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Nina, located in Belgrade,  , has a  Raw food diet Nina
27 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
For Activity partner
Raw food diet,

I am one curious person who loves new experiences, meeting new people and cultures, nature, hiking, volunteering, psyhology and philosophy, music and guitar, art, traveling,


, open and direct comunication... To live and not only to be alive. Smile

Christa, located in Las Cruces, NM, has a  Vegan diet Christa
30 year old, other / not disclosed, Caucasian / White female
Las Cruces, New-Mexico,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I am a very outgoing, fun loving girl! I am a classically trained musician, and I currently teach choir at a university where I am completing my masters degree!

In my spare time, I teach


, am learning Reiki, and I love to cook and bake. 

I am passionate about a plant based diet. I have cured a lot of health issues by following it, and I also am an ethical vegan. 

I am ALWAYS in the mood to laugh and have a good time, I am very sociable, but also enjoy spending time one on one with people. 

I am not materialistic, and I am working towards a minimalist lifestyle. I value experiences and time with people far more than tangible things. I am looking for someone who shares these values, and wants to live a deliberate life. 

AtlantaSingle404, located in Atlanta, GA, has a  Vegetarian diet AtlantaSingle404
49 year old, other / not disclosed, Indian male
Atlanta, Georgia,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

Dear Reader,

If you are reading, thank you, because most people don't.

My top 3 words:
- Hygiene
- Emotional intelligence
- Reciprocity

I'm ok texting or talking but at some point it would be nice to meet. Online pictures are great but nothing beats meeting in person.

There's a deficit in this country but there's a surplus of flakes. Yes, you have corn flakes, snow flakes, dandruff flakes (yuk!), nobody has time for more flakes, ha, ha!

How is your coping mechanism? When things are good, it's easy but when faced with a crisis, do you intelligently resolve it or do you turn into a Tasmanian she-devil?

Let's be honest, it sucks to be alone but it's worse being with someone who makes you miserable.

I respect you, you respect me.

A relationship is about being friends first, open communication, and loyalty.

Live by the Golden Rule - treat people the way they treat you! :)

-Love food, cooking.
-Coffee and Chai.
-THE BEACH!!! Woohoo!!!
-Stand up comedy
-Love your fellow human
-Business ideas, Shark Tank


-Holding hands

Alexa, located in San Diego , CA, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Alexa
36 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White bi-female
San Diego , California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

Huge lover of anything outdoors. I have a great career and feel very passionate about what I do. I practice


daily, love running and swimming and many more activities. Don't drink, don't smoke. I do love my cup of coffee in the morning :)

Jacques, located in New Westminster, BC, has a  Vegetarian diet Jacques
60 year old, Hindu, Caucasian / White male
New Westminster, British-Columbia, Canada
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

French Canadian , grew up on a farm of Ontario , been in the wild west for 40 years ,lol.Long time vegetarian (40 years ) hard working , in the trades , a doer not just talk ,artistic , sensitive soul , eco conscious ... Now , with the state of our globe , I'm reinventing myself , very introspective and awake , curious or open to new possibilities , would love to make a difference on a bigger scale . I have lots of experience living off the grid in the mountains of BC , was a pioneer of a spiritual community , lots of experience growing organic produces ...

Molly,Miami, located in  South florida, FL, has a  Vegan diet Molly,Miami
25 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
South florida, Florida,
For Casual dates OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I went vegetarian in 2010 and have been vegan the past year. I love running,  lifting weights, and


. I also love animals and own a dog who is my baby.

Anna, located in Toronto, ON, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Anna
38 year old, Buddhist, Mixed bi-female
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

Passionate Spiritualist and nature lover. Vegetarian working towards veganism.

My animals are my heart and soul. SPCA volunteer. Meditate often.


Love to read, write, create. I'm interested in philosophy, neuroscience, sociology and the Cosmos.

Avid swimmer, hiker, camper, overall nature enthusiast. Love to explore nature in all aspects.

My idea of a good time, is going to sit in the forest for the afternoon, or finding a little slice of shoreline to listen to the waves.

I love food. I cook and bake. 

I lead a busy life, so flexibility and understanding is important to me. I'm very independent, so if you are the clingy type, I'm not the right woman for you.

Sapio/Pansexual ("Sexuality" drop down list options are sorely lacking)

I am sarcastic and have a sharp quirky wit, which is not everyone's cup of tea. I'm shy at first, blunt at best.

Hummingbird, located in Dallas, TX, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Hummingbird
39 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White female
Dallas, Texas,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I'm sensitive and would like to live in a kinder world.  I'm a minimalist who places more value on experiences rather than material things.  I enjoy camping, backpacking, hiking, nature,


, reading, sporting events, exercising, festivals, and trying new things and places.  I'm a vegetarian/vegan for the animals, the planet, and my health.  I have a rewarding career where I work Monday through Friday.  During the week, I spend most evenings going to the gym and then relaxing.  








Melanie, located in Slave lake , AB, has a  Vegan diet Melanie
26 year old, Christian / other, Caucasian / White female
Slave lake , Alberta, Canada
For Activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hi, my name is Melanie. Some of the things I love: camping, hiking,


, biking, running. Just looking for friends who may have similar interests as I do :) 

Katerine, located in Montreal, QB, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Katerine
46 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
For Serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,

Do you know remerber the Shreeded Wheats add? You know the little square cereal that has 2 sides: a side with frosting and a side with fiber!

I guess that would best describe me : not that I'm artificial or make people go to the bathroom (at least I hope I'm not!) but because I have two sides and am a walking paradox.

?For instance:

I'm a gypsy that loves to travel to exotic places and sleep in mud houses (I lived in Africa, in Asia and in Europe), but I also do really well in a cute little spa over looking the ocean.

I'm passionate about organic, clean, healthy, fresh food and I'm 90% vegan, but I love my cheese pizza once a month!

I'm passionate about


and meditation that I practice everyday but I'm not an terrorist about it!

I'm kind, sweet, dynamic, super feminine, funny, easy going and calm, but I don't hesitate to say what I don't like (especially when people lack respect!) and I sometimes get pissed off and angry.

I live simply, but I LOVE comfort and beauty.

I'm independent and love my freedom, but I'm very attracted to the idea of marriage (in a beautiful healthy sacred union)

I love adventure and lived in a refugee Chad in Africa, but I always eat the same thing in the restaurant....

If you read that far you are either very curious, interested of killing time on the internet! Either way, you made it so far so why not send me an email to get to know me better ;)

À bientôt,


Christopher, located in  Mississauga, ON, has a  Vegetarian diet Christopher
30 year old, spiritual, African Descent / Black male
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

 I love to laugh and have fun, and I enjoy the simple things. I like meditation,


, exercising, playing with my dog, reading, gaming to name a few. 



Melody, located in Austin, TX, has a  Almost veg diet Melody
44 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Austin, Texas,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Almost veg diet,

I am extremely healthy!  I love all vegetarian food and juice a green drink every morning to start my day. If I eat any meat at all, it's chic/turkey and organic. However, want to eventually stop that completely when I learn about RAW. (protein?) I would LOVE LOVE to date someone that is into all this because I want to learn more. Everyone I have dated is a carnivore and I do not relate to them. They are not really healthy either and I"m SURE I get on their nerves. LOL Where are all the health conscious guys? I exercise 5 days a week and do Bikram


. I drink a little wine every once in a while but not into heavy drinkers. I love to travel and love being outside. People are shocked when I tell them my age. My motto: This is the only body you get so take care of it. You want to treat yourself like a Hyundai or a Mercedes! Put in the right fuel! (sorry to all you with Hyundai' I am a very young soul and seek the same.

kirtana, located in prattville, AL, has a  Vegetarian diet kirtana
50 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
prattville, Alabama,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

  I am a loyal, possitive, fun loving, and philosophical person.   I love nature and quiet places, not crowds.   I am very traditional regarding relationships but very unconventional and creative in most areas of life.  practically, I  am self employed as an artist and landlady where I manage my own properties. I have always been into health and fitness of mind and body and spirit.  I play a lot of competitive tennis.  I have spent a lot of time in India learning and practicing mystic


, meditation, Bhakti, singing and music.  I go for an uncomplicated life. 100% Debt free.  Low cost world travel.   organic Gardening.  I know wild edible plants.  I am free in my mind, body, and spirit.  Looking for someone to partner with in every way.  

easyeboy, located in Cleveland, OH, has a  Vegetarian diet easyeboy
39 year old, Jewish, Caucasian / White male
Cleveland, Ohio,
For Casual dates
Vegetarian diet,

Think outside the box. Color outside the lines. Get your creative juices flowing. Imagine the man of your dreams, painted vividly in your favorite color. Still not sure who he is or what he is like? Then allow me to do the work and entice you from there. You’ve come this far in my profile. You must be here for a reason!

Now, before I explain more, here's one of my favorite quotes:

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

A man of many interests and passions, the shorter list for me would be to pontificate as to the things I don’t like to do. After that brief moment, we can move on to the list of my passions and interests, from which I am certain we can find some common ground. I enjoy working out, adventures in travel, practicing


, seeing movies or plays, relaxing in a hot tub, going to a concert, or just hanging out at home with someone special.

I love to sing and am king of the karaoke. You are more than welcome to join me in this endeavor. I cannot imagine a life without the internet and my computer, great food, my cell phone, and gadgets of any kind … once a man, twice a boy…I love my “toys!”

What truly sets me apart from others is my ability to employ creative thinking, taking things to a new level, and seeing things from a perspective that is often lost on others. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and creating new things. From idea to inception, I see things through, connecting people and ideas in the process.

In matters of the heart, my areas of expertise include a kind heart, a loving soul, and attention to devotion. I may not drink or smoke, but I definitely know how to turn up the volume on fun and excitement…..this is where my talent for creativity comes in handy!

When contemplating my perfect match, from a physical perspective, I am the kind of guy who appreciates a slender or athletic figure, bright blue, green or hazel eyes, blonde (or brunette), straight, white teeth, and a chest. (Hey! I’m a guy! I can’t help it!)

Beyond the outer package, however, I am more impressed by a woman who is a balance of quick wit and curious intelligence, one who is capable of contributing to dialogues of depth and substance.

I admire a girl who lives with purpose and on purpose, continually setting goals for herself as she charts her course in life. She is an independent thinker and ambitiously pursues her dreams in life, no matter what those are.

The woman for me lives with all of her senses fully engaged: her sense of purpose, her sense of humor, her sense of wonder, her sense of adventure, her sense of self, and here sense of fun. As for a sense of direction, however, that remains completely optional, as half the fun in getting somewhere is in the journey along the way…and if we ever do get lost, my creative insight will surely find us a way home!

adam, located in Toronto, ON, has a  Vegetarian diet adam
34 year old, Hindu, Indian male
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

I am pure vegetarian person. Being vegetarian provided me lot of beautiful and miraculous benefits. I have also interest in Vedic knowledge , ancient text , astrology , Ayurvedic and different types of meditations. Currently I am following Kriya


. I have excellent knowledge on astrology. I do horoscope reading for people providing them astrological remedies as per mantra by their zodiac sign and planetory positions.

2 reasons why I am vegetarian :

1) I do not like killing animal , it kind of killing other human being. I am extremely sensitive with emotional feelings of other person or animal.

2) Since whichever food we eat , those vibrations go in our body to make us act like cruel , greedy, angry.

Even though I am working as a Software Engineer currently , my wish is to write book on spirituality by roaming all over India , Tibet and Nepal one day. 

My favourite book : Autobiography of Yogi.



Mostly vegan, located in Houston, TX, has a  Vegetarian diet Mostly vegan
58 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Houston, Texas,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

I enjoy my


practice , renovating my new to me older home ,the arts, scuba diving, hiking, discovering new recipes for yummy meals. 


Luiz, located in Belo Horizonte,  , has a  Vegan diet Luiz
48 year old, spiritual, Indian male
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I believe in friendship, respect, integrity and open conversation. These characteristics are essential to any kind of healthy relationship, my motto is "friends first, lovers later". I am looking for my best friend and love of my life. It is all about chemistry induced by physical and mental stimulation. If it is there, a relationship grows beyond of friendship. We will be helpmates, lovers and best friends.

I am in great shape and my body is athletic and toned. I look and feel younger than my years. I like to work out on a regular basis and keep in shape. I enjoy just about anything that is outdoors, running, mountains... the sport is very important in my life. So would be very nice we do sport together. To keep my mind in good shape, I love meditation,


, nature, music, reading, chess... I also have been interested to learn a little bit more about tantric as a spiritual practice. I come to a point in my life where I am at peace with myself. But I feel there is always room for improvement. I decided to become vegan many years ago and I prefer to eat healthy foods and other vegan foods. I feel healthy, happy and very fortunate to have the life that I do, the only missing thing is you the right person.

Will, located in Albuquerque, NM, has a  Vegan diet Will
46 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Albuquerque, New-Mexico,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,


I love to be outside and make plans for being in nature all the time so I'm usually outside three weekends out of four. I deeply care about the environment so I always make sure to leave no trace. I'm affectionate, caring. I love kids. I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years and want minimally the same in my partner. Love to climb, camp stargaze. Tell jokes. I love to talk, hold hands a lot. I have this great Cherry Tomato Garden that has many varieties and I'm thinking of Making a greenhouse so I can have fresh organic ones year round. I love to build things and I have been doing it all my life. Once again I try to build things with the least impact to the environment.

I believe we are all here to have an positive impact on mother earth and I believe in helping people be safe.


I feel I my job keeps people safe, and when I'm not doing that I teach


,on the side. Sharing my practice with them keeps them more healthy physically and mentally. That really makes me feel that I'm doing my part to help the people around me.

When I'm done sharing my practice with them there is no better feeling on the earth!

Describe the type of person you'd like to meet:

Outgoing, fun, person who loves to laugh. :-) Loves going on adventures! Likes to be healthy but not a total gym rat. Holding hands a must. If you are one of those people who does not like showing public displays of affection then you should stop reading right now. I'd like to meet someone who wants to go through life making a difference but is not consumed with it. Time for saving the planet but also time for enjoying the planet.

Describe the ideal relationship:

Affectionate, loving taking care of each other.

Doing things we both like to do, but giving space and quiet time to each other when needed. Planning fun stuff, but being spontaneous at times too! Being together in nature, stargazing. I want us to always look forward to seeing each other.

Describe your work/business and what it means to you:

My work is in building, but I don't believe in bringing it home. During my work I have the opportunity to get outside when I need to! I guess I mean i'm not tied to a desk. (If I don't want to be :-))

Share something unusual or extra special about yourself:

I teach yoga, but don't look like a typical yogi.

Once you hear me teach, you will see the yogi in me. :-)

Describe your ideal honeymoon:

I would like every day to be a honeymoon, I'm very affectionate.

What kind of pets do you have? 

I like cats and dogs, it's their personality that makes me decide, just like people I have two cats and two dogs and they get alln like a family!

What makes you smile?

Helping others, a warm greeting and loving relationship! Someone who is happy to see me and spend time!

A starry sky in the desert. Kittens playing! "


can you answer some of the underlined questions? No rush, I probably put you to sleep reading what i wrote!

Till I hear from you!



Mekenzie , located in Portland , OR, has a  Vegan diet Mekenzie
19 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Mixed female
Portland , Oregon,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hey there! My name is Mekenzie. I am currently in school studying oceanography and music. I am very active and fit, and my health is really important to me. Hopefully it is to you too:) I love hiking, biking,


, running, pilates, and I play volleyball twice a week. I'm also very passionate about music, science and the environment. The latter is the reason I'm vegan! I care deeply for animals and am very conscious of the impact I have on the planet. In my free time I like to read, garden, play music, go on random adventures, and spend time with my friends. If you think we would click, don't hesitate to send a message:) 

Green Builder, located in Brooksville, FL, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Green Builder
73 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Brooksville, Florida,
For Activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

Hi, my name is Thomas. I am a retired "green builder", currently living in Brooksville Florida. I have recently completed a vegan wellness spa and I am interested in a partner with whom to share this venture and friends to enjoy the miles of groomed hiking trails surrounded with a blend of hardwood trees, pines and tropical foliage. There are organic gardens, banana trees, numerous fruit and citrus trees as well as lots of edible wild plants.

For exercise there is an indoor and outdoor gym and


room. Natural ponds and water gardens for swimming, Watsu and water aerobics. There are massage tables for holistic massage and a solar heated hot tub which is perfect for using hot and cold therapy.

I have been a vegan/raw food practitioner and teacher for over thirty years. Which has led me to living a spiritual life with a healthy mind, body and spirit.

I love to laugh! I love to Dance! I love music! I love sailing! I love Kayacking! I love being at one with nature and seeing the beauty that this world has to offer.

thenatural1, located in Osorno,  , has a  Raw food diet thenatural1
45 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White male
Osorno, Chile
For Serious relationship/marriage
Raw food diet,

I was born and raised in the US but have lived overseas in different places for 11 years now (more on that later). Every time I go back to visit it feels less and less like home. Have I changed?... Has it changed? I guess it's both but probably more on my side. And are you in a process of change (for the better) too? :) What is most important to me is remembering the non-ego me, my authentic self... finding that person is key. To do all things in love and looking for the positive. My religion is truth and love. I think if we use these two guides in all relationships and everything we do, we win. :) I train my soul (character), my intellect, and my body. I think when you begin with knowing yourself, everything else can be properly understood. But if you never know yourself, you never have a reference point to begin to understand the rest of life. Ok! Now a break with the philosophizing! :) I use


, gymnastics and other body weight exercises, and meditation these days to hone and tone my body and self to a fit, finely tuned machine.... and I study things like green building/bio-construction, alternative energy, astrology, astronomy, politics, and keep abreast of current events, looking at and discerning the trends to help me build a smart happy life and future family. I love sci-fi and feel like we're now closer to saying "sci-non-fi". :) Tesla would agree with me. Hehe.. I like to probe different lines of thought and keep myself open to new ideas, examining myself and my life for ways to improve my soul, cultivate myself, wean myself more from the ego and beliefs of the system that exult egocentric living. I studied Econ in college, then got licenses and certifications in a variety of fields. The ones that matter are herbal medicine, iridology, sclerology, Thai massage. Lots of others I have studied and I practiced them all for a year in Texas then realized I really didn't see myself living in the States. I spent the next ten years traveling, teaching English, searching for the place I wanted to set up my homestead. The idea is to be energy, food, etc independent. Living in the real world and offering an example of how anyone can be free, not dependent on the matrix. I live in Chile at the moment and have traveled quite a bit... lived in 8 different countries and visited 23. The place where I am living at the moment is something like paradise. I am out in nature on the shore of a gorgeous lake with my hands in the earth every day and I love it! I have a love for most things Teslian, as well as the writings of Walter Russel, Raymond Rife, Victor Schauberger, and other such pioneers. If you know of these guys, wow... puts you in a very small, rare group amongst women! And Joe Dispenza? Ever heard of him? I'll be blown away! Hehe! I'm also a Tony Robbins fan. ;) I've gotten into astrology in the last few years, but probably a kind you aren't familiar with.... I consider it REAL astrology.



Turiya, located in Stuttgart,  , has a  Vegetarian diet Turiya
54 year old, spiritual, Indian female
Stuttgart, Germany
For Activity partner
Vegetarian diet,



Here we go.... to put it in a nutshell or rather in a box Laughing


Harmony is of utmost importance to me, especially in inter-personal relationships.  I have a balanced approach to life and generally take the middle path rather effortlessly in that I enjoy solitude as well as socializing, enjoy listening as well as talking, enjoy serious discourses as well as stupid jokes,  enjoy dancing and also taking walks in nature, can appreciate performing arts just as much as technological developments, enjoy working out at the gym but also lazing about, enjoy going out to concerts, museums, etc. and enjoy staying at home and cooking/reading a book, can take a creative or a structured approach to challenges.... essentially can adapt to situations quite well.


However, at this stage in my life, meditation is the highest priority in my life. I am with a particular living Master on the spiritual path and meditate regularly (apart from doing


, pranayama etc. which though is dependent on how much time I have at my disposal).


People tell me I have a great sense of humour in that I can make a group of people laugh wherever I am : may not happen immediately on this site though:-) as I assume this is a very serious place Smile 


I'm generally a very accommodating person but have realised that you do get taken for a ride if you sort of overdo it.  Guess it's the modern world which interprets humility to mean weakness. 

I was born into a culture of spirituality and vegetarianism (Indian food is mostly vegan) and so for me, this has always been a way of life.  I am not vegan because I do not really want to be carrying soy milk in  my handbag wherever I go and appear to make a fuss :-))  In Germany, veganism is picking up but still I end up being the only vegetarian at various social events and end up eating not the lamb but the "lamb's lettuce" for lunch and dinner :-) !!!!  Didn't I say I was not fussy ?:-))

I am happy being with like-minded people and tend to learn from them and their varied experiences.  For me, each person is such a treasure-house and I appreciate the good in everyone who comes my way.

Boris, located in Kremnica,  , has a  Vegan diet Boris
39 year old, other / not disclosed, Caucasian / White male
Kremnica, Slovakia
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I discovered raw food over the 2011 winter, which has brought me to vegan lifestyle

recently I keep my eating low fat vegan ... that way discovered permaculture and though I have always been close to the nature only since then I started to think about my own fruit and veg farm one day ...

would be nice to start it with someone similar, anywhere in the world, but probably Slovakia my home country would be good idea

nowadays I am not at all settled, working mostly in hospitality all around, recently Sweden, Austria mountains before ... but my condition is to be close to the nature (I am not a city person at all)

enjoying all kinds of sport outdoor activities ... last few years I am mostly into minimalist trail running and I practice hatha


(Sivananda) which I don't consider as a sport but way of life ... (still drinking coffee though Smile )

hobbies ... taking photographs (instagram/veganminimus), alternative music, hiking, travelling, cross country skiing and recently just studying more and more about above mentioned

I am used to be on my own (probably 'cos it's not too easy to meet similar person just on a street or empty woods) and I am fine with it but I guess there is some nice soul to share life ... so trying this way may be easier to find her ...


Angelique, located in Huntingtong Beach, CA, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Angelique
30 year old, other / not disclosed, Caucasian / White female
Huntingtong Beach, California,
For Casual dates
Veggie/vegan diet,

I am Sincere, enthusiastic, friendly.. always looking for new adventures...I love nature, crystals,


good books..interested in holistic medicine,philosophy, conferences, traveling, culture deep conversations And so on..

HealthCounselor, located in Stamford, CT, has a  Raw food diet HealthCounselor
51 year old, Jewish, Caucasian / White female
Stamford, Connecticut,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Raw food diet,

I'm definitely a girl, with lots of feminine qualities and a big heart. I'm into health, love food from the farms and treating my body well. I'm extremely loving and giving. I love to create new adventures. Chemistry is important to me. I'm a bit Carrie Bradshaw, a bit earthy hippie girl and a bit intellectual...

I appreciate my life every day, and I see the glass as half full. I'm a therapist and nutritional counselor - all on the holistic end. I love what I do. I can either be found running at the beach, on a great hike or doing some


. I'm always making new and exciting recipes and love to cook. I'm into indie films, all music from rock to opera, art and theatre. I love to curl up in a big chair with a good book or spend a Saturday cozy at home, and then go out for a great dinner at night! I am blessed to have lots of extraordinary friends. Warm weather and the beach call to me and I love a day in the sand, sun and sea.

michael, located in St Croix Falls, WI, has a  Vegetarian diet michael
67 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
St Croix Falls, Wisconsin,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

  I'm active in work and play. I enjoy nature and love to hike, ski. A starlite sky or a sunset are my most favorite things. I practice


and meditation and keep myself fit and healthy. Diet is very important to me and have been at least mostly vegetarian all of my adult life and entirely past 10 years or more. I'm mostly raw but not entirely as feel some flexibility and enjoying life is more important than extremes.

   I consider myself a spiritual seeker and consider spirituality is about how we live our life day to day. Like how we treat others, whether friends, family, partners, or just causual acquitances or chance meetings. I believe we are all "ONE" within the self same God. I use the "word" God but call it what you will "Goddess"Allah"Jehovah"Oneness"the name doesn't really matter nor can it contain the Totality, what matters is that we respect and love each other.

  Ideally, I would like to find a partner to share life with but am open to friendship and dating and know a relationship must first start as and always remain a friendship first. I don't think age is nearly as important and shared interests and beliefs as in any case we never know what tomorrow may bring.

  I work as a home remodeler and am licensed by the state and have my own business. I expect to stay working in this area for now but am shifting into being a health coach focusing on yoga and diet, which have been a major focus in my life. I got my certification in yoga and continue to practice and train.

  I would like to find friends on this site with similiar interests and am open to communicate whether towards dating or just friendship. Smile



iceblueclover, located in Minnetonka, MN, has a  Vegan diet iceblueclover
47 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Minnetonka, Minnesota,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,


Myself… Hmmm… To save you time, I’m going to jump right in with some things that are important to me and that I believe make me unique:


-   I’m a huge animal lover.  I foresee, that at some point in my life, I’ll have adopted a number of stray or rescued cats and dogs.


-   I’m very health conscious.  I work out regularly and was a Personal Trainer years ago.


-   I’m Vegan.  Because of my love of animals and health interests I’ve chosen to eat a plant-based diet.



Beyond that, I have a Ton of other interests and not enough time to enjoy them all.  Whether on a travel or outdoor adventure or simply reading a new book, I’m very interested in personal-growth.


Some recent examples of my adventurous side include traveling through 9 countries in Europe last summer and I just returned from a camping trip in Yellowstone/Tetons this summer and will be heading off for the circle tour around Lake Superior shortly.  I’ve also traveled through China, Guatemala (attempting to learn Spanish), and the Hawaiian Islands.  I’m always pushing myself to learn and experience new things.  Past interests include rock climbing/bouldering, motorcycling, tennis, skiing, Tae Kwan Do (black belt), scuba, and mountain biking. 


I also have a more quiet and creative side and enjoy painting (I’ve had paintings shown in a few galleries/museums),


, reading, casual walks by a lake, yard work, or sitting by a fire.


Melanie , located in  Las Vegas , NV, has a  Vegetarian diet Melanie
50 year old, Christian / Protestant, Caucasian / White female
Las Vegas , Nevada,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

I'm fit I'm into the outdoors I'm a wellness coach. I love the ocean my family is important I'm close with them and i like horses and do



goodkarma87, located in Palm Springs, CA, has a  Vegan diet goodkarma87
30 year old, spiritual, Mixed male
Palm Springs, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Living and acting with purpose. A sense of balance is important in all things. One should learn from the wise and give credit when due. Walk is better than talk. The air and water we pollute we also breathe and drink. The world may not always be fair, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't strive for justice, specially equality with all the living beings who live in the world.

I work in the medical IT field and enjoy exploring nature, admiring art, reading (a subject of its own), writing, watching mind-opening films, to seek those virtuous attributes which belong to the soul... Among others. Physically, I most enjoy long-distance running, table tennis, go kart racing, hiking, camping,


and meditation. Fond of discussing life, art and ideas. Sci-fi movies with psychological mind-bends are my specialty. INTJ personality type. I love volunteering/donating my time and, most importantly, being able to laugh under any circumstances in life.

I'm a firm believer in mind-body-spirit attitude. We are what we feed into our mind. Are we blindly absorbing violence and hate through mass media instead of being inspired and uplifted by a heart- and mind-opening experiences? Are we following the world's worst diet or are we working on purifying our bodies with healthy food and pure water? And what are we doing each day to open our hearts and enjoy the joy of our souls?


keywords: yoga, meditation, outdoors, music, happiness.



Kevin, located in Charlestown, RI, has a  Vegan diet Kevin
35 year old, other / not disclosed, Caucasian / White male
Charlestown, Rhode-Island,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hi there.  I became a vegan a little over a year ago after watching a couple documentaries on the horrendous practices of animal agriculture.  I am not Buddhist, but I try to incorporate many of the teachings into my lifestyle.  

  I enjoy


, going for hikes with the dog, gardening, cooking, reading and trying out new vegan food whenever I can.  While I enjoy the peace that comes from knowing that my actions are in alignment with my thoughts, it can be somewhat lonely at times not knowing any other Vegans.  

I would love to meet someone who enjoys simple conversations, being in nature, and of course shares the belief that animals are not ours to do with as we please.  

Jrobi1969, located in Blackstone, MA, has a  Vegan diet Jrobi1969
47 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White bi-female
Blackstone, Massachusetts,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Hi! My name is Jenn. I am soon to be 47. I am ready to start looking for a relationship. Taking it slow at first, but definitely interested in being with someone special.

I love to go out to eat, especially when I can try new places and new foods. I am a vegan and people may think that's limiting, but it's really not. I love to go catch a band play live. I am always in awe of amazing musicians, maybe because I believe I should have been born a rock star and have absolutely no musical talent at all! My musical tastes vary, anything from reggae/latin fusion to rock to punk. Some of my favorites include Ozomatli, Green Day, The Polyphonic Spree, Queen, U2, Bowie. See what I mean about varying taste? I do like to check out bands I may not know anything about. Discovering something new is fun! I love musicals, too. Going to the theater is exciting to me, no matter what I am going to see. (Unless it's Phantom, I have seen that way too many times!)

I love to read, pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I'm a


kind of an exerciser. I do love walks, though. I love to walk any place where there are lots of things to explore. Cities are great walking places. Speaking of cities, I dig Boston a lot but find myself hanging out in Providence quite a bit. I am down for day trips, I would go anywhere, but I especially love the ocean. Not even necessarily to spend the day sunning on the beach, but to just walk by the water or sit on a great deck somewhere, sipping a drink and looking out at the waves. Just being near the water makes me feel great. 

My dream is to someday own a vegan food truck. I just think it's an area of the food industry that needs a little bit more representation. A vegan butcher shop is also something I was considering. Just something different and something that is becoming increasingly necessary in today's world. 

I like to travel too and am up for any trip. My goal is to make it to South East Asia someday. 

People say I am a kind person, intelligent, good heart, great work ethic, wonderful friend and a good Mom. Oh yeah. I have a kid. Well, she's not really a kid anymore. She's 19 and just moved back home.

Did I miss anything? If so...just ask. I will answer, I promise.

Joy4UnMe, located in Pomona, CA, has a  Vegan diet Joy4UnMe
68 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White bi-female
Pomona, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

My Diet

I eat a mostly raw vegan diet because I continually learn how much healthier it is for us and the planet. I also enjoy that no animals are killed or harmed for me to eat or have something to wear. I have been eating this way for 13 years, learned about it when I began researching alternative methods for treating cancer than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery when my mom developed cancer for the third time. One might not be surprised that I subscribe to holistic and naturopathic health care for myself and am very healthy. 

More About Me

You and I start out as friends having fun walking the beach or a beautiful mountain area, and getting to know each other. We are both single, healthy (I eat a mostly raw vegan diet), attractive, bright, think having a little fun every day is the way to go (for me that may start out by playing chase with my kitty or dancing along with one of my favorite videos), open-minded, love learning and growing. We share mutual respect, fun times, admiration on many levels, including spiritual, intellectual and physical, and are a positive influence on each other.


I enjoy, even if sometimes surprised by, the synchronicity of Life. One never knows what the tide may bring and I enjoy exploring what the tide of life brings to me every day. I don't believe in accidents. I enjoy seeing beauty in everything and sending energy to everyone and everything.


My hobbies include enjoying animals, spending time in nature (beach, mountains, desert), exercising (walking, hiking, swimming, tennis, been a while but enjoy skiing, snorkeling, even a little surfing), spending time with family and friends, listening to and playing music (used to play clarinet and piano) and enjoy most music with classical and rock & roll as my top choices, reading for fun especially mysteries, watching movies (from Star Trek, Star Wars, and Contact to Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias, to Celestine Prophecy, A Beautiful Mind, Juno, ... love Netflix), and watching the sun rise.


I often have several books going, the most recently read are: Stumbling Towards Enlightenment A


101 Collection (Yogashanan, aka Shannan Harrell), You Can Heal Your Life (Louise Hay), Buddha Brain (Rick Hanson).



I believe we create our own reality by the choices we make. I believe we are here to enjoy life, to improve things and give back. 

Alicia, located in  Slave Lake, AB, has a  Vegan diet Alicia
25 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Hi, my name is Alicia my I interests are


, swimming, reading, I love being outside walking my dogs or for almost any reason! :) I am very adventurous, love to travel and try new things! I am pretty easy going with my personality.    

julie, located in derby,  , has a  Veggie/vegan diet julie
56 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
derby, United-Kingdom
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I am an independant female ..kind caring. ..with a love of nature and the animals.very spiritual.

Ive been vegetarian three years /almost vegan.

I've started to study



don't have a television...a recent decision...I'm  quite relaxed and arty.

Animal welfare 

I love my two dogs give cats two rabbits 

I enjoy gardening but not very good at it.

I like yoga ...walking in the countryside ...musical things

I'm a bit of a daydreams and enjoy just relaxing with someone.

mixing with like minded friendsand cooking veganish foodc

Love music   ...going to festivals ...camping in my caravan.





Shonda, located in  Atlanta, GA, has a  Vegan diet Shonda
45 year old, spiritual, African Descent / Black female
Atlanta, Georgia,
For Casual dates OR activity partner
Vegan diet,


 I am a person on a mission to discover and uncover my true self.


What I can say for sure today is that I am a vegan, curious about life, and other peoples stories, an avid reader most of the time (ive recentley discovered I love instagram), I appreciate the outdoors when it is not to cold or to hot and I like to be active so I like to move. Sometimes I walk, hike, dance, attend a


class or do a cardio workout. I love the indoors when I am cooking, relaxing, tinkering, or cleaning because I feel more like myself at home. I can be a home body and to much in my head if I am not careful. I like to drink red wine while making dinner and will grab a beer with my friends on the weekends. I also like plays, going to the movies, and listening to live music. I value my space which means I will appreciate and respect when my partner values his own space too. I volunteer my time with causes I believe in and want to support. because I believe that all people have a right to happiness, peace, love and joy regardless of sexual orientation, color of skin, or religion. I know as a woman I am an equal partner in the creation of the world and do not believe or support situations where women are not valued or have a strong voice. While I do not attend church or any other type of organized religious group, I am cultivating a personal relatioship with God each and every day.  I am not uptight or ridgid but I am a private person with respect to my personal relationships. 

Nicki, located in  Houston, TX, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Nicki
68 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Houston, Texas,
For Casual dates
Veggie/vegan diet,

I am an outgong friendly, and very positive person.  I like to eat organic healthy foods.  I love to cook and find new recipies, but salads are my forte.  I am very progressive or liberal minded, and try to stay away from the people that like to spread fear and hate.

I retired early from my corp. job in outside sales, and I'm working as an artist doing my passion.  I throw on the wheel and create pottery and metal work jewelry.  I show it in galleries and at fine art shows.  I get up each morning looking forward to creating some new designs.

I am quite active, and I'm looking for someone that loves the outdoors and nature as much as I do.  I live on a lake and go kayaking and like to explore.  There is some great birdlife here, and it is a pleasure to sit on the deck and watch it all.  I also like to bike ride, but I have a balloon tire bike without speeds, so I can just enjoy the ride.  

I try to live a healthy lifestyle, and pride myself on staying healthy.  I take


classes and really enjoy that.  If these traits seem interesting to you, and you feel somewhat the same, please get in touch.  

Paul, located in Bloomington, IN, has a  Vegan diet Paul
49 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Bloomington, Indiana,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I recently moved from the west coast and am hoping to meet fellow vegetarians and vegans for friends and if there's that mystical connection maybe something more. I'm currently doing electrical and carpentry work, also in the process of writing a book (wish me luck!). I want to eventually buy some land and build an eco off-the-grid "earth ship" , and maybe try my hand at organic farming. I also just might end up doing ceramics or wood carvings out of the back of a school bus somewhere, who knows, life is an adventure! Let's see, I enjoy dancing, painting, making things with my hands, drawing, camping out, gardening, building projects, playing with animals and kids (recently taught my neices the fine art of raking a huge pile of leaves to jump in), long walks, reading sci-fi and fantasy as well as spiritual books, watching movies, writing, reading poetry - Rumi right now,


, tai-chi, meditation and learning about the world and myself.

Sweetangel, located in Colombo,  , has a  Veggie/vegan diet Sweetangel
45 year old, spiritual, Asian female
For Serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,

I'm a born vegetarian. I eat a vegetarian diet because it enhances overall health, feels best, is rooted in compassion and respect for other species, promotes basic-goodness, doesn't conflict with my ideals, is good for the planet etc.

Most people think I am still in my 30's due to my youthful appearance which has come from my healthy lifestyle.

I've got a very positive outlook on life. I'm always advancing my knowledge and striving to better myself. I love helping others and try to make the world a better place by my actions. I'm a spiritual person and I very much believe that we create our own happiness and luck or lack of it by our thoughts and actions. I love traveling to places of ineffable natural beauty.

I am passionate about a great many things, like caring for the environment, living a cruelty-free lifestyle, and helping others who are in need. I value quiet time for


and meditation. I appreciate organics, protecting nature and quality nutrition. I love my family and see them when I can. I love the country settings. Enjoy My life's motto is to be a positive influence on the world and leave everything (every person?) better than I found it. I am not a religious person but appreciate a spirituality through which I feel a connection to all beings. being in nature, woods, forests make me very happy. I do like water whether it's lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and the ocean as it's very refreshing.

Living the most good life that I can and making the most positive difference that I can while I’m here on this earth are of the utmost importance to me and that manifests itself in many ways. I always feel and think that my footprints I leave behind show that I have walked in kindness toward the earth and every living soul.

I believe in the institution of marriage. I have never been married but would like to do so. I see it as a life long commitment which I hope to be able to fulfill in the near future. I want to have a family of my own.

I'm interested in finding a life partner who wants to have a happy family and raise healthy vegan / vegetarian kids in a home of love.

“For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” - Pythagoras (6th century BC)

Ben, located in Edmonton, AB, has a  Vegan diet Ben
54 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I am a left leaning, right brained, bread-loving, published writer(fiction and poetry) and occasional musician. I live for traveling (Brazil and Iceland on tap for this year); hiking, backpacking, scrambling, snowshoeing, cycle touring, music (especially jazz and soul and R&B), and underwater crochet.   I'm a vegan for ethical and environmental reasons. All life forms deserve to exist as much as we do. Health benefits of being a vegan a bonus. I try to buy organic and local whenever possible. Silence of the Lambs, the movie, changed my life. When Hannibal Lecter extracts Clarissa's traumatic memory of the lambs being slaughtered, something clicked in my brain. Promptly read Peter Singer's Animal Liberation soon after and never looked back. 

Throw me a toasted bagel, Cafe Mosaics pumpkin pie(best in the universe), and some black licorice occasionally and I'll be one very happy camper.

People who know me appreciate my occasionally goofy sense of humor, although I can be serious as a Bergman film if need be.  Sometimes shy around new people, although I enjoy performing in public(music or literary readings). Been told I'm a very good listener. Not much of a party guy. Don't always look (or act) my age, in a good way. Some of my other interests include reading and film, and I also practice


and try to exercise daily, especially my biceps.  

A respect and appreciation for nature and the other inhabitants of this shared planet is key to my world view.

A few favorite films: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Manhattan, Casablanca, Heat, Godfather II, Blade Runner, La Mort En Direct, Tintin
A few favorite writers: Ian McEwan, Iris Murdoch, Margaret Atwood, David Goodis, Ray Bradbury, Joyce Carol Oates
A few favorite bands/musicians: Police, Keith Jarrett, Miles, Aretha, Sade, Bruce Cockburn, RVW, Vivaldi, Bat for Lashes, Beyonce
A few favorite local eats: Noorish, Cafe Mosaics, Padmanadi's.

hu tiger, located in Munchen,  , has a  Vegetarian diet hu tiger
38 year old, Humanist, Indian male
Munchen, Germany
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,


Hi there,

I am an young man well travelled, with some wonderful taste who believes life isn’t to tough after all Laughing


I'm new here, still checking out this site, so lets see how it goes. We be glad to find likeminded friends and more maybe.. J To begin with, I’d be glad to make new friends here, and learning new perspectives and point of view of life, and eventually take this to the next level if we reach there.


I like travelling, eating out, partying on and off, reading, meeting new people, learning new cultures and a lot more.  Love adventure trips,

Im into healthcare and travel often for work, mostly on the Asia side of this planet.


I believe I am open-minded, honest, caring, sensitive and definitely romantic. I am a seeker of a higher sense of consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, and unconditional love. Dunno if it exists, I believe it does.


If you'd like to know more please send me a message :) 


Stay blessed and Have a wonderful..Innocent





dana ryken, located in scottsdale, AZ, has a  Raw food diet dana ryken
51 year old, other / not disclosed, Caucasian / White male
scottsdale, Arizona,
For Casual dates
Raw food diet,

Raw Vegan,Plant based Nutritionist,following a 80/10/10 lifestyle.I love nature,my Dog,native flute,African drum,Meditation,Partner


,Thai massage,Stretching,Eye gazing,swimming.and Raw food lifestyle.Mostly fruits during the day,salad at night,with a few nuts and seeds,or maybe an avocado.6'140 lbs,and handsome!!

Anastasia, located in Boryspil,  , has a  Vegan diet Anastasia
26 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White female
Boryspil, Ukraine
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

A big dreamer, music addict and wine enthusiast. I love cinema, travelling and cooking. Tea and


every day. Wanna make the world a better place. Laughing

Kristen, located in St. Pete Beach, FL, has a  Vegetarian diet Kristen
28 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
St. Pete Beach, Florida,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,


I am compassionate, playful, and 

friendly. I do


and meditate on a 

daily basis and do acroyoga every 

week. I'm highly interested in the 

raw vegan lifestyle, although I cook 

certain proteins such as rice,

beans, oatmeal cookies, etc. I am open and respectful of 

other ways of eating and living life. 

Everyone is on their own path. I'm 

into weight training and acrobatics. 

I'm a certified health fitness 

specialist with a bachelor's in 

exercise physiology, and interested 

in the path of physical therapy. I 

enjoy swimming and spending time 

in nature. I am a very outgoing 

person, but I'm more open in small 

groups. I fair well in large groups for 

fun activities, but find it much harder 

to open up this way. 


I enjoy my time for rest and 

relaxation as well. I believe that 

there's a balance that is needed 

between rest, work, and play. I love 

experimenting and coming up with 

healthy recipes. I also love to 

exercise and have fun with friends 

doing acroyoga on the beach. I'm 

very open minded and have a 

strong interest in learning about the 

universe and how to make this 

world a better place though 

focusing on the self and sharing what I learn. I love to garden and my goal is to one day have my garden my main food source. I recently built a tower garden and I'm taking baby steps toward my goal. ^_^ I am a hard worker, yet enjoy a lot of down time. I have completed a Bachelor's of Biology in Exercise Physiology with a 3.98 GPA and I worked so hard to ensure that I'd be accepted into PT school; however, I'm unsure that I'd like to go this route because of the immense ammount of debt that I would have. Life is not all about money and I'd prefer to have freedom so I am currently deciding whether to go for a Dr. of Physical Therapy degree as planned or to become a Physical Therapy Assistent, both would be a good fit for me. I am passionate about learning about the human body, health, and maintaining balance in life. I work full time as a caregiver in the Home Health Field and absolutely love my job. I like to think of myself as a professional friend because it really feels that way. I really feel like I make a difference in their lives.


I love animals and I have raised a small pomeranian named Penelope. She is so adorable, smart, and well behaved. I love living on the Gulf of Mexico, but I'm willing to move for the right person. Please message me if you're interested. :



walter, located in Bolzano,  , has a  Vegetarian diet walter
59 year old, Catholic, Caucasian / White male
Bolzano, Italy
For Activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

There is not much to say, I will let discover you,ore may be can list just two things. I am doing


and meditation sins 40 years I like do jogging in the morning and swimming .Travel to other countries meet friends ore have conversation with them. Some time go in the mountains .

Kim, located in Carlsbad, CA, has a  Almost veg diet Kim
59 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Carlsbad, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Almost veg diet,

I CANNOT SEE "LIKES" as I am a non paying member. If you "like" me you have to message me.

I am set up for SKYPE and FACETIME. I prefer to meet like this before we meet in person.

IF YOU HAVE NO PHOTO posted......please don't message me. I am immediately uncomfortable if your picture is a secret!

LIVE & LET LIVE. Treat others with kindness. Be sure to laugh. It is food for the soul. Be sure to hug and cuddle. It nurtures the spirit.

I AM LOOKING TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP. ........or meet new friends.

NOT INTERESTED IN CASUAL SEX. Gentlemen only please. Wholesome compliments are sweet but sexual innuendos are NOT appreciated. Those comments should be reserved for couples who have established a romantic relationship. Not before!

Family photo: January 2016
Profile photo: October 2015
Photos in back yard: January 1, 2013
Close up: August 2010
Photo on Pier: August 2006

Relationships: single

Have kids: I wanted children more than anything else but it never happened.

Want kids: No, but it's OK if my partner has kids

Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Body type: Average 140 lbs. Trying to lose about 20 pounds! :o My current method is to write down the calories I eat for each meal, trying to stay with in 400 calories ore meal including snacks. That usually works for me. I just have to do it and keep it in mind each day. Trouble starts when I throw caution to the wind! ;) I need some inspiration to do


again. That works for me! Twice a week for an hour and a half each time had me in tip top shape two years ago. I was proud! ;)

I am also TRYING to be vegan. I believe all mammals are loving creatures and we should not be eating them. If you watch videos of cows and such, it is clear their emotional quotient is equal to dogs and cats.

Eggs are acceptable if they are stamped "certified humane". Milk is not acceptable because of the necessity of separating mom and baby to obtain milk for humans. Not nice! Not fair!

I'm not sure about fish yet, but I'm on the edge of giving up fish too. I

Height: 5'2" (157cms)

Religion: Spiritual but not religious

Smoke: No Way

Drink: Moderately


movies: romance or comedy

historical sites, shopping, traveling, plays, classical music as well as rock & and roll, old tunes, show tunes, walking on the beach, dancing, talking, gardening, crafts, home improvement projects.

I am quite a mix of ethnicities. My mother is half Mexican. My father was a blue eyed blonde with Swiss and Chippewa Indian in his background. Irish, French, Spanish, & English are the European decents I know to be in my background from my mom's side.

THE BEACH, local history & historical sites, tourist attractions, restaurants, tropical islands, mountains

Home & Garden Television, Two & a Half Men, Jay Leno, History Channel, Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Oprah, Biography, certain sitcoms, old movies, nostalgia, ethnic foods, seafood.

I have begun reading "New Earth" but find it to be rather heavy, so I must take it a few pages at a time. I enjoy reading things about toy poodles. New Age spirituality. Decorating & home improvement articles. Biographies.

I have one toy poodle named Mimi.

I want to be with someone who is very affectionate, articulate, comfortable expressing their feelings. I am a talkative, soft spoken, sensitive person who loves to laugh. I love to cuddle up together on the beach or at home by a fire.

I enjoy pleasant people from a variety of walks of life.

Languages: Speaks English
Ethnicity: No preference
Faith: Spiritual but not religious
Education: Bachelors degree or higher

Smoke: 420 friendly on special occasions. Tobacco NEVER!
Drink: Moderately

I LOVE TO BE NEAR WATER. The sound of water falls, babbling brooks, ocean waves, rain and the lapping of water on a cruise ship are all very soothing to me.

I LOVE GARDENING and home improvement projects. I could also be interested in volunteering together for a charity or common cause.

Tend to be liberal. Though I am a registered democrat I am not a highly political person.

I have a regular education TEACHING CREDENTIAL as well as a Clear Specialist Instruction Credential in Special Education from San Diego State University. I am authorized to teach Language Arts for middle school. I am credentialed to teach Culinary K-12 or Family Studies and Consumer Sciences grades K-12. I am currently substitute teaching.

I have a LITTLE EIGHT POUND DOG, named Mimi. She is an apricot Poodle.

I have a 78 year old mother, one brother, age 56, and one sister, age 52. My nephew is 22. I have 27 first cousins.


Hair: dark blonde
Eyes: Brown


Coffee and conversation
Dining out
Exploring new areas
Hobbies and crafts
Museums and art
Music and concerts
Performing arts

Education: B. A. Liberal Studies
Teaching Credential Pre-school through 12 self contained
Special Education Credential for Learning Handicapped
Family Studies and Consumer Sciences/Culinary/Home Ec.
Language Arts through Grade 9

College/University: San Diego State University

Languages: English

Politics: Liberal

Sign: Cancer

Pets I have: Toy Poodle

What I’m doing with my life

I am regrouping!

I'm really good at

Conversation, writing, laughing, gardening.

The first things people usually notice about me

Eyes and hair. Soft voice.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

movies: romance or comedy

Home & Garden Television, Two & a Half Men, Jay Leno, History Channel, Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Oprah, Biography, certain sitcoms, old movies, nostalgia

FOOD: ethnic foods, seafood

The six things I could never do without

Friends & family
plenty of fresh water
Fresh air
Soft mattress, foam pillows, soft sheets and blankets.

I spend a lot of time thinking about

Being incredibly happy for the rest of my life.


On a typical Friday night

I am laughing with someone

out for dinner


The most private thing I’m willing to admit

Hhhhmm. Can't say!

You should message me if


You think we might like each other.

alyssa ann, located in Stony Brook, NY, has a  Veggie/vegan diet alyssa ann
22 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Stony Brook, New-York,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,

Stony Brook student

sociology major, women's and gender studies minor



, documentaries, hiking, studying, napping, netfix

Winter, located in  Portland, OR, has a  Vegan diet Winter
28 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Portland, Oregon,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

My name is Winter, I recently moved to Portland from the northeast, and I love it here.  I've been a vegan for about 5 years and have plans to keep it up for the rest of my life!  I love


and nature and doing all kinds of things outside, but also love relaxing inside with netflix or a book.  I enjoy writing and blogging and all kinds of creative things.  Dance (mostly ballet) and music are a big part of my life.  I'm an INFP and a Ravenclaw, pretty sensitive and definitely an empath.  Most people think I'm extremely kind and I am, but caring so much about others can definitely take its toll.  I'm also fairly shy/quiet when I'm first getting to know someone but I do appreciate having good conversations and warm up quickly.  Please don't take it personally or be put off by it, it doesn't last long!

I think it's worth saying that even though I'm describing myself this way and it's all true, people would definitely say I'm pretty normal.... especially in Portland.  I was unique in living/feeling this way back home but compared to how people look/act that I've met here, I'm much more of what someone would consider a 'normal' person.  Not judging or having anything against people that aren't 'normal'!  

I think I'm pretty cool and fun, and I think most others do too. :) 

EssentiallySweet, located in  Spokane, WA, has a  Vegetarian diet EssentiallySweet
34 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Spokane, Washington,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

I love being outdoors, living each day to the fullest and I am open to finding someone to share it with!  I absolutely love traveling, exploring and taking random road trips.  My favorite trip involves little plans and an open mind to just enjoy and relax.  I'm really up for traveling anywhere and everywhere!


I enjoy homemade real food, cooking and baking, and I think it would be fun to be with someone that also enjoys cooking.  I love


, gardening, golfing, working out, cycling for fun, & spending time with friends/ family.  I really enjoy live music, dancing and a cold beverage on a warm patio.  Who doesn't?! 


I have a sweet & fun 4 year old daughter who is such a joy!  I have her often but have great sitters and she is with her dad regularly.  He and I get along, and parent well together for our daughter.  If you have kids, I also hope to see a good or at least respectful relationship with your ex too. 


I truly enjoy both the country and city life! I love the quiet, relaxing countryside with birds chirping and stargazing.  But I also enjoy going out downtown for live music and having a yummy drink. Id love to be with someone that also appreciates both :)

Suzanne, located in Falmouth, MA, has a  Raw food diet Suzanne
54 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Falmouth, Massachusetts,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Raw food diet,

Hi, I'm just checking this site out...I'm new in the vegan raw world...I'm very interested in this lifestyle and looking to meet a man who is on this path. I am health and fitness conscious, I enjoy


, dance, meditation, bodywork, art and music of all backgrounds. I'm excited to grow and learn...

Looking forward to connecting soon!

Hellen72, located in Prague,  , has a  Vegetarian diet Hellen72
45 year old, Hindu, Caucasian / White female
Prague, Czech-Republic
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

modest, artistic, kind, creative, honest, love of God,


,traveling, love animals, good friend,love people,sincere,attentive,positive, sensitive,natural

Svetlana, located in  Moscow,  , has a  Raw food diet Svetlana
46 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Raw food diet,

The weight 53, height 164. I am fond of


, sports, runes. I love nature, forest, sea. A raw eater since 2010. Raw foodists friends there, friends there are vegetarians - some people. A vegetarian since 2007. I love animals, became a vegan because of compassion for our lesser brothers. The rawfoodist became because of the desire to become more energetic. Believe that a diet of raw plant purifies the body and mind. Live in Crimea and Moscow. I live in Crimea a zoo, 14 dogs, 2 cats and a crow. All the animals were saved from euthanasia and streets. With animals is my mom, she loves dogs. Have a grown up son he is studying in 2 institutes at the faculty of history and construction. I obrazovaniyu lawyer. My dream is to travel, to visit interesting places and socialise with like-minded people. English I write through the translator. Native language is Russian.

Gandhi, located in Seattle, WA, has a  Vegan diet Gandhi
44 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White male
Seattle, Washington,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I'm a creative, forward-thinking, affectionate, colorful and unique fellow with a B.A. in Social Welfare. My hobbies include experimental cooking, hosting vegan potlucks, chess, costumes, DJing, drumming, dancing, working out,


, swimming, modeling, reading poetry at open mics and slams, winning moustache championships and traveling around the world. Direct communication, honesty, good mental hygiene, a sense of humor and progressive world view are all important.  I live on Capitol Hill with my 3 cats whom I've raised since birth.

Dilia, located in Kiev,  , has a  Raw food diet Dilia
39 year old, other / not disclosed, non-specified female
Kiev, Ukraine
For Serious relationship/marriage
Raw food diet,

Raw vegan, great sense of humor. I enjoy mountains, sea, forest, hiking, dancing and


. Love reading and watching good movies. I enjoy fun adventures like exploring nature, travel and restaurants. I am a fan of hollistic nutrition and natural remedies (if needed).

Michelle, located in Los Angeles, NV, has a  Vegan diet Michelle
25 year old, spiritual, Mixed female
Los Angeles, Nevada,
For Casual dates OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Shy, friendly, Vegan 24 year old woman. I'm from Los Angeles and currently living in Las Vegas. I love to live a healthy lifestyle. I love


and excercise and finding awesome vegan places to eat. Unfortunately Las Vegas is not as vegan-friendly as LA :( I hope to meet more veggie friends here. Oh and I love to travel! I can speak Spanish. And currently learning Korean and Japanese. 

Victoria, located in Edinburgh,  , has a  Veggie/vegan diet Victoria
26 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Edinburgh, United-Kingdom
For Serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,

Swedish but live in a wee Scottish town at the moment - at uni studying social anthropology. Love being in nature and spend a lot of time on the beach or in the woods with my dog. Love exploring new places and going on spontaneous adventures; there's nothing like the feeling of being of being the road. Also love reading, listening to/playing music, meditating,


, capoeira, animals (!!), van life, camping, photography, documentaries, good conversations, digging deep, learning new things...

Peace and love

VeggieDog33, located in Phoenix, AZ, has a  Vegan diet VeggieDog33
38 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Phoenix, Arizona,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

More about me? Be careful what you wish for. Just kidding. What can I say. I am one odd cookie, not in a bad way- just in a unique way. My friends describe me as a football loving, vegan, jew. It's an odd combo. But truthfully, I lead a "normal" life- good family, college, good job, the "good on paper" life. But it wasn't until I started rescuing and eating Vegan, I believe I truly found myself. I think we are all always searching, but I know I have found the core of who/what I'm meant to be/do. So that's the whole story- I do


, hike, cook like a motherfucker, farmers market, biking, drinking, wine, family , football and above all, my fur family. Unless you are a right wing, natzhee, crazy person, I can probably get along with you.  

Lillie B, located in  Beachwood, OH, has a  Vegetarian diet Lillie B
60 year old, Christian / other, Mixed female
Beachwood, Ohio,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

Happy, genuine, enjoy nature, biking,


, antique cars, good books, great movies, music, travel - some of the things I enjoy. Conversation will be fruitful. There is, of course, to much  for a paragraph.What I want in a relationship I'm also willing to give.  Part of the fun is getting aquainted...

Steve, located in Itasca, IL, has a  Vegan diet Steve
59 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Itasca, Illinois,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Romantic, kind, and gentle guy with a virtually endless variety of interests. I'd like a partner to help me explore the world, and to build a lasting, loving, and supportive relationship. I am able to move almost anywhere to spend life with my twin flame.
Easy-going, witty, patient, loving, compassionate, non-judgmental, and a good & loyal friend. I am very open and emotionally available; some would say evolved. My attitudes and behaviors are very positive, light hearted, and consistent. I will never let go of your hand or stop hugging you. I believe that common values are more important than common interests, and that simple pleasures are the best.
Some of my interests: travel, kayaking, biking, hiking, swimming, keeping fit & healthy,


, beaches, mountains, volunteer work, biographies, classical music, NPR, continued learning, word games, writing Haiku, American Southwest, French language & culture, contra dancing, museums, fine art, foreign cinema, and romance in any form. Animal rights supporter and member of many vegetarian/vegan/raw groups.
Thirty years of a plant-based diet and a lifelong healthy lifestyle have blessed me with a body, mind and spirit far younger than my chronological age (except for accumulated wisdom, of course). My photos are about three years old, but I have not suffered any significant physical deterioration since they were taken. My diet is 75% raw.


AZJoe, located in Phoenix, AZ, has a  Vegan diet AZJoe
54 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Phoenix, Arizona,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I am a native Arizonan who loves the Sonoran Desert.

I enjoy hiking,


, farmer's markets, and being out in nature.

I am a wildlife photographer and printer.

Syl, located in  Bayside, NY, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Syl
30 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Asian female
Bayside, New-York,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I do energy audits for work. My majore hobbie now is Brazilian Jiujitsu. I'm looking into archery and hot


. I'm very liberal and I like to have a good laugh. 

Effy, located in  Corner Brook, NF, has a  Vegan diet Effy
22 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White bi-female
Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada
For Activity partner
Vegan diet,







Metal head




Animal lover


Luis, located in Lisbon,  , has a  Almost veg diet Luis
51 year old, Christian / other, Caucasian / White male
Lisbon, Portugal
For Serious relationship/marriage
Almost veg diet,

I like


, sports, swimming, running. Classical music, computer science. Dogs, bulldogs, horses, cats. Nature, ocean, mountain, beauty

John, located in Sunshine Coast,  , has a  Vegan diet John
66 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Sunshine Coast, Australia
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I live with passion for whatever matters.
Sustainable lifestyle choices interest me they fit my daily activity wherever practical.
I take pride in remaining loyal, faithful and true; also tenacious, courageous, adventurous, tender and loving.
Being quite fit and healthy, not just for my age, I very actively continue to enjoy my lifelong obsession with competitive aviation sports, especially practising for gliding and soaring competitions.
Other continuing passions and interests are, natural health, vegetarian diet,


meditation, Permaculture, environmental causes, volunteering and humanitarian support/advocacy and direct action.
The somewhat serious, even philosophical, side of me is hopefully balanced by a sense of humour that helps me acknowledge and even laugh at my own weaknesses and challenges.
Those attributes support the real me, who loves gently or intensely with honesty and loyalty.
If we can both accept this opportunity, and if we both sense the potential for chemistry, you will have found your best friend and good lover who will walk beside you whenever you need it and for as long as you want it.
I would also be as sensual and caring, as gentle or strong, as ever you need from time to time but can also guarantee respect of and value your personal space and support your self empowerment.
The idea is, if you wanted that, we would come to both enjoy a full exciting, satisfying, sweet but solid relationship and share an absolutely awesome time together. 


Kasia, located in Princes Risborough,  , has a  Vegetarian diet Kasia
34 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Princes Risborough, United-Kingdom
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

Hi there, I'm Kasia. I'm an empathic, open-minded animal lover an I've been vegetarian for 17 years. I love to laugh, joke and be around people with positive vibes and catchy sense of humour. I’m into deep conversation with conscious and compassionate ones who look at the world from a meaningful point of view, are true seekers and try to live outside illusion. I’m interested in psychology,


meditation and esotericism and I love nature, and sport and adventure. And of course, there is much more to reveal...much more to discover...depends on your curiosity. 


Cooljavamon, located in Steilacoom, WA, has a  Vegetarian diet Cooljavamon
50 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White male
Steilacoom, Washington,
For Casual dates OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

I am starting a new life after living overseas for many years.  I am a vegetarian exploring raw vegan lifestyle.  My favorite activities include running, kayaking, sailing, cycling, hiking, and walking.  I like to backpack and camp.

My son is an important part of my life.  We like to do things outdoors as much as possible.

I like to read and research and am always learning new things.  My areas of expertise include Aviation, Organizational Leadership, and International Relations.  I am interested in global problems particularly in terms of natural resources and energy as well as a variety of other things including


, exercise, and nutrition.

I don't watch television as I generally see it as a waste of time.  We are put on this earth to do more than that.

Bohemian Gypsy, located in Vancouver, BC, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Bohemian Gypsy
62 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Vancouver, British-Columbia, Canada
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I used to be a member paid, but am open now to simply see who shows up.  If you are interested, please send a note so I can respond, even if I am not a paid member at this moment, as I will make a point to become so again if need be.  I am not into quantity, but rather a deeply intimate connection with a like minded soul.

An eco-conscious vegetarian leaning vegan, loving raw at times as well, non drug user wishes to connect with like-minded for friendship, dating or whatever transpires, as the Divine is in charge so opportunities often show up when things come into alignment.   I am youthfully minded and actively engaged and always guessed at 40's agewise, regardless of chronology.

As a pagan worshipper, I am a serious nature lover and enjoy time outdoors rain or shine year round. I am always up for an adventure culturally or naturally, as it keeps life interesting. Summertime I beach alot and have been a beacher most of my life year round as I try to set up my life to play often. I grew up camping, hiking, waterskiing, boating and really enjoy walking on windy days or watching lightening storms outdoors. Snuggling with someone by the fire indoors or out is also perfection.

I am on a strong Spiritual path and am a seeker of Wisdom and ancient knowledge, as the secrets of life are contained within. Currently, I am very focused on the study and practice of


especially Bhakti - Yoga of Devotion but also enjoy the knowledge of Juana, asanas of Hatha and many other aspects that continue to grow and intrigue me. Ancient and indigenous wisdoms that inspire peace and harmony within, have anchored and healed my perception of the world at large.

Alternative, energetic healing, thinking and ZEN living is a way of life for me, as I do my best to focus on the sacred in everything. I am a Medical Intuitive and believe in natural healing and the more ancient and indigenous ways when it comes to health and well being. I believe that how we breathe and what we think and eat is vital to our well-being.

As an Artist and Designer, I enjoy beauty and creativity on many fronts and my greatest love is Mother Nature.  I am also into creative and collage art, web design, decor projects,  jewelry and fabric arts, mannequin art and make my living with the healing and creative arts.  I can live both decadently or simply as a bohemian with equal satisfaction, as my daily spiritual Yoga practice fuels me for pretty much anything.

A gourmet cook, I also love to hostess events or jams and am always up for drumming and singing with musical friends! I am well traveled, love it and would like to do a lot more. I love exploring tropical places, sandy beaches, ancient ruins and love adventures, even by myself, as the world and all its cultures fascinates me.

I enjoy having a partner that loves Nature too, as it allows me to fall in love with both them and Creation everyday.  I am very open to relocating, especially in some of my fav places in the world, as I am not attached to being in Vancouver the rest of my life. Costa Rica, California, India, just to name a few, as I can easily be a gypsy if so inspired.

For me, the most important part of being in an intimate relationship is communication, trust, openness and a willingness to grow together.  Having a partner willing to go the distance as the ralationship evolves and blossoms, is the ultimate.  This kind of relationship excites me and a partner who thinks on that level would be sublime!  I feel true intimacy is created from here, as getting physically intimate is not the same as being deeply intimate and I desire a man who knows the difference. I am strongly devoted to constantly evolving where Divine love with a partner is a way of life, not a concept.  What is inside of a man and what inspires his creativity and love of life is what excites me the most as this is what Love is for me.







Brieski, located in  Los Angeles, CA, has a  Vegetarian diet Brieski
34 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Los Angeles, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

I am a lover of all animals, black coffee, hiking, biking,


, red wine, doing cartwheels, belly laughs and exploring LA! My family & friends are extremely important to me. 

Vegaia, located in  Prague,  , has a  Vegan diet Vegaia
37 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Prague, Czech-Republic
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hi, I am a single mom living in Prague, working as an independent contractor. I have one child and he is the love of my life. Besides spending time with him, I like to be in nature and enjoy fresh air, night sky and mountains. Nevertheless, I live in a city which actually has some advantages if one is into culture, fine arts, theater and film (I am ;)). 

I am a vegan for ethic reasons and I also like to practice


. I believe in energies, unity and equality.

Meg, located in  Newcastle ,  , has a  Vegan diet Meg
33 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White bi-female
Newcastle , Australia
For Casual dates
Vegan diet,

Im easy going and love learning about people and the things that inspire them.

I enjoy live music and a laugh. I keep fit with


and a regular run. 

Be in touch if you think you might enjoy a drink with me sometime. 

Barry, located in Tamarac, FL, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Barry
49 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Tamarac, Florida,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

A bit about myself: I'm a peaceful and spiritual man, a seeker of oneness with all things. I also can be quite energetic, have a youthful, athletic appearance, and my playful inner child/witty sense of humor nicely balances out my deeper, mystical side. I'm nonmaterialistic, romantic, appreciate the beauty of nature, animal lover, and can enjoy the simple things of life-  music, a cup of chai, an inspiring book. children, friends, the animals.   I'm a chiropractor by profession, and stay healthy and balanced mostly through swimming, qigong,


and meditation. I feel at home with all spiritual paths/religions, love to meditate, and my focus is on inner peace, spiritual growth, and serving others.

Mita, located in Pasadena, CA, has a  Vegetarian diet Mita
48 year old, Hindu, Indian female
Pasadena, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

I enjoy hiking, going to the movies, cooking, going to farmers market, traveling. I have traveled to Belize, Chile and have gone to Costa Rica for a


retreat. Just came back from volunteer trip to Fiji where I was able to do some shark diving!!  Amazing experience!  My motto is life should be fun. It used to be life is short, eat dessert first! Most of all enjoy laughing. At my work I am considered a wellness mascot. People feel guilty eating cake in my presence even though I'm eating it with them! I enjoy spending quality time with my parents and my 2 nieces.

I have never been a pet person but I have just started being comfortable with a small dog. I enjoy summer and all the summer concerts that I am able to attend. I enjoy hanging out with friends and taking small day trips with them. Take the train to San Clemente for the day, explore the town and find out some good restaurants to dine at. Sometimes there is no planning at all and other times everything is planned.

At work, I wear a lot of hats and am always thinking a step ahead to be prepared. But once I leave work, I detach myself from it, no emails. I'm not on Facebook or twitter as I'm not into following anyone but the beat of my own rhythm. I don't watch TV shows though there are tons of Youtube videos to learn from which I enjoy.

I like to volunteer a few times a year to different organizations and perhaps learn from them. I have a very unique background, I started out as a programmer, then ventured into several different fields including real estate. Currently, being an Administrative Assistant is very fulfilling as i build myself up from ground up. My passion is nutrition and well being spiritually, mentally and physically. I practice Yoga, Tai Chi and holistic healing.

I have a lot of interests and am a very curios person. I do like to meet people and engage in conversations about health and nutrition and anything that might come up.

I am enjoying vegetarian cooking and have recently discovered crockpot cooking. It is so easy, tasty and fulfilling.

Music is varied as I can easily switch from NPR to bollywood music, love songs, mainstream top 40 and even country! I enjoy lots of variety.

ApothecaryAshley, located in Irvine, CA, has a  Vegan diet ApothecaryAshley
29 year old, Christian / other, Caucasian / White female
Irvine, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I love Jesus,


, animals, essential oils, Psychology, singing, classic films, widely varied music, wit, reading, and Disneyland.

Stephanie, located in Portland, OR, has a  Vegan diet Stephanie
32 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Hispanic / Latino female
Portland, Oregon,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

k1276, located in Citrus Heights, CA, has a  Almost veg diet k1276
50 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White male
Citrus Heights, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Almost veg diet,


I consider myself relatively easy going and always interested in trying new experiences. I’ve been a practitioner of Bikram


for several years. I tried it on a whim and it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for at the time. Change is fun. But it seems that the older people get, the more they think they have all the answers and the more rules they make for themselves. For me it’s the opposite; the older I get, the more I realize how much more there is to know and how my previous rules no longer make any sense. That being said I do not believe there’s a magical giant who lives in the sky and makes everything happen. I’m open to new ideas, but you’d have to reason them out before I’d jump in head first.


Shamaz, located in Sierra Foothills, CA, has a  Vegetarian diet Shamaz
69 year old, other / not disclosed, Asian male
Sierra Foothills, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,
I live on an eight acre wildlife and hiker's refuge in a semi-wilderness river canyon in the Central Sierra foothills. I enjoy hiking, practicing


and tai chi, reading, cooking wonderful, slow vegetarian food, and all kinds of music. I sing in the local church choir although I'm not strictly a Christian but am an extremely spiritual, mystical Taoist who believes in One God. I also play ukulele, mountain dulcimer and blues harmonica. I like to grow lots of my own veggies. I'm good at fixing and maintaining things around the house. I really enjoy watching the light change at sunset in my river canyon. Love to travel, especially to the UK and mostly North Wales. I am retired but most recently was a massage therapist and manufacturer/vendor of Chinese tonic herbs. Well, I like vegetarian Thai, Indian and Mexican cuisine. Indie and foreign films. My musical enjoyment really runs the entire gamut of human musical expression and creativity with the exception of rap and "heep-hop."

veganyogini, located in Albuquerque, NM, has a  Vegan diet veganyogini
31 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Albuquerque, New-Mexico,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I am a vegan & sober gal who loves


and travel. I enjoy living

the most healthy lifestyle I can! :)

Rubi, located in  West Covina, CA, has a  Vegan diet Rubi
23 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Hispanic / Latino female
West Covina, California,
For Casual dates OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hello everyone! I like to workout, lift weights, eat clean, do


, go on hikes, and adventures. I am not religious but I am very spiritual. I and awake and conscious. I go to college and have a part time job. I love all. ?? 

freespirit, located in Malvern, PA, has a  Veggie/vegan diet freespirit
50 year old, Buddhist, Caucasian / White male
Malvern, Pennsylvania,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,
I don't consider myself an "average" guy. I don't particularly care for sporting events, although fitness and excercise are very important to me. I am more drawn to


, hiking, skiing than I am to sitting around watching football on sunday. I love to go see live music but am not really into the bar scene, been there done that. I now enjoying finding new and interesting venues to see live music and love WXPN, that should tell you a little about my musical tastes. When I don't have WXPN on the radio, I'm probably listening to NPR. I consider myself a very spiritual person and that is an important part of my life. I do not have a rigid definition of what this means, as I think our spirtitual path is a very personal matter. I have been told that I am very intuitive and perceptive, which seems to throw a lot of women off balance.

Leta, located in Weaverville, NC, has a  Vegetarian diet Leta
41 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Weaverville, North-Carolina,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

I love nature, hiking, sports, meditation,


and art. I am a serving, kind and caring person.


aquashizen, located in Willow Springs, MO, has a  Veggie/vegan diet aquashizen
63 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Willow Springs, Missouri,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

...ah! you found the bottle holding these few lines, cast out into the cyber-ocean, that a special someone might chance upon it and read... from "aquashizen" — an Aquarian, born near the sea, who loves to share water's sensual and purifying properties — both within and without; 'shizen': ("nature" in Japanese) a naturist — both within and without...

...California-born, world-traveled — described as independent, caring, romantic and mystical — vegetarian, organic, wholistic, no alchohol or drugs — being mutually present, seeing naturally and spiritually, is the most profoundly arousing high...

 ...avid naturist and animal loverrelishing outdoor life, hiking, camping, au natural day at the beach for sunbathing and meditation; DIY home remodeling; music is a must — listening, composing and playing...

 ...German, Norwegian & Dutch threads woven into body-shell; sheathing Japanese/Californian blend of heart/mind — reflecting a glimmering spark of Universal Spirit... brat — moved a lot... 60's~ many schools growing up... '70's~ art & philosophy at Georgia State University... sanskrit,


, meditation, tantra & neo-humanism in India... 80's~ computers... '90's~ internet... '00's~ consciousness...

...lived half my life in Asia, mostly Japan outlook tempered by work and friendships in many cultures and languages — am equally content in a Himalayan/Sierran retreat, the bright lights of Tokyo/San Francisco or a humble abode in the valleys and plains between...

...priorities refreshed in rapidly changing times searching viable rural/semi-rural land, possibly, preferably away from coastline at higher inland altitude... focus on: self-reliance, organic permaculture, local economy/community, getting off the grid, minimal fossil fuel dependence... willing to relocate if you are similarly energized and/or have established such base...

...dharma and tantra — practice meditation daily... also volunteer — teaching yoga/meditation at state prisons... visualizing the creation and all beings, great and small, as manifestations of the One — loving and serving accordingly...

...astro data — (western tropical): sun in Aquarius, ascendant in Pisces, moon in Aries... (chinese/feng shui): wood Horse; pakua sheng chi (auspicious direction): southeast...

Pam, located in Waltham Cross,  , has a  Almost veg diet Pam
52 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Waltham Cross, United-Kingdom
For Serious relationship/marriage
Almost veg diet,

Hi I am 51 and have been single for four years, I have been veggie for nine years but just recently became Vegan. I love cooking and baking and i am loving trying all new vegan recipes. My hobbies include walking my dogs, gardening, camping in my campervan or under canvas, love dancing especially Jive, Salsa and Argentine Tango. I am a serious yogi and practise at least 5 times per week.

I enjoy amateur dramatics and singing and belong to a local theatre company, we are currently rehearsing for our next production.

I love going to gigs and comedy evenings I have a great sense of humour.

I adore my job.  This year will be special as I have secured the funding required to restore some aquatic landscape areas which i am really excited about. I am passionate about UK landscaped and wildlife special interest in inverterbrates. I love photography.

BhaktiNJ, located in Wesfield, NJ, has a  Vegetarian diet BhaktiNJ
51 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Wesfield, New-Jersey,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

Just having a look.  How interesting there is a site for vegetarians and vegans.

George, located in Canton, MI, has a  Vegan diet George
39 year old, Christian / other, Caucasian / White male
Canton, Michigan,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I'm very social and I like meeting new people. I enjoy interesting conversations and I'm always open to new ideas. I'm Vegan, and I consider health & wellness one of my hobbies along with playing pool, doing


, swimming, and going to the gym. I also enjoy traveling and going to the beach as well as biking or even just walking through the woods. I'm a big fan of Thai and Indian restaurants but I also really like Mediterranean, Mexican, and Chinese food.

Love, located in  San Ramon, CA, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Love
39 year old, Jainism, Indian male
San Ramon, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,

A tired nomad with rich and soulful experiences looking for a restful place in the company and comfort of THE ONE to add more meaning to life and forge creations that will live long after I am gone.


That was a bit poetic....or not! :-)


I like roasted almonds with cashew milk ice cream and rose petals. Into random acts of kindness, compassion towards animals, traveling and meeting new people.


Got degrees in Chemical Engineering, Management Information Systems, Accounting/Finance. Love the NBA and Go Warriors!


Love empty spaces in between prints. Trying out Bikram


currently. So far, liking it.


So, as  you can see, I am not the person who goes after each pearl to string them into a necklace, as if everything in life has to do with a past choice or future wants.

More like taking each moment as it comes....wandering and venturing, prodding and observing, pushing and pulling, working it and then letting it be, etc.


If you get any of me asap! :-)

Anna, located in  Oslo,  , has a  Vegan diet Anna
27 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White bi-female
Oslo, Norway
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,


My name is Anna, I am a 26 year old mum, my baby boy is one and a half year old. After I have travelled a lot, I decided to settle down in Oslo in Norway (cause I'm half norwegian/half french), got a bf and a baby and started school again =) I consider myself as a vegan and a spiritual person, I love


and trying out new vegan recepies all the time ^^
My bf and  I are in the process of taking a break from each other (we might or might not get back together, we don't know yet). But he is moving out in the end of April. 
I don't have so many vegan friends, and even less vegan friends here in Oslo. 
For my studies, I'm aming to become a midwife. I have some years of school in front of me cause I left school in an early age (stupid decision but never to late to go back).
If you want to know more about me, send me a message =) 

Selva, located in Capital Federal,  , has a  Vegetarian diet Selva
48 year old, spiritual, Hispanic / Latino female
Capital Federal, Argentina
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

Me gustaría conocer a un hombre de 30 a 46 años sensible, que disfrute del arte en cualquiera de sus formas, con quien tengamos muchas afinidades y considere que conocer a una persona y construir un vinculo es desafiante pero posible. Me gusta mucho leer, la naturaleza, viajar, ir al cine, salir, cocinar y estudiar. Trabajo, escribo, pinto, practico


, danza... y soy mamá de una hija.

Law of Attraction, located in Phoenix, AZ, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Law of Attraction
34 year old, spiritual, Hispanic / Latino male
Phoenix, Arizona,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I love improving myself on a daily basis. I work on my mind, body, and spirit. I know that sounds cliche but I really do! I don't have many guy friends my age as most men are immature. I love to learn new dances, do


, go to spas, read, cook/eat healthy food, and be around nature. 

 I have an amazing 4 year old daughter. She also loves to dance, sing, and does yoga! Of course she is on a veggie diet. 

inquisitivegal, located in Tigard, OR, has a  Vegetarian diet inquisitivegal
48 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White female
Tigard, Oregon,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

Were we to meet, I might initially seem shy, but I'm not. I'm fairly outspoken and my pictures make me appear to be much more of a party monkey than I really am. However, I like beer, especially a frosty hefeweizen, even if I don't indulge frequently. I've never cultivated a taste for wine and use my wine glasses at home for drinking Mexican coke.

I enjoy taking walks, watching movies and reading. Oregon is such a beautiful place to live and there are many places I have yet to explore. I can be a bit of a homebody with unpredictable bouts of spontaneity.  

I am very fortunate to have amazing friends and a stable job.

While I call myself an atheist, I am not without a spiritual side. I believe we get back what we put out into the world. I tried learning


at home as taking a class seemed too intimidating. Unfortunately, every time I kneeled on the floor, my giant cat ran up to me and began licking my face. Thus the lessons ended with me laughing and playing with the cat.

I was a vegan for a while, but veganism broke up with me after I cheated on it with some smoked gouda. It was all a cheesy downhill slide after that. I hope we can get back together some day.

I'm an independent person who would like to find someone who is satisfied with being on their own, but would like to have someone with whom to share life's adventures, oddities and lots of laughs.





Kylee, located in  cheyenne, WY, has a  Vegan diet Kylee
24 year old, other / not disclosed, Caucasian / White female
cheyenne, Wyoming,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Im a single mom of one little boy who is 18 months old. I just recently turned vegan and want to find someone to love who can help me as well as me helping them on this journey. I like to workout regulary and am currently going to school for my Bachelors. I don't plan to live here in Cheyenne after i obtain my degree. I woud like to move somehwere warm that i can build a self-sustainable home and possibly grow my own fruits and vegetables. 

Necla , located in  Kitty Hawk, NC, has a  Vegan diet Necla
51 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Kitty Hawk, North-Carolina,
For Activity partner
Vegan diet,

   Hello! Thank you reading for profile. I am 50 years old. English is my second language. My first is Turkish. I am physically, mentally, and financially stable person. I am recently out long time term relationship. I am brutally honest, loyal, trustworthy and a monogamist! I am very health-conscious; I eat good foods, take care of myself, and do


four times a week. I love to travel, learn new things, try new things, and develop new skills...

 I live in a small coast town and I love it. I like to spend time on the beach. I have very simple life and small business. 

Daniel, located in Makawao, HI, has a  Raw food diet Daniel
44 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Makawao, Hawaii,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Raw food diet,

I'm a simple guy. I live on an organic farm. I channel and do sound haaling for a living. I have been working in that field for over 5 years. I live with my three cats in a beauitful home (no roommates). I love hiking,


, and spiritual gatherings like kirtan. I eat 100% raw and organic. Also vegan (except for honey, my one weakness!).

Friendly Freak, located in Richmond, VA, has a  Almost veg diet Friendly Freak
49 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Richmond, Virginia,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Almost veg diet,

Short version: I love God, making music, writing, practicing kung fu and Tantra, giving massage, making love with my soul mate, spending time together doing whatever we like, talking and sharing our selves and lives.

Long version: Hi there, beautiful soul – who are you? I'm in the middle of a life-long quest to know and love, ever more deeply, the source of this amazing, brutal and beautiful living universe – God. I'm looking to meet others to love, learn from and share the journey with, as friends or more.

I'm a massage therapist, because it's a decent living and I enjoy helping people feel good, relax and relieve pain/stress. I practice Ving Tsun kung fu, and plan to begin teaching the system by Summer 2016. I can work most anywhere, and would relocate for love. 

Sometimes I make and record psychedaelic industrial punk roots rock music, and I also like to express myself through writing and speaking; I'm nearing completion of an album and blog project that I'll release and promote independently. 

I pray and meditate, and recently began practicing Tantra for spiritual growth and to be a better lover. I also enjoy running,


, hiking, swimming and exercise in general.

I love to laugh and make others laugh. If I find you attractive and/or I like you – and if you like my attention –  I'll listen to, flirt with, tease and compliment you. I love eye-gazing, I'd like to see the universe through those windows to your soul.

I like to research and discuss: reality, truth, justice, this universe, technological evolution, the future, nature, life, love, sex, health, fitness, exercise, nutrition, God, religion, history, deep state politics/actors/events, society and non-violent ways to create a more just and sustainable society. 

I strive to base my beliefs, words and actions on credible evidence, logical argument and/or humane values, and I appreciate having my views and character tested for integrity, the way a good woman tests a man. 

I've been a veggie-loving omnivore and sometimes vegetarian for most of my adult life. Since 2011 I've been mostly vegan, to reduce animal suffering and environmental degradation, boycott animal-exploitation industry, and improve my health and karma. I admire and respect those who devote their time and energy to creating a more just and sustainable society, and I support various causes in various ways.

I won't lie to you. I've never cheated and monogamy is fine, if it's what you want and we love and want to be with each other. However, I'm an open-minded freak, and I find those qualities interesting in others. 

I have tattoos, including one on my hand, and some ugly scars on my torso; for art, and from getting stabbed and then operated on.


Michelle, located in  Leominster, MA, has a  Vegan diet Michelle
23 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Leominster, Massachusetts,
For Casual dates OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Meeep Idunno what to write here lol positive vibes, outdoors, sunshine, crystals, reptiles and my pibble are what keep me going every day :) 

Ramesh, located in Los Angeles, CA, has a  Almost veg diet Ramesh
70 year old, Christian / other, Caucasian / White male
Los Angeles, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Almost veg diet,

Well to begin with I'm spontaneous, i like to make people laugh and enjoy themselves, I'm out going witty and fun to be around, with a good sense of humor, nonjudgmental and i take people for what they are.I love playing golf, basketball, and football.I love


also.In my spare time, I love to read inspirational books or write poems.I am also a great cook.

I respect people not because of their age but by the way they think and the way they act and ability to handle serious issues. I like adventuring & knowing more about things that happen around me. I believe that love is not restricted to a particular geographical area ... And that distance is not an issue when the two people in a relationship really want to be together. I have love for good people and those who see equality in one another.

I enjoy simple things in life and thank God for giving me a chance to enjoy life, but I want to share it with a special woman, maybe with you.

From my own point of view, in many respects, relationship between a man and a woman depend upon a man. Harmonic atmosphere and coziness are born in the house thanks to a female's tenderness, caress, understanding, intuition and kindness.

I am at a great point in life, I have the greatest job and I have the freedom to do anything and everything that I desire to do. I like to work out on a regular basis, thank you CA Fitness, realizing that we should really try to take care of our bodies, after all, it’s the only place we have to live...LOL I like to open doors for you and I still believe in holding hands, especially at the movies :-) I'm very secure with who I am and what my purposes are in life, my goals, my dreams and my family are very important to me. A good sense of humor is important to me and I hope it is to you as well and if you laugh at some of my jokes, even if you are not really that amused at the time, I will make sure you get even BIGGER presents on Valentine’s Day, your birthday and under the tree in December LOL. I truly enjoy traveling, seeing the sites and escape weekends…..Wine country and wine tastings are fun too. One of my greatest wishes is to plan a romantic trip and travel to Italy with someone special that wants to see it ALL as much as I do. The giving of one's time to one another, is about the greatest gift of all. TIME is the one thing that NO one and NO amount of money can buy more of and that’s why it’s so very special to give, do you agree.

Marina, located in  Sumy,  , has a  Veggie/vegan diet Marina
37 year old, other / not disclosed, non-specified female
Sumy, Ukraine
For Serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,


I'm here because i believe that i can find my side of the golden heart! I believe that i can still fall in love with! It is a dream of something you can not just touch, it is the dream of feeling

For me, a healthy lifestyle is important. I do


, I run in the morning. I am a vegan.I love life . for me is enjoying nature , interesting book , beautiful classical music.I love travel...I am calm, gentle, feminine, with a good sense of humor...I wish to live in love and harmony with my future husband. I wish to create strong and happy family!

Scott, located in  Rock Hill, NY, has a  Vegan diet Scott
38 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White male
Rock Hill, New-York,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I've been vegan for four years.  I'm a Marine Corps veteran with degrees in nutrition and literature.  I consider myself to be a sapiosexual, but I also enjoy a lot of low-brow comedy and art.  I sing for a punk rock band and I play bass as well.  I'm a bit of a book and movie nerd. I love movies from France and Hong Kong, and I'm currently on a sci-fi lit kick, with Heinlein and Philip K. Dick dominating my kindle.  I love to cook, and I plan to write a cookbook one day. I enjoy opera, theater, museums, orchestras, and all that civilization has to offer, but I also like dive bars, karaoke, camping, the outdoors and nature.  I lift weights, practice


and have trained in a variety of martial arts.  I've lived all over the US, primarily on the East Coast, but I just moved back to NY after a year in Texas.  I also spent 3 years stationed in Okinawa, Japan.  I love learning about different cultures and their history, but I also love road trips across the U.S.  I've been to 37 of 50 states, and I plan to hit all 50 before I'm 50.

My friends say I'm a multifaceted and motivating person, and they admire me for my tenacity and drive.  I recently changed careers and am starting a new job as a registered dietitian after spending the last 3 years completing an intense 2 years of undergrad to earn a second bachelor's degree and then completing a 1600-hour internship while also working on a Master of Science degree in nutrition and passing an intense exam.

I'm not really into team sports and I could live without the NFL, MLB or NBA, but I do enjoy staying active, whether that's lifting weights, doing yoga, training in Krav Maga, hiking, camping, walks with my dog or anything else outdoors.   

Some of my favorite things:
Movies: Goodfellas, The Shawshank Redemption, The City of Lost Children, Blazing Saddles 
Books: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Starship Troopers, On The Road, Tortilla Flat, Cannery Row
Music: Blitz, Sheer Terror, The Clash, Buena Vista Social Club, Jean Baptiste Lully, Adele, Alkaline Trio, Lucero
Food: Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese
Places: NYC, Charleston, San Francisco, Houston, Myrtle Beach, Austin, Memphis, Nashville, North Florida 

I could rattle off a lot more factoids about myself, but you really have to get to know me to understand my passions, my drive, and my sense of humor.  

Sadie, located in norman, TX, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Sadie
32 year old, other / not disclosed, Indian female
norman, Texas,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I'm an active person with a love of music, eating fresh, hanging with friends, and being outdoors.  I enjoy reading, writing,


, tennis, cooking, and grocery shopping. I'm a lover by nature, not a fighter. 

Louise, located in Blekinge,  , has a  Vegetarian diet Louise
25 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Blekinge, Sweden
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,


Im a positive girl from Sweden who loves life! 

I like being outside, pic fruits and berries in the forest. Ride my horses. Animals. Hiking. Paddle.


. Music, read. Snowboard. Go for a ride with the bike. The ocean. I like adventures and travel!! 

But most of all I love to have a god laugh. A day without a laugh or smile is a wasted day. ;)

goldmind, located in Ypsilanti, MI, has a  Veggie/vegan diet goldmind
41 year old, other / not disclosed, Caucasian / White male
Ypsilanti, Michigan,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,

Hi, I'm unemployed and live with my parents.  Just kidding. I love to sit in cafes and read obscure things on the internet. I love to have conversations with all kinds of different people, but not all of them at once, one at a time.   I also like dancing and music, and play music.  I like spirituality, spending time with friends,


, and healthy eating.  I like to travel short distances, occassionally long distances. 

katalin, located in Ottawa, ON, has a  Vegan diet katalin
41 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I am looking for a man who wants a relationship. Someone who is able to give, receive, share and with whom something meaningful can be built. I have more to offer from the inside and less superficial and common. I am authentic, genuine, kind, mindful, and conscientious. I practice


almost daily. Want to pick up running again. Like to go on hikes. I like all weather. I value animals. I am intelligent, industrious, discerning,...

Carly, located in Baltimore, MD, has a  Vegan diet Carly
28 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Mixed female
Baltimore, Maryland,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I'm introverted when it comes to people, but I want someone to share adventures with. I love being outdoors- weekend camping, swimming in rivers or oceans instead of chlorinated pools, taking naps in my hammock, hosting backyard bonfires, walking wooded trails, visiting arboretums and gardens with my camera, riding my bicycle, and gardening.

I have a tortoiseshell cat companion.

I'm somewhat of an artist- I enjoy sketching portraits most, but I'll draw other things as well. Graphite, charcoal, and pastel pencil are my favorite mediums, but I will occasionally try my hand at painting with watercolor, acrylic, or tempra. I've even painted with coffee.

I like


a lot. It's pretty much the only thing I do that society considers to be exercise.

I value sleep more than any person I've ever met.

I keep a journal as a way to clear my head and better organize my thoughts.

I'm not so great with making social plans and sticking to them, but spontaneous, impulse adventures work just fine for me.

My only life goals are to build a tiny house and raise a puppy.

I really enjoy cooking and baking.

One day, I hope to find love.

Naomi, located in  Carmichael, CA, has a  Vegetarian diet Naomi
53 year old, spiritual, Hispanic / Latino female
Carmichael, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

i am an easy going person, who believes that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. All the life experiences we have lived through in this life and our previous lives, so far, were intended to grow from and evolve our soul. I enjoy hot


, gardening, hiking, being outside in nature, walks with my 2 terriers, cooking, using my Nutrition Bullet RX, juicing, trying new recipes, exploring and learning new things. I am on a spiritual quest and am open to what the universe guides me to. As Matt Kahn says .."whatever happens, love that"... I have been trying to live with this mantra and it has been truly eye opening and comforting....

Mariya , located in  Las Vegas , NV, has a  Vegan diet Mariya
25 year old, Christian / other, African Descent / Black female
Las Vegas , Nevada,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Fashion Designer, hot


enthusiast, lover of the arts. 

LaVer, located in  Oakland, CA, has a  Vegan diet LaVer
42 year old, other / not disclosed, Hispanic / Latino female
Oakland, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I am an engineer, enjoy


, TRX, biking, non-outdoorsy (I don't usually enjoy hiking or camping).  I prefer urban environments; my favorite places are London and New York City.  I like to travel.

Nef the Yogi, located in Atlanta, GA, has a  Vegan diet Nef the Yogi
38 year old, Agnostic / not religious, African Descent / Black female
Atlanta, Georgia,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

 I am compassionate Yogi, Vegan and Metaphysician. I'm now looking for a relationship, but I'm not looking to jump into anything without getting to know someone first. I am orgiginally from the Bay Area, CA and I have been here in Atlanta since 2001.I love sports,


, outdoor concerts, and long walks exploring the city. I also love to read adn I spend time reading everyday. I love movies, especially comedies and science fiction. I am a bit of a comedian, so a sense of humor is a must!


Jacy, located in Tampa, FL, has a  Vegetarian diet Jacy
35 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Tampa, Florida,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

Funny,easy going,hippy, sweet       vegetarian trying to go vegan

love the movies outdoors music


Bill, located in Calpine, CA, has a  Vegetarian diet Bill
63 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Calpine, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

   I am a quiet, polite, honest, loyal, hardworking, gentle man. I love bicycling, sunbathing, working out,


, meditation, power walks, reading, quiet gentle folk and bluegrass music, the stars, intimacy on a regular basis, hot passionate sex, holding hands, hugs, quiet conversation, cooking with my lover, my fellow creatures, gardening, cross country skiing, ball room dancing and lots more.

   I am looking for some one similar that is petite to slim muscular. Someone that will enjoy working in the garden with me, building our home with me, working out with me. A person that is not into petro chemical make up and hair dyes, drama, mind games, aurguing, talking all the time, loud noisy jazz or other noise.

   I do not like t v at all. Prefer quiet restive evenings prior to retireing. A movie once in a while is fine as long as not violent.

   Would prefer to live in the country with a few acres and privacy. Anywhere from 2000 feet elevation to 5000 feet.

   Am incredibly healthy. Out work most of my juniors easily. Love good natured humor and laughter. Do not like lots of little stories about how we have been wronged.

   Have been a single parent to two beautiful children , both grown and with their own child. A daughter and a son. 

   If you are alive and full of energy, love, joy and happiness, between the ages of 45 to 60, would love to hear from you.

   Please be real about yourself. I keep myself in great physical shape do to my work and how I want to live. I am very serious about finding a women in very good physical condition to share our journey through this life with. Do not waste your time or mine. Thank you , Bill  

Kevin, located in Edwardsville, IL, has a  Vegan diet Kevin
44 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White male
Edwardsville, Illinois,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I was married for about 20 years and have been single for 3. 5 years. I'm finding that it's not as easy to find the right person this time around.  I'd like to meet a fun, outgoing person who shares common interests.  I love animals and have a dog and a cat. I love the outdoors whether it be gardening, hiking, camping, canoeing or just sitting on the patio with a bottle of wine.  I'm a self employed woodworker and sell my products online and at various craft fairs and markets.  Since I work out of my home, I don't get out that much especially during the winter months so I thought I would try this site again.  I don't really follow sports that much anymore but I'll go to events just for the experience. I have a good sense of humor, love to laugh and make people laugh.  I make an effort to stay fit by jogging, biking, light weight training and everyday


. I also eat healthy which means no fast food or soda.  I don't always make the first move on dating sites so if you're interested, it might speed things up if you send me a short message. Thanks for taking the time to read this boring ass profile.

Kat, located in Missoula, MT, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Kat
29 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Missoula, Montana,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

Meow my name is Kat, I am a fun, cheerful, laid-back person with a good heart. I am in school right now for exercise science but I want to get my masters in holistic nutrition and eventually become a Naturopath. I am really into esoteric things like crystals, meditating, healing with whole/raw foods, and spiritual evolution. I love to travel and go to music festivals (I love obscure electronic music like liquid bass, glitch, and deep house as well as live music like cheese, tribe, lotus, grateful dead, blues, funk, jazz etc). Music feeds my soul, I love to sing and right now I am learning how to make my own music. I am a pro hula hooper and performance artist, I dig gardening, and I love being outside, hiking and exploring new places. I love cooking healthy meals, exercising, floating the river, dancing,


, aerial fabrics and other circus arts, reading lots of books, and writing in my journal. I also like to be creative and make crafts. LOVES: Unicorns, rainbows, japanese pop culture, avocados, cats, warm cozy fuzzy blankets, laughing, Rick and Morty, chocolate (i make great chocolate!!). Looking for a likeminded person to chill with, eat food with, have existential and spiritual conversations with, go hiking and crystal hunting with, or just cozy up with a good movie on a cold montana night.