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jodoesp, a  Vegan in  Clinton jodoesp
is a 25 year old, Christian female.
Living in Clinton, Montana
Vegan diet.

I'm vegan for the animals. I think that empathy is the most valuable skill a person can have. It invariably makes you a better person with better relationships. I believe in the existence of soul mates. I believe in romantic ideals of waiting for your one true love and being with just that one person forever. (I do not want kids, lol.)

I believe in the existence of God, and I believe in Jesus, because I believe in the existence of good and evil, and God is the good and everything else is the evil.
I love television, movies, and storytelling of all kinds because they serve as a way to convey truth and to foster connections between people (well, between viewers and characters anyway) and to make you think about deep philosophical ideas and to give you excitement and fun. So, I'm really passionate about truth, connection, philosophy, excitement and fun.
I like to putter around the house, watch television, and daydream.

Daniel, a  Vegetarian in BIG SKY Daniel
is a 64 year old, spiritual male.
Living in BIG SKY, Montana
Vegetarian diet.


How many guys could take a pile of lumber & build you a house, put your car in the garage & fix the brakes, go in the kitchen & fix supper, go in the living room & make a fire in the fireplace, get out his acoustic guitar & entertain you, then sit with you on the sofa & talk about something besides sports?

To which you might respond; I already have a house, my car is new, Id rather go out for dinner, I don't have a fireplace, I prefer hard electric rock & roll. I do have a sofa so you got me on that one, but I happen to love talking about sports! Houza bout them Yankees last night?


Who are you? What do you stand for? What moves you? What makes your nose tingle or your lip quiver? What do you want the rest of your life to look like? This is IT! Everything that took place in your life has brought you to this, to IT. Can you make the distinction between knowing something about yourself vs. noticing something about yourself? 

Too much comfort, too much predictability, the routines in our lives, kills the human spirit. We are first spiritual beings, then human beings, then our gender.


Can you explain this riddle?  I love you & I know it. What I want you to know is, that you know, that I know, I love you.


I don't read other mens posts. I don't care what they say, have to offer. What I have is fire in the belly. A hunger that keeps me driven. A good heart & sharp mind, skills in carpentry & mechanics. Creativity, of which, I hope you'll get from reading this post.


My mind has not been hijacked by sports. I don't need a tattoo or an earring to show you I'm unique. I don't have to ride a Harley with no muffler to tell you what a tuff guy I am. I don't have to pose with an animal I just shot with my $4000 sniper rifle to prove capability, nor do/did I have to wear a patch on my sleeve (military) to reflect honor. These are myths of life that most men subscribe to & some women fall for.


I'm lean, fit, eat healthy & don't feel my age. I'm attracted to women 55 ish who are the same, petite/slim athletic. I only weigh 145. I intend to remain that way the rest of my life. I didn't get any help from my father growing up but in my late teens met some very good men. They might have been rednecks but they were real men. Real men, living in a mans world, doing manly things! Men that could do things.


I started out life as a cowboy. If I couldn't ride it, rope it, smoke it, shoot it, or eat it with my pancakes, I had no use for it! As a cowboy I made $15 a day. We were up before daylight, didn't get back till after dark. After awhile I couldn't even remember what color my truck was anymore. I did learn tho, just as in life, its easier to ride the horse in the direction its going! But thank you, "no." I learned to be a carpenter.

One carpenter was watching me work. He said, "for a guy who lives in his truck you sure are particular." I am. I believe in doing things well, with purpose, intention.  If I had a construction business, my card would say, "I don't do it for the money, its just that when I do it, people give me money."


I live a nomadic life. There's just too much to see & experience. I only worked 8 months in the last 2 years. I'm not rich, just simple. You will need to be simple too. I have never been interested in $. I have been alone most of my life, whether its been my fault or by the way it was meant to be. And unbeknownst to me, I used that to turn inward to include a large gamut of thoughts. I once was a redneck, tobacco chewing cowboy, last winter I met with a shaman.


I have had miracles in my life I can't deny so I'm spiritual but not religious. I believe in a one God power of which we are the satellites of. I read no books, not about to let myself be conned by some others experience. I figure things out for myself and  with you too, hopefully. I have also seen evil. Mostly what I know is, its better for me to be a good person than a not so good person.


I was once in the house of an international star. I was delivering furniture. Upon leaving I asked him for a drink of water as my throat was sore. He invited me into the kitchen where his wife was making supper. We talked a bit. I think he was appreciative that I only saw him as one who could give me a drink of water and not his stardom {un-approachable}. I was impressed by his humanness. See how that works? I'm not typically impressed by things that typically impressMy definition of lonely is: "the inability or unavailability to have an avenue for self expression." We are the avenues for each other.


Just as the ocean needs the shore to define it, so too we need each other to define our lives. Most like to "get away from it all" but the truth is we need people. Think I'm wrong? Go live on an island in Alaska by YOURSELF for 5 months. I did as a caretaker, most wouldn't last 2 weeks alone. You have to be tuff in the head to do that. Secure with yourself. There's a difference tho between need and needy. You can live without anyone. Those country/western songs about "baby don't go cause I can't live without you," just another myth. But it sure is  good for the record & alcohol industry.


Its never about the other person when an issue or a problem arises in a relationship as we are context creators. Whether its your boss or the one you love. If you don't put the cap back on the toothpaste & that bugs me, that's my problem, you are just being you. Things must first be the way they are before they can be different. There must be space. Its not tolerating or compromising. Its allowing. Its always good when its good. The trick is to have it be OK when it isn't. 

The sun rises in the east. Let this represent good times for you & your pardner. Rising in the east is OK with you. {at first}. Then it starts to bug you but you tolerate it. Then you tell the sun "rise in the west," it rises in the east. Then you compromise, " rise then in the north," still it rises in the east. So you finally "allow" it to be just the way it is. {or get a divorce!}

Its in the allowing that the real relation lives because it always comes back to you. The relation we need is really the one with ourselves & at times, the God power. The one we crave {pardner} is the one who nudges us in that direction & opens up ourselves to our self. You help create me & in turn I help create you. 


I have enough confidence to confidently say, in some areas of life I have no confidence. Now that's confidence!

Scott, a  Vegan in Gardiner Scott
is a 55 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Gardiner, Montana
Vegan diet.

Love living the vegan life. What else do I love...Wilderness, kayaks, music, tolerance, mom, dad and family, wood stoves, tea, compassion, kindness, animal sanctuaries and homemade peanut butter cups.

Michael777, a  Almost veg in  Helena Michael777
is a 51 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Helena, Montana
Almost veg diet.

I am an extremely caring, kind man who love life and loves to laugh.  I am highly intuitive and make my living as a massage therapist and healer.  I love the great outdoors and try to hike daily.  I love deeply and am looking for a woman who can accept a man who really has a huge heart.  im a great listener, have a good sense of humor, and love to try new things.  

Krsna, a  Vegetarian in Missoula Krsna
is a 37 year old, Hindu female.
Living in Missoula, Montana
Vegetarian diet.

Hare Krsna i run a meditation center in missoula and love hiking and being outside I am looking to spend my downtime with someone want to know just ask!

Khabira/Bibi, a  Veggie/vegan in Missoula Khabira/Bibi
is a 27 year old, Muslim / Islam female.
Living in Missoula , Montana
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm a 25-year-old Wilderness Biology major, currently living in Missoula Montana. My hobbies include spinning Poi, hiking, camping, slacklining, and eating vegan comfort food in pillow forts while I watch Netflix. While I have fairly eclectic taste when it comes to movies/music/books, I would say my music preferences generally fall between the "folk" and "rock" genres, and I read a lot of young adult fiction. I love traveling (when the opportunity arises) and hope to do more of it in the future. In the end I'd say I'm a pretty down-to-Earth person, plus maybe a little snark. 

Crystal, a  Veggie/vegan in Helena Crystal
is a 64 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Helena, Montana
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am an artist and an educator. My home base is the USA but I currently work abroad and travel the world for work and pleasure. I am vegetarian (mostly vegan), healthy, and young at heart. I thrive on Nature, camping, hiking, art, music, positive thinking and simple living.

Brandon, a  Vegan in Missoula Brandon
is a 34 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Missoula, Montana
Vegan diet.

Love is my religion.  I'm a very devoted type of person, long term relationships are my default setting :)  I dream of our children playing in our garden of beautiful veggies someday.  Music saves me day in and day out.  Looking to find a woman capable of standing in her divine feminine power!!!  I would be soooo blessed ;)

Chris, a  Vegetarian in Columbia Falls Chris
is a 48 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Columbia Falls, Montana
Vegetarian diet.

Ive been a vegetarian for three years, I was inspired by a friend i worked with, our job required extensive time spent together in foreign countries, but he was a vegetarian his whole life and convinced me to change my eating habbits, i had already followed a pretty healthy diet. 

Im a geologist and a teacher, at the moment I am in the research field but looking for a change, maybe start teaching again if I find the right job.

My dog "Lester" is 7 hes like a kid thats always by my side.

Im leaning how to play the guitar, its really relaxing.  Someone musical would be cool.

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