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Lee, a  Raw food in Bozeman Lee
is a 39 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Bozeman, Montana
Raw food diet.


Why I changed my sexual orientation 

Important thought!!! That being gay on a compassionate level is bad, because when two men spill sperm together they murder that sperm, or they leave the sperm to die!!! Or it is not placed correctly so that life succeeds!!! That means masterbation is wrong too because it leads to murder, Which means that oral sex is a sin too, or that too live any life style that is organized to prevent life from succeeding is wrong. Or even condoms is wrong or spermicide is proof that murdering is occuring. 



L.o.v.e is levels of vibrant energy/emotions

I love to share two songs I like from the band Luminaries, one song called "Peace" and the other "Be the change"

I also like to share a couple of quotes I really like one from Einstein that states that "Music is the solace of my soul", I like this quote because it reminds me of how therapeutic or healing music is too me.

and another one from Stephen Hawkings that states 'The mystic I adore is those beating hearts that share my life"

& I like this quote because it reminds me of how I try to cherish each and every soul on earth.



I love to save lady bugs. 

I vow to myself to always eat a raw food diet, & to practice celibacy unless the moment arises that bringing children into the world is no longer unwise.


"HEARTS MATTER TO THOSE WHO CHERISH THEM" ... Derived from the recieved thought through telepathy or connection to other minds. Also stated "opinions matter to those who cherish them" 

The picture of the metal rose is one I made .......At times I like to say love is a metal rose therefore love never dies. 

more about me.....

you exist!! i do too!! umm well fuck ill let the weird out now that way no fucking with each other emotions, 

, astrology I think is a lie, and the true alignment that matters at your birth is how people are aligned or how auras or even one could call people stars, then its these land stars at your birth that effect your future once your born, 

so to conclude children are a product of their environment, meaning what thoughts and emotions that are practiced at their birth is what shapes them or what makes up there emotions and mind,

then most children dont break the mold or what society made of them, so you born in a Muslim community you die a Muslim, etc etc etc

Then unfortunately most children are benighted at birth or assimilated by darkness. 

Then a ending quote of mine on this subject....I am free energy when no longer bound by the thoughts of others.

Whatcha think? agree? disagree? 

im straight homie, my self, self taught, true raw vegan, after my studies i have concluded the stomach in fact doesnt produce acid and the acid production is from the consuption of cooked foods, i experimented with my own body to conclude which diet is right for the human body and in my findings after diagnosing my fecal matter found the temperature of my feces to be so hot at times while eating cooked food that harm or death to the human body would result   

as a child i was benighted or born unto moral/intellectual ingnorance meaning hurt  by my mother by teaching me bad ways and was physically hurt, was made to be the same and grew up thinking i was not allowed to be different which was never verbally taught but taught threw action. To exbound futher on the subject i thought my mind couldnt be different from my moms, like i thoughts our minds had to be the same, or i thought my mind couldnt be seperate from my mothers, or my mom didnt teach me my mind was a seperate entity then hers, and that it was different, i was taught my mind and her mind had to be the same, it this teaching that created insanity in me at a young age.  My rights and wrongs had to be her rights and wrongs, or i was hurt by her to be the same. I didn't know i should develop my own mind and develop my own rights and wrongs, or that my mind was seperate and different and should be treated as such. 


like many otherz, is they think its okay to hurt children to get your way, so child molesters and many parents both hurt children to get their way, both are wrong



  i care for all or love all, or practice unconditional love/care for all, i love you or care for you as any body eles, i would treat you and any criminal the same, both with care and helpfulness, my emotions and actions for you or a criminal would mimic greatly, 

After reading this you have successful assimulated my thoughts and have grown in awaremess about my existence, hhhaaa i got inside you!!!! hhhahaaha hhhhahaa

the act of reading or listening is too inherit the thoughts of others, then what we do with thoughts we have assimilated is the act of processing information, 


I know a good boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is where both devulge as much of themselves as possible, I shouldn't be afraid to share my life with a companion, no hiding should occur. 

ive been a incredibly bad person and now a incredibly good person, i search for harmony and true acceptance of my self, i want my sins and good deeds to be know and still be looked at with the eyes of compassion. 

shit well that was one heavenly of a message, what the hell? or what the heaven? partner in crime or partner in righteousness? killing tiME? or living tiME? 

well ill chilled out now, if you would like to respond great, if not okay, 

a friend to you, 

a heart


named Lee

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