjoyment that I share with my daughter who is involved in the church, my spirituality is simple peacefulness and sharing my love of God and everything he has created.  Currently, I work as an Executive Assistant at a financial company and also have a part time job working at a holistic health center for the amazing food and incredible people that I meet every day.  I just started selling a line of natural and organic household and body care products that I love.  All of this keeps me busy, but I sense some changes coming my way that will enable me to live more freely and open to new possibilities.  I'm prepared for anything!

James, a  Vegetarian in Palm City James
is a 40 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Palm City, Florida
Vegetarian diet.

Animal lover and long-time vegetarian. I like hiking and seeing wildlife and landscapes. Sailing, SCUBA diving, and skiing are some of my favorite things to do. Enjoy Ballroom and Swing Dance. Read often (prefer the feel of a real book but an eReader is great for travel) and listen to NPR. Especially shows like "Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!" or "Says You!" I rarely watch TV. I'm fairly handy so I like fixing things. My sense of humor ranges from silly to dry, with soft spot for puns (yes, I know, "the lowest form of humor!") and double meanings.

is a 54 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in MIAMI, Florida
Vegetarian diet.

omg this pic is two years old and i have lost 50 pounds scince lol anyways:

I'm a simple Kind of guy I’m looking for some one who i can really  Hang out with and be comfortable with even if we are in the roomtogether and not saying anything to each other and isomeone who is into fitness and the vegan lifestyle .i want to meet someone who i could become good friends and be romantic with all in one chinese vegie roll( that was a joke lol ) and with any luck maybe even become the best of friends . i am passionate and romantic but i want to take the time to really get to know a woman from the inside (meaning her hart , and what she likes and to see if we are truly compatible)

Jim, a  Vegan in  West Palm Beach Jim
is a 65 year old, Atheist male.
Living in West Palm Beach, Florida
Vegan diet.

Reasonably attractive, fit and health conscious baby-boomer looking for same. I'm a semi-retired health professional who would be willing to relocate to a more progressive area if need be. I'm new to this site and I'll be back to complete my profile soon.

J.P Martone, a  Vegan in  Naples J.P Martone
is a 34 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Naples, Florida
Vegan diet.

I am very passionate about life. Health is important to me. I eat very health and workout every day. After my day job, I teach kids boxing and volunteer in my free time so I am always active. I am the type of person who sends random flowers or gifts just cause, opens doors and gives spontaneous affection. Family is very important to me.

Larry, a  Vegan in Orlando Larry
is a 52 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Orlando, Florida
Vegan diet.

I am a very dedicated vegan (over 30 years) for all the usual reasons. I have too many occupations to list but am incredibly talented in numerous areas (and am actually more humble than it might appear). I have four college degrees including a master’s in counseling and a doctorate in education. My life is a mass of contradictions that somehow make perfect sense—and is extremely interesting to those who are flexible enough to handle it. Politically progressive but conservative in relationships. Extremely left-brained; also extremely right-brained. Exceedingly intense in a calm and peaceful sort of way. Striving for simplicity in life while embracing its complexity.

Dawn, a  Veggie/vegan in West Palm Beach Dawn
is a 44 year old, Catholic female.
Living in West Palm Beach, Florida
Veggie/vegan diet.

I have a kind heart and a quiet disposition. My favorite times are spent enjoying nature, watching birds, and visiting the ocean. I have been a vegetarian since Thanksgiving of 2009 and I am now eating vegan. Initially in my vegetarian journey, I was not interested in a healthful way of living. I have seen the light, and have begun adopting a healthier lifestyle that includes avoiding processed foods and all animal products. I have recently realized that I went vegetarian for the animals, and vegan for myself.

I love roller skating (quads) and swimming/snorkeling. I am most content in small group settings, but enjoy some events in larger venues like going to the theater, listening to local bands, or to an orchestra. I play the violin very informally and am a member of the South Florida Fair Marching Band when the fair is in town (playing the mellophone). I would love to learn to dance, it would definitely be a treat (but not necessary). I am also interested in learning about drumming, reiki, and yoga. Even though I was raised Catholic, people often tell me that I have many qualities typically found in Buddhists. I take a coexist view concerning religion. I am not really a movie person, but I do have a few favorites, for example: "Somewhere in Time", "It's a Wonderful Life" and the “Harry Potter” series. I have had a rose garden for many years with several beautiful varieties. I also grow pineapples. This year I had my first vegetable garden with mixed results.


Estrella, a  Vegan in Stuart Estrella
is a 44 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Stuart, Florida
Vegan diet.


I am a really happy person who loves to travel and meditate, practice yoga and dance.

In my backpack are colored pens, a journal, a kindle and a deck of tarot cards.

In the past I was a college professor and I am currently working on curriculum for a new University where I am a PhD student. I just completed my first novel and the release date is up to the publisher.

My Master's Degree is in Yoga, the teachings of Vedanta, the science of Yoga, so this is a lot deeper than going to a gym or twisting like a pretzel.

I enjoy people equally as much as I value my solitude and aloneness.

My work is as an Alternative Life Coach and I use the tools of Yoga and Meditation as well as Astrology and Tarot for consulting.  I adore the merger of Mythology as Metaphor with the Science and Math of Astronomy. I work as a tour leader as well and next year I am taking small groups to Peru to visit the Sacred Valley.

My favorite book of all time is "Jitterbug Perfume." Will you read it out loud to me?

As a chef I am a vegan gourmet leaning toward Asian and Indian Flavors and styles I prefer herbal tea over coffee, especially chai!

I often watch movies and DVR some comedies. I love cooking shows and always gain knowledge and ideas to help me invent new vegan delights.

I grew up on a horse farm and appreciate having the right amount of space for animals so; I do not have them at this time.

I love to laugh and have a great sense of freedom and happiness and I am ready to share this with the right one!

Chaosgirl33, a  Vegan in St. Pete Beach Chaosgirl33
is a 32 year old, spiritual female.
Living in St. Pete Beach, Florida
Vegan diet.

Open-minded, sarcastic, rebellious vegan (veg for 16yrs-vegan 2011) seeks similar friends from ANYWHERE ; )  Have lost people in my life due to my views-would like to gain more like-minded souls. Very active in the cause-difficult to find enlightened people to discuss the important things in life. I am in no way interested in material life style-the fallacy that you can (and must) find happiness in status and possesions, that society shoves down our throats, has no place in my worldview.

Passionate about music (from Eva Cassidy-Korn/Shrillex...Ani DiFranco and Damien Rice-Lords of Acid), travel and creative pursuits. I've been writing for most of my life. Would love to converse with people who read for both pleasure and knowledge ; )  Most of the time I'm reading at least three books.

I have bounced around the east coast and the south, lived in too many beach towns to mention...the French Quarter, and northern Maine in the last decade. I love to travel-road trips are a favorite past time. I recently moved closer to the ocean after leaving my lucrative government job. Onto the next adventure.

I welcome any dialog with fellow vegans...and anyone who has begun the journey. I find it harder and harder to relate to carnists-though most of my friends and family fall into this catagory.

Love to bike, hike, swim, run w/my dog. Passionate about learning.

I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to homophobia, racism, bigotry, sexism and mysogonistic attitudes. I love and rescue big, "scary" dogs. I am outspoken to a fault, and tend to have a colorful vocabulary. Sometimes I am too truthful. I come off tough-but am also very empathetic and sensitive.

Would love to find a penpal/friend to relate to about the various and sundry challenges life throws our way.  

Marc, a  Raw food in  West Palm Beach Marc
is a 60 year old, Christian male.
Living in West Palm Beach, Florida
Raw food diet.

I am that gentleman that is funny and will treat you amorously with respect. Obviously, like most, I'm here seeking that special lady to share a life of togetherness, love, commitment and passion. Meeting someone who cherishes family, too, is important to me. I'm very down to earth and enjoy just about anything from reading, concerts, dancing, walking the beach, eating out, and especially romantic getaways. I have a blessed life, but having someone to share these special times and moments with makes it all complete.

Fairy, a  Veggie/vegan in tampa Fairy
is a 66 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in tampa, Florida
Veggie/vegan diet.

Very petite (4'11", 93lbs),semi-retired special education teacher with a PhD in Theatre Arts. Described by friends as kind, sweet, intelligent and adventurous.

I follow, for the most part, the Mediterranean diet; I do eat chicken and fish. I love dark chocolate! I take classes in Zumba, Tai-Chi and Yoga. Just getting back into tap dancing.

Main interests are live performances (theater, concerts, ballet),fine arts, literature, travel, and intelligent conversation. I hardly watch TV and enjoy indie/foreign film.

I have always done some sort of community service including volunteering at a hospital (am currently being trained to work in the NICU), MADD, reading for the blind/dyslexic, tutoring children, and serving as a "Big Sister" among others. 

keyboardjockey8, a  Vegetarian in fort lauderdale keyboardjockey8
is a 37 year old, Christian male.
Living in fort lauderdale, Florida
Vegetarian diet.

Just looking to find someone to talk with and see what comes of it. Successful business person and computer geek, looking for someone to share my time with. Lets start out with a quick chat and see where it goes.

Want more? I am living in Florida. I have some dogs, enjoy running, and the movies, and learning new things all the time. Tolerant and kind. I think of myself as a romantic. I hope to hear from you.

I know where all the good veggie restaurants are, probably some you've never tried!

Jessi, a  Vegan in Orlando Jessi
is a 32 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Orlando, Florida
Vegan diet.

I'm a creative and entreprenurial person. I'm a graphic designer, but looking to change careers to fundraising for a non-profit. I'm vegan for ethical reasons, and I really like cooking and baking foods that are not-so-healthy sometimes.

I love any kind of active, outdoorsy activities - bicycling, kayaking, SCUBA diving, etc. with friends. I also love yoga, photography (animals/nature, mostly), going to art galleries, and roller coasters. I also love to go out dancing to New Wave and Industrial music. There are not a lot of things I hate to do, really.

My style is a combination of girly, gothy and professional. I have a couple large-ish but tasteful tattoos.

I talk to myself and my animals quite a bit. I sing loudly and badly in the car. I don't really like to share with strangers, so that's all the self-deprecating information you're getting for now.

I have a geriatric Beagle, an active Carolina dog, and a couple cats. I thought I was just a Dog Person until a couple years ago. I take my dog to the dogpark most Sundays. I call it the Church of Dog.

Being vegan and advocating for animals is very important to me. I tend to donate my professional skills to helping non-profits, but I can also be found holding a sign at protests occasionally. I co-founded an organization that helps people keep their companion animals instead of giving them up due to finances or behavioral issues.

I got out of a very long term relationship earlier this year, and I'd like to find someone who I have more compatible values with. I'm really busy with my career, volunteer projects, and fun activities with friends, so I'm hoping to find someone who will advocate with me and also be fun.

Chvrches fan, a  Almost veg in Tampa Chvrches fan
is a 39 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Tampa, Florida
Almost veg diet.

Vegetarian for 16 years but now last few years I have eaten seafood too. Want to go full veg again and im sure I will give it a go again soon. At the moment I have built a good career and am working to make it more secure. I am working out regularly now and taking better care of myself. Biggest problem in my life now is social anxiety issues so here I am trying to use this as one way to expand my circle of friends and let go of this awful anxiety. I support animal rights along with several other environmental and political justice platforms. Want to meet others who have similar goals.


Trevor, a  Vegan in Tampa Trevor
is a 56 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Tampa, Florida
Vegan diet.

Animal Rights activist and vegan since 1991. President of Florida Voices for Animals, 501c(3) non-profit animal-rights group. Cable TV Producer of "Florida Voices for Animals." Computer Systems Analyst working for major financial institution. Custom build PCs and Computer Consultant. Financially stable and hard worker. Loves running, cycling, swimming, tennis, soccer, martial arts, cricket, working out with weights. Staying fit and trim is very important. Have been told often that I look like Bruce Lee. Love animals, children, hiking, admiring nature, movies. Have a dry sense of humor - when telling jokes while not in the shower...

Jackie, a  Vegan in Sarasota Jackie
is a 27 year old, Christian female.
Living in Sarasota, Florida
Vegan diet.

I am a summer lovin', beach bummin' NY girl! I moved to Sarasota 3 years ago and love it! I love nature, photography, discovering new music and going to reggae shows, traveling as frequently as possible, cuddling cute animals and my fav desert combo is raw cacao & peanut butter. You'll find me spending my time studying and reading about holistic nutrition and wellness coaching, trying out new vegan recipes, and working in my garden of dreams. 

Shawn, a  Vegetarian in Miami Shawn
is a 31 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Miami, Florida
Vegetarian diet.

      • Hey all! Finally we're here : ) 

            My Story- 

            I've worked hard for what I've got (materialistically), and learned what it takes to get things done, both in terms of fun time and work time. 

              Life's ups and downs have taught me patience, integrity, and set me up on a good/spiritual path :)

              I am a big fan of simplicity! Coffee + Walks + Intellectual Conversations : define me.

          Jason, a  Veggie/vegan in Boca Raton Jason
          is a 55 year old, Jewish male.
          Living in Boca Raton, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          Long time South Florida resident and long time vegetarian (vegan). I do software development for scientific applications. Like nature areas, warm weather. Not religious, except for on airplanes. Exercise daily. Drug and disease free.

          Will, a  Vegetarian in Miami Will
          is a 54 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          Love is the answer. It is the engine that drives the journey of life to a destination of joy. I am simple, healthy in mind and body, organic all the way, TCM, natural health, fit, tennis, bycicling, spinning, gym, yoga, meditation, well read, writing, family oriented, hard working, community oriented with an approach that income generating activities must also improve the community at large. Love to cook and can cook most styles including oriental. Music preference varies from bosa nova to classical, hip hop, rock and roll, world beat, jazz, and some country.

          Dave, a  Vegan in Sarasota Dave
          is a 48 year old, Atheist male.
          Living in Sarasota, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I first became a vegetarian 15 years ago out of compassion for all things living. I became fully vegan 10 years ago as it bcame a way of life. It never added up in my mind how some could have so much love for their pet(s) and not see that ALL creatures crave love and feel a need to be safe and secure. Free from harm. Simply "free" to live as to the laws of nature. Going out and doing a rescue-adoption event with those who would go out for hamburgers after to celebrate a successful day made my head spin. It still does at times. I find myself a bit baffled how those with so much compassion for their dog or cat can't see that a cow, pig, cheicken, etc. wants and deserves just as much love, just as many protections under our laws, or simply the right to be left alone to live in peace.

          I'm a professional musician and a adjunct professor of music at several colleges/universities. So I do travel and I love that part of my profession. I love being able to share knowledge. There is something so satisfying about passing on a new idea to another mind and letting them take it as their own. See where they take it...and hopefully pass it on to another one day. Once passed on, knowledge(or an idea) takes on a life of it's own. I find beauty in that. I was given the gift of loving to read from my father and find I am always craving new "input" into my brain, and on some other level...into my

          ahimsaforall, a  Vegan in Tampa ahimsaforall
          is a 49 year old, Atheist female.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I'm a fit, professional single mom who is happy and healthy.  I have a career I love, two wonderful children, and a miniature poodle.  Playing tennis, being outdoors, going to movies, vegan dinners, wine, music, laughing with friends are all things I enjoy. My intent is to lead as cruelty-free a lifestyle as I can.  

          fit4lifevegan, a  Vegetarian in Ft. Lauderdale fit4lifevegan
          is a 53 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          Hello and good day to all! :) First thank you for even considering a gander at my small and brief profile.  I'm not good with describing myself.  But if I can take from my friends and family, I'm a gentleman first and always, I’m really a simple kind of guy, healthy, and fit with very little to nil when it comes to wants and needs. I actually require a profound and meaningful connection in interaction with the woman I would be with. I would welcome a union based on straightforward, unsophisticated and effectual communication, and shared interests. Which I find extremely sexy… Not much to ask for in some cases. I do like all expressions of endearment including open displays of affection in public. I love all animals, I have fish and I volunteer a lot of my time, when I’m not help my neighbors or friends with their A/C, dishwasher, hot water heater r other equipment. I enjoy swimming, snorkeling and cycling, skating, walking, running and learning whatever new software or skill I can.  I like to stay active go hiking or cycling with a few friends. When I 'm not out, I do like to paint, draw, sculpt and on occassion sing. Not professionally, just because I'm in a good mood.  I believe that to be all the time. :) I was a vegetarian for 7 years until an accident landed my in the hospital and I had to eat some fish and a little chicken until two years ago.  Now I'm back on track, 60lbs lighter, stronger, and healthier than ever!

          TanniTeaacher, a  Vegan in  Ft. Lauderdale TanniTeaacher
          is a 53 year old, Jewish female.
          Living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Enjoying living with healthy food,  and meeting people who live the same way.   During the day,  I am a teacher.   Evenings are with music,  dining out or other interesting events.    Like outdoors,  some sports, and the beauty of the beach and campfires.  

          Brittany, a  Vegan in Ponte Vedra beach Brittany
          is a 25 year old, Christian female.
          Living in Ponte Vedra beach, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Um idk I guess you can just ask if u want 

          David, a  Vegan in Tampa David
          is a 55 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Starting December 1, 2011, I began a completely different lifestyle of eating healthy. Now i eat primarily a plant based diet and choose to stay away from high fat, most animal protein, and sodium laden foods. This journey restricts my choices of restaurants and is more conducive  to preparing meals in my kitchen. I know for many of you out there this would not be what you are looking for. For those women out there that take extremely good care of themselves please give me a shout  I'm very active and love to get out and play.  I love being around children and family, but also enjoy an evening partying with my lover. This may entail enjoying a movie, an art fest, being around the water, dancing (two right feet, but I can slow dance pretty well), traveling, fine dining, beach, parks, sports, and I’m open to more. The music I enjoy is rock, reggae, jazz, classical, R&B, anything but country. 

          Dave, a  Vegan in West Palm Beach Dave
          is a 63 year old, male.
          Living in West Palm Beach, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I'm vegan, leaning toward raw vegan at that. So I hope I might meet kindred spirits here, and maybe if lucky, my future life partner.

          I retired several years ago after being a commercial photographer for many years. I enjoyed it, but the time was right for a change. Since then I've been reinventing myself in various ways, and following my interests. One of those interests I've become pretty passionate about is nutrition, activity, and health.

          I'm originally from Oklahoma, and still have some of the country boy in me. But I've also traveled quite a bit and lived the longest in the big apple.

          I'm currently based in New Jersey and Florida, but I'm not adverse to relocating for the right relationship.

          I would love to meet women near my age who are vegan or near vegan with similar interests.

          Kensington, a  Vegan in Santa Barbara Kensington
          is a 65 year old, female.
          Living in Santa Barbara, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Genuinely interested in this stage of life.  Seeking friendship with equally independent and peaceful person.  Food sources and environmental matters are of extreme importance to me.  Have house short walk from beach in Mexico with an organic garden and worm farm.  Looking to move back to Florida or California for most of the year and continue the organic farming tradition there.   

          Jerry, a  Vegan in West Palm Beach Jerry
          is a 60 year old, Jewish male.
          Living in West Palm Beach, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I am easy-going, financially secure, with a dry sense of humor, good communication skills, and a broad intellectual curiosity. After growing up in Florida, I've lived in several parts of the country, and travelled abroad.  I've been more or less vegan for about 25 years. I keep physically and culturally fit through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities -- movies, hiking, boating, travel, kayaking, biking, reading. My radio is tuned to NPR, and "Sierra Club" describes my political priorities. I don't own a TV.

          VeganLogic, a  Vegan in Coral Springs VeganLogic
          is a 26 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Coral Springs, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          At one point, I actually sat down and started to think.

          I broke apart all the dogmas in my life and assessed their constituents by individual value.

          I got rid of the ones that contradicted or didn't work in conjunction with my stronger

          ethics. I logically deduced a hierarchy of right-doings and wrong-doings and created

          a sense of scale that gives me the logic and perspective I need to argue anything

          I purport near infallibly. So, I love debate.


          I love a lot of things. I love reasoning. I believe emotions should guide us, but that

          we must be able to defend how we are guided with sound reasoning, and be backed

          by the facts.


          Let me be clear. If you say you RESPECT someone's decision to infringe on the rights

          of others, be it animal or human, and if you call your reasons for choosing veganism

          BELIEFS (which by definition require no burden of proof) when the arguments can

          all be proven by empirical data, then you do a disservice to the cause when you try

          to argue to its benefit.


          I love freedom. I disagree with any law that limits what a person can do with their own body, regardless of the lie that those laws are there to protect us.


          If you agree with the prostitution laws, you agree that the government has enough ownership of your body and rights to limit both what you can do and what you can sell.


          If you agree with the drug laws, you agree that the government has enough ownership of your body to say what you are and are not allowed to put into it, regardless of whether you keep to yourself and don't harm anyone.


          Think, people. You OWN your own flesh, if nothing else in this rotten world. Live by the rules of your natural rights, and when you don't exercise a natural right, let it be because you chose not to, not because of some arbitrary rule saying you can't.




          Dane, a  Vegan in  Tampa Dane
          is a 20 year old, Atheist male.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I am an engineering student at USF graduating this semester. My life is pretty busy but my hobbies still include rock climbing, playing music for fun, fun DIY projects, watching dark comedies, GOT, etc.


          I do not consider myself a hippie or free spirited, yet I am very open minded. I enjoy trying new things and am very laid back about how I spend my time. I consider myself an intellectual but mostly because I enjoy when my way of thinking can be challenged. I am quite adventurous and enjoy watersports, travelling, etc.


          I am moderately ambitious and plan to pursue a Ph.D. in ME in the future. My life path is pretty set and I know who I am yadayada.

          Evan, a  Raw food in Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale Evan
          is a 61 year old, Jewish male.
          Living in Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
          Raw food diet.

          I am healthy, health-conscious, athletic, friendly, casual, ambitious, hard-working, educated, professional, intellectual, kind, considerate, and, with the right woman, romantic. I love to laugh, love, read, and sleep; if you like to do 1 or more of those 4 activities, then we can have a great time together! Write to me now so you and I can discover how very good the chemistry between us can be. Ummmm, it feels good already, doesn't it? Yes, it certainly does.... And by the way, I am open to women of any age from 25 to 69, and any color, religion, height, national origin, level of education, and financial level. I evaluate each person individually.  The photos of me overlooking the ocean are from January 2012.  The photo of me in a coat was taken for work in 2009.

          Yoshi, a Veg at home in Hollywood Yoshi
          is a 24 year old, spiritual bi-female.
          Living in Hollywood, Florida
          Veg at home diet.

          Hey, im new to the site and the Veggie-Life world, its going on 9 months since ive eaten meat and i love it ! Thing is, not a lot of the people i know are not into this life style. When i saw "Veggie Date" i immediately got exctied lol I hope to meet like minded individuals that i can mingle and network with and see what happens from there :) *DRAMA FREE* 

          Jared, a  Vegan in Gainesville Jared
          is a 21 year old, Jewish male.
          Living in Gainesville, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I am currently a 19 year UF student studying Microbiology and Cell science on the pre med track. I am looking for a vegeterian/vegan girl to meet and hang out. I enjoy cycling, playing soccer and hanging with friends and of course eating tons of fruits and vegetables. 

          Neil, a  Vegan in Hollywood Neil
          is a 61 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Hollywood, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Hi! I'm a business owner, musician and entertainer who's lived in South Florida for most of my life. I guess I really prefer warm weather! Anyway, I've been vegetarian for about 18 years (vegan most of that time), and am looking for someone to help me enjoy what life has to offer. I'm a sensitive, caring, intelligent, funny and fun person who enjoys the outdoors, concerts, artistic things, meeting new people, and animals. ( I've probably left something out!) I live a mostly non-materialistic lifestyle (I prefer to recycle and reuse rather than buy something new). I'm politically on the liberal side, a bit unconventional, I generally prefer a quiet evening at home to a night on the town, although I do enjoy live music, good times with good friends, and discovering new places.

          Russell / EarthFriendly, a  Almost veg in Lake Mary Russell / EarthFriendly
          is a 62 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Lake Mary, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          Holiday Greetings!

          Hi there,

          I am a Single Straight Good Family, Green Earth Friendly Man. Athletic from years of home building/remodeling/ organic gardening, semi-retired.
          Most likely we are already close best friends for just being in Veggie date..  Just  look closer then a glance and give US a chance!

          Sir Care a Lot, Russell

          I am very positive thinking, yet upset about all the pollutions, EPA & FDA failure to protect us, Gov. failure in  caring about Earth before our generation was born!  I am a wanna-be Vegan, Wanna have a great normal  straight healthy helpmate woman.  I have traveled around USA, love to share with a woman  places in Mainly Florida and some great places in Ga, SC. NC, Tenn, parks, festivals and family Holidays!  2012 Photo of  Russell  sharing whole food blending and hoping all people understand the benefits of not juicing and not removing the pulp/fiber. I also advocate the need for everyone to have Mineral /Element hair testing for revealing heavy metal excess. best of health to all and to all a better living and life. Russell straight single, striving to be Vegan with a Vegan lady.

          Yorick, a  Vegan in Estero Yorick
          is a 55 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Estero, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Enthusiastic music, and art  lover. Frequently travel to live concerts and festivals. I find great pleasure in exploring museums, and the great outdoors. Love to work with my hands. Vegetarian for many years, now vegan, and attempting to go completely raw. Very liberal in my politics. I enjoy reading and cerebral, independent  films. I have two vegan rescue mutts. Very little interest in sports.

          Bill, a  Vegetarian in VERO BEACH Bill
          is a 63 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in VERO BEACH, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I am a DWM, Chiropractor, blonde/blue, 190 lbs, 5`11", in Vero Beach, FL. My interests include metaphysics, meditation, personal growth, playing piano, good conversations, and travel. I am a stable professional looking for a special woman. I would love to find a sweet woman to enjoy life with. So, if you are interested in learning more about me, I would love exchange emails with you. Regards, Bill

          paul, a  Veggie/vegan in Tampa paul
          is a 58 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          If you are looking for a man who is comfortable with compassion & passion, who is not afraid to show his strengths and weaknesses, who takes responsibility for himself and feels a sense of responsibility for the world, who is romantic, funny, and intelligent than go to the next guy. No, I mean you've come to the right place. I currently direct a new charity dedicated  to creating an intergenerational village for adopted children. We are looking for families who adopt children and retirees to volunteer and live in one of the townhouses in our village.

          HARRY, a  Veggie/vegan in TAMPA HARRY
          is a 66 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in TAMPA, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.


          starsurfer60, a  Vegan in Gainesville starsurfer60
          is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Gainesville, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I am down to earth and accessable. Something of an intellectual, but flexible , fun and very humorous. Well read, well travelled, lots of interesting life experience. Into art, music, film, travel. Like to keep things fairly simple, and try not to sweat much in this often challenging world. More fun and interesting that way. Sensual and romantic. Like being home and also like being on the road. Very healthy, energetic, and capable.

          Kind and Tropical, a  Veggie/vegan in Gainesville Kind and Tropical
          is a 46 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Gainesville, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          I consider myself a fun person with good sense of humor. I am kind, compassionate, with a heart of gold and a smile that will bright your day! 

          I believe that it is important to live in the moment and appreciate life in it's majesty every day! I am spiritual and like to go to meditate. I also like to be part of my community doing volunteer work and helping out, to make a difference. "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." - Churchill.  
          I grew up in a big city, but I love going on country side trips, specially to the mountains to relax and rewind.....I travelled to different countries, I speak four languages and love to cook veggie international cuisine....looking for someone to taste my cooking ;)
          I enjoy been outdoors and go to cultural events. I like live theater, good dinners, exercise, yoga, swimming.  

          I want to meet a mature man, with similar interests. A man that knows what he wants in life and is prepared for love. A man that is kind, compassionate, generous, open minded and caring. Please send me a line if you like to chat.Thanks for reading my profile.



          lifelongveggie, a  Vegan in Flagler Beach lifelongveggie
          is a 60 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Flagler Beach, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I'm a singer/songwriter currently employed as a DJ and a Magician, living in a quiet beach town in Florida. I've been a vegetarian and/or vegan since I was 8 years old. Worked for Warner Brothers for years and now I'm self-employed and enjoying it. I appreciate the simpler things in life - things that many of us take for granted. I love art, books, music, movies, conversation, walking, exercise.

          Lotus, a  Vegan in Lake Worth, Lotus
          is a 50 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Lake Worth,, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Hello Beautiful Spirit, 

          I live in Southern Florida which I totally love.  The beachesand the weather are awesome.    I do massage  Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy and Facial rejuvenation with Micro Current and cold laser. It is the non invasive totally natural face lift. I moved here from Southern California where I had a farm.  I lived out of cities for 12 years.  Now I am back in civilazation.  It is good here.  

          I like to laugh and be playful.  Giving and receiving Love unconditionally is my mission. My teachers are Amma,

          Mantak Chia, Drunvelo Melchizadek and all of you.   Meditaiton, Yoga and Dance are some of my favorite ways  to spend  my time.  I am totally into health and healthy lifestyle.  I have been a vegitarian and vegan for 33 years.  

          I love to prepare food and share food with friends. I am also an artist.  I would like to share my life and love with 

          an altenative wonderful loving human. 


           Peace and Health to you,



          TenorEleven, a  Vegetarian in St. Petersburg TenorEleven
          is a 44 year old, Jewish male.
          Living in St. Petersburg, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          So a cantor walks into a bar and asks to play a board game. The bartender says, “Sure Cantor, your friends are over there.” Okay, that’s not really a joke as much as it is true for me most Tuesday nights. (Except the bartender never calls me “Cantor”.) By now you might have guessed I’m not a typical hazzan, and you’d be right. Though growing up I’d always been musical, when I finished college with a physics major and music minor, I thought I’d be happy as an engineer who sang opera on the side. A few years later, and I’ve managed to find my dream job. Of course, I don’t live in the synagogue. For instance, I’m probably one of the few people who goes to Busch Gardens for the animals. And just like most professional musicians, I’m a bit of a music geek (and probably other forms, too). And while I’ve been happy with the way things have been going, I’ve also been thinking lately about meeting someone special to share my time with. So if you think you might be that woman, say hi. Maybe the next time I tell the bar joke, you’ll have a better punchline I can use. 

          filmgeek34, a  Vegan in Miami filmgeek34
          is a 41 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          --Film geek
          --Marathon runner
          --Animal lover
          --Miami Heat season ticket holder
          --Voracious reader
          --Half-Italian & half-Cuban
          --Appreciates proper grammar
          --Paranormal investigator

          jasonstpete, a  Veggie/vegan in St. Petersburg jasonstpete
          is a 40 year old, Buddhist male.
          Living in St. Petersburg, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          I am a very affectionate & loyal person and would always notice if you change something about yourself.

          I have lived abroad in Asia for 9 years and seen many places in the world from jungles to metropolises to ancient temples (see photos).

          I am not obsessed with my cell phone and do not post personal things on Facebook.  I do not go to bars or clubs.

          I have been vegetarian for 17 years and have never drank. 

          I am an avid movie watcher (about 3 per week). I spend at least 1.5 hours outdoors every day with my dog (she is super friendly). I go cycling about twice a week, play ultimate frisbee once a week. I go to events happening in downtown St. Petersburg. In the warmer months I go to the beach weekly. Basically I try to minimize stress and maximize quietness. I never have any crazy things going on, so you could always count on having my full attention and if you are into simple things, I have a near constant supply of ideas for simple things to enjoy doing together.

          Phyllis, a  Vegetarian in Temple Terrace Phyllis
          is a 63 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
          Living in Temple Terrace, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          Looking to embrace the rest of my life with a compatible, easy going best friend. Not into pretentious people. Enjoy casual settings and dress, but can accommodate any occasion. Enjoy gardening/water gardening (not much of a landscaper!), staying healthy and fit, trying to be more of an environmentalist (mulch, compost, recycle, freecycle), travel (both home and abroad), swimming & most water activities, rummage sales, reading, most anything outdoors (hiking, camping, biking, metal detecting), cooking (still learning) and having two great daughters.

          Googiegal, a  Vegetarian in Largo Googiegal
          is a 69 year old, female.
          Living in Largo, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I believe a man loves a woman's touch, her softness, her tenderness, her gentleness, her grace and her wisdom....and a woman loves a man's strength, his inner power, his loyality, his trustworthiness and his strong character...I do not adhere to any religious dogma, doctrines, or principles...I would be classified as "new age" as I believe in wholistic remedies, love anything supernatural and paranormal, love the materials of Ester and Jerry Hicks which promotes "The Law of Attraction" reap what you sow and like attracts like....former yoga teacher and have learned to be flexible in the mind not just in the body and not "over-react" to the "stuff" that we create in our lives...I live a very simple life and don't need to be wined and dined....LIfe is so beautiful and should also be fun..have a sense of humor as this is so very important..I wish you all the very best in finding that special person you all so richly deserve....Peace and Blessings to you all....

          middleburgfun, a  Vegetarian in middleburg middleburgfun
          is a 58 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in middleburg, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          i read fight club, i'm looking for my own marla singer if you know what i talk about and you are her, drop me a line meantime i'll be in the garden planting tomato plants and basil sounds like tomato/pesto pizza to me

          Heather, a  Vegetarian in Clearwater Heather
          is a 39 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
          Living in Clearwater, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I'm a pretty curious person and always like to learn new things. People typically describe me as cheerful, and as having a big heart. I'm new to the Clearwater area and just moved from Boston.

          Trueveggie14, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale Trueveggie14
          is a 39 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I love to travel, explore new worlds and spread veganism by example. The world is my "Carrot"! By occupation I am a radio technician (test, fix and maintain), by nature I am veg*n (was veggie since birth, have been vegan since Nov 05), as well as active, magnetic, loving and slightly mischievous. I raised a FLV+ cat from kitten to age 7 as a vegan.  I just lost him in April 2014 to his Leukemia virus.  I love all animals (not just a cat person). I like the old black and white movies with stars like Cagney, Stewart, Hepburn, Grant, Bogart, etc. I appreciate independent film and some foreign films. I enjoy dancing, running, hiking, cooking, going to the beach, helping others, comedy, clarity and inspiration.

          Loverly, a  Almost veg in Deerfield Loverly
          is a 57 year old, Jewish female.
          Living in Deerfield, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          Hi,  I Smile Easily. Orignally from NY and now I'm in Florida.

          I'm Petite, have Blond Hair and Green Eyes. I'm Bright, Witty, Warm, Loyal, Affectionate, Effervescent and a Sincere Woman.

          I Exercise Regulary and have a Healthy Lifestyle. I'm a Good Conversationalist who is Comfortable in Casual or Formal Attire, and Can be Playful or Serious. I Embrace new Experiences with Optimism.

          Life is Good, and could be Even Better as a Couple. I look forward to Sharing Thoughts and Dreams with One Special Man. I Enjoy Cooking together and for you; love dancing, galleries, crafts, music, traveling, learning and so much more. Reflexology as well as Scalp Massage is Wonderful to Give and Receive. I am an Entrepreneur.

          David N., a  Vegetarian in northeast Florida / southeast Georgia David N.
          is a 52 year old, spiritual gay male.
          Living in northeast Florida / southeast Georgia, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          Hi, I'd like to hook up with another vegetarian, vegetarianish, or vegan guy in the area (if there are any). Queers preferred but not required, as I seem to have more in common with most vegetarians & vegans (and/or those into animal-welfare and/or the environment) than with the average "gay guy". We could go out (to eat, see a movie, walk around, etc.) or stay in (& eat, watch a movie, talk, listen to music, etc.). (Only I'm not into spectator team-sports AT ALL, sorry.) I am a "pesca-lacto-ovo-vegetarian", & have been since I was 16. If you're interested in animal-rights or earth-saving causes, that's all the better, in fact I've been trying to move to where (the homophobia's a lot less &) I can be of more help to causes I'm serious about.

          Kevin, a  Almost veg in Tampa Kevin
          is a 39 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          I'm idealistic, adventurous, independent, analytical, sarcastic, optimistic, honest, disorganized, and handy (I've been told it's a good quality). I love to go to plays, musicals, symphony, as well as bike, hike, play tennis and soccer, well, generally anything outdoors. I just finished a 7 day bike tour of the Columbia River Gorge (Oregon and Washington). I had an amazing time - would you be up for something adventurous? I also enjoy theatre and musicals - I recently saw Book of Longing at the Spoleto Festival - it was a really amazing work of art! I also enjoy classical music both symphonic and chamber works. I'm exploring the masters of stringed instruments such as Pablo Casals, Jascha Heifetz. I also like the music of Ani Difranco, Dave Matthews and jazz masters like Coltrane and Cannonball. Hmm...what else? I love NPR, the mountains, the Pacific NW, being outside, I don't like ketchup. :)

          Melissa, a  Vegan in Tampa Melissa
          is a 32 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I am someone who enjoys the fun in life but also takes many things seriously. I'm not religious, but I believe in doing the right thing just because it's the right thing to do. I care about human rights, animal welfare, the environment, world politics, health and human interest. Animal welfare is my biggest passion. I was born and raised in the country in northeastern Ohio, but moved to Florida 8 years ago, because I was tired of Ohio's weather and needed a change overall. I have a Bachelor degree in communications from the University of Tampa (although it took 4 colleges and ten years to complete!) and I have a background in public relations. I own a web and graphic design company. I'm very driven, down-to-earth, conscientious, intelligent, analytical - oh and modest. ;) I think I have a good balance of insecurities and confidence.

          1gratefulman, a  Vegetarian in Boca Raton 1gratefulman
          is a 49 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Boca Raton, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I am about 80% raw and vegan with the exception of the occasional fish. I enjoy socializing, yoga, exercise, reading books and watching/listening to personal growth programs by the likes of Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, David Wolfe... Professionally, I am a real estate agent and love what I do. I enjoy creating new recipes for my kitchen toys: Excalibur dehydrator and 3hp VitaMix blender. I love the ocean and long walks on the beach. 

          Slim Rob, a  Veggie/vegan in Homestead Slim Rob
          is a 37 year old, Atheist male.
          Living in Homestead, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          Been a vegan/veggetarian for more than seven years now after realizing, not only what animal food does to the body, but also realizing what the animals have to go through to get to the plate. I believe animals have similar or even the same conciousness that we do, therefore feel the pain we feel, so I'm very compationate to what they have to go thru because of human's appetite for beef. I am very health concious and physically active. I am always told that I have a very charming personality, I'm very patient and I love to listen to others rather than me talking too much. I respect others' personalities and views. I always try to focus on people's virtues rather than their defects, I recognize my own defects and I'm always open to constructive criticizm (spelling? LOL) to better myself.

          Robin, a  Vegetarian in Boynton Beach Robin
          is a 59 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Boynton Beach, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I am a warm, insightful, open-hearted woman and sincere spiritual practitioner.  Buddhadharma has long been at the center of my life, and I do my best to bring mindfulness and clarity to activities and relationships in my daily life.  For the past several years I've also been exploring metaphysics, & energetic healing frequencies/modalities.  

          I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, and moved to the SF Bay Area ater graduating from college.  Currently I live in FL in order to help my elder mom, however plan to leave FL when I am no longer needed here.

          I'm often told I have radiant energy and a beautiful smile. I am passionate about wholesome nutritious food and cooking, have a strong environmental consciousness, and am committed to non-violence, social and economic justice, and human and civil rights.  I enjoy time in the wilderness, travel, dance, practicing Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), doing ceramics, walking on the beach, swimming in the ocean.  Reltionships are a priority in my life, and engaging intimately with other beings brings me joy.

          I've been a nurse-midwife and women's health care provider/advocate for all of my adult life.  I was also a certified yoga instructor and taught hatha yoga in the 1980's. Currently I am exploring what new direction the path of livelihood might take for me.  I believe we are beginning an evolutionary shift toward awakening & I see myself acting as a bridge between the conventional and emerging paradigms. I am looking to find my special niche in supporting the transition.

          Silent meditation retreats are one of my favorite things to do.  I also love to travel and have spent months at a time in Asia, Europe and Guatemala.  
          I am very ready for my life partner to arrive and embark upon the rest of lifes journey at my side.

          Timothy, a  Almost veg in Miami Timothy
          is a 60 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          I am a committed ecological activist, Interests in Solar,Bicycle Alternatives, Bamboo Furniture and Architecture, Straw Bale Building Political Theatre, Travel to Costa Rica, Colombia etc

          spent 8 years in China...returned about a year ago to help develope an Eco resort  in the Bahamas .

          trampfossil, a  Raw food in Pine Island trampfossil
          is a 60 year old, male.
          Living in Pine Island, Florida
          Raw food diet.

          I have been 85% raw vegan and 95% organic for the last 3 years and wish it was a lot longer. I was a trampolinist and gymnast and would have been sooo much better off with that type of diet. I love keeping active and meeting other people with the same ideas. I would love to meet more friends tha like to eat healthy and keep active.I like working with web pages installing computers, working in the garden and being in nature. and bouncing Trampoline. I also love most everything out doors. I am designing webpages in Ft myers for a wholesale fishing co now but want to do something productive to the environment in the solar or healthy food organic area. I would also like to find someone else that wants to do similar adventures, and share my eden in the raw adventure. I will post more photos as it develops. 

          Unforgettable 2014, a  Vegan in Rockledge Unforgettable 2014
          is a 55 year old, Christian female.
          Living in Rockledge, Florida
          Vegan diet.

                 I'm grateful for so many things in my life- I'm intelligent, pretty, successful,  I'm generous. I volunteer for the causes I believe in. I'm kind, but I'm not a push over. I have great friends and family. I love animals; their antics make me laugh out loud. I'm a vegan.

                The ocean takes my breath away-the color of the water, the feel of the waves brushing against my legs.... I like the Rockies and the Alps under the stars with the snow glistening under a full moon; Skiing and then relaxing by a roaring fire and sharing those great times with friends.

                I'm happy and fun.  I'm very active with Zumba, spin, working out at the gym (so I will always fit in my size 4 jeans) socializing with friends, seeing a movie, working, or getting together with a group of friends to go dancing. I'm adventurous. I like to travel- a weekend getaway or a longer adventure with the right man. Paris or Praiano to absorb the culture and get lost in the romance. I can't wait to hike the waterfalls of Hawaii again and go paddle boarding in Hanalei Bay.

                I like new adventures and want you to show me all the wonders of your favorite places. I treasure quiet times with the right man - watching a sunset with a glass of wine or a sunrise with a cup of coffee, listening to music, spending loving, romantic times together. I like to wear his shirts around the house. I love the smell of his lingering cologne. I like the feel of his strong arms around me and him sneaking a soft kiss on the back of my neck when we're cooking dinner together. I believe in love and respect for each other. I remain authentic always. 


          Rachel, a  Vegetarian in Port St Lucie Rachel
          is a 43 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Port St Lucie, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I am a vegetarian primarily for animal rights reasons along with healthy reasons. I'm independent, devoted, spiritual, sincere, energetic, self-motivated, intelligent and always enjoy a good laugh. I've been an elementary educator for about 10 years and currently own a daycare. I love working with children, enjoy teaching them. I admire music such as soft rock, reggae, oldies, hindu music, and some instrumental for relaxation. Eager to share outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, walking, biking, going to the beach, swimming, canoeing, and romantic night out on the town. Interested in conversation that involve spirituality, educating children for the future, animal rights, plans for outdoor adventure and travel.

          Meli, a  Vegetarian in Miami Meli
          is a 23 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I'm young, charasmatic, funny, light hearted,  sweet, caring, lovable, and kind. I try to be as positive about life as possible and I'm always trying to be better.  I am looking for a serious relationship.  I don't engage in casual flings bit I do like meeting and getting to know new people.  

          Spartacus300, a  Vegetarian in Cape Coral Spartacus300
          is a 40 year old, Christian male.
          Living in Cape Coral, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I am new to the vegetarian world, as I feel that I am blessed with knowledge of what honors my creator, and how to live a life that gives testimony of what I stand for (The Gospel Of Jesus Christ). I have a passion for the scripture and plan to be a full time minister in the near future. This is what is most important to me, all else is secondary, and I know that in my heavenly fathers perfect timing, his perfect plan will manifest in my life, as I seek him and his kingdom First. There is much more about my self, just ask.

          Jesse, a  Vegetarian in West Palm Beach Jesse
          is a 37 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
          Living in West Palm Beach, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          BreBruce, a  Vegetarian in Tampa BreBruce
          is a 64 year old, male.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          About me: I'm an intelligent funny guy who is a divorced Black male living in Tampa who was self employed as a landlord in Boston.  Now I'm retired. I am healthy, active and fit, playing tennis 3 to 4 times a week, tai chi, qi gong (inner breath work) and working out at the gym. And my daughter is grown.  I'm seeking a compatible woman of color for lunches, dinners, going to the movies, renting movies, long walks, day trips, shopping at the malls and more.

          Ree, a  Veggie/vegan in Sarasota Ree
          is a 39 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Sarasota, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          I just finished my B.S. in Sustainable Living from a unique school in Iowa and am now living and traveling in my green RV (built solar panels and installed them on the roof, and other fun off-the-grid stuff).  I am traveling the U.S. hoping to meet like-minded people to spend time with and giggle spontaneously with/at!  (Update, I have settled in Sarasota for a wee bit)

          I am glorious and I prefer to keep glorious people around me. Are you glorious? Well then hellllo there!  I am very sensitive to energy and like to share mine with others who are respectful, kind, energetic, loyal, child-like, hard working, ethical, truthful, passionate, creative, intelligent, HUMOROUS/CLEVER/WITTY, eco-conscious, romantic, caring,,,,ya know, the basics. The folks in my world also need to be queer friendly,,,I will not tolerate anything less than that.  

          I have a strong character, am decisive, very independent, not a floofy/2-hour to get ready kinda girl (don't wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis), but still adore romance and "gentlemanly actions."  I have little regrets in life.  If there is something that I wanted to try or learn, I usually find a way to make it happen, even if it turns out to not be all it was cracked up to be.  


          geekling, a  Raw food in Lighthouse Point geekling
          is a 68 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Lighthouse Point, Florida
          Raw food diet.

          I can fall asleep on the 41st mattress. Personable, witty, cranky, intelligent, not so quick on the uptake, fun loving, engaging ... all the sugar and spice ever created wound up as me. Been toying with raw foodism & veganism since I was quite young. Got serious about it when some disatrous health issues set in. Improvement is slow but apparent. Circumstance & those issues forced a radical change in my life. Am in the midst of creating a no cook food recipe book. What is left to do is the formatting which is driving me batty. I go regularly to pot lucks and my creations are always greatly appreciated. I grow orchids and have a food garden. My lawn is oregano and mint. Because of where I am, the trees all fruit. I have other talents too.

          Rawbert_Vegan, a  Vegan in Naples Rawbert_Vegan
          is a 36 year old, Atheist male.
          Living in Naples, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I live a pretty simple life.. I grow my own food, I eat plant foods exclusively, vegan, mostly raw fruits and veggies. I'm working on setting up an organic fruit and veggie farm on my 5 acre lot here in Naples and perhaps engage in more permaculture food forest projects in the area.

          aury, a  Vegetarian in miramar aury
          is a 33 year old, Catholic female.
          Living in miramar, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          hello.  let's see, i've been a vegetarian since i was fourteen (pescetarian, actually), & i'm pretty much the only member of my family who is one.  i love to read, hang out w/ friends, & listening to music (rock, mostly).  

          i can't think of anything else to write, so if you have any questions, just ask.

          Mariechen, a  Vegan in miami beach Mariechen
          is a 30 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in miami beach, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I believe in love <3

          Greta, a  Veggie/vegan in Miami Greta
          is a 22 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          I am totally an introvert, I love meeting new people and spending time with them doing whatever that comes to mind. Might that be beach, camping, dinner, yoga, going for a run, roadtrip, snorkeling.. whatever it might be, i will most likely say yes. I consider myself very calm, thoughtful, understanding, open-minded and curious. I want to travel and explore the world and why not do it with someone who is like-minded? Lets go with the flow and see what adventures come our way :)

          VeggieCurious, a  Vegan in Miami VeggieCurious
          is a 43 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Dan, a  Vegetarian in Miami Dan
          is a 54 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          Travel is my passion. I have visited 57 countries and lived in 4. I am looking for a woman who would like to explore the world with me.

          I am will be living in several cities around the world in the next 24 months for about a month or more in each city.  Can you join me?    

          I love great food. I enjoy visiting temples in Asia, Castles in Europe, or Palm trees in the Caribbean.  

          I run three times a week, and lift weights three times per week. I hike, bike, ski, swim, play tennis and run; but all in moderation. I have no biological children, and none in my future.   

          You do not need to post your profile or pay any fee to contact me. I have paid extra so you can just send me an e-mail at: Please include your picture and please tell me a little about you.  


          July 2014

          ray, a  Vegan in boca raton ray
          is a 29 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in boca raton, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Hi, I am a 26 year old college grad, I am a serious athlete, sports fan, and fun person. I work as a Professional Tennis Coach for an academy in Boca Raton FL. I like music, movies, reading, watching and playing any and all sports. I enjoy the outdoors. I like talking, watching a movie, going to a club/bar, or just hanging out. I have been vegan my entire life.

          cmartz679, a  Vegan in spring hill cmartz679
          is a 30 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
          Living in spring hill, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Marius, a  Raw food in Jupiter Marius
          is a 44 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Jupiter, Florida
          Raw food diet.

          Mswink, a  Almost veg in Jacksonville Mswink
          is a 60 year old, Buddhist female.
          Living in Jacksonville, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          I am an easy-going lady.  I love to cook healthy.  I love to eat out at good restaurants with a date, love roller coasters & entertainment parks, love movies & communication.  I am also looking for a loving relationship with hugs, holding hands & more if the chemistry is right. 

          I am a respectful lady who treats people the way I want to be treated which means a man with

          manners; opens the car door for his lady or date & is able to communicate fully without being crude or rude.

          I am a stable person who is looking for a mate to have fun with & possible live in situation or marriage.

          I am an honest & loyal lady that was married for over 24 years & now divorced & looking for another long-term relationship. 

          Yashoda, a  Raw food in  Eustis Yashoda
          is a 59 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Eustis, Florida
          Raw food diet.

          Harroll, a  Vegetarian in Orlando Harroll
          is a 48 year old, male.
          Living in Orlando, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I am slightly independent and love animals. I have been a vegetarian for 22 yrs. and am financially stable. I enjoy movies, beaches, concerts, parks, and sports. If interested, reply and I'll tell you more.

          yogini1106, a  Vegan in  Tallahassee yogini1106
          is a 39 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
          Living in Tallahassee, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I'm a midwestern girl, currently living in FL.  I split my time between teaching yoga and working at a dance residency site.  Yoga and dance keep my quite active and I enjoy traveling, reading and seeing movies when I am not working.  I am a sports fan and come from a long line of Packer and Badger fans.  

          Barry, a  Vegetarian in Tamarac Barry
          is a 49 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Tamarac, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          A bit about myself: I'm a peaceful and spiritual man, a seeker of oneness with all things. I also can be quite energetic, have a youthful, athletic appearance, and my playful inner child/witty sense of humor nicely balances out my deeper, mystical side. I'm nonmaterialistic, romantic, appreciate the beauty of nature, and can enjoy the simple things of life- animals, friends, music, a cup of chai, an inspiring book. I'm a chiropractor by profession, and stay healthy and balanced mostly through swimming, qigong, yoga and meditation. I feel at home with all spiritual paths/religions, love to meditate, and my focus is on inner peace, spiritual growth, and serving others.

          Elvy, a  Vegetarian in  ST. Petersburg Elvy
          is a 52 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in ST. Petersburg, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          Ever since I was young I've been a spiritual person. I have lived a holistic life, connected to the natural flow of life and the Universe. I am a very family oriented person, my family is my reason for living. I have two kids my son and my daughter. My kids and I share similar outlooks and spiritual views with compatible life styles. My belief is that all of life is connected under one consciousness and that we all abide to the natural laws under one. I love the outdoors, the ocean is where I spend a lot of my time contemplating existence and finding inspiration to help others. I read a lot books on spirituality, religion, cultures, sciences and I also attend workshops to discover the different paths of humanity. I love to cook! My passion is to create amazing, delicious vegetarian food. I can create a plate from scratch, and from any ethnicity, you name it. I love listening to music, anything from instrumental music, indian classical, jazz, latin music. I am very active I enjoy practicing yoga, cardio (walking on the beach), going to the gym 3x a week, swimming etc. I like drum circles, dancing and music moves and shakes my spirit! I love to travel. I've traveled to ashrams in different countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and I would love to visit many more countries to stay at an ashram or eco lodges. I believe in living a good, but simple life. 


          This is just a brief example of all of my good qualities. My bad qualities...I'll tell you later ;)


          Currently I am living in St.Petersburg, FL. because of the beautiful beaches that create this paradise and it's also appropriate for my job.



          Alexandra, a  Vegan in  Pompano Beach Alexandra
          is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-female.
          Living in Pompano Beach, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Boyd, a  Vegan in  Pompano Beach Boyd
          is a 52 year old, Atheist male.
          Living in Pompano Beach, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I've been a vegan for 12 years. I work at a wildlife center taking care of animals. 

          Willy, a  Vegetarian in Miami Willy
          is a 48 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I am a musician/poet book person who likes deep people. Yes, I can be a little overly serious, but I have a very good sense of humor. I am quite a hopeless romantic, perhaps a bit too mushy for some. I love the folk music scene and acoustic music. Like the beach at night, dining, spiritual meditations, green peace activites, and politics. I love Buffy & the XFiles. I read Nexus & The Nation. I eat cheese at this time and I do have a bit of a gut, but I am working towards an even better diet & way of life. I have been a veggie person for 3 years. Currently studying to be a music educator. I am an overly mushy guy, kinda femine like. I am very OPEN MINDED

          Steve, a  Vegan in West Melbourne Steve
          is a 33 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in West Melbourne, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I am a nice guy.   I wear my heart on my sleeve.   I love laughing and having a good time.  I have 2 wonderful kiddos that live with me part time.   I love hanging out and watching movies, music, and having a good time.   My friends would describe me as loyal and willing to do anything for the people I care about.   I am looking for someone that I can have a good time with and be myself around.   I have been vegan for over a year and a half.   I currently am obtaing my doctorate in clinical psychology.   I am very easy going, and not really into drama.  Anything else you want to know feel free to message me. 

          Sheesha, a  Vegetarian in  Tampa Sheesha
          is a 48 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          Hello. My name is Lisa and I am what you would call a lover of the environment and all that is positive in it. I am passionate about my family, children, animals, environmental awareness, and fairness and equality for all. I am a teacher and a lifelong learner. I a m very communicative and have the ability to set people at ease when speaking to them, as that is what I do all day, lol. I am very loving and caring for those that I am involved with, and expect and give 100% in all I do. I do not expect perfection, but we all have the opportunity to learn and grow from one another, as life is never one sided. Also, so not to shock anyone, I am a vegetarian, but do not exoect everyone to adhere to my choices (just respect them as I do yours) as that is not my style. I prefer a healthminded partner who likes themselves enough to stick around for quite some time, lol.

          ashley , a  Vegan in st cloud ashley
          is a 26 year old, female.
          Living in st cloud, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Nicholas, a  Vegan in Tampa Nicholas
          is a 24 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I'm just trying this website out.

          LoveTheLiving, a  Vegetarian in Titusville LoveTheLiving
          is a 24 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Titusville, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I am committed to living an amazing, purpose driven, enlightened life that makes a difference in the world and helps people and the planet, and am looking for someone similar who naturally fits in with that.

          I love helping people and making the world a better place. A while back I made it my goal every single day to make at least one person's life a little better, any way I can...and I do my best to make sure that I do just that. Everything I'm about in one way or another comes down to helping people or the world.

          I am super intense, driven and high-speed, while also very grounded and down to earth, and this shapes pretty much everything in my life. I want and expect a lot out of life. I am an entrepreneur. I started my first business at the age of 17 and don't plan on slowing down in the future. I am willing to sacrifice almost anything for what I ultimately want in life. I tend to approach everything full-force and am generally an "all in or nothing" kind of guy.

          I am also extremely committed to health. I am the vegan, gluten free, supplement-popping hippie you find at your local health food store. Fortunately I love to cook, which makes things far easier.

          I am extremely intuitive and very spiritual. Not religious in any way, but I do have very strong values, one of which is not harming living things. That is the biggest reason I am a vegetarian. I find that it's harder to have a deeper connection with someone who does not feel the same way.

          I used to be a professional musician (in what I jokingly refer to as my previous life), so I have a deep love for music and the arts.

          Anyways, I'm pretty crazy and intense, and at times can be a bit overwhelming, but I think I'm well worth getting to know. If you feel the same way, I hope you'll say hello.

          ctbridgeport, a  Vegetarian in Jacksonville ctbridgeport
          is a 52 year old, male.
          Living in Jacksonville, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          "Sane Man in search of Sane Woman". I am the "Prime Minister" of television watching, and "President" of the "Society of Couch Potatoes" (and I take my duties seriously).Will watch pretty much any sport except baseball (I have my limits). Retired Navy; Currently a student. I've been accross the world and back 7 times and I still don't have a clue. I know very little and I'm proud of it.I'm saving my brains for later in life, when everyone else has used their's up mine will be fresh.I'm compulsive only when I panic. I love ice cold watermelon (surprise) and proud of it. I'm extremely ambitious and goal oriented, but I'm resting right now (I'll take over the world once I'm rested).I love vegetarian sandwiches and the women who fix them.I love women and all of their womanly powers, so overporwer me I wont complain.But not crazy women. I don not like crazy women. No crazy women please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Shakti, a  Vegan in Sarasota Shakti
          is a 48 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Sarasota, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          For ecospiritual/ethical reasons, I've been vegan over 25 years. I would love to live in a primarily vegan world (or at least a primarily vegan family or community). For me, the pursuit of a compassionate and peaceful world is a calling, as I believe it has been for most of the enlightened throughout time. I've written a book about veganism from an ecospiritual and deep psychological perspective. In my book I discuss "faunaphilia", a term I have coined which means how we innately love and need animals in our lives. Because of faunaphilia our mental health is affected by how we treat them. I myself need some stress release right now as I am unsure of what my future holds, the economy being what it is, and struggling financially being a single mom. I am also currently starting up a vegan coaching business--going slowly. Aside from that, I can say that I am an intelligent, hard-working woman, who is a survivor.  I love children, animals, and nature. For fun, I love music, independent films, and going out for coffee or to eat. I also love reading, writing, doing yoga, dancing and playing guitar.

          TPAMatt, a  Almost veg in Tampa TPAMatt
          is a 59 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          Hi I am looking to go out and find great meals with somebody with mutual interests. I occasionnally eat seafood, but that is rare. I am vegetarian, not vegan, so if that matters to you... I like movies, the mall, biking, hiking, sleeping, TV, DVDS, computers and just about anything that most people do. I am not a militant "vegetarian" so I have lots of friends that eat meat. That is an individual decision. Mine obviously is to try to keep true to the earth and harm it as little as possible. But I do drive a car, and wear leather shoes and belts! If we give back more than we take, that is what is most important. Looking forward to hearing from you.

          silkypatchespipa, a  Vegan in  Miami silkypatchespipa
          is a 52 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Thank you for stopping by my profile, I'm seeking for an amazing connection and I am open for whatever this may bring being romance, a long term relationship and in specific cases even in a friendship which is not the idea of being in match but I won't close the door on that either.

           I have a full life and I am quite content on my own, I am here to reintroduce romance into my life but if that person isn't here I gladly will rather to stay alone.

          About myself: I love to read, in excellent health, good shape, I see the glass half full, always looking to learn, been told to be a great cook and I do cook junk food in my home, not a big TV person but can enjoy a good film, love the beach, dance and to have fun always.

          I am as real as it gets, not the typical woman you may meet on a dating site, I have been told to have a kind nature and  a zest for life.

           Most men describe me as sensual, open minded and I believe that is very much the case.

          I am not into a phone/ e-mail romance; I want the all deal from top to bottom and everything in between including the mind so please respond only if you will be open to eventually talk which I find unusual here (not to be negative) LOL  

          I was born in South America,  lived in 4 different countries throughout my life; I am fluent in 3 languages and I appreciate the variety of different cultures. I have several citizenships including USA.

          What you do for living or earn isn't that important to me, hard to believe since i heard that many here look at the numbers before reading the profile, I look first at the photos then i read... what is in the person heart and the integrity is what will get my interest oppose to the income or material possessions even if it is nice to have.

           To me the definition of "successful" has  a lot to do with where are you in your life in relationship to where you want to get and what you do to be a happy person. 

          What will really seem attractive to me in a possible partner is what is in his heart and his capacity to communicate and be vulnerable, the way he treat others including family, friends and kids and attention to small details like bringing me flowers in dates other than birthdays and valentines.

          I myself am detail oriented and I like to surprise my man in many ways....use your imagination here!

          I feel that it is more important how people blend their energies together looking at each other eyes, than what a photo will say even if at times photos can give a general idea. How we are together will speak louder to me than a description a photos or material posessions not that is bad to have them.

          If you feel you could be my match feel free to make the connection. If you take the time to write I will take the time to respond. 


          p.s. Only respond if you are for the real connection...if the idea is to remain at the messages level or you are a game player please skip my profile. I am not looking for the numbers game here, if I get lucky enough to find what may be a good fit i rather to communicate with that person oppose to keep searching as i see many do.

          Jordan, a  Vegan in boca raton Jordan
          is a 28 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in boca raton, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          New to this site, hi!

          organicgerry, a  Raw food in Naples organicgerry
          is a 68 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Naples, Florida
          Raw food diet.

          I am very much into personal and spiritual growth and enjoy living in and serving a like-minded community.  I have owned and operated organic food stores.  Currently, I am a full-time Professor of Business at a State University and also teach sustainability and organic gardening.


          I would like to meet a like-minded woman open to relocating to an attractive small town where we can live sustainably and in community.  


          My diet emphasizes organic raw foods, preferably plucked off the tree in my backyard permaculture garden.  I'm also into learning more about herbal medicine and massage.


          I enjoy yoga, hiking, bicycling, swimming and the outdoors in general. I enjoy both listening to all kinds of music and singing at our local Kirtan with my friends.  I work out almost every day at the gym and thrive in my healthy lifestyle.

          Elias, a  Vegan in Jacksonville Elias
          is a 44 year old, Humanist male.
          Living in Jacksonville, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Former navy officer, current middle school teacher and spanish tutor. I joined this site to interact or other vegans or vegetarians who enjoy doing indoor and outdoor activities. I would like to meet someone in the jacksonville area or nearby.

          SkyPhoenix, a  Vegan in sarasota SkyPhoenix
          is a 63 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in sarasota, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          After growing up in NYC working in Hollywood Loyalty is first with my best friend. Any secrets? you will know them before we meet, as i want to know yours, I do hold my relationship as sacred. Call me....If its not too late

          Natalie, a  Vegan in Los Angeles Natalie
          is a 28 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Los Angeles, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Hello ello! I'm Natalie! Fun down to earth hippie rock chick. Loves to cook, dance, sing, live music, yoga, enlightened, deep, spiritual, awake. There's more, but you'll just have to wait and see ;)

          Tim, a  Almost veg in Ocala Tim
          is a 50 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Ocala, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          I am normal and lead a normal life and looking for the same in a partner.  Someone local would be nice!

          Steve, a  Almost veg in Port Charlotte Steve
          is a 48 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Port Charlotte, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          I'm kind, affectionate, mostly cheerful, sharp-minded, good-natured, occasionally funny. I have degrees in humanities, contemplative psychotherapy and computers. I'm a licensed massage therapist and my current passion is building small wooden boats. I collect more books than I actually read: mostly on Buddhism, boatbuilding, sailing, and naturalist studies. I love fantasy novels and sci-fi movies. I've been practicing yoga off and on for over 10 years. Lately I've been into Iyengar, Anusara and Tibetan Heart Yoga. I love being outside, especially near the water. Canoeing some quiet wild area is one of my favorite pastimes. I've recently moved to Port Charlotte, FL where I plan on planting fruit trees and native plants. I have a lot of love, creativity, passion and laughter to share.

          Swansong, a  Almost veg in St. Petersburg Swansong
          is a 44 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in St. Petersburg, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          I am not really sure how to describe myself...quirky, funny, sensitive, moody, intense, devoted to whomever holds my heart, gentle, tender, bold, a bit jealous ( but I can't help it - I am a Scorpio), adores all animals, fights for animal rights, and always striving for self improvement. I appreciate all things in my life including loss and grief because without it you can't truly appreciate the good you may have. I am very feminine, but have a strong personality and can be a handful at times. I am very focused on self improvement and growth. I am not religious, but consider myself very spiritual.


          Sam, a  Vegetarian in Altamonte Springs Sam
          is a 72 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Altamonte Springs, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          Listening this morning to a report on NPR how plant based diets should be the prescription for heart related problems.  Hard to understand how so many people continue to stick with the animal based foods.  I've been mainly vegie for a long time now and doing well with weight, BP and other functions.  I do have a problem related to my walking which is the result of an auto injury but my diet/weight has made it possible to deal wth the injury satisfactorily.  At 71 years old, I feel good and am thankful.

          I like to think of myself as a political progressive although I couldn't tell you exactly what that means.  I have serious doubts that I will ever make it into the 1%.  Doesn't appeal to me anyway.  I have been an advocate for clean energy for many years; primarily solar, wind and energy efficiency systems.  I read this week that President Obama has begun the installation of a solar system on the White House.   

          I spend too much time working in my yard.  But then it keeps me healthy.  Presently reading a book by Samantha Power about Sergio De Mello, the United Nations diplomat who was killed shortly after his mission was established in Iraq.  I wanted to read something by Power because Obama has nominated and the Senate confirmed her as Ambassador to the UN.  Sounds like a good choice to me.

          Presently taking violin lessons.  Quite a challenging instrument.  


          steve, a  Veggie/vegan in leesburg steve
          is a 46 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in leesburg, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          Cool, friendly good talker and listener....into music nature art and more. Do you like peanut butter? 


          Andrea, a  Veggie/vegan in Cape Coral Andrea
          is a 19 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
          Living in Cape Coral, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          I am 18 year old Real Estate Closer who has a few friends and almost no time to go out and meet new people. I'm looking not only for someone to talk to but people to hang out with.

          I'm completely random. I have mood swings like crazy (or so I think so) and I like my life sugar coated and always filled with laughter. I like being happy and I like making others happy. 


          I'm a gemini and if that counts for anything, it's exactly who I am. I do have two personalities inside of me, one who is a complete devil and the other, who I tend to be more often than not, its a just a nice and rather naive person. I also have a best friend - someone who coexist with me in almost perfect haramony. She is a gemini too...and we're almost always in tune. I'm writing about her here because we've been friends for 13 years...if you want to purse me, it must be understood that I am a shared person. My time will never be 110% the relationship...and I need someone to understand that.

          innerreign, a  Vegan in Kissimmee innerreign
          is a 58 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
          Living in Kissimmee, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Currently, May 2013, I am caregiving my 96 yo mother which consumes a lot of my time.

          Thankfully there is downtime to devote to myself for balance.   My sister's grandchild lives very

          close and brings an element of joy and purity that I have never known before since I've never been a mother.

          I have traveled the world extensively as a very brave soul helping wherever I am called.

          Listing the activities and hobbies I love would be easy because I love everything.

          Being Vegan has enlightened me to a new understanding of self.  It makes me so sad for the carnivores

          that don't have a clue about the torture they are creating, or the negative karma to be endured from it.

          I haven't dated a vegan yet, but can imagine how wonderful it would be to share energy with another clear soul.

          Southrntruble, a  Vegetarian in Bradenton Southrntruble
          is a 50 year old, spiritual lesbian.
          Living in Bradenton, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          I am a busy professional in the medical field. In my off time, I volunteer to help rehab wild dolphins and sea turtles that have been stranded. It's extremely rewarding to be able to release a wild marine animal back to their natural habitat. I have a degree in alternative medicine majoring in herbs, so I love nature walks and everything natural! I am also a vegetarian.

          Let's see, my personality, I'm hardly ever serious and I will make the most grumpy person laugh. Most importantly, I know you don't hear this one much.... I am drama free! lol No exes, no kids, no hang ups. I am very honest and you will always know where you stand with me.

          sharon, a  Almost veg in  davie sharon
          is a 48 year old, Jewish female.
          Living in davie, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          Hi,im sharon.divorced 20 years.happy,financially secure,attractive,warm,fun,funny,

          seriously,i have a lot to offer and I would like to meet that special someone that could become my best friend,and love to last our lifetimes.

          i am a new vegetarian.i enjoy cooking new veg recipes and looking for yummy vegan restaurants.

          i enjoy the beach,bike rides,hiking,kayaking.night life is also great.dining and dancing,and live music are fun with someone that enjoys that too.

          i have time for someone in my life,i just havent found the right one yet.

          say hi if you like what you see.

          im also a breast cancer survivor more than five years now.i feel great.the worse is over.i support the cause when i can.

          Jordan, a  Veggie/vegan in Wellington Jordan
          is a 32 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Wellington, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          Hello Everyone, My name is Jordan. I have been a vegetarian/vegan for quite some time now, as I pride myself on living a healthier lifestyle. I have always been an animal lover, which has helped me embrace this refreshingly new diet. I have been a musician all of my life. Music has always been a real passion of mine. I graduated from FAU with a Masters in Clarinet Performance. I play professionally and teach both clarinet and saxophone. I am also a new Internet Marketer. I am looking to not only find my own financial success online, but more importantly, help others find this same success as well.

          Kevin, a  Vegan in Miami Kevin
          is a 31 year old, Buddhist male.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I'm a little shy, but wanting to make friends. I've been a vegan for about 6 years. My interest are music, movies, japanese language, spending time with my daughter, and studying,... Wait,... That's not an interest!! It's just something I do! I'm also finishing up my certification for childcare and I will be starting college this fall for a AA degree in teaching english as a foreign language. Anyways, hi! Hope I can make some friends!

          Oluwabunmi, a  Veggie/vegan in Jacksonville Beach Oluwabunmi
          is a 29 year old, Rastafari female.
          Living in Jacksonville Beach, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          I am free. I am Nigerian & Togolese (West African). I LOVE & appreciate nature. I am born of Osun (Goddess of the river). I have a 5yrd princess & and 7yrd prince. I love to read and learn. Give thanks for life. I am free.

          Cycleguru, a  Almost veg in Palatka Cycleguru
          is a 57 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Palatka, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          My description: I have alot of energy and really look for that in my partner as well. I really try to keep things simple in life and quite honestly am turned off by those that are defined by their material things. I am really big on honesty!! Along with that, no head games. At this point in our lives, let's just treat each other with respect and learn to communicate effectively. I do live by the motto dance as if no one is watching, work as if you don't need the money and love as if you have never been hurt. I try to live toxic free, meaning, organic foods and try to keep positive thoughts and attitude. I really am looking for that person to just be myself around, no pretentions. I love a funny girl and I really have to be physically attracted to someone. After that, I am extremely affectionate and sensual and can easily get lost in someone's conversation......I love that feeling!!

          Lori, a  Veggie/vegan in Tampa Lori
          is a 52 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          I am interested in meeting a man who has similar passions as I do, such as the arts, music, spontaneous moments, outdoors, the well-being of all living 'things', laughter and a liberal perspective.

          I embrace the moments & prefer indie, alternative, folk & Americana music...not so much anything mainstream.

          When I finally became a vegetarian 15 years ago, I did so because I have always respected & loved animals, their unconditional love and lack of hidden agendas. I just had to learn a new lifestyle & am grateful for my friends who helped me.

          I wear this life like a loose cloth, going where it takes me, laughing as often as possible. I am initially interested in dating with the possibility of a monogamous relationship. That's enough for now! Peace.

          Janay2213, a  Vegan in  Miami Janay2213
          is a 27 year old, Christian Baptist female.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Hey I'm 27 (starting to feeling ollllld) I love animals (and I'm Vegan) I love Starbucks( but they're prices make me want to boycott them) and I love the beach (ummm who doesn't??) I'm NOT into clubbing nor partying but I enjoy the oldies type of music and museums . Anywho if you're similar to me and want to get out of the house more please feel free to reply!

          ZijaJames, a  Vegan in St Petersburg ZijaJames
          is a 47 year old, Christian male.
          Living in St Petersburg, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I am a fun loving adventurous man. And I enjoy having fun no matter where I go or whatever I do and would like to find a lady to share my fun times with whether it be just as friends or more. I am a vegan and really enjoy learning to make new plant based meals & would like to find someone who likes to cook this way also. Thanks & good luck to you hope you find that special person for you!!!

          Melanie, a  Vegan in Naples Melanie
          is a 28 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-female.
          Living in Naples, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Brendan, a  Vegan in Miami Brendan
          is a 46 year old, Atheist male.
          Living in Miami, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I'm a down to earth seeker of sustainability. Working on starting a small organic farm. Father of three. Lover of  jazz surfing, and tropical fruit.

          Jennifer, a  Veggie/vegan in West Palm Beach Jennifer
          is a 34 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in West Palm Beach, Florida
          Veggie/vegan diet.

          Easy going, fun, goofy, intelligent, appreciate the little things in life, kind hearted, goal oriented, love to smile and laugh.

          Mary, a  Vegan in  Miami Beach Mary
          is a 37 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in Miami Beach, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          Taurus/ Snake woman. Serious and fun. Homebody. Love green spaces, and animals. Responsible. Intuitive. I do research on anything that catch my attention.

          Brook, a  Vegan in Coconut Creek Brook
          is a 59 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Coconut Creek, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I'm a muscular and athletic vegan nutritionist and natural healer. My aim is to either make this a better world, or to find and create a safe haven for myself and my loved ones. I'm a master massage therapist/reflexologist and a gourmet vegan chef (with 3 cookbooks out). I love the water! I scuba dive and snorkle, kayak, bodysurf. I also bike several times a week as well as hike, play racquetball, and softball. I love to sing and dance, and play the piano. Flea markets and yard sales are my shopping malls. I'm physically strong yet gentle in my ways. I have a great sense of humor and love of life, and have a heart with lot's to give. Also adventurous, passionately sexual, very affectionate, and a real romantic!!! Oh yeah, and humble!!!!!! hahahahaha Looking forward to meeting you. Update: I have taken over the care of my parents in S.Florida. I am residing with them, and although all the above is still valid, I have responsibilities you'll have to consider. With love...

          Bryant, a  Almost veg in Sarasota Bryant
          is a 44 year old, spiritual male.
          Living in Sarasota, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          I am a well educated, spiritual, funny, health concious spiritually minded guy looking for a woman with similar qualities. I have a Masters Degree, was a former Physics professor, but currently I have my own business writing and teaching about energy medicine and natural healing. MY Hobbies: Yoga, meditation, Chi Kung, reading, raquetball, tennis, basketball,working out,staying fit, roller blading, sun gazing,listening to classical music, lecturing, learning all about growing younger, good movies, writing (poetry, health and humor). My body type: I am tall and slightly thin but I have excellent muscular definition.

          98degrees, a  Vegetarian in Sait Petersburg 98degrees
          is a 45 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
          Living in Sait Petersburg, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

             I am a honest, intelligent, outgoing, adventurist, athletic and humors man who works hard and plays hard too.  I love to explore the world and travels extensively.  My profession allows me to help people on a daily basis and to give back to others.  I love animals, nature and all the wonders of the world no matter how big or small.  I tend to be a humble person who is not judgmental and accepting of others.  I enjoy helping others live to their potential and achieve their dreams.  Originally from the Midwest, I still know what chivalry and how to treat a lady with respect.  I have been living in Florida a little over 5 years years.  I enjoy concerts, traveling, cooking, museums, boating, skiing, mountain biking, painting and most sports activities.  I like to be out in nature as much as possible. 


          Kat, a  Vegan in Pompano Beach Kat
          is a 52 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
          Living in Pompano Beach, Florida
          Vegan diet.

          I'm an ethical vegan, and am very socially aware regarding environmental and animal rights issues. I'm a transplanted native of Florida from Massachusetts, & have been here since 1979. I have an independent nature, yet enjoy spending quality time with someone who is not threatened by my need to also spend time alone occasionally. I have a great sense of humor, and am VERY difficult to offend. Tell me your funniest joke! I enjoy weekend outings that include Art Festivals, Outdoor Concerts (love the local music scene - Blues, Jazz, Metal, but HATE smoky bars!), Wine Tastings etc.

          marchia, a  Almost veg in sarasota marchia
          is a 66 year old, spiritual female.
          Living in sarasota, Florida
          Almost veg diet.

          love life ~ people ~ DANCING ~ the Ocean ~ the mountains ~ sunshine...all of nature ~ experiencing new things ~ see the glass as OVERflowing. we have a choice to be Happy in this life ~ OR Not! It REALLY is up to us. Expressing Gratitude is the best way to Appreciate who & what we are! Besides DANCING ~ my passion is preventive/natural health & personal growth.....have my own business ~co- publish national newspaper; co-produce/host our radio show; co-produce an annual Natural Health/Personal Growth people get back to eating whole/real foods close to mother/father nature. **there is a verse that I love>>>>"If you love something, set it free. If is comes back to you, it is yours. If it does not, it was never meant to be." When we are whole we support others in their freedom of Being! This IS true love! I created "Dance of Spirit" ...a sacred Dance performance that I schedule in churches/centers/gatherings...along with my workshop called Re-Awaken your Spiritual Essence thru Music/Sound & Movement.

          MJ, a  Vegetarian in Tampa MJ
          is a 45 year old, Jain male.
          Living in Tampa, Florida
          Vegetarian diet.

          Simple straightforward guy

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