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.: §œüpb :·, a  Vegan in Saskatoon .: §œüpb :·
is a 33 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Vegan diet.

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Honourably guided,

He connects,

Communicating with her;

Her? Which her? Her~her!?

“All of her!” states all of him...

Pondering though,

If she already knows this,

What’s really to say?

Can something be :premembered

That seams yet to be,

While at the same instances,

Feeling anew, what may have already been?

So, thus, what shall be said, hmm...

Further realizing, when as then,



Choices flux, decisions abound;

These hearts of Heart,

Totally awakened,

Serenely scream, subtlety shouting,

Synchronistic serenades,

Of graces pulsing all the ways, Wow?!

Enough as enough of enough,

How much trust exists within

The trysts of wholly thru out?

Recalling, betweens,

Oscillating, resonating,


Readied, he afforms,

Beyond ready,

Potentializing altogether,

Re:writing as speaking, distinctively,

Respectively magifesting,

Mutually sharing,


Playfully, gratefully,

Hugging, encircling, crossing, kissing,

Dancing, Here WEE flows..!?




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