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John/ruralbynature, a  Vegan in Woodville John/ruralbynature
is a 70 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Woodville, Nova-Scotia
Vegan diet.

After all is said and done, I still maintain my creative dynamic nature here in the woods of NS. Life throws curve balls, but, the ones to remember are the rainbows. I have listed myself as a "Maker", since that's what we used to call ourselves, those who were designer-makers in the furniture trade and sculpture wars. :-) We've been told we have only 12 years to make the changes to ensure future generations will have an E-air-th to grow old in. To start here, in a new relationship by giving and receiving love, is by far the best. Why? To set an example that at any age, love truly conquers all fear. It's what all the religions and philosophies have taught.

My whole foods plant based diet & lifestyle is crucial for me personally and my ecological perspective. I eat both raw and cooked.  My intake of added salt, sugar and oil is very low.

I am currently studying with a local group the Ruhi Book #1 for the Baha'i faith, although I have not "signed up". :-)  I favour the Sufi poets and the Taoist Yin/Yang symbol of 'both' rather than the simplistic 'either/or' of many other philosophies. It's always *and* as Rumi states: "Good and bad are mixed. If you don't have both, you don't belong with us."

Their prophet once stated: "Truthfulness is the foundation of all the human virtues."

When the news is rough or the weather becomes inclement for long spells, I adjust my sails by recalling the cartoon of the frog with its front 'hands' gripping the stretched neck of the stork, with the caption: "Never Give Up". Finding a new love, indeed falling in love one last time, is not about some magical thinking called hope; it's about courage.

My intention is to remain here in NS in this passive solar house I've built. I restrict my travel to maintain a small carbon footprint.  I'm not a paid member because there are no Nova Scotia women I'm able to find on this site. Please message me.

Veggieluscious, a  Vegetarian in Truro Veggieluscious
is a 39 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Truro, Nova-Scotia
Vegetarian diet.

I am quirky I guess, I love plants and insects.  I have always felt that I do not want to support an industry that treats animals as if they were object and not living beings.  I have been a vegetarian for 20 years, because it just feels right for me.  

I can be a bit of a smartass sometimes, but I am always willing to acknowledge other peoples views.  I love a good argument as long as a person is not condescending.  I love to learn, even if it means I have to admit I am wrong (although I may not admit it in the moment, ha ha).

I like watching scary movies, even though I pull the covers over my head at scary parts, but I really don't like zombies.  I like playing video games, but dont like when they consume yours life. 

Like I said, I am quirky.

Darryl, a  Veggie/vegan in Cape Breton Darryl
is a 66 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Cape Breton, Nova-Scotia
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am of the creative variety. It's my nature as well as my occupation. ( retired teacher/ custom jeweller. I live in a beautiful seaside~country setting and the picture would be complete with the right soulmate. I have many interests , a fit body, curious soul, pleasant demeanor. I have three grown children living independently.

Peyton , a  Vegan in Halifax Peyton
is a 23 year old, female.
Living in Halifax , Nova-Scotia
Vegan diet.

Hi! I'm just looking to meet some people with similar values in this city!! I'm studying nutrition and am passionate about gardening, exercise and food in general!

Talk soon!! xoxo

neil, a  Vegan in halifax neil
is a 33 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in halifax, Nova-Scotia
Vegan diet.

I am looking for my queen. It's so hard to find fellow vegans so here I am... 

Princeps Persarum, a  Raw food in Halifax Princeps Persarum
is a 44 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Halifax, Nova-Scotia
Raw food diet.

I've been a raw vegan for almost 2 years for health & ethical reasons thogh have been vegan and vegetarian for a long time. I want to be a better person in every respect. I still know myself a newbie but I'm sure I'm on the right path although I've got a long way ahead. It's great to follow out my journey with a match. I also have a wild goal to reach which is my secret and only share it with the right partner Wink I love nature and animals, enjoy music, watching movies and physical activities and sports esp. playing soccer. I love fitness and when it's not posssible to go to the gym, I work out at home...

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