Fairmont, west_virginia vegetarians, vegans and raw foodist events and singles dating

Taylor, a  Vegan in Fairmont Taylor
is a 26 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-female.
Living in Fairmont, west_virginia
Vegan diet.

I am a big animal lover. I also am a big environmentalist. I really dislike hippy/rastafarian posers that wear tied die smoke herb and still eat animals and litter. I am not mean until you push as hard as you can. I where my heart on my sleave. I am a girly girl but also a Tom boy. I like to dress cute but I don't mind getting dirty in the right clothes. I take care of my things. I have high standards but I am not suck up. I really love to tinker. My best friend calls me tinker bell because I am always repairing something. I really enjoy working ok cars. I don't have any pets but only because I don't own my own home. I live with my boyfriend whom I have been with for a year. Really I am just lonely because I haven't met friends with the same ideals and morals as me. I am very spiritual I don't believe in religion/cults. I am voting for Bernie Sanders. I have an instagram : breethlife . I enjoy skateboarding but I broke my wrist twice in a month and developmented hill fright. Dm me on instagram to message me Id love to make new friends.

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