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Jose, located in Bronx, NY, has a  Vegan diet Jose
39 year old, spiritual, Hispanic / Latino male
Bronx, New-York,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,
I'm a personal trainer who has been vegan for the past 15 years and love it. I'm all about health, love nature, and life. I practice meditation pretty often and do my best to be mindful and conscious most of the time.
Things I like:
- Exercise
- Martial arts
- Sports


- Self improvement
- Learning
- To be conscious of my actions and improve them if needed
- Healthy eating
- Think about how my actions affect the world
- Fun activities
- Watch movies at home but like going to the movies too
I don't know it all but I am willing to learn.
I'm in an open relationship and would like someone who can be happy with it.


ChrisEcoGuy, located in Saratoga Springs, NY, has a  Vegan diet ChrisEcoGuy
62 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Saratoga Springs, New-York,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,


I'm a vegan and mostly GF too but not ciliac but just feel better/lighter and looking for a women who is fun/loving and has similar tastes.  I love the outdoors and everything it has to offer. My favs are hiking, biking, swimming, camping, skiing, skating and tennis. I also enjoy cooking/sharing a vegan meal and treats and snuggling on the couch watching a movie. I enjoy going out to fun ethnic/veg friendly restaurants and live music. I share custody of my 2 wonderful children (16 and 21). I like to talk/share about real things and am a great listener/communicator including talking about feelings. I also enjoy


and meditating regularly. I believe in working the body mind and soul. Also I am financially and emotionally stable/ independent. 


David, located in New york, NY, has a  Vegetarian diet David
40 year old, Hindu, Indian male
New york, New-York,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

I am an average looking brown male. In my free time I enjoy


, as it helps me relax and keeps me physically and mentally fit. I enjoy all kind of music especially classic rock and latest pop genre. A born dancer I occasionaly like venturing out to a club. 

Tamara, located in New York, NY, has a  Vegetarian diet Tamara
36 year old, Catholic, Caucasian / White female
New York, New-York,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

Golf, Skiing, Cooking,


, Biking, Bill Murray. If you score 5/5, I think we should get married lol.
I'm a big Bill Murray fan, I love fancy cheese, going to the beach, traveling and I'm a great cook .or i think lol.

Casey, located in Watsonville, CA, has a  Vegan diet Casey
66 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Watsonville, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I'm adventurous, spiritual, musical, intelligent, well-traveled, good sense of humor, healthy lifestyle, looking for my soulmate.  Why not?  You only ilve once (maybe...probably not...nobody knows for sure).  Looking for someone with common values and healthy vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. I enjoy


, nature, walking, swimming in the ocean and lakes, comedy, theatre, the arts.  I play piano, harmonium, guitar, and I love singing harmony--so music is a plus in a mate.  Currentlly living in a yoga community in California, willing to relocate.  I believe in intentional community and sustainable living.  I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE and I won't give up hope!!!!Cool


blessing, located in Chicago, IL, has a  Vegetarian diet blessing
37 year old, other / not disclosed, Middle Eastern female
Chicago, Illinois,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,


I lead an active lifestyle. I like sports. I go to the gym, do


, stretching. I am engaged in self-development, personal growth. I like everything related to spirituality and the body. I was engaged in dancing as a child. I like to cook, bake. I like to read interesting literature.

8hmnki, located in Santa Barbara, CA, has a  Vegan diet 8hmnki
46 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Santa Barbara, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I'll write more soon, I promise!


Here's a quick list of topics I've been interested in, still am, and/or hoping to learn more about:


martial arts



vipassana yoga

yoga sutras of patanjali

mountain biking


rock climbing


kite surfing

indigenous bushcraft wilderness survival skills

backpacking or just camping






gnostic christianity gospel of thomas dead sea scroll essenes




electric vehicles

quantum & theoretical physics

sacred geometry

sustainable agriculture and permaculture

so many more ...

haley, located in Los Angeles, CA, has a  Vegan diet haley
49 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Los Angeles, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hardworking, curious, creative, mellow/introverted. Enjoy travel, art, fashion, animals, learning,


, nature. 

Micahel, located in Houston, TX, has a  Vegan diet Micahel
62 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White male
Houston, Texas,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I'm a vegan activist in Houston. I also have a large veganic garden in my back yard. I cook pretty often, especially when my garden is producing a lot. I also share a lot of my produce with friends and neighbors. I like to take walks, ride my bike, do


, work out in the gym.I have given many presentatons about the environmental problems caused by animal ag. I'm pretty casual but can dress up if needed. I never watch sports or sitcoms on TV. I enjoy cooking when I get around to it. My cat is very friendly with people and possums but very mean to other male cats. I worked at a software company for 20 years, and for the moment I support myself financially by trading stocks. After graduating from UT, I lived in Paris for 3 years, then moved to West Berlin (pre-unification) for half a year. After returning to Texas for a while, I taught English in Japan for three years, then spent half a year in Brazil, which was one of the craziest times in my life! I have been stateside since 1993, except for overseas vacations and business trips. I still speak French okay and can dredge up bits of German, Japanese, and Portuguese. I wrote and produced some plays and performance art in the mid 90s. When I moved to my current house, I immediately started pulling up the grass in the back yard and putting in garden beds. Now most of the yard is filled with beds. My latest obsessions are exercise, riding my bike, and yoga. I normally go to the gym almost every day but have temporarily lightened up on doing weights because of an abdominal injury.



artsypete, located in Orlando, FL, has a  Veggie/vegan diet artsypete
65 year old, spiritual, Hispanic / Latino male
Orlando, Florida,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I've been vegetarian/vegan for more than 35 years for health reasons. I'm a photographer and musician. I love arts shows, live music, libraries, flowers, long hugs and long kisses. I play the bass and double bass which is a big part of my life too. Currently I'm teaching photography and running my commercial photography business (no weddings no events please), I live with my beautiful loving cat Luna. My friends and family described me as an easy going and loving person. I like aromatherapy, vegan and vegetarian cooking, camping, hiking, astrology, shamanic healing practice, biking, outdoors, home repair, and love to read. Pictures was taken on 6/1/2020.


Leslie, located in High Point, NC, has a  Vegetarian diet Leslie
34 year old, Hindu, Hispanic / Latino female
High Point, North-Carolina,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

I am drawn to fluidity and silence. I am committed to


and meditation, I am musically inclined and movement based expression is my favorite kind of expression. I love gardening. Conflic resolution enthusiast, vegetarian for all the reasons. Herbal teas are like a love language to me. I only read non fiction and I don't own a TV. I am a parent. Self compassion and self responsibility make life more fun. 

Janet, located in Boston, MA, has a  Vegan diet Janet
60 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Boston, Massachusetts,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I would describe myself as a person who is curious in nature and health conscious with a focus on organic whole foods, raw foods & macrobiotics.

The primary reason I'm Vegan is a compasion for animals. I initially became vegetarian within minutes or seconds of my first conversation ever with a vegetarian, after learning more I soon became Vegan for a combined total of over 28 years now.

I enjoy explorative conversations and feel there are always undiscovered things to learn. I enjoy walking, meditation and


. I espouse traditional values yet I am a free spirit at the same time. I can be devoted to the right person in a caring and healthy relationship with ample room for laughs and adventure.


The military pics & the pic of me in the bridesmaid gown are older pics.

gemma, located in Philadelphia, PA, has a  Almost veg diet gemma
65 year old, Catholic, Caucasian / White female
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Almost veg diet,

Live a healthy lifestyle, enjoy the beach , walking Bike riding ,


, exercise classes at the gym. I enjoy music , art museums and vacationing.

Polina, located in Saint Petersburg,  , has a  Vegetarian diet Polina
25 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Saint Petersburg, Russian-Federation
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

EtherealGirl, located in Fanwood, NJ, has a  Vegan diet EtherealGirl
66 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Fanwood, New-Jersey,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

To give you an idea of what I am like, here are some words: adorable, ethical, loving, quirky, honest, enterprising, sometimes serious, often not, constantly learning... I am a


instructor. I am also a medical scribe (pays the bills...) I am healthy and energetic and young for my age. I have one child, and he is the joy in my life (most of the time...)  I have a cat who is my other child...  I like to sew. I like to draw. I teach recycled art classes to children. Sometimes I sing, especially during savasana in the yoga classes that I teach. I've done some volunteer work for the prison, a recording of my chant music that they play in their meditation classes. And a volunteer assistant for yoga classes for people with Parkinsons disease a few years ago. I can be shy sometimes; at other times, I'm outgoing. I tend to be very demonstrative of affection when in a relationship; love to kiss. My favorite music is the blues, but I also like jazz and rock and classical, new age, spiritual and world music. I love costume parties and I love tea. (you may be able to tell from my pictures) 

walkinghome, located in Sydney,  , has a  Vegetarian diet walkinghome
41 year old, Hindu, Indian female
Sydney, Australia
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

Hi, I did my bachelor's and post-graduation in management and worked in the IT field as a consultant for 15 yrs. And now I am moving into a new career. Currently, I am studying to be qualified as a Counsellor/Psychologist and I am very excited about it!

When I am not studying or working, I like to watch movies and documentaries, spend time with friends, be part of discussion groups on spirituality and philosophy (as I am a seeker just as you are), and I love to volunteer and work on community projects.


, meditation, affirmations, prayer, and journaling give me clarity and peace and have played a key role in my spiritual journey.

I love reading and learning about different religions as well. I feel the true meaning of religion has been compromised and misinterpreted. Those who follow the esoteric meaning of every religion understand and follow the real truth.

Those who know me well generally see me as a simple, soft-spoken person who is very spiritually inclined and guided. I am very grateful for my initiation and transformation on this path and it is still in progress, as it is for all of us. This has brought me to see myself, others, nature, the universe, and life in a new light and it is so beautiful. It has filled me with compassion and peace for all including myself, but at the same time, there is still a pain in knowing that not everyone can see this and what they are missing out on.

Since I am not able to find many people who are on the same path, it has been difficult to find a partner.
I am seeking to be with someone who is on the same path or at least understands it, someone who is compassionate and respectful towards all. Being humble is a quality that I value the most. It would be great to be in a relationship where we can support each other in our personal paths and grow together, have lots of laughs, travel to see our amazing world, work for the community with our ideas and gifts as I believe that serving others also opens a door to our higher self.

I am looking to be in a loving LTR or a Marriage. I am open to being in a Celibate LTR or a Celibate Marriage too.
And of course, always open to being just friends as well :-)

All the best, may you find what is best for your journey!

Jess, located in Albuquerque, NM, has a  Raw food diet Jess
52 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Albuquerque, New-Mexico,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Raw food diet,
I love being RawVegan, my life is simple, I have a dog, a mom, I love gardening,


, running, art..and I’m ready to invest time and energy and Love into another person. I am interested in monogamy.

Agyana, located in St Leonards on Sea,  , has a  Veggie/vegan diet Agyana
57 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
St Leonards on Sea, United-Kingdom
For Serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,

I am intelligent, sensitive and self aware, with a spiritual side.

I love dancing - both latino partner and 5 Rhythms/Ecstactic dance and sing in a rock and pop choir.  I do


and have recently started hula hooping.

I moved to the seaside in July 2021 and am loving sea swimming and coastal walks.  It would be nice to find someone to share this with.

I have been vegetarian since age 12 and I eat mostly but not exclusively vegan.  I would like to eat more raw food and am looking to learn about raw cuisine.

Silenceisviolence GoVegan, located in Troy, MI, has a  Vegan diet Silenceisviolence GoVegan
45 year old, Atheist, non-specified female
Troy, Michigan,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hello! ???? I'm a vegan for the animals for almost 9 years now, 

nonsmoker but 420 friendly,


animal and human activist, 

artist (mostly photography),

progressive left, 


vaccinated and pro-vax

I can be shy at first but am outspoken when speaking up for the unheard. I love heavy metal, punk rock, hard rock and every thing except country. 

I'm an avid concert goer but would love a partner and/or friend to go with!  

I love tattoos and piercings.

My sense of humor can be similar to Monty Python to joking about religious and conservative people....hence being atheist and progressive. :)

I do


everyday but love the outdoors like hiking. 

I love kids but do not want any of my own.

Right now I'm looking for a friend with similar values which could lead to a long term relationship. What about you?

RawG, located in Albuquerque, NM, has a  Raw food diet RawG
48 year old, Buddhist, Caucasian / White male
Albuquerque, New-Mexico,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Raw food diet,

Simply a fun adventurous intelligent emotionally aware male who loves the outdoors and snowboarding and camping and fun travels and road trips.. good food, chillin at home making fancy yummy raw foods with fresh organic ingredients. 


.  Breathing in fresh air.  Jumping off cliffs into water.  Or snow.  Love vintage cars and Vespas.  LiFe is ArT.  Just wanna make more positive fun happy vibes for the world to feed on.  Growing organic fruits and veggies and greens is amazing.  Enjoy that.  Hmmm ...  Life... Yumm ..

allen, located in Harrisburg, PA, has a  Vegan diet allen
68 year old, spiritual, Mixed male
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Life is change. And maybe over a lifetime, we live many mini-lives. Currently, I'm a vegan/animal rights activist. Recently finished, Kundalini


Teacher Training. Interested in raw foods but still like Sticky Fingers Bakery. Seeking to lead a more *natural* lifestyle, yet still have hi-tech stuff. Quirky sense of humor.  

We are still "on our way to the future" - no jetpacks or flying cars, but the Dick Tracy wrist phone would be cool (btw, I don't wear a watch). 

Also, if I recall, I'm an INFP (Myers-Briggs), just in case you are interested.

Jonathan, located in Seattle, WA, has a  Vegan diet Jonathan
71 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Seattle, Washington,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Interested in spiritual growth.


and meditation is a focus in my life, along with holistic health and fitness and ecology. Leisure time is important to me, as is travel. Non-materialistic and loves sunshine and the simple things, like hiking,reading and learning new things. I've studied communication skills. I'm fascinated by the evolving of society and it's transformation to a higher frequency.

gevan, located in Brooklyn, NY, has a  Veggie/vegan diet gevan
52 year old, Jewish, Caucasian / White male
Brooklyn, New-York,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,

Liberal, artistic and looking for an affectionate woman in the NYC area who appreciates the arts, music, photography, film etc. I love to travel, enjoy art museums, drawing, trying new restaurants and live jazz. I do internet marketing to pay the bills, but work/life balance is very important to me (emphasis on life not work). I enjoy spending time in nature, gardening and like to stay grounded with


and/or meditation. I follow a whole foods plant-based diet and like to eat well. Mostly vegan. Love to cook. 

Earthen_Child, located in Orlando, FL, has a  Vegan diet Earthen_Child
37 year old, spiritual, non-specified bi-female
Orlando, Florida,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I just moved to the area and I am looking to meet chilled relaxed people to make new friendships. If something relationship worthy blossoms then that will be a plus but such things tend to take time. About me, I am definitely an easy going introverted extrovert. I love socializing and public excitements but in smaller doses so I can re-energize to properly enjoy more. I enjoy all the regular things like the outdoors, urban exploring, dancing, cooking, movies, family-fun games, gardening, reading, learning, creating, and music. These days, I spend most of my free time exploring, working on an art project, or studying for my


teaching certificate. I am pretty strict with my lifestyle, meaning that I don't bring junk food or sugary drinks into my home. I try to meal prep during the weekdays. I say no to plastic bags at the grocery store. I don't buy paper towels and I use washable cloth towels instead. I don't like to buy one-use items and try my best to bring my own to-go containers when eating out.I would like to grow my life to do more homesteading.

Cookiecat, located in Hermosa Beach, CA, has a  Vegan diet Cookiecat
61 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Hermosa Beach, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

About me...hmmm, well, I prefer the ocean to the mountains (to live near) but a cabin getaway weekend is always lovely. I like sunsets better than sunrises, wine better than beer, movies better than television, a good book on a warm, lazy afternoon, traveling to places I've never been and returning to those that I love. I have a very active and busy life but I want to find someone to grow old with, someone who loves animals as much as I do and appreciates philanthropy. Bike rides,


and nature photography are a few of my pasttimes, I'm on the board of two animal organizations and do wildlife rehab/animal rescue when needed. I'm loyal, loving and believe that laughter is key to staying youthful and happy. 




Rohini, located in Kahului, HI, has a  Vegetarian diet Rohini
44 year old, other / not disclosed, Caucasian / White male
Kahului, Hawaii,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

I am an energetic active man. I build and remodel houses for a living. I love children and would be glad to have them in my life again but I’m not attached to making more. I am a monogamous lover and prefer to mate for life. I’ve been divorced twice, have two young adult children with the first wife. I see my daughter from time to time. We are best buddies when together and like to go on fun adventures. I believe in natural medicine and I don’t trust conventional medicine. I definitely don’t want to take any creepy vaccine. I don’t judge others for their choices, and am open to meeting people who are completely different than me. I would love to settle down and plant trees and gardens and start a life with someone special. I like doing


, giving and receiving massage, hiking, swimming, kayaking, surfing (I tried it once), volleyball, skydiving (haven’t tried it yet), and a long list of other things. I am an aspiring devotee of Krsna, although at this point in my life, I am mostly focused on earning money to eliminate debt and start a new life. I look forward to meeting you. Let’s be happy and have a fun life!

Mathieu, located in Chatenoy le royal,  , has a  Raw food diet Mathieu
27 year old, spiritual, Mixed male
Chatenoy le royal, France
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Raw food diet,

I am mathieu, 25 living in burgundy france, a young men sensitive to life, open minded and hearted, curious, adventurous, quite calm and relaxed person.

  i am on a self development and spiritual path as well as a raw food detoxification path since some years now ...

i really love nature, music, dance, theatre, naturopathy,


, spiritual and detox retreats, permaculture, having profoind, deep and meaningfull discussions about life in general with like minded people, and many other things including travelling, especially to tropical places, discovering and tasting amazing fruits, growing and planting trees, in particular fruit trees, discovering, connecting to, and learniñg new cultures and languages, connecting with new peoole as well as animals ...

Jeffrey , located in Burlington, VT, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Jeffrey
53 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Burlington, Vermont,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I am grounded, dynamic, eccentric, responsible, quiet, respectful, neat, friendly, creative, comedic, poetic and enjoy intelligent conversation, emotional depth, sensitivity, integrity, playing the piano and the guitar, reading, pottery, woodworking, shivambu. grammar, phonetics, traveling, Thai massage, cooperating, submerging in water, swimming, indigenous cultures and acro-


. Others might describe me as sincere, considerate, compassionate, intuitive, powerful and hilarious. I’ve lived in Hawaii, Thailand, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Israel, Sweden and have visited Italy, Czech Republic, Egypt, Belgium, Finland and Russia.


Although I sometimes long to be responsible for the creation of, and an intimate part of a pregnancy, along with the experience of fatherhood, I realize parenthood can be just as challenging, if not more so at times, than being childless. What I mostly hope for is a sense of purpose/family; finding a nice woman to settle down with would make me and my family very happy.

New to Burlington.

I have eagerly explored alternative and esoteric philosophies, medicines and therapies, for I am a ginger (red head), and have a strong aversion to direct mid-day sunlight, as well as, to most modern mainstream medical matters/standard procedures. I don’t use alcohol, tobacco or any drugs of any kind.

I have a bachelors of science degree in fine arts.

connie, located in Alameda, CA, has a  Vegetarian diet connie
69 year old, other / not disclosed, Caucasian / White female
Alameda, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

Hi, I am honest, loyal and caring.

I cook and eat vegetarian. Mostly, I prepare my own meals. But I like to eat in healthy restaurants and fine dining restaurants as well.

I love to be active: hiking, walking, exploring, dancing, singing, playing and other fun and interesting activities. I love nature: people, plants, flowers, mountains, ocean and lakes. I also love to explore in old downtown area of local cities and towns. I am a docent. 

I do slow down sometimes:


, shiatsu, massage (certified), and cards and board games.

I love life. 

Dee, located in Tampa, FL, has a  Vegan diet Dee
55 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Tampa, Florida,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Hi! I'm Dee. 

I love wearing sundresses and feeling feminine when we're out. I love sweet, juicy, tropical fruit and traveling to where it grows! I love being active/busy.

I desire a relationship with a man who is turned on by vulnerability, inspired by permissive language, and connected through respect.



I feel happiest when you initiate contact. 

I value a polarized relationship where you lead, I follow. I love the feeling of serving my man and submitting to his loving direction (or correction). I love following your leadership.

I desire a traditional relationship and to support my partner's instinct to care for me and protect me by taking care of his needs. When you love to take care of me, your gifts of protecting and providing feel amazing! I don't want a 50-50 boy where I lead half the time. That means you submit to me half the time... which is a turn off. I'm not saying a man is superior to a woman. I'm not a slave girl. I'm also not a feminist. I cannot do it all.

I love needing my partner! You see us as equal, just in very different roles. I will ask for help with what I need and express my feelings and share whatever problems I'm experiencing. You'll get to know my strengths and guide me in the way you think is best. I will trust your judgment. I enjoy being my man's peace and making things easier when he requests my help. 


I need to feel alignment... compatibility and attunement... mutual attraction and affection, mutual admiration and appreciation. Mutual emotional intelligence and maturity allow us to move through the conflict and repair cycle with respect and kindness. 


May I share about myself? 


SnapshotI grew up in PA. I moved to Charlotte, NC for 6 years then to Florida in 1998

I'm 5'8", 110lbs, in good health, tattoo-free, plus free to travel (or relocate).

I love outdoor activities sunsets, beaches, walking, e-bike or bicycling, doubles tennis, hiking, starry night skies, snorkeling, and value a clean and well-organized home. I enjoy road trips,


, meditation, massages. I light up envisioning a vegan playmate who loves warm weather travel and stopping at fruit markets on our adventures. 

I love quality time and physical touch, snuggling and cuddling, holding hands, steamy kisses and  affectionate smooches. I love when you do things for me I need help with... maybe it's my car or house, or investments, or just sharing the insight and wisdom you gained over the years.

When it comes to friends, I'd rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies, so my circle is small. My Myers-Briggs test says I'm istp. My score was 51 for introversion and 49 for extroversion. I feel best if you are the more extroverted one. Although I lean toward introversion, I can also feel vivacious and outgoing so, sometimes people peg me for an extrovert when they first meet me.

I don't take pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary. 

I have friends on both sides of the vaccine and mask debate. I did not take the vaccine. I had covid in June 2022 and appreciated the sleep! I’m not anti-vax nor anti-science. I do feel icky when people exaggerate science... or anything. 

I'm financially conservative and socially liberal. I feel better minimizing my exposure to divisive political drama and most news.

I don't watch much TV. To me, TV in the bedroom can interfere with closeness and connection.That said... I enjoy watching psychological thrillers, documentaries, nature shows, movies based on true stories, etc. 

Occupation: I have rental properties and at times feel stress and overwhelm... dealing with the handymen, contractors, not knowing enough and worry about being taken advantage of.. and even certain tenants when problems come up. 

I'm a lifelong learner, have a growth mindset and love learning from my man.

VacationWarm, sunny/tropical destinations excite me! I feel a sense of adventurous, am sensual, and go with the flow.  I'm fun-loving, curious, practical, and creative.  Travel goals: Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Melanesia, Maldives, Belize, etc. plus Long and short US road trips. I feel quite adventureous, up for almost any travel!

I no longer enjoy snow ski trips (at the expense of warmer travel) however, if you love skiing, go and have a great time or I can come along and happily hang by the fire and take my laptop or a book. My idea of camping is a Holiday Inn or a nice RV. Glamping on an African Safari sounds fun. Tents aren’t my thing. Why? Hmmm.. bugs, bears, and bigfoot! 

Plant station: I’m vegan/plant-based. I can easily eat low fat raw or cooked vegan and can enjoy vegan processed junk food. I'm content as a simple eater... fresh fruits and salads, steamed veggies and yummy sauces. Health is important to me, so I choose mostly organic produce. I eat at home a lot and enjoy eating out also. I took a few vegan culinary courses so, if you're a happy eater, it will be fun to see if you think some of my food is better than some restaurants. Fiji water and fruit smoothies are generally my beverage of choice. I don't drink coffee.

I prefer being pet-free and was for more than 10 years. Now I foster/care for one sweet adult kitty whose owner died suddenly at age 41. If you know someone who would be an awesome cat mom I'm open to finding her a good forever home or we can keep her.

Personal growth & development:  Many authors influenced me over the years: Zig Ziglar was popular when I was an impressionable teen. If we both have a happy, can-do attitude and a grateful heart, it sounds like a fun way to spend our time spinning around the solar system together! I also benefitted from the works of Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, Eckhart Tolle, T. Harv Eker, and Abraham Hicks, to name a few. 

Alan, located in Grass Valley, CA, has a  Vegetarian diet Alan
76 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Grass Valley, California,
For Activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

Libertarian Ideals, The Golden Rule, Truth, Natural Healing, Vedic Astrology, Meditation and Motorcycles. 

I'm an open-minded, friendly, reliable guy looking to meet new friends and activity partners. Happily retired, I practice


at home and lift weights at the gym. Love to hike, swim and rock hop at the beautiful South Yuba River. Also love to ride and repair vintage motorcycles. See more of me on Facebook at 

Paloma, located in Kona, HI, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Paloma
67 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Kona, Hawaii,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,

I love life and have fun staying fit and healthy for myself and my partner and appreciate the same. Hiking,


, swimming, walking, biking are on daily rotation, sometimes overlapping. My diet is primarily vegan and love eating healthily yet can appreciate the occasional lapse. Started the vegetarian journey in 1970 and am thrilled to have seen health consciousness become mainstream.                                              

Creative expression is central to my life, be it music, art, photography, writing, gardening and especially the art of living
It's so importantl to focus on the positive rather than emphasizing what's not working, though that's a great jumping off point for creating fresh experience. I thrive on open, non-blaming communication, taking responsibility for our own choices/feelings. It's great to laugh together, de-stress and stay aligned. I practice relating in a supportive way and finding reasons to be joyful and appreciative with my partner, creative solutions to the contrast of life. Individual time is important for recharging and allowing for that goes both ways.

Some of the qualities I most value in a partner and strive to offer myself: generosity of spirit, creativity, passion, resourcefulness, gratitude/graciousness, focus, kindness, security (emotional, financial, social), playfulness, resiliency. Plus, I love nice surprises, both giving and receiving!

I want to co-create the best relationship of our lives, filled with fun, laughter, adventure, passion, creativity and well-being. You/We are generous of spirit, always learning and ready for the company of a true love.

Art, Beauty, and Nature provide a true compass for me. I have a patient, passionate nature and a keen intuitive sense coupled with intellectual curiousity and live my life accordingly.



Books: Walden, Autobiography of a Yogi, David Sedaris, Power of Receiving, Signature of All Things
Movies: Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans, Midnight Run, Dolores Claiborne
Shows: HGTV: One of a kind houses, places to live
Music: Bruce Cockburn, Bowie, Lennon, Deva Premal, Lee Morgan, 9" Nails, Ravel, Al Kooper, Joni
Food: Fresh Thai, Raw and/or Vegan or Vegetarian. It's been more than 40 years since I became vegetarian and I've covered tha gamut of interpreting that. Nowadays, I'm easy about it, non-judgemental and try to stay attuned and flexible, within gluten-free guidelines.

Bmaj9, located in New York, NY, has a  Vegan diet Bmaj9
53 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
New York, New-York,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I'm a creative optimist with a sense of humor who sees life as an opportunity to learn, reach out to connect and share. So much to explore and experience as we keep moving on to higher ground beyond the limits set by yesterdays. Drawn to detail but not at the expense of loosing sight of the greater picture. Think and live outside the box with feet on the ground, into music, good food, Eastern thought,


and finding time to connect with nature. 


Joyce, located in Sacramento, CA, has a  Vegan diet Joyce
67 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Sacramento, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I'm a happy vegan yoghi who enjoys


, teaching, traveling and reading, going to and giving spiritual workshops and conferences, hiking, vegan cooking and raw foods. I love to learn and study...especially books about nutrition, yoga, astrology, history, science, world cultures and religions, Deepok Chopra and New Age subjects. I study all the religions and see the unity in the diversity. I am very affectionate and earthy and like to have fun.

I'm writing a book about yoga and a childrens book. I teach yoga and lead meditations on zoom.

I love my family and friends and the fun we have together. I also enjoy my seclusion, quiet time...and being out in nature.

So that's some things about me.

Dolcevita, located in Concord, CA, has a  Vegan diet Dolcevita
77 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Concord, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I’ve been taking good care of myself for me, for you, for us, and I’m appetizingly-assembled at 5’2”, 106 lbs. Nutritious food, luck, and moving, including


, body combat, weights, hiking, zumba, and other group or solo exercises, keep me toned and tuned.  I love trips, trysts, scuba, dancing, hiking, bicycling, kayaking, pickleball organic gardening (permaculture), museums, music, movies, meditating, books, theater, yoga, the outré and am returning, cautiously, to those activities again. Je parle français y también un poco español, am mostly retired from teaching, and have done some filmmaking. My politics are left, and I participate to achieve the changes I think we need. My side usually loses, but one success was that a handful of other people and I managed to get our Public Works Department to put a moratorium on using Roundup in public places. Yay! I volunteer with food rescue and am also working to get a tent or tiny house interim camp for people experiencing homelessness in my city.  I try to live consciously, lightly, happily.  For me, some of the finer things in life include grand-kids, Latin and swing dance (I want to learn other styles), total eclipses, morpho butterflies, tomatoes fresh off the vine, natural hot springs, fast trains, and slow-handed men. I'm complexly simple, curious, independent, collaborative, silly, sanely wild, passionate, and up for new adventures.



Enrique, located in Killeen, TX, has a  Vegan diet Enrique
69 year old, spiritual, Hispanic / Latino male
Killeen, Texas,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hi! Thank you for reading my profile. I’m vegan for ethical reasons, and I'm trying to eat mostly raw, but not easy. I'm very health conscious and do my best not to eat or drink any junk foods or beverages (no sodas, no coffee, etc.). I'm very passionate about all animals (all sentient beings, actually) and how we humans treat them (or mistreat them in many cases). If I could I would do nothing but help animals live a long, happy life full of love and human compassion. I've rescued several abused dogs (6) and cats (13) and found them homes; I wish I could do more for others. I have 1 dog (Lab) and 2 cats, who love each other.

I'm very romantic, affectionate, considerate, kind, sweet, loving, honest, funny, chivalrous, passionate, compassionate, energetic, intelligent, spiritual, faithful, spontaneous,  and open-minded. I have a great sense of humor a love to laugh. I love 70s/80s, Disco and Latin music; dancing is a huge passion. I usually exercise almost every day (need to lose weight!), although some weeks it’s very hard to find the time (jogging, weight lifting, martial arts, racquetball,


); lately I've been doing 3 to 5 miles almost every day, very slowly. I love a good long hike. However, I’m still overweight (genes!), and would love to workout with my partner. I meditate daily (I try to meditate for at least an hour, but sometimes I don't have the time). I concentrate on Zen meditation. I'm a pretty good cook and love cooking and experimenting. I make delicious meals (cooked or not) and usually don't write the recipes down so I have a hard time reproducing them (would you help me organize this?). I love writing. I've been writing poetry since I was 15, published 2 poetry books (spiritual, romantic); working on third one. 



I'm an avid reader of spiritual books. I don’t watch TV; there's so much else to do in a beautiful day! I do love a good movie. I prefer romantic movies and comedies, or a good drama with no special effects. I enjoy playing chess. I'm usually reading several books at once, on various themes: poetry, enlightenment, higher levels of consciousness, life after death, spiritual development, near death experiences, Buddhism, comparative religion (even though I’m not religious at all), eastern philosophies, etc. Although I'm not a Buddhist, I do study (and used to teach) Zen philosophies. As far as politics, I'm very liberal and very democrat; statistically, I think I just scared away about 44% of the ladies reading my profile.. :-( 

I love the arts: going to museums, ballet, opera, Broadway plays, the symphony, live music of all types, etc. I go crazy for a good piano recital, as much as for a good oldies discotheque ;-). I love going to the beach, any time of year, even if I can't swim; would you teach me? I grew up 3 blocks from the ocean and still crave it. I enjoy going to nude beaches, and I hope you wouldn't mind going together - this is important to me. You see, I just don't have taboos about nudity, like most Americans do, because I grew up in a different culture (and now I probably just scared away about 90% of the remaining readers of my profile... ;-). I have 3 young adult children who mean the world to me. I grew up speaking Spanish and I love languages in general. I would like to continue learning French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Quechua (the Inca language).  

I came to the US at 19, from Peru, on a full international scholarship to study piano and mathematics. I used to play classical piano, and hoped to become a concert pianist, until reality hit me. I really love classical music. I also love to play the accordion and the drums. I traveled extensively for over 20 years as an independent computer consultant. I'm a Computer Scientist (PhD). I'm also a professional martial artist. I used to own a martial arts academy, taught Kung-Fu, Tai-chi, Kickboxing, Meditation, Yoga, Eastern Philosophy. I believe compassion and love are the keys to solving the world's problems, besides a healthy dose of humility and no ego in the way. I really think that laughter is the key to having fun and feeling young, besides lots of exercise. BTW, I recycle everything I can. It's not unusual for me to carry back home in my backpack plastics or paper items I used or purchased while I was out so that I can recycle them properly. Mother Earth needs a hand.


8Foldpath, located in Boston, MA, has a  Veggie/vegan diet 8Foldpath
53 year old, spiritual, non-specified male
Boston, Massachusetts,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I enjoy the company of holy people (yet evryone is holy ultimately) and enjoy kirtan, sing Bhajans.   Am well traveled (Peru or India again next). Prefer sunrises to TV. I volunteer (seva) in my spare time. Prefer experiences over material possessions. Things I enjoy most: kids,


, sunrises, nature, my fireplace, a like-hearted community of friends. Am a great Dad, to two heart centered boys age 11 and 14.  I am compassionate, caring, understanding, warm-hearted, growth oriented, responsible, crazy (yet no more big air), and fun.

Ps.  I saved that horshoe cab from seaguls . . it lives!

Heavens 2 Murgitroyd!, located in Los Angeles, CA, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Heavens 2 Murgitroyd!
49 year old, spiritual, non-specified male
Los Angeles, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I'm a reasonably open minded guy and live in Los Angeles metro area (lived in OC,SD before). I am a contracts professiinal by profession, and work for a large multinational. I'm the proud father of a girl, whom Im very involved with  . I care about the environment and animal right issues. I became a vegetarian about 12 years ago. I am spiritual but do not consider myself religious. I am a new student to


and loving every bit of it! I am further interested in tantra, plus adding more spirituality in my life. Politically, I lean to the left on most socio-economic issues of contemporary times. I support social justice and I can be expressive about my views when appropriate. I consider myself romantic, passionate, and cuddly. Playing tennis, working out, and playing cricket have been my athletic passions. I love movies,  fair bit of TV. I am a fairly normal kind of a guy(considering LA and So cal!), and can mix up well with most kinds of people. Questions?

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