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Ellie, a  Almost veg in Vancouver Ellie
is a 62 year old, Jewish female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Almost veg diet.

I am 62 years of age, single of course, 5'3" tall, 113 pounds, petite, slim and fit with short blonde hair and hazel to brown eyes. Friends say that I am attractive, bright,confident, and have a great sense of humor. I was born and brought up in Montreal but I have been living in the West End of Vancouver for the last 15 years. As I have a background in the travel industry, I have travelled extensively. My interests include old movies, films and theatre, classic films, reading a good mystery or biorgraphy, music and concerts (music is my passion!), going out for dinner, East Indian food, children and animals though I do not have either, some cross country skiing, low level hiking, yoga and meditation classes and long walks. I am a semi-vegetarian as I still eat fish on occasion. I am Jewish but not really observant and consider myself a secular or Reform Jewish woman.

Izzy, a  Vegan in Vancouver Izzy
is a 31 year old, female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I’m a genuine, down to earth, vegan girl looking for an awesome guy!

I became vegetarian when I was very young and transitioned to a vegan diet around 2 and a half years ago.

I’m all about living life to the fullest and making the most of every opportunity which comes my way.

I’m a total explorer at heart. I love nothing more than traveling to new destinations, whether local or further afield. I love to discover new restaurants, quirky neighborhoods, museums, farmers markets, local bookstores and independent shops.

I‘m the kind of girl who will take a day trip over to the Island or down to Seattle just for a change of scene or just to go to a veggie/vegan café that I have heard about. I always make the most of my free time and have lots of exciting things planned.

I try and live as healthily as I can, strive to be the best person I can possibly be and not take myself too seriously!

Amanda, a  Raw food in Victoria Amanda
is a 33 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Victoria, British-Columbia
Raw food diet.

Hello, I have been a vegetarian for many years. I enjoy mainly organic vegan and raw food currently. I value conscious living, peace and balance, as well as physical fitness and personal-spiritual growth. Yoga, pilates, biking, hiking, walking, piano, herbology, holistic health and nutrition, sustainability and spiritual reading are some of my interests.

Roo, a  Vegetarian in Burnaby Roo
is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Burnaby, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

  • I run and practice hatha yoga. 
  • I watch British television almost exclusively – no one does drama like the Brits. I am also a true TARDIS-blue Whovian. 10 is my Doctor. 
  • I am a Rotarian. Helping people is like an addiction but unlike most addictions instead of planning interventions people give you gratitude and free snacks.
  • I love and appreciate humor – from gallows to goofy and everything in between. 
  • I am extremely nostalgic – I get nostalgic about forgotten times and things that are not even mine. 
  • I have a blog where I write about my running, travels, Taoism and life in general. 
  • Three things I love (randomly): Peanut butter, Christmas, public libraries.
  • Three things I don’t love (randomly): People who can't merge, when my extra hot latte is not extra hot, hidden fees.
  • I love to just walk around and look at stuff: art, shops, bookstores, trees, almost anything pleasant and fun. 
  • I am a believer but not a true believer. I think having a little bit of doubt in all my beliefs help me to stay grounded and evolve.
  • I have been to 6 countries so far but I plan to increase that number greatly in the near future. 
  • I am fascinated by old architecture, books, wallets, civilizations, stories - anything that has been made old by the slow passage of time. 
  • I make a point to find happiness in the little things in life: a cup of tea with the right temperature, scoring 6 M&Ms instead of 5 with the twist of a quarter, a song I have been missing coming on the radio, for example. 
  • I am organized, reliable, focused and loyal – I genuinely like having these attributes and appreciate the same in the people in my life.
  • I keep my life absolutely drama free - but I do love drama, hence bullet point #2.
  • I am an INFJ per the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. 
  • I am a member of the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Vancouver Aquarium. Watching the sea otters just being themselves will cure all your aliments – I kid you not.
  • I am pretty particular and I know what I want but I don't let that stand in the way of being flexible and making compromises; balance is key.
  • I love to cook. I own a bunch of kitchen gadgets that I use regularly and my pantry, for example, is stocked with four kinds of vinegar: white, rice, apple cider and red wine. 
  • I subscribe to the idea that we are not the owners but merely stewards of this planet.
  • Finally, two things I believe: All we have to decide is what to do with the time that’s given to us. – J. R. R. Tolkien
  • ...and of course: I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and dreamer of improbable dreams. - Eleventh Doctor.

Mattoid, a  Vegan in Vancouver Mattoid
is a 58 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I'm a plant-powered foodie and vegan business owner.  Sometimes doing no harm seems like a full-time job, but I enjoy using humour--generally acerbic, sometimes anarchic--to lighten the load.  I'm an avid reader/film buff and love British TV.  Innovative, efficient design in architecture or well-engineered products really turn my crank.  I enjoy cycling, basketball, tennis, hiking, scuba.  I love travel and would like to do much more, especially to sunny climes in winter.  I'm a good cook and passable dancer--would love to find someone keen on doing both with me (perhaps simultaneously?).



yiqing, a  Almost veg in BURNABY yiqing
is a 45 year old, female.
Living in BURNABY, British-Columbia
Almost veg diet.

I am originally from mainland china and currently live in Vancouver, Canada. I am self employed as an immigration consultant.

Dan, a  Vegan in Vancouver Dan
is a 32 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I wondered whether there existed a dating website dedicated to my fellow vegetarians ... sure enough!

Collin, a  Vegan in Vancouver Collin
is a 32 year old, male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Here's a bit about what goes on in my mind:

-bad puns are the best way to communite (not really, but they're fun!)

-I love bees

-being honest, kind, caring, loyal, respectful, and considerate should not be special traits

-the outdoors are made for being in

-Triathlons are fun

-Sports are fun

-tea is best served in Earl Grey format with a bit of almond milk and sugar ... with a side of chocolate

-meditation is great

-napping is also great (especially in the afternoon sun)

-debating is a lively conversation, not a personal attack

-cooking is the best way to get the food you want

-family is important

-laughter is essential

-I really want a dog

-having integrity and determination is a sign of respect


If you like some of these that's great. If you don't like all of them that's great too. I love learning and being inspired by the amazing peoiple around me.

Jason, a  Veggie/vegan in Victoria Jason
is a 67 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Victoria, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm a provider, tend to be serious at times but welcome a poke in the ribs. I'm the guy who is always there when needed. I am independent and tend to march to my own drummer. I value substance over dazzle and glitter, and have no interest in exotic dining, or ski slopes on the other side of the world. I take pleasure from the smallest, humblest of things to the limitlessness of the imagination. I'm intelligent, passionate, and sometimes over enthusiastic! I dress up OK but I'm not really handsome or dashing and am not good at casual chatter so in a social setting I'm happy to sit back and listen. I'm a natural leader in a professional or business setting, but now I'm winding down I would like to use my resources to help my community in some way, probably through the farm, but I'm open to ideas!

Bohemian Gypsy, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver Bohemian Gypsy
is a 59 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

An eco-conscious vegetarian leaning vegan, loving raw, non drug user wishes to connect with like-minded for friendship, dating, as the rest will take care of itself.   I am youthfully minded and often mistaken for mid to late 40’s thus attracting a broader range of man for that reason.

As a pagan worshipper, I am a serious nature lover and enjoy time outdoors rain or shine year round. I am always up for an adventure culturally or naturally as it keeps life interesting. Summertime I beach alot, enjoying music jams with friends.  I grew up camping, hiking, waterskiing and boating, so it’s in my blood as I love windy days and lightening storms.  Chilling with someone by the fire with my cats and a good movie is also perfection.

I have been focused on a Yoga journey with Yoga studies, as ancient wisdoms that inspire peace and harmony have changed my perception of the world at large. A long time student of Bhakti and Juana Yoga, Hatha is currently an interest and thus a partner with Yoga interests would be divine.  My focus 2015 is getting in great shape, so am working with a trainer, as discipline manifests the goal in much more fun ways with knowledgable support.

Yoga and alternative, energetic healing, thinking and ZEN living is a way of life for me, as I focus on the sacred in everything, striving to improve daily with sustainability in mind. I am a Medical Intuitive and believe in natural healing and the more ancient and indigenous ways when it comes to health and well being. I aspire to learn more about natural and herbal remedies and ancient healing practices and would love to meet others in these areas.

The Artist and Designer in me enjoy’s beauty and creativity on many fronts from art, web or decor projects to jewelry and event coordination. I am well traveled, love it and would like to do a lot more. I can live both simply and decadently with equal satisfaction as my spiritual practice fills and fuels me for pretty much anything.

A gourmet cook, I love to hostess, drum and sing with talented musical friends! I love exploring tropical places, sandy beaches, ancient ruins and am always up for an adventureby myself or with someone both locally and abroad as the world and all its cultures fascinates me. Time by myself is equally important, as space to recharge and fall in love everyday is vital.

The most important part of being in an intimate relationship is communication, trust, openness and a willingness to grow together.  Having a partner willing to go the distance as a relationship evolves and blossoms, is ultimate.  This kind of relationship excites me and a partner who thinks on that level would be sublime!  I feel true intimacy is created from here, as getting physically intimate is not the same as being deeply intimate and I desire a man who knows the difference. 







VeganTeacher, a  Vegan in Coquitlam VeganTeacher
is a 32 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Coquitlam, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I live an active lifestyle and love the outdoors.

I also appreciate a good movie and relaxation time.

I listen to many different types of music on a daily basis.

I like to stay informed about world news and share ideas about them.

I am looking to meet like-minded people and share ideas about sustainability, spirituality, education and our evolution into a more compassionate society.

Linkits, a  Vegan in  Vancouver Linkits
is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Looking forward to meeting someone who: is intelligent, takes care of themselves physically and emotionally, honest, enjoys the way they make a living (and yes making a living is a given!) and enjoys travel. In turn I can offer the above and more.
My life is great, although I've learned that sharing life with a special person makes everything that much brighter. I am looking forward to growing more and more in love with someone through the years, sharing life, joy, a family~ and being each others best friend.
I love my job in medicine, and am also a Certified Yoga Teacher, but that was more for fun as it is not my source of income. I enjoy being active outdoors (and in sometimes), a glass of wine with people I care for, and my morning coffee (yey JJ Bean and 49th:)!). I love living in Kits and taking the SUP out on a whim. I also like (trying) to be mindful and in the present moment, but most of all enjoying what live has to offer. As I mentioned, all of the above is that much more special with a partner.
I've been in beautiful Vancouver for 3.5 years, came here from Ontario for the natural wonders, laid back lifestyle and my job.
If the above resonates with you and you'd like to meet sooner rather than later to see if there is potential, feel free to say hello.

Brian, a Veg at home in Victoria Brian
is a 25 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Victoria, British-Columbia
Veg at home diet.

Pescetarian for 6 years now. I don't eat meat very often, I uselly go months without touching it. I found this site on accident and thought I would give it a shot.

I am new to the island. Moved from Ontario about a year and a half ago. Love it here. Looking to meet new people. Also looking for a roommate. Msg me if you're interested in meeting up or if you'd like to know more about me. Peace and Love!

Rose, a  Vegetarian in Courtenay Rose
is a 63 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Courtenay, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

Hi! I'm a vegetarian who eats a lot of raw vegan foods. I love views of the mountains and ocean here on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I'm an author of a book about raw foods, teach "uncooking" classes and hold retreats. People say I have a calming, yet inspiring influence. I make friends easily because people know that I truly care about them. Sam is my companion cat. I appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy zumba, walking and drumming. I'm honest, straight forward and love a good laugh. I love to dance to pop/rock music and to read (but not at the same time). I enjoy travelling.

marisyl, a  Almost veg in Vancouver marisyl
is a 56 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Almost veg diet.

Hi, I'm a single woman who has recently decided to go back on the vegetarian diet I was following in my 20's, for health reasons. For the next few months - or longer - I will be a strict vegan. I've been at different times in my life into hiking, meditation, yoga, visual arts and I love foreign films, dancing, the beach, nature, visiting an art gallery. I can be a little shy in groups but at other times I can be goofy and I love to laugh. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends; many of them speak French as I do. I would like to meet someone who lives in  or close to Vancouver.

Nerdy Vegan, a  Vegan in Vancouver Nerdy Vegan
is a 42 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

“Manifest plainness, Embrace simplicity, Reduce selfishness, Have few desires.” -Lao-Tzu


Spring in Vancouver is on the way, and I am excited about getting out & enjoying the city and the natural world beyond. I would like to meet a kind and intelligent woman to spend time with. Nerdiness, vegetarian/vegan, and enjoying movies are all plusses. I enjoy life on my own, but would love to meet my best friend and partner to share life with.


I believe in living simply and enjoying simple pleasures. I am honest & open, enjoy learning and sharing knowledge and skills. I’m a bit shy & introverted, but enjoy the company of friends. I’m responsible and loyal and usually on time. I’m trying to be a minimalist, but my home isn’t quite there yet. I am very sweet and affectionate. I care about animals, the environment, and equality.


For fun, I like to get around on my bike, walk on trails/the seawall, or do moderate hiking, go swimming, check out galleries and museums. I like to photograph insects and flowers. I really enjoy good movies and TV shows (especially Sci-Fi/fantasy), nature documentaries, and always have a book or two on the go. I'm working on getting into better shape. I enjoy camping and road trips. Board games. 


I also recently started playing Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition), which I'm having a blast with.


Professionally, I provide freelance Macintosh support/consulting services to a variety of non-profit, small-business, and personal clients. I've built up a good reputation over the years and this keeps me busy at the moment. I am working on developing new lines of business on the side. 


I'm really good at computer stuff: I've built PC's from scratch, know my way around UNIX, love Macs. I like home-improvement projects. I can make a nice stir-fry, tofu scramble, and vegan sushi rolls. 



Science fiction/fantasy (Iain M. Banks, Greg Egan, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Frank Herbert, Tanith Lee), science (Dawkins, Diamond, Sagan etc.), history, simple living, veganism, environmentalism, zen philosophy/mindfulness.



Watching: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Homeland, Doctor Who

Loved: Buffy, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, The Wire, Deadwood, Star Trek (TNG most of all)



I really enjoy political thrillers: Bourne trilogy, Lives of Others, All the President's Men, etc.

Pretty much anything by James Cameron, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan. Up. Wall-E. Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Professional. Alien & Aliens. 

Nature documentaries (anything with/by David Attenborough), good (interesting & informative) political stuff. 



Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Leonard Cohen

Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Michael Nyman, Philip Glass

Loreena McKennitt, Mazzy Star, Portishead, Concrete Blonde, Sarah McLachlan, Enya

Sigur Ros, Joanna Newsom, Mumford & Sons, Gotye, Jose Gonzales, Alexi Murdoch, Rodrigo y Gabriela




Vegan. Buddhist Chinese cuisine. Po Kong, 3G, Loving Hut, Nuba. 

Whitewolf, a  Vegetarian in Vancouver Whitewolf
is a 47 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.


I am passionate about life and love. I am a hopeless romantic who will open the door for you, give you a rose, and write you poetry. I love exploring new places. But also love the warmth and connection of cuddling up on the couch to watch a great movie together. Yes, I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. :) I am physical, as well as emotional and intellectual. I love keeping fit, and find myself at this point in my life, in the best physical condition I have ever been. I love an intellectual conversation over coffee. And appreciate the quiet of a moment together holding hands and watching a sunset.


I am a creative, yet very disciplined, person. Once I set my mind to accomplish a goal, I achieve it. I am not afraid to make mistakes. I find that some of my most creative work comes from trying something I never thought could work. I am a life-long learner. I am compassionate and love animals. I have been a vegetarian for the past 18 years. I won't let life get me down, no matter how hard it tries!


Ryan, a  Vegan in  Coquitlam Ryan
is a 33 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Coquitlam, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I'm an active guy who enjoys hiking, biking, camping, backpacking and running. I'm a man of my word and love to eat mostly raw with some cooked foods from time to time. 

I'm always learning new things and love to read new books and watch movies on my downtime. 

I enjoy good conversation and experiencing new things. Would also love to travel the world. 

Thrive, a  Vegetarian in North Vancouver Thrive
is a 56 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in North Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

I am reasonably fit, because of my job and because of the little bit of 'excercise' I do at home and by paying some attention to what I eat. I strive to maintain a good level of fitness but something usually prevents me from becoming superman. I am good to go though for most activities. I also maintain my mental health/fitness...not that I need to, but just to make sure I don't stray from a path of purpose and fun. I do this mostly by just observing my thought processes. I am willing to learn new things. I like to behave like a kid, until I need to act like an adult. I like to philosophize about the way things are. My chronological age has not much to do with my physical age. I have a young-ish body. I prefer nature or the country to the city, but I can enjoy an activity in the city. I am a musician/songwriter, an inventive person (have patent), mechanically inclined. I am adventurous and like exploring, particularly natural areas...not different shops in a mall. I like to share experiences with someone close.

Allie, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver Allie
is a 49 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

Intuitive, with a young and pure heart.


Hi, guys, I am back. My Profile was deactivited for a little while because my pictures don't match my age. But my age is my real age and my pictures are my real recent pictures. Later on, the misunderstanding was cleared up and now I am back, hooray! ~ Thanks to Dave.


stephi101, a  Vegan in vancouver stephi101
is a 46 year old, female.
Living in vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I have been vegan for 2 1/2 years and vegetarian/vegaquarian (ate fish) before that. My heros are The Farm Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd, Martin Luther King Junior and his wife, Ghandi... There are many... I have always been a creative person and have had projects on the go since before Kindergarden. I love other creative people who appreciate process and who aren't afraid of personal growth and the work that sometimes goes with it. I enjoy music, dancing, films, good tv, writing, painting... the whole gammut... I love animals.... I would love to rescue a whole here of them someday.

fruitbabe, a  Vegan in fort st john fruitbabe
is a 26 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-female.
Living in fort st john, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I started yoga a few months ago and i Love it. I hope to find a new vegan friend cuz i don't have any where i live. I have a beautiful daughter and i adopted two kitties and two turtles that are also like kids to me. I've been vegan for a year. Music, I love many generas but i prefer metal, dubstep, moombahton and  psychedelic trance. I love the ocean and I desire to be at a beach one day and hoping to live by one would be a major plus.

Jessicavonvegan, a  Vegan in vancouver Jessicavonvegan
is a 37 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Vegan of 12 years. Abolitionist. Mother to an amazing child. Days are full with caring for my little love, going on adventures and spending time with friends. I am self employed. I'm open to someone that can complement an already fulfilled life. 

veggieguy, a  Vegetarian in kelowna veggieguy
is a 41 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in kelowna, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

I moved to the Okanagan about 20 years ago and love it for the most part. The mtns and lakes all so close is a real bonus.Ive been vegetarian for 21 years. Enjoy hiking, biking, exercising, cooking... I cherish my family, friends, animals the environment. 

Would be great to meet other vegetarians and see where things go. Hey we already have one thing in common :)

HugsBunny, a  Vegetarian in Richmond HugsBunny
is a 34 year old, Catholic male.
Living in Richmond, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

Im a very funny and positive type of guy, childish in some ways..but arguably intelligent.I look very young for a 34 year old man (more like 24 ! : 0 ) , Im not hairy at all.I have a very inquisitive nature..I love Cinema ,comedy, reading , playing guitar ,singing, swiming, Nature,Martial arts,traveling (sunshine destinations / snorkeling)

I am an insurance advisor by trade,suit n tie, more af an intellectual than a handy man..., i am peacefull and despise war : so if your looking for a big mean macho type of guy (a fucking idiot)..well, thats not me.Im also a religious person that attends church when possible.

People say that im lots of fun,always doing something silly to make you laugh,but i also have a big heart and am sensitive

G, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver G
is a 45 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

animalfriendly, a  Vegan in vancouver animalfriendly
is a 34 year old, male.
Living in vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Well I've been vegan for nine years. i enjoy long walks on the beach and warm romantic candle lit dinners. Movies are constantly playing while i cook. Mostly low budget horrors as laughter tends to wet the appetite. I'm not a trouble maker i'm one who respects all life unless it does not respect itself. i like bands, I like drinking aid, i love band aids. I'm a bricklayer by trade who enjoys crosswords and anything to do with the winter.

Jen, a  Vegan in Kelowna Jen
is a 32 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Kelowna, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Passionate about country music, singing, dancing, travel, photography, anything outdoors, nature & health and nutrition.

On rainy days, like bubble baths, watching movies, cuddling by the fire :)

Will try anything at least once. In the summer, like to go camping, float down the river.

Believe in the law of attraction, buddhism, self help/discovery. Love to learn, reflect & grow. 

Free spirited & spontaneous but can be grounded. Independent but with the right person, love the companionship and exchange. Enjoy spending time with people who are on a similar journey, can carry a deep, intelligent conversation, are open/positive minded and have a great sense of humor. I'm not materialistic, at all. Love the concept of simplicity. I do like to dress up every once in a while & let loose!

Have my s*it together. Own a house that I use for a source of income, have a reliable car (SMART :)), a good paying job but missing that special someone. I'm not attached to where I live and would definitely move for the right person.

Just threw my profile together quickly but will update and put some more effort into it in the next few days :)

P.s. Am a sucker for blue eyes!

lovenature, a  Vegan in surrey lovenature
is a 46 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in surrey, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I am 5 foot 8 inchs, slim built. I have thick long dark wavy hair and grey/blue eyes. I love nature and all living creatures. I love animals so I don't eat them, and I especially love eating a healthy diet which is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which I get from eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. I keep fit by walking. I enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities such as hiking around scenic sites. I enjoy good company, like dining out, and enjoy a drink in the evenings with dinner. I am easy going, down to earth, and enjoy the simply things in life. Like walking around the park, beaches, picnics, etc.

henry, a  Vegetarian in vacouver henry
is a 64 year old, spiritual male.
Living in vacouver, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

I am a 58 years old and a vegetarian for 40 years for ethical and spiritual reason,s I am a hypnotherapist ,meditation teacher, Reiki master, rebirther promoter of holistic events,entrepreneurand seminar leader I speak fluently french, Spanish and English ; spirituality is very important to me and a heart center meditation is my main practice.I love sunny beaches especially Hawaii (my second home ) ,teaching metaphysics, intelligent conversations, native american ceremonies.I love creating projects and getting them completed.I have travel extensively (70 countries so far )and I am a lover of the arts.I have 4 grown childrens that I love and they love me.I am an affectionate person that love to listen intently to the need and request of the person that I am in relationship with.

Dave, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver Dave
is a 50 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hello glad you stopped by, I am a single working father who gets the entire winter off. Likes very much to travel, speaks a little espanol would Love to learn more. Snowboarding is a great passion, and mountain biking. Very much into meditating, connecting with my higher self, the universe, the mother earth. Wanting to better my diet, would LOVE to practice raw food diet. Wide open mind to all new ideas, and would LOVE learn more on about everthing. I am ready to build a large sustainable greenhouse to better my life in all areas, could use some help, ideas. Please let me know any may have you. LOVE is the most powerful force, use it wisely.

Marc, a  Vegan in Lumby Marc
is a 32 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Lumby, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Will update later

John, a  Vegan in Pender Island John
is a 45 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Pender Island, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

perhaps I can say more with less ... here are some words to describe me: loving, gentle, compassionate, friendly, sensitive, easy-going, stable; honest, respectful, mindful & thoughtful, open minded, pragmatic idealist, community spirit, sense of humour; healthful, energetic, tall, athletic; sea kayaker, hiker, camper, explorer, cyclist, environmental accountant

Megan, a  Vegan in Burnaby, Vancouver Megan
is a 31 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Burnaby, Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I won a $3500 entrance scholarship to SFU ("Summit") because in high school I studied 7 days a week, 7 hours per day, XMAS, Thanksgiving, etc., but in university that changed unfortunately. I'm not exactly sure why I've become lazy, but some of the hypotheses I've come up with include: 1. having to go to the same school as my high school classmates who give me a pitying look every time I pass by them in the hallway, which I find severely irritating 2. I never know what marks other students in the class are getting, so my competitive drive isn't triggered. That's why you need to brag to me about how good your grades are! That will motivate me to beat you! More too...

Blue Eyes, a  Vegan in North Vancouver Blue Eyes
is a 52 year old, spiritual male.
Living in North Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Active person who enjoys the outdoors (hiking, tennis, skiing, snowboarding), vegetarian/vegan cooking, yoga, meditation, culture, (art galleries, museums...) and travelling.

frankie, a  Vegan in Vancouver, BC frankie
is a 40 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Vancouver, BC, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I'm very easy going. I love animals (obviously), dancing, spending time with my friends and family, reading and watching movies. I love going out for a night on the town, but I'm equally as happy to curl up on the couch to watch a movie or read a good book.

Rysheak, a  Raw food in Nelson, Vancouver, Cabo Rysheak
is a 57 year old, Taoist male.
Living in Nelson, Vancouver, Cabo, British-Columbia
Raw food diet.

I am into creating a thriving life for myself and others.

I love staying healthy in Spirit, body and mind.

Very into cutting edge healing practices, technologies and ideas.

I am a builder/ designer of alternative eco- friendly houses, run 2 successful business from home, visual artist and dancer.

I have many body tatoos, including my entire head.

I have home bases in Vancouver, Baja California Sur and the Nelson area.

One of my dreams is to co-creating a school of Higher Learning with the Collaborative.

Catrina, a  Veggie/vegan in Kelowna Catrina
is a 20 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Kelowna, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

I have been vegetarian for 7 years, and now I am vegan. I like to go out and have fun, but I also like to stay at home and relax.

Jan, a  Raw food in Vancouver ( W.end ) Jan
is a 37 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Vancouver ( W.end ), British-Columbia
Raw food diet.


I understand the aim here but.........

I'm a hold out ; ...or was? A hold out from this online ; weird.; fit yourself in , Which box (s)???

Just messing around. 

How P.C,  that income, and ' what do u look like'

Are not ?'s 1 &2 but 2&3!

My natural pathic physician once told me fully Veggie Tera men , well , how do I put this ...without being an ass? Impossable?  because I respect the dedication and effort and princables that a Man even more then a woman ( on this one single thing! OK?)  I thank higher powers, god daily, serious ...each morning without fail that I will never need experience squeezing a 7 lb miraculous baby out of.... anyplace but my life partners amazing, beautiful and bloody miraculous female form.....

Well she mentioned often full veggies men may not make the most , um , lol energetic lovers, lol, now I don't have any first hand experience on this...


That said I'm down with all life being treated with the full respect and ...

Well compassion and gratitude deserving to all life. I try to never kill insects and we'll ; some have like alot of legs? A fear my next life will be as an ant, aunt ?


Bloody hell I'm just ' begging'  for some hate mail or a kidney stones or something.

...I will hold off posting my pic just in case. Why am I even filling this in.

Precious, a  Vegan in vancouver Precious
is a 42 year old, spiritual female.
Living in vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.



I'm been back in Canada and it's already 3 years this Nov. Time flies when you are working fulltime again. I'm planning to open a home based vegan biz in 2014. Right now I will finish up my job and lease on a great place in Cambie Village. Probably do some travelling,visit old overseas friends,rent a home in Thailand and spend next winter there. After that back to beautiful Van and start my home based vegan biz.

    I lived in Asia and Oz for about 10 years,mostly working and living in Tokyo,Japan but taking alot of time off to rent place in Thailand and Oz and living the travel life. I have great friends in Hong Kong,Singapore,Shanghai,Thailand,Japan,Oz,NZ,South Africa and all over Europe that I visit often and miss dearly. Trying to figure out a way to live in more then one country and follow summer,what a great life that would be!!!

 I luv to travel,host dinner parties,socialize,read,watch tv and dvds,paint,but most importnat spend time with friends!!!! I have done everything from being a nanny to working in Japan as a karaoke/bar hostess. Very cool experience that started me travelling!! I'm very easy going,kind,fun,spontanious,funny and very social. Really looking for people in my area but I do travel alot and also like penpals.

pete, a  Vegetarian in Kamloops pete
is a 71 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Kamloops, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

I am a happy person who keeps fairly busy with His life. I love travel and do it as much as I can, usually because of the research work that I do...

I care for people and like to think I can help them from all my experiances in the alternative health field...

I am kind, tolerant and like to be as cheerful as possible. I am not a stationary person, I am inovative in my approach to life and like to have as much adventure as possible....

Robert, a  Raw food in Whistler Robert
is a 51 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Whistler, British-Columbia
Raw food diet.

I like to keep i moderate shape by skiing, hiking, swimming, working out a bit, and enjoying various sports. I love eating raw foods.  I am easy going and like to develop warm relationships with others.  I love the outdoors, sleeping outside if the weather is good, travelling to new places, enjoying the beauty of the world.  

I like all sorts of activities, I'm open to doing pretty much anything, so long as it's good for me.  I like dancing and listening to upbeat music, but I like most type of music. I enjoy reading intriguiing informational books on subjects such as the history of civilization and the world.  I like to relax in nice surroundings when the opportunity arises.

I am friendly, upbeat, outgoing, and like to do many different things.  So much can be said. I'm fairly flexible with others, not too picky, I can enjoy a lot of things. 

I don't watch tv, but I enjoy the odd movie, show, theater, or similar outing.  I am a homeowner/landlord, so I have a fairly free schedule and am mobile.  

I can be very intellectual at times, but also very laid back. I like cuddling with my mate, I like to show appreciation for others. I can be a bit spontaneous. I'm a bit shy at times, but I enjoy meeting people who are fun and share activities with them.  Life has lots of things in it to do!


Liam, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver, BC Liam
is a 64 year old, Buddhist gay male.
Living in Vancouver, BC, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.


Hi guy, I value kindness and thoughtfulnesss to others, daily exercise, and talking from the heart.  My typical day consists of Ki-Aikido, meditation, urban biking, and an uplifting read.   I'm dedicated and passionate about my work, which is about helping others.  Some further interests of mine are getting to the woods, Buddhism, and health. Being present to the little moments means a lot to me, usually with the beauties of nature. Basically, I'm a touch-loving, sometimes quiet fella looking to make more solid friendships and then date in order to take friendship to another level.

J, a  Vegan in Vancouver J
is a 35 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Hi, I'm Jairo (HIRO) and I live in Vancouver. I'm a carpenter that loves music, books, travel and the outdoors. I've been vegan for the last 9 years.

Sebastien, a  Raw food in Washington Sebastien
is a 38 year old, Humanist male.
Living in Washington, British-Columbia
Raw food diet.

I love being outside:  biking, hiking, swimming, surfing, traveling and I also enjoy being inside with good food, a good book, or good company.


Maggie, a  Veggie/vegan in Coquitlam Maggie
is a 34 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Coquitlam, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

I have only been a vegetarian for a year and mostly vegan for a few months.

I am a mother to an earth and animal loving little boy. He is my world and the love of my life :)

I like to spend my time with family and friends but I also enjoy my time alone.

Being outdoors, in the sun and fresh air is natural to me. At the same time I like to relax at home.

I like to cook various types of dishes but eat raw most of the time.

I really care about the environment, animals and people in general. I try to my best to help anyone or thing in need and always have since I was little.

I believe in karma and that everything happens for a reason.

I don't regret anything as what I have been through in my life has made me the person that I am today.

When I am in love I give with everything that I have in me.

There is just so much more to me...

lev101, a  Veggie/vegan in vancouver lev101
is a 58 year old, spiritual female.
Living in vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi! I am 5'3", 140 lbs., in great shape, dark hair and eyes, outgoing, funny, artistic, love to draw, dance, listen to music, see live music, theatre, shows, healthy vegetarian diet, environmentally conscious, constantly researching new innovations, the past present and future,products, designs, world events, inventions... I have lots of friends and amazing family. Looking for a like minded man for dating and possibly more.

Mango, a  Vegan in Vancouver Mango
is a 22 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Hello fellow veggies! Here are 10 things about me:


1. I currently teach preschool while working on my degree

2. I never kill bugs, I always take them outside

3. I think raisins are gross but cranberries are great

4. I love friendly competition and playing games (I'm amazing at foosball)

5. I wish I knew how to play guitar (besides the 7 chords I know how to play poorly, haha)

6. I love being busy trying new things

7. I speak French fluently

8. I adore my family and consider my parents as friends

9. I always go kayaking when I travel

10. I love debates, conversations, and learning from others

LC, a  Vegan in Abbotsford LC
is a 52 year old, female.
Living in Abbotsford, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I am a active women, work out several times a week. I run not to get stress and to stay trim and healthy. Like to snowboard in the winter, camping in the summer, hiking in the mountians. I have two medium size dogs to walk with every day. Looking for an honest, active, healthy and preferably vegan or vegetarian men.    

Vicky, a  Vegetarian in Vancouver Vicky
is a 29 year old, Buddhist female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

Hi, New to online dating but I have decided to give it a shot. I am a very lucky girl to be fortunate enough to have everything in my life. I was raised up in a super caring and loving vegetarian family and have been wanting to find a lifelong partner who would share the same/similar values and who loves children. I enjoy hiking, photography, reading, singing and painting. I have recently started to learn ice-skating and snowboarding. I would love to explore new things with you...but I also love to spend time making food, watching TV or just anything together. I am working in one of the big four accounting firms...there may be times I need to work long hours so I need someone who is understanding and would be supportive of my career as I will be supportive of yours. I need a mature, friendly and determined guy who is respectful of women. Though it is tough but I still believe that there's the one out there for me. I cannot wait to build my life with you, take care of you and be spoiled by you.

NonDescriptAsianMale, a  Vegan in Vancouver NonDescriptAsianMale
is a 38 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

- I've been a strict herbivore for over a decade, strict vegan for about 9 of those years.

- straight-edge (no drugs/alcohol for me anymore)

- I'm very much into that which makes me laugh, in all of its forms

- I like the kind of girls/women that were born with vaginas,

  not multiple vaginas, just one per person


- I'm spontaneous, but reliable

- uninhibited; ex: World Naked Bike Ride, Polar Bear Swim, hitchhiking, etc.

- place little value on material possessions

- honest communication is the cornerstone to successful adult interactions

- slim/athletic build; as if I was a real man who eats meat

- volunteering with Liberation BC is good fun

- fairly easy-going with "progressive"-leaning tendencies


- I enjoy movies, board games, and sports like baseball, badminton, wall-climbing, skateboarding, & cycling

- I enjoy stimulating conversations about a wide range of topics, taboo or otherwise

So send me a hello, or even better a witty remark.....


H, a  Vegan in Vancouver (ish) H
is a 38 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Vancouver (ish), British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I've been vegan for many years and I really enjoy the lifestyle.  I went vegan for compassionate reasons but the health and environment benefits are a great bonus!

I am shy person who enjoys being active and getting outdoors.  I am considerate of others and try to live my life so that I do the least harm to others and also do something to help others. 

I enjoy volunteering, walking my dog, snowboarding, hiking, eating out, new experiences.

Allrounder, a  Almost veg in Vancouver Allrounder
is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Almost veg diet.

Hey there,

Where to start? no particular order...

While I wouldn't quite call myself a luddite, I'm not very "into" technology. Maybe I like things a bit old school. Quality over newfangledness. I'm very passionate about music, and I guess you could call me a jazz musician - one day when I retire from my non-music career, I'll start calling myself a "professional musician", but until then I'll just be a career man but with a great hobby.

I try to take Mr. Rogers' advice to heart: “You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices. And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are.” I think I've figured out what's important to me - have you?

Animals are very important to me and that is the primary reason why I am a pescetarian (vegetarian is a possibility). In general though I am very health-conscious and I exercise regularly using a mixture of non-douchebag exercises and what I affectionately call the "Cheetah Workout" (no, my dog is not named "Cheetah"). I play some sports too but there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, but I'd really like to play more tennis and do more skiing.

Punctuality is perhaps not my strongest trait, but I'm a great conversationalist and hilarious to boot. Now punctuation...that I'm pretty good at!

Tiki55555, a  Vegetarian in Vancouver Tiki55555
is a 41 year old, Unitarian female.
Living in Vancouver , British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

I am a happy person who has a "glass 1/2 full" attitude. I love to laugh and have a good time, but I also take life seriously. I believe that there is a match out there for everyone, we just have to be patient and not settle. I am down to earth about somethings and picky about others - i know myself and like myself. I work as a manager for a non-profit and love my job, but my job isn't my life. 

I like staying in and enjoying dinner and snuggles, but I also love going out dancing and having a good time. I organize and plan like my mom and repeat my stupid jokes like my dad. I'm always wanting to learn and grow as much as i can....i strive to excel in communication because it's the key to a sucessful relationship. I am smart, but not arrogant, attractive, but not conceited, I am sensitive, but not insecure. Oh, and i'm honest and straight forward too. Usually I have a big smile on my face and in my heart because there is much to celebrate. I am authentic and genuine and silly and playful too. 

Recently I read this description of what someone had learned from their past relationships......and it was so true to me - this is what they said: "Flossing is important. Laughing is essential. Perfection is impossible. Better to be single than to be in a bad relationship. If it's worth it, I'll work for it; if it's not, I won't. Don't say anything you'll regret because you can't take it back. Finally, you must expose yourself emotionally -- it's the only way to reap love's greatest rewards." I believe all of these things to be true. 

I want to work hard, play hard, travel and have exciting adventures, share myself, learn, give and enjoy my life. I'm looking for a person who shares my values and who genuinely knows and loves themself, because confidence is the sexiest attribute there is!!

I want passion and chemistry and will hold out for magic! No games, no drama, just real, raw, authenic honesty. I want adventure and true and spicy and hot and open and talkative. After a few long term relationships, I may be rusty about this courting stuff, but I'm not jaded by breakups.

SurfDad66, a  Veggie/vegan in Whistler SurfDad66
is a 48 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Whistler, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm an athletic fun seeker that likes a woman who is serious about her health and is on the same wavelength as me.

BCurious4Once, a  Vegetarian in Victoria BCurious4Once
is a 62 year old, Buddhist gay male.
Living in Victoria, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

As a conscientious gay man, I want more than monosyllabic conversations or discussion of what's the fashion trend of the month. I take risk for personal growth and the adventure of being human, appreciating relationship as a vehicle for spiritual evolution. I am a healthy (HIV neg), vegetarian, non-drinking/smoking Buddhist. I prefer simple living, enjoying organic gardening, mountain biking, ice skating, yoga and outdoor activities, laughing/singing in the shower, along with fine films, books, arts. I am an innovative consultant/educator dedicated to building collaborative, multicultural relationships supporting personal, professional, and organization effectiveness...raising consciousness through “learning in relationship,” dialogue, and holistic community development, whole-systems design. I have lived ten years in Nepal and Tibet. My Mission is to inspire and support positive change by learning-how-to-learn from our experience as we build healthy, loving, and respectful a world where people want to belong.

january, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver january
is a 33 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

Some randomness in point form:

-I work with women in the DTES. My job is important to me.
-I have a large ish cat named Pixie. I don't think she is that big but other people tell me she is. I think she is pretty great.
-I dislike red and yellow together. And red and green together.
-I really like scarves.
-I am certified in staging and redesign.
-You will never see me wearing a pair of giant hoop earrings.
-My parents are amazing and I come from a caring family.
-I see my parents at least once a week.
-I'm not religious and would prefer you aren't either.
-If you don't understand how someone can be a good person without religion we likely won't get along.
-I'm eco-conscious.
-I don't kill bugs and I like plants.
-I have never smoked a cigarette and never plan to.
-I like polka dots and stripes.
-I use to be a part of a volunteer project in a prison (not because i was in prison!).
-I am generally calm.
-I love animals and won't eat them.
-Bonus points if you don't eat meat but this isn't a deal breaker. And I won't tell you how to eat, don't worry :)
-I am organized but pretty easy going.
-The little things make me happy.
-Flaky people drive me nuts. Please don't message me if you aren't reliable.
-I like rollerblading but I can't stop well.
-I'm nice but not a pushover.
-I'm not sure why men refer to women as girls.
is a 26 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Vancouver , British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

steven, a  Raw food in vancouver .b.c steven
is a 48 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in vancouver .b.c, British-Columbia
Raw food diet.

im relaxed,outgoing  80percent  raw food vegan,likes walks on the beach ,picnics,martial arts ,sunny days ,early morning,smothies,west end vancouver,studing vegan nutrition,raw food ,hebal medicine,so yes i read a lot,im looking for someone between37- older, who is health fit, vegan or raw foody,easy going,im a non-drinker so i hope you dont drink or very little,i do like children so if you have children great,im open if you want children,im spirtual,so very open minded,recarnation,,meditation ect,looking for healthy relationship,im not perfect always trying to improve myself,so do you dont have to be a 10 or perfect,just be  ,nice and caring,seeing i have study herbal medicine,i now realy well how to take care of someoneand enjoy doing so,i have been single long enought47, 48 in july,lets this ball get rolling let get togethe  for a tea,no endless emails please,i do have a plan i would like to share,maybe in 5 years or so when my condo paid off,i would like to by buy a place in vilcabamba equador and move and retire their,i go can grow my own fruit and veges and live off the land,if you know anything about gardening that would be cool,so share your though and dreams,hope to here from you .steven

Omar, a  Veggie/vegan in New Westminster Omar
is a 38 year old, male.
Living in New Westminster, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

I work full time and love my job. I support adults with developmental disabilities. When I'm not working, I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities which include going for walks, running, hikes, playing tennis, beach volleyball, sun bathing, swimming, would like to try soccer as well. I am just as happy going out for an evening on the town or relaxing at home cuddling to a good movie. I like reading, eating out, cooking together. I enjoy trying new food. I have been a vegan on and off for the last 5 years. I'm also known as a nutritarian which means I eat foods that contain the most amount of nutrients per calorie. I am currently a ovo-vegetarian with a long term goal of becoming vegan permenantly. I am passionate about anything to do with health and fitness and enjoy learning new things about health, other cultures, and spiritual paths. I am open minded, non- judgmental, and missing that special someone to share all the good things this life haa to offer. 

Vegan Cat, a  Vegan in Creston Vegan Cat
is a 58 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Creston, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Love my animals, gardening and artwork. Just got myself a membership at the rec center so this winter I'll be taking a large interest in using this facility. I have my own home here in Creston and take great pride in my gardens along with the community garden and looking after my 3 cats and 1 dog.

hedonisteuphony, a  Vegan in Vancouver hedonisteuphony
is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.


I'm unique,tattooless, young at heart. I'm a generous, calm & honest person. I love music minimal underground dark wave electro newwave  & meditation new age also classical. Love mountain biking, snowboarding. Not into sports TV or live sport watching. I love astral travel, lucid dreams is awesome too. My negative ego is to be soletary, i'm not a fan of social gatherings. I'm Canadian and American I also speek freanch. Work in construction is what I do for now. I enjoy relaxing at the beach as well, I really love nature. I'm a cat person. My dislikes are GMO Monsanto & rap music. I have no felonies ;) 

Bveganne, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver, GVA Bveganne
is a 39 year old, Christian female.
Living in Vancouver, GVA, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

Half Asian/half Caucasian,18 years veggie, mostly vegan throughout 8 years, at one point raw foodist & may try that again, witty, intelligent, fun-loving, easygoing, dependable, compassionate, sweet,shy,sensual woman. I'm glad to be living out West!:) I'm a little curious, but it's definitely not an absolute necessity to explore that area. I enjoy nature & the outdoors, care for all living things, I dig camping, park excursions & dog walks, indoor activities such as playing pool & even bowling, movies n' all things artsy, including sewing clothes for fun & prepping n' eating delicious, nutritious, aesthetically pleasing foodies! Great tunes help make the world go 'round!

Christine, a  Vegetarian in Coquitlam Christine
is a 41 year old, Unitarian female.
Living in Coquitlam, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

I like to spend my spare time outdoors (walking, hiking, biking), at home (cooking, baking, reading, watching movies, gardening) and with friends and family. I am someone who cherishes nature and our environment, but who owns a car. I like animals and children and enjoy spending time with both. I spend some of my spare time involved in community-oriented organizations. I would love to travel and experience more of the world! Leading a healthy life is important to me: running, going to the gym, spending time in nature and cooking and eating healthy food (but I love to bake so fresh bread and goodies are an absolutely mandatory part of my life!). I'm a combination of a typical suburban girl, a back-to-the-earth kind of person and a socially/environmentally concious person. I am a “simple-living” kind of person who tries to spend her time and money on life experiences rather than on material possessions. My future plans include a home and family and perhaps a life out in the country.

Miss_Mew, a  Vegetarian in Burnaby Miss_Mew
is a 28 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Burnaby, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.


I have been vegetarian for 10 years now; I was pescatarian for about 3 of those years, but not anymore :). I can safely say that I will never eat anything with a face again in my life. 

I have never been on an online dating site before; but I find it so damned hard to meet other vegetarians in the area. It would be nice to go on a date with someone and not have them making a stupid/eye-rolling worthy comment about my food selection, or them thinking it's funny/cute putting a piece of meat on my plate or trying to feed it to me in a joking manner *barf* f___ o__!

I am a third year university student majoring in computing science. I have been in university for almost 5 years now (eek); I bounced between majors (from Humanities, to Communications, onto Business with a consideration of Sociology) until I realized that computing science is my calling.

I am totally, 100% a cat person; I have a profound love of cats, but I do love all animals (even though sometimes they don't feel the same way).  I have a 21 years old cat that I love to bits and have fond memories of bringing her to my kindergarten class for show-and-tell.

Even though I don't get much free time these days (school + work = minimal me time), I do like going to the gym and I have a thing for cheesy workout videos. I enjoy going out with my friends to restaurants, bars, even the dreaded nightclubs of Vancouver or just staying in and chilling with them or cooking for them (I'm always trying to convert my friends to vegetarianism even though I'm pretty sure they find it annoying at times). 

I enjoy listening/dancing/studying/thinking/reading to music (mostly electronica, disco, breaks, chill, triphop and house). I do play a musical instrument (which I don't play electronica, disco, breaks, chill, triphop or house on ;)).

Oh, and I like the smell of new tires.



Dillon, a  Vegetarian in Kelowna Dillon
is a 33 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Kelowna, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

Searching for a vegetarian that loves to dance. Also hoping that special girl wouldn't mind dancing around the world for a few months and perhaps help add some creative force to our future dance studio. Maybe even help choose a nice place to build a home, start a garden and grow a family. Positive attitude with an ability to act totally ridiculous is an asset. 

For the last ten years I've spent my working hours teaching dance, building houses,organic farming, saving lives and on occasion ill break into a bank, car or house for some extra income. You could also say I am a creative movement coach, carpenter, gardener, first aid attendant, and a locksmith. 

I have a few big plans and life goals at the moment. First and for most, become world famous dancer. Next on the list is make a million dollars mining gold and selling underwear. After that I shall return to school to obtain full paramedic training. 

I like to spend my free time, dancing, going to music festivals, hanging with friends and fam, feeding the poor, and overall just do things to better myself spiritually mentally and physically.

So if your into loving life and still interested we should most defiantly kick it. 

Oh and one more thing, I don't have a car atm, (decided to sell and travel for a 6 months) but I am 4 months away from a $250,000 inheritance my dad left me when he was killed by a drunk driver. So if I'm not traveling the world I'll be buying a ride, and an rv, and maybe a bike.

VancouverGuy, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver VancouverGuy
is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious gay male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

35 year old vibrant outgoing guy looking for another.  I have a variety of interests, both in and outdoors.  Lets chat. 

Daphne, a  Veggie/vegan in  Hope Daphne
is a 39 year old, Christian female.
Living in Hope, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hey there, I don't want to share too much on here, so will try to keep it short :). I'm told I'm cute, sexy, intelligent, affectionate, laid back, energetic, passionate and a true animal lover. I'm mostly honest, very loyal and appreciate most kinds of humor. I like the indoors: watching TV, cooking, cuddling, having friends over, and the outdoors - traveling, kayaking, anything to do with rivers, rafting, exploring the city, dining out.

I would like to meet ppl, instead of just messaging/talking for weeks. What's the worst that can happen? If there's no chemistry we could gain friendship.

Physically, I'm attracted to Caucasians, blue eyes/ ink is a bonus ;)

TV - I like mostly comedies, but will put up with most things, except for war or animal torture.
Sports - I like soccer. Sorry hockey fans, you'll have to teach me the hockey rules.

Movies: Anything with psychological twist, action, comedies... well most genres.

Music: Wide range, My fave is metal but will listen to different styles.

monika, a  Raw food in Vancouver monika
is a 50 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Raw food diet.

A little about me: .. I have central European background but living in Vancouver, BC  for over 20 years. I enjoy learning, exploring and traveling around the world . 14 years ago I founded a successful import-export company and now I am entering a new chapter in my life with really exciting opportunities. I have studied healing therapies and now have the skills to assist others.  Spirituality is a big part of my life.

I enjoy healthy lifestyle .. eating mostly raw food for 4 months now.. and it is fun :)

doodlepants, a  Vegetarian in Richmond doodlepants
is a 29 year old, male.
Living in Richmond, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

Why do they charge in order for us to message each other on this site?  Advertisement revenue isn't enough?  Also, we aren't allowed to include other contact information without paying a fee.  It really feels like we're being held hostage here.

I was born into life as a Narwhal in the Montréal Aquarium, but when it shut down in 1991, I was sold to some cunning young med students at McGill University for their research project, where they surgically transformed me into the handsome male human you see before you today. I settled in Vancouver, grew up (kind of), did a bit of partying and experimentation/adventuring. After first studying psychology and philosophy, I finished a degree in Fine Arts, and spent a chunk of my life making work, travelling, and showing in galleries. I worked as a set designer for puppet shows in New York for a while, and recently spent some time working at an arts centre in East Africa, teaching people how to edit their own videos. But I always end up returning to Vancouver. I think it's my appetite for all the fantastic (and affordable!) restaurants we have here, especially vegetarian sushi and curry.

I'm the kind of person who is interested in everything, and as such I am constantly developing new hobbies and interests. Archery is the newest example of this, and I can feel a passion for kayaking and long distance cycling by trail may lurk somewhere on the horizon. On a more academic level, my interests in international relations and medicine have really grown over the last four years. I'm especially interested in disaster management and global health, where these two fields converge, and am currently pursuing a masters degree and medical fellowship in this area.

As far as temperament is concerned, I believe I am generally quite laid back and open minded. I definitely speak up when necessary, but I don't go around yelling all the time. That would be silly. I'm an animal lover and life long vegetarian, and love food but seldom have the time, space or excuse to cook. I love bicycling (both road, and on trails), current events, learning new languages, camping, swimming, hiking, early science fiction from the 20's-50's, and cheesy VHS horror from the 80's.

Humans are complicated creatures, and from reading the very narrow, and simplified descriptions the majority of people here post of themselves, it's hard to get a sense of what people are actually like. I really don't think you can get to know someone just by music and dietary interests, so I've tried to be a bit more introspective with my anwers. If you think I sound interesting, please don't hesitate to message me. Perhaps you could start by answering one of the following questions about yourself: Where are you from? What d you think of Vancouver? Do you like tomatoes? Would you rather live blind or deaf? Are you in school? Working? Both? Something else? Maybe riding unicorns or a professional toast-butterer?

Sashmo, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver Sashmo
is a 33 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

I myself am a non-smoker, non-drug user and am looking for the same. I enjoy cooking, working out, snowboarding, reading, adventures, animals and honesty.

I firmly believe that you can only get to know someone by their actions, so more information about myself will be revealed if we decide to chat further!


Jake, a  Vegan in Vancouver Jake
is a 24 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I recently got back to veganism, after a period of time in which I unfortunately was able to justify to myself not being vegan.

I'm really into music - I play a few instruments and listen to pretty much every genre. I enjoy virtually all forms of art, from visual art to cooking to acting - basically I'd say that I'm into anything where people think deeply and push boundaries.

At the same time, I like to get together with friends and go out and whatnot.

tulipdelux, a  Vegan in Surrey tulipdelux
is a 34 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Surrey, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I love traveling, going on adventures, exploring new cultures and learning new languages. I have a slight disability, but it is not an issue in my everyday life. In my free time I like to do yoga, meditate and read. I am a non-smoking vegan. 

Gardenia Smile, a  Vegetarian in Burnaby Gardenia Smile
is a 51 year old, Hindu female.
Living in Burnaby, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

Hello all, I will leave it up to the universe to find my soul mate.

We can create our own reality,  I know there is a soul out there that  is meant to be.

I am a strong independent Leo women who likes to share the beauty and wisdom of life. I live  in the NOW and value the future. I am able to share my love and knowledge to the best of my ability. But I am not able to make anyone "Happy". We are all responsible for our own happiness, this is something internal. No one can make us happy but ourselves. All I can do is share what I have. And the rest is mystery. I love music and dance. Meditation, outdoors and ways to improved my consciousness. Being aware and in knowledge of my self and all that is around me.  I LOVE going dancing,  Latin dance in particular , Salsa, Bachata, Meringue etc.

If you want to get to know me,  I will be happy to connect via email.

Thank you,




Softprincess, a  Vegetarian in BURNABY Softprincess
is a 52 year old, Hindu female.
Living in BURNABY, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

I am vegetarian since birth. Like to travel, enjoy good food, walking on the beach, good comedy and intelligent conversation. I have a good sense of humour, believe in simple living and spiritual thinking. I do not appreciate people who smoke, drink heavily, are dishonest, egoist and complex. Healthy life style is a must for me. Positive attitude is important to enjoy social life. If you feel we have most things in common then lets talk. Thanks. Embarassed

Dusty, a  Vegan in Qualicum Dusty
is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Qualicum, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Living a healthy lifestyle here on Vancouver Island.Finding it difficult to run into fellow veggies in daily life. Looking for like minded people to share with. Love the outdoors, laughing and just enjoying life in general. 

Nas, a  Vegan in Vancouver Nas
is a 33 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Hi there!

I'm a super active person and thus love doing anything physical. Some of my favorite interests and activities include dance, writing, going on adventures, being outside in the sun, music, having delicious vegan food, fashion, spiruality, laughing lots & spending time with family and friends. 

I am super spiritual and meditate every day. It's really important for me to make the world a better place in some way and thus I take part in seva projects and am always thinking about ways that I can do this.  I am currently self employed, but am looking at other options for my career right now. I want my career to  be more in line with who I am as a person. 


Carlos Estevan, a  Vegetarian in vancouver Carlos Estevan
is a 31 year old, male.
Living in vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

Hmm, describe myself?  Well...  It`s probably best you talk with me.  I have a lot of interests, but that`s more of what i`m in to not who I am.  I love music, playing music and writing lyrics, bike riding, travelling.  I`m an aquarius, and I`m not exactly a born astrologer, but the definition of aquarius sort-of fits me.  Talk with me, I wont bite!


Shannyn, a  Raw food in Pitt Meadows Shannyn
is a 28 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Pitt Meadows, British-Columbia
Raw food diet.


My name is Shannyn and I am enjoying the amazing journey of eating raw vegan.

I would describe myself as loving, spiritual, outgoing, kind, big hearted, social, radiant being.

I love to learn, read and experience new things. 

Petrichor, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver Petrichor
is a 28 year old, spiritual lesbian.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

Note: Funny I have to mention this, but to the men: Please see "Lesbian" above. I'm not interested. Thank you and good luck with your search.

The glass is half-full. Kindness is key. Compassion is sexy. Self-care is underrated. We live on a pretty amazing piece of earth here and I like to venture out into it-whether it's to get my blood flowing or just stroll and take it all in. I also appreciate relaxing with a good book, movie or conversation. I'm a big animal lover, health and wellness are at the root of my life and I'm pursuing education within the alternative health realm to live that passion out on a career level. And thus I'll be moving to the Island soon and I'd love to meet some good Vic people :) I'm a big nerd for community events, farmers markets thrill me. Exercise, yoga, picture taking, reading books, listening to authors read their books, looking at books, sometimes smelling books (used books...what?), cooking and juicing and discovering new awesome herbivore-friendy haunts. Traveling and road trips are another love of mine, and I plan on doing a big cycling trip down the coast next summer. Life is short-you hear it everywhere but it's true-and if it's not spent doing what makes your heart happy, what's the point?


ToFoodie, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver ToFoodie
is a 50 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

Very easy going, level headed woman.  No games, BS or drugs. I love my life. Just would like to find the last piece in the puzzle.

007, a  Vegan in Vancouver 007
is a 52 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Looking to have some fun/laughter and hopefully meet a "life" partner...great friend, and fall in love....??? I work hard..Love life, love kind people that lead interesting authentic lives. Appreciate and admire the deep and soulful connections that can be created between aware, evolved, open, HONEST people. I have two tattoos, love yoga, music, art, gardening, energy work, massage,creating healthy yummy food and drinks, also interior decorating.

Love & making this world a better place is a priority, and respecting all living things. I am the first to stand up for what I believe in... I try to live my life with a purpose and have no hidden agendas..I believe that random acts of kindness should be a life style..not random. I love ALL animals. I am a two year vegan, a vegetarian 25 years... I have been studying natural diet and healing for a very long time I currently have two wonderful kitty cats. I have had the pleasure of care taking many animals and strays

Aaron, a  Almost veg in Campbell River Aaron
is a 46 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Campbell River, British-Columbia
Almost veg diet.

I am a highly active, energetic, professional working in the environment/resource management field. Gee, that sounds a bit like it belongs in a cover letter for a job??? Anyway, I am a pretty light hearted, playful (a bit goofy at times) and open minded achiever, yet serious when it's required. I enjoy a worthwhile book and intelligent conversation. An appreciation of music is a must although I'll confess my taste is not always so sophisticated! :) I enjoy a myriad of activities including mountainbiking (XC, trials, etc), backcountry adventures (summer/winter), many sports, dance, and a new interest in playing guitar. I am pretty driven but still strive for simplicity of life.

starlightcity, a  Vegan in Vancouver starlightcity
is a 35 year old, female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I've been a vegetarian for over a decade and recently made the transition to vegan. I would describe myself as a laid back and fun loving person. I enjoy trying new things, and I believe that life is about enjoying all the great little things. I currently work in management, but I'm in school to become a holistic nutritionist. I love Indian food, old black and white movies, museums, rafting, and almost all types of music. I love a good book - put me in a book store and I'm in heaven. ;) I believe that it is our compassion that makes the world a better place.

Anne, a  Veggie/vegan in Vancouver Anne
is a 54 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm a long-time ethical vegetarian female, 48 yrs old, slim/average build, looking for someone to share nice meals, great music, interesting discussions, walks, bike rides & travel.

Franko, a  Vegan in Fraser valley area Franko
is a 51 year old, male.
Living in Fraser valley area, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I am a vegetarian male 5'11" slim build. I love nature,parks, travel,hiking,zoos,history,and many other interests. I am not a city lover or town lover. I love the country and more rural areas. I like strong black fertile organic soil,fresh air,pure water,and away from the corruption and crime of the big cities and towns.

Sylvia, a  Vegetarian in Abbotsford Sylvia
is a 42 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Abbotsford, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a professional woman, who enjoys traveling, dancing and reading (unfortunately, I don't get to indulge as much as I would like to). I enjoy too many activities to mention. I like to explore, both natural and man-made environments. I consider myself rather spontaneous; however, I am really grounded in my career, which, unfortunately at times, restricts my movement somewhat. As already indicated, I love dancing and anything musical. Having said that, staying at home with loved ones and just enjoying oneself is time well spent. I'm open to new things and am eagerly awaiting what else life has to offer.

Kevin, a  Vegan in Vancouver Kevin
is a 33 year old, male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

About Me :
That's it.

Ok fine............

-Loyal/trustworthy/faithful/I never cheat
-Posthumanist/transhumanist(2020: computers expected to surpass human brains,2045: the singularity expected)
-Use human powered locomotion for daily transportation
-Detail oriented
References UNavailable upon request

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