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Julia, a  Vegan in Huntsville Julia
is a 20 year old, Atheist bi-female.
Living in Huntsville, Alabama
Vegan diet.

I'm as pc as the average person gets, I was educated in a school where taxidermied animal parts were thrown at me during classes for the dietary choice I made, so being educated and tolerant are both important things to me. That being said, I'm usually seen as annoying for being overly nice or moral. 

But that is all chill with me, I'm just here to meet some people who share similar lifestyles and perspectives. 

So if you are interested in a super friendly weirdo, then I'm that person


Daniel, a  Vegetarian in Tuscaloosa Daniel
is a 27 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Vegetarian diet.

I am into fitness and love to spend my time in the best way to achieve it. Working during the day feels great when I know I am going to gym after it. I am also a nutrition nerd and love to invent new recipes. 

Beyond these two I spend time on research in my field, music, and travelling. I am in love with farming and can't wait to make a litle farm soon. I kinda already have one in my backyard though. 

Find that fun?! Then let's get some tea. 

wanda, a  Vegan in Mccalla wanda
is a 52 year old, Christian female.
Living in Mccalla, Alabama
Vegan diet.

Hello, I am a loyal friend. I like to laugh, I am humorous at times yet serious when I need to be. I strive to enjoy the journey and desire a comparable person to share it with. I made the choice to become a pescatarian ( sea food consumption) in 2010. I chose to become vegan in 2015. I am learning to prepare alkaline meals. This works well for me.

I am a humanitarian, I believe that great is the person who serves others. Last but not least, the Lord is indeed faithful, loving, kind and all powerful. My life is good because of HIS presence.

Enough about me, tell me something about you.

Rachel, a  Vegan in Wetumpka Rachel
is a 24 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-female.
Living in Wetumpka, Alabama
Vegan diet.

I've been vegan for a year and a half now. Veganism was something I always wanted to do for ethical reasons, but it has helped me reclaim my health, and now I've discovered this lifestyle is my passion. I hope to go back to school for a degree in nutrition with a certificate in plant-based nutrition, ultimately in order to find my own niche in the expanding vegan market. 

Aside from Veganism, my interests include the outdoors, reading, music, cooking, traveling, languages, cultures, and DIY all-natural toiletries and household cleaners. And animals, of course. I'm a dog person...primarily a big dog person. But I do share my home with cats at the moment. If I could, I'd take all the animals from all the shelters home with me. 

As of right now, my dream is to own a tiny house with my own garden in the mountains (I'm thinking the Cascades). That should be interpreted as I would like to move toward a minimalist, self-sufficient lifestyle, and I don't really care where. Aside from living all over the SE region of the U.S., I have lived both in Germany and Morocco, and I am fluent in German, so I think I'm fairly adaptable, intelligent, and eager to learn. 

Holise, a  Vegan in Mobile Holise
is a 50 year old, 7th Day Adventist male.
Living in Mobile, Alabama
Vegan diet.

I am vegan first for the animals, second for the planet and third for my health. I want someone who loves to be pampered and held. I love to cuddle on the couch while watching a movie.

Madeline, a  Vegan in Spanish Fort Madeline
is a 19 year old, Christian female.
Living in Spanish Fort, Alabama
Vegan diet.

Hello, I'm Madeline! I am currently a freshman in college and have always been interested in food and nutrition. In 2014, I suffered with an eating disorder until I found the vegan lifestyle. I began to realize that the standard American diet simply was not working for me. I became vegan overnight and I haven't looked back since. Veganism saved my life and it continues to make me a better person physically and mentally every day. Now I not only practice veganism for my health, but also for the animals and the planet. :) I love exercise and having fun!

steven, a  Vegan in mobile steven
is a 45 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in mobile, Alabama
Vegan diet.

hello! vegan,practicing buddhist of the tibetan variety and thich nhat hanh syle mindfulness practices. i also practice yoga and qiqong. i commute by bicycle. i am a direct care provider for individuals with learning disabilities in a group home. i like to read dharma books, picnic, kirtans, camping, kayaking, meditation retreats and drinking green tea.

???????????·??·??????????, a  Vegan in  florence ???????????·??·??????????
is a 49 year old, female.
Living in florence, Alabama
Vegan diet.

direct, neutral, adaptive vegan.  my non-human animal roomies are my family.  new here, not sure how this works.

kirtana, a  Vegetarian in prattville kirtana
is a 49 year old, spiritual female.
Living in prattville, Alabama
Vegetarian diet.

  I am a loyal, possitive, fun loving, and philosophical person.   I love nature and quiet places, not crowds.   I am very traditional regarding relationships but very unconventional and creative in most areas of life.  practically, I  am self employed as an artist and landlady where I manage my own properties. I have always been into health and fitness of mind and body and spirit.  I play a lot of competitive tennis.  I have spent a lot of time in India learning and practicing mystic yoga, meditation, Bhakti, singing and music.  I go for an uncomplicated life. 100% Debt free.  Low cost world travel.   organic Gardening.  I know wild edible plants.  I am free in my mind, body, and spirit.  Looking for someone to partner with in every way.  

mark, a  Vegetarian in  Abbeville mark
is a 36 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Abbeville, Alabama
Vegetarian diet.

I'm tired of being judged in dating for being a vegetarian, like showing compassion towards animals is a bad thing or something lol, so i thought i would give this a shot. I'm an extremely humble person so i hate how this makes me sound but i would honestly describe myself as the most honest and caring person i know. I'm addicted to fitness and eating healthy. I'm one of those odd people that actually likes to work. I enjoy anything outdoors from gardening to hiking on my farm or getting out on the water. I'm more of a homebody but do enjoy getting out as well. I'm sorry my pic doesn't show my teeth but i've never had a cavity and they're all straight lol. If you're looking for a gentleman then hit me up  

Zachary, a  Vegan in Orange Beach Zachary
is a 21 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Orange Beach, Alabama
Vegan diet.

Hey I'm caleb, I'm vegan and dont know but one other vegan in my area, so i figured I'd try the site. I am 18, turning 19 in may. I spend a lot of time outside just enjoying and observING nature. I camp a lot and I love back packing. I am very interested in philosophy, psychology, and physics. Meditation and the exploration of consiousness. I'm nor sure what else to put on here, if you want to know just ask,

Alex, a  Raw food in Rico Alex
is a 26 year old, Humanist female.
Living in Rico, Alabama
Raw food diet.

i'm a fun vegan! i'm sexy and smart! BRAINS plus BEAUTY!! lets go on a vegan date ASAP!!!



Cheryl / Rawsoul, a  Raw food in Notasulga Cheryl / Rawsoul
is a 55 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Notasulga, Alabama
Raw food diet.

I am a free spirit down to earth individual. I must be free to be me no restrictions. I recently relocated to the South to create a back to nature environment. I have the upmost respect and appreciation for all living things. We have been provided with everything we need to survive. As long as there is a seed no living being should be starving in this world. We are all connected.

steve, a  Veggie/vegan in birmingham steve
is a 34 year old, Rastafari male.
Living in birmingham, Alabama
Veggie/vegan diet.

i have been a vegetarian for 9 years i grew up in chicago and have been living in alabama about 7 years im what u would call a dam yankee i would love to meet someone who doesnt eat animals and theres not to many people like that in alabama so i might have to move to california i like to party go boating off roading i try talking to everybody i can about not eating animals but it seems like no one cares most of the time it makes me want to treat people how they treat animals but i dont because i would be no better then they are if i was to do that

TheTinaTweekaleE, a  Vegetarian in Mc Calla TheTinaTweekaleE
is a 37 year old, Christian Baptist female.
Living in Mc Calla, Alabama
Vegetarian diet.

I'm 35 years old active in karate. I've been a vegetarian since I was 16. That's 19 years & counting. I have sandy blond hair & hazel eyes. I'm a tone 170 pounds. I drink beer about once a week on Saturdays when my kids are not at home. I am only looking for a veggetarian or vegan white man between the age of 30 to 45. I'm also only looking to start out as friends & slowly building from there if we have a connection. You have to have a full head of hair , all of your teeth & body parts. I like to go to night clubs , movies , restaurants & concerts. I have my own kayak & camping supplies. I like to do just a little camping at a time during the warm (but not to chilly or hot) seasons really close to my house. I love to go out to the lake by my house with my kayak & spend all day out on the water. I love to listen to music a lot. 

Im looking for a guy that's is really opened minded & into trying new things. When my kiddos go to stay with my mum on Saturdays I like to drink beer , stay up late & party & listen to & watch videos on youtube. I'm sort of shy but open up the more you get to know me. I'm just a good ole southern girl that is very open minded & loves to have a great time. I'm a full-time stay at home mum with a 11 year old son & a 6 year old daughter. I must include my kiddos in a lot of stuff I do because it's hard for me to get somebody to watch them a lot. Besides I just like sharing my life with them too. I hope you're ready for the ride of your life , because I'm ready to go. I'm a very creative person. I'm not afraid to stand up for myself & speak my mind when I have to.  I have 6 tattoos all covered up by clothing & 17 piercings all covered with clothing but 12 (6 in each ear) diamond studs in my ears. I love my classy bling. I'm not to flashy or outspoken. I do not like to get upset or over worked. I do not like to cause or see anybody I a problem. If you have a problem I will like to try to fix it. I view things with an open mind & look at it from a variety of perspectives. I want everybody to just be happy & get along. I mean come on people. We all live on the same planet & there's nothing we can do to change that. So just deal with it with a smile on your face. 

Pichicholina, a  Vegetarian in Birmingham Pichicholina
is a 52 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Birmingham, Alabama
Vegetarian diet.

I am very grateful to be alive, to be passionate about the things I love and able to grow every day as a human being. I am committed to my goals and amazed by the beauty and wonder surrounding us; I am comfortable with who I am and have plenty to give. I cherish friendship and have strong values. I work in the art field: classical music, visual art and creative writing are a huge part of my day-a-day live.
Creativity and the freedom of election define my view in life, but I do have a very strong left brain, logical, analytical…always working! I consider myself easygoing, intelligent, kind and responsible person. I believe in honesty and intimacy, love romanticism, chivalry and the magic of the universe. Many things are interesting for me, I love to learn and challenge myself to experience new things and become a better person. I am still learning English, I came here as an international student for a Graduate Degree in Music 2 years ago. I consider myself a mature and intelligent woman, arranged to assume risks, hard-working & focused, grateful for what life gives me and motivated to explore and accept my purpose. Through my very eclectic life I have learned to deal with many things, changes, new beginnings and challenges.
I am faithful and trustful. I am not the kind of woman who wants to know everything or is checking on my partner, I have plenty of things to do and I love to have a "life". I am very respectful but I do want to feel safe. I am looking for someone I can admire and learn from, I have very high standards for myself, which means that I expect someone like that too. I do not ask for anything I am willing to offer. Recipe for great relationships: Open and honest communication, knowing who you are and where are you headed, wanting to walk side by side with your partner, being able to agree to disagree, love and respect dark sides of our personalities as well as the bright ones, knowing that happiness is our own responsibility not our partner’s, giving personal space and time, motivate, share and support. Having loads of fun together! When I love, I love with all my heart.
PS Although I come from the 'tropic"I do not do well with hot weathers, I am a Fall, even winter or early Spring person, acording to Alabama's weather!. I love nature, but my activities are more "indoors ones" I love to walk or bike, but not to camp. A night owl, but a friendly one :)
I would love to learn to dance ballroom and Argentine tango, anyone up for the challenge? I always wanted to learn to ice skate ( not very good for the piano but ;) I want to be able to skate "backwards"! :) however you do that!



RIKI, a  Veggie/vegan in MOBILE RIKI
is a 61 year old, spiritual female.
Living in MOBILE, Alabama
Veggie/vegan diet.


After childhood vegetarian , spend many years on SAD diet , its been long road to realize my body don’t do well with meatLaughing , I am vegan-vegetarian , mostly 50 to 75% raw-food mainly fruits and veg ,love to cook and have friends over ,love music , painting is on and off love affair Tongue Out , funny movies , yard sells fle markets  anything near water lakes ocean , this pic was taken the day I joined this site  


Liz, a  Vegetarian in Huntsville Liz
is a 41 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Huntsville, Alabama
Vegetarian diet.

I'm always up to something. I like spending time with friends hiking, dancing, doing yoga, playing music, or discussing the latest books in our book club. Solo - I write, paint, meditate, go on hikes. I love my family and like to visit when I can. I enjoy taking trips and am always looking for kindred spirits to travel with. I've visited Scotland, Wales, England, Paris, Amsterdam, Sri Lanka, and lived in India for a while. I'm more than interested in continuing these travels during my summers off. I teach art for a living at a public school. I love my job. I also started an Eco Club there this year. It is their first Eco Club and the children are ecstatic. I'm also interested in ecology and permaculture and am looking forward to making a positive impact on the planet via my own choices in this lifetime. I love sitting with my cat, Brother, sipping tea out on the back patio or taking evening walks. I also enjoy spending time with friends. PS- INFJ/ENFP I/E & J/P are 50/50 Meyers-Briggs

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