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Daniel, a  Vegetarian in Big Sky Daniel
is a 66 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Big Sky, Montana
Vegetarian diet.

Can you think outside the circle? (like I just did

Sometimes I feel like those guys you see holding the cardboard signs down at Walmart, just sadness. Some might be scammers but others have a story. A sadness God cant even take away & Ive been touched by the hand of God many times. Everyone is told to put on their happy face here. Me? I just call a spade a spade. Less of course I trip over one in the dark, then it takes the form of a BLANKETY- BLANK-ing shovel! Oww, that hurt! I wondered where that shovel of mine got off to.

Ive learned, people dont come to one another for answers to their problems or situation, they come for understanding. A book, a video, a Ouija board (YIKES!) can give you answers but only a human heart can give that compassionate understanding. I put the sadness part in intentionally, maybe to throw you for a loop? Do you know what it means to create a context of well being in a relation in-spite of the situation or only look at the content, get triggered & react? Every day isnt a rainbow. 

How many guys could; take a pile of lumber & build you a house, put your car in the garage & fix the brakes, go in the kitchen & make supper, (yes, I washed my hands first) build a fire in the fireplace, get out his acoustic guitar & entertain you awhile, then sit with you on the sofa & talk about something besides sports?

To which you might reply: I already have a house, car is new, brakes are fine. Id rather eat out, I dont have a fireplace, I prefer loud electric rock & roll. I do have a sofa so you got me with that one, but I happen to love talking about sports! Houza bout them Yankees last night, eh?

No match there.

My mind has not been hijacked by sports. I dont need a tattoo or an earring to show you Im unique. I dont have to ride a Harley with no muffler to tell you what a tuff guy I am. I dont have to pose with an animal I just shot with my $4000 sniper rifle to prove capability, nor did I have to wear a patch on my sleeve (military) to obtain honor. These are just some of the myths of life that men subscribe to & that some women fall for.

What makes your nose tingle, your lip quiver? What do you want the rest of your life to look like? Can you make the distinction between knowing something about yourself vs noticing something about yourself (thats enlightenment, where it begins) & intention vs. desire? (theres a difference
Too much comfort, the predictability, the routines in our lives, kills the human spirit. We are first spiritual beings, then human beings, then gender.
If you know where you are going, how you are going to get there, what you are going to do when you get there, when you're coming back, thats not an adventure, thats a vacation. More predictability.

Can you explain this? I love you & I know it. What I want for you to know is, that you know, that I know, I love you

Im fit, eat healthy, dont feel my age. Im attracted to women 55-up who are/feel the same, petite/slim athletic, as I am small bone & only weigh 140.

On some women's profiles they ask, "Where are all the real men at?" I had 2 paragraphs about that, I deleted them. I implied that if a male couldnt build things or use his hands, he wasnt a real man. Real man is subjective & is different than being a real human being. There was a man I met who couldnt do those things with his hands but who was a true human being. Theres more value in being a true human being than being a real man or woman for that matter, but its almost as if they cross back & forth with each other, real man/woman & true human being. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

1970, out of school at 17, on my own, thrown to the wolves, what to do? The Marines? They said it was a chance to have honor, Vietnam. I passed, didnt think killing people was a way to acquire that. Then there was a T.V. commercial that said they had the flavor I was looking for! All I had to do was...COME TO MARLBORO COUNTRY! So I did - go - to that place. I thought their flavor tasted like yuk, I liked the cowboy part tho. If I couldnt ride it, rope it, smoke it, shoot it, or eat it with my pancakes, I had no use for it. We were up before daylight, didnt get back till after dark. After awhile, I dis-remembered what the color my truck was! I did learn tho, its easier to ride the horse in the direction its going! Oww, that hurts! (again) Heh horse! Come back here. Damn!
I learned to be a carpenter

A carpenter was watching me work once. He said, "For a guy who lives in his truck you sure are particular." I am. I believe in doing things well, with purpose. If I had a construction business my card would say, "I dont do it for the money, its just that when I do it, people give me money."

I live a nomadic life. I live like I live as Im single. Single, alone & free is better than single, alone & stuck. Better to be single wishing you were married, than married wishing you were single. Until I find her, thats the way I roll, things can change afterwards. Im not rich, just simple. Id rather you be poor than own your home. I have been alone most of my life whether its been my fault or by design, I dunno. 

I have had miracles in my life I cant deny so Im spiritual but not religious. Not water into wine, better. Besides, I dont drink, thanks anyways Jesus. But if you could turn that pitcher of water into a plate of chewy oatmeal raisin cookies, now that would be a trick! I believe in a one God power. God is consciousness. You know God to the degree you are conscious as your consciousness is God. (I like to bend your mind, can you bend mine?) Mostly what I know is, its better for me to be a good person than a not so good person.

I was once in the house of an international star, I was delivering furniture. Upon leaving I asked him for a drink of water as my throat was sore. He invited me into the kitchen where his wife was making supper. We talked a bit. I think he was appreciative that I only saw him as one who could give me a drink of water & not his stardom (un-approachable). I was impressed by his human-ness. Im not typically impressed by things that typically impress. 

My definition of lonely is: the inability or unavailability to have an avenue for self expression. Isnt that the essence of life, to self express? Applies to everyone, knows no bounds, always looks good on you! :-)

As the ocean needs the shore to define it, so too we need each other to define our lives. Think Im wrong? Go live on an island in Alaska by YOURSELF for 5 months, I did, as a caretaker. Most wouldnt last 2 weeks alone. You have to be tuff in the head to do that, confident. I have enuff confidence to confidently say, in some areas of life I have no confidence. Now thats TRUE confidence!

Rucha, a  Vegetarian in St. Peters Rucha
is a 26 year old, Hindu female.
Living in St. Peters, Montana
Vegetarian diet.

Hey! I'm Rucha! I'm a carefree, adventurous person with a deep spiritual and grounded side as well. I'm vegetarian, don't drink, don't smoke and want to find the same. I would say I'm pretty introverted (definitely not the loud and outgoing type). I like hanging out with friends, going to bookstores, drinking tea, gardening, etc. I'm a caring, sensitive and emphathetic person so finding someone who respects that is pretty important. However, if you want to see me get worked up, ask me about social justice, gender equality, or our current state of politics! Wink



jodoesp, a  Vegan in Clinton jodoesp
is a 27 year old, Christian female.
Living in Clinton, Montana
Vegan diet.

I'm vegan for the animals. I went vegetarian for the animals in 2008. In 2016, when I learned about the dairy and egg industries, I went vegan. Those wasted eight years really weigh on me, but I think we have to be forgiving of ourselves as vegans and do the best we can in each moment.

I think that empathy is the most valuable skill a person can have. It invariably makes you a better person with better relationships. I believe in the romantic ideal of waiting for your one truly compatible person and being with just that one person forever. (I do NOT want kids, to be absolutely clear, lol.)

I believe in God because I believe in the existence of good and evil. God is the good, and everything else is the evil. I believe in Jesus because the gospels resonate with me.
I love television, movies, and storytelling of all kinds because they serve as a way to convey truth, to foster connections between people, to make you think, and to give you excitement and fun. So, I'm really passionate about truth, connection, philosophy, excitement, and fun.
I like to putter around the house, watch television, and daydream.
I used to be passionate and curious about everything, but the older I get, the more depressed I get, and the less energy I have to be passionate about anything. But I think if I were to find the right person who made me feel passionate about everything again, I could probably get into their hobbies. I still find most things interesting, theoretically speaking. XD

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