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Peerless, a  Vegan in Washington Peerless
is a 61 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Washington, DC
Vegan diet.

I am looking to start a friendship before anything else.

Some adjectives that describes me best: kind, intelligent, respectful, conscious, compassionate, thoughtful, faithful, and trustworthy. I am attracted to the physical beauty of a woman but. for me. physical attraction is a small part of my overall attraction. I am much more attracted to a woman's inner beauty.

I would be classified as a vegan or a person who doesn’t consume animal products. I became a vegetarian when I was 17. Vegan at 26 and vegan / raw vegan around age 40. I am now 60. It’s been over 40 years of me living a plant based lifestyle. In discussing these things with others, I sometimes mention that there are many reasons why people become vegetarian or plant-based. I notice that the main reason is because of personal health. There are other reasons why people become vegetarian, such as, compassion for animals, concern about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, spiritual reasons (such as one’s soul karma), etc. I can say that, although my reason for becoming vegetarian was due to health, it quickly evolved to ALL of the above.

I’ve had an interesting life. I was born in Washington, DC and lived with my mother. After elementary school, I moved to Tucson, AZ and lived with my father. Before making that transition, as a child, I saw DC burn after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 68. Children learn a lot of things from their parents. Some learn to hate and stereotype others based on external appearances. As a child, I wasn’t taught such things. I lived in a bubble. When I was a child, Washington, DC was known as the chocolate city. So, pretty much everyone I saw and had experience with was “black”. When I moved to Tucson, the demographics were completely different. As a child, I had no real concept of racism. So, when I got there at an early age, I was innocent of such things. When speaking of my experience there, I tell people that I didn’t have any overt experience of racism. I lived out there with my father and family for about five years. Maybe I was fortunate to never be called the “n” word. When I first got there, I would roam the streets alone. If I saw other boys playing football or something, I would just join in. I had several friends while there, so-called “black” and so-called “white”. I could say more of my time in Tucson.

On my profile, I list my ethnicity as other instead of Black. Why is that? It's not that I am ashamed of or deny my skin melanin, in fact, I love it. I just don't agree with the standard of classifying the ethnicity of people as colors. People are not colors. I never met or seen a "white" person before. Pale skin, but not white. During my life, I lived among many people of different ethnic backgrounds. Although, I was born into a so-called “black” family, I don’t necessarily subscribe to such labels like “black”, “white”, etc. There was always hostility between different groups of people based on ethnicity, skin color, etc., historically speaking the racial naming based on color happened right after Bacon’s Rebellion for political, divide and concur purposes. The color classifications are a social construct and a caste system. Also, all so-called "black" people didn't arrive in America on slave ships. Many were in the Americas before Columbus. This is a documented hidden historical fact.

Despite my being somewhat personally transcendental to external bodily designations, I know the world is not. When people look at me, they will see a “black” man and have whatever personal perceived thoughts or feelings about what they believe that to be. I’m not ignorant of how people think and what they do based on prejudices. The news, past and present, is full of many negative and unfortunate accounts. I’m well versed in true history.

Remember I said that I had and interesting life? You haven’t heard the half of it. When I was 22, I moved into a yoga ashram and lived in various yoga ashrams for about 11 years straight. I lived a celibate life and traveled a lot. I lived by a number of spiritual principles, no meat eating being one. To this day I still follow certain principles that I did while living in ashrams.

Rezz, a  Vegan in wash, dc, usa Rezz
is a 46 year old, spiritual male.
Living in wash, dc, usa, DC
Vegan diet.

grace & honor to you! Rezz is my name. this is the flow with myself: i'm currently single, no children rawsomely vegan, physically fit, positive & creative.  my nature is chill, outgoing, fun-loving, original and massively passionate. simply me! no worries.... just simple Bliss!  my core Being is emotionally available with heart and mind open. my style for living now is purely about controlling nothing- while unleashing everything possible. i love to think AND feel simultaneously, truly savoring our moments of Joy/Bliss/Happiness while experiencing them~ mental stimulation along with the rare tinglings of special moments such as cuddling, heartfelt conversation and big buddha-belly laughter is who i am Laughing my style is very Aquarian, free-spirited & drama free! i love traveling, being outdoors, live music, eating amazing foods and live performances of Art|spoken-word|poetry|culturally conscious living too

Let Us Enjoy Ourselves Together!

i am an honest sincere guy ready to connect with you!

never any games or drama here with myself period:-)

very into Art, cultural venues, healthy living, outdoors
activities, enjoying the moment so|treating you great
and with Compassion always, cherishing one another!

*am progressive, into creating culture, not judgmental
or abrasive, simply being organic among ourselves too

anything else you like to know, please do not hesitate

if you initiate or reply to me, i am as loyal as they come

Crystal, a  Vegan in Washington Crystal
is a 44 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Washington, DC
Vegan diet.

Vegan dancer and dog mum extraordinaire originally from San Francisco, California but lived 8 years in Europe before relocating to Washington, DC with my sweet Spanish pup. I transitioned from a full time professional dance to a career in animal rights. I still teach and perform locally on the weekends.

Currently enjoying life as blonde.

I do daily yoga and mediation and I love to spend time doing anything with my dog. Roller skating (she is senior now so she rides in a stroller), biking (rides in a basket) and hiking. We both love sunshine and simple things.

I love spicy food, but admittedly I'm a terrible cook.


gary, a  Vegan in Washington gary
is a 69 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Washington, DC
Vegan diet.

Photo one was taken on July 12th 2023

Photo two was taken a few years ago, it's my Covid silver lining.  I can go to a costume party as an Amish man. I used to use the authentic Amish straw hat while doing yardwork, despite my son's embarassment.  The stern expression was ad-hoc, how I imagined a serious Amish gentleman would pose. 

Photo three was taken in July 2023. Collard green tacos/roll ups.  Refried beans, raw onions, avocado, salsa.

Photo four was taken for fun a few years ago.  I am amazed by the beauty and intricacy of the collard green leaf.

Photos five was taken in July 2023.  I rescued a green inch worm.  It landed on my leg while I was walking.  It became attached to me well not being sentimental about it but it was difficult for it to leave me and find the right position to move off my thumb.

end of photo notes.

My greatest desire in life is to be emotionally and physically close with a woman. I love to hold hands, hug, and give and get foot and back massages.

I enjoy walking and bike riding. Bike riding is a passion. I try to set a goal every year to inspire my training. I love trees, especially in winter when I can admire the intricate beauty of their branches. I like walking thru woods and parks and around the streets of Northwest DC.  In late May and early June, I'll be walking thru the alleys and keeping an eye out for black mulberry trees, the most amazing fruit (free) I've ever had.  

I enjoy music, mostly rock, jazz, and classical. I also enjoy watching movies and exceptional TV shows, like Downton Abbey.

I've been vegan for about 30 years. I've been interested in becoming active in veganism, and other like causes. PlantPure Nation is an organization of vegan activists lead by Nelson Campbell. Nelson's father is T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study. Nelson founded PlantPure Nation, looking to spread the whole food plant based lifestyle nationwide.  I have started a PlantPure Nation group in Chevy Chase DC/MD to try to find like minded folks looking to help others discover the many benefits of the lifestyle.  So far, though, the group has not become active.

I found out a few years ago that even Jack O'Lantern pumpkins are good to eat as long as they are not carved. So in 2015, I organized an event. After Halloween, I collected about 300 pumpkins from neighbors, and donated them to the Mid Atlantic Gleaning Network (MAGNET). MAGNET distributed them to food banks, who planned to distribute them to food bank clients with instructions on how to cook them.


I'm looking for a vegan woman close to my age (older or younger is OK)

Someone who wants to be together in a non-judgemental manner, and be thoughtful, kind, loving, generous, and passionate.

Jon, a  Vegan in Washington Jon
is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Washington, DC
Vegan diet.

I'm a Canadian who has lived in or very near, mostly in, DC for going on 25 years. It is conceivable that I'm the most excited person in the world that the National Gallery of Art and the Freer Gallery are finally, this summer, restarting in person film screenings (not that I don't approve of their caution until now - I fully expect I'll wear a mask to the screenings I attend this summer and it would be nice if everyone else would too, though I'm not optimistic). In addition to cinema, I read a lot, mostly fiction, that mostly science fiction and fantasy with occasional classics, forays into other genres, and non-fiction thrown in for variety - I'm rationing Jane Austen novels since she isn't writing any more of them, having currently got through Emma, and I finally got around to reading the first Lord Peter Wimsey mystery within the last couple of months. And I exercise a lot, mostly running or, to be more precise, mostly orienteering (look it up if you haven't heard of it or ask me if you prefer) and a fair bit of running as training for the orienteering, plus a lot of mostly utilitarian cycling. It doesn't take up a lot of my time anymore - once upon a time, I used to take mutliple classes weekly, but I also love modern dance performance and dance generally so it will be nice to get back to the occasional night out for live dance performances after the pandemic-induced drought and my caution with entering theaters since March 2020 - Dune is the only film I saw in a theater from then through this spring and I only just last week went to my first live performance of any kind (a play my mother was interested in seeing while I was visiting home). I own a wok and use it frequently, though not on as varied a set of dishes as I would ideally aspire to. I also own a slow cooker but have only tried three or four things in it, only one of which has become a regular thing in my culinary repertoire. And a crock in which to make sauerkraut and the like, which I have yet to get around to trying - concluding a brief sketch of the ways in which my culinary grasp trails behind my reach.

ETA: I just realized I understated my income creating my ad by only thinking about my earned income net of expenses (I'm self-employed) and not including interest income. Hopefully few people would care about me being slightly under the threshold between two of the ranges versus somewhat above but honesty and accuracy are both things I value and inaccurary to my disfavour seems like a particularly perverse thing to let stand.

Milind, a  Vegetarian in Washington Milind
is a 44 year old, Jain male.
Living in Washington, DC
Vegetarian diet.

A little about me. I have been a vegetarian all my life.

I came to US in 2002 and was born and raised in India prior to that where I completed by Bachelors in computer science.

My family is not very big, but I guess we grow once everyone has kids; although a global family spread between India, USA & Australia.

Interested in meeting someone who is down to earth, has a positive outlook towards life

i work full time in technology and travel for work between DC and NYC quite often.

It would be fun to meet someone in DC and talkabout the rest!

Cheers and Good Luck

Mirabhai, a  Vegetarian in Washington D.C. Mirabhai
is a 46 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Washington D.C., DC
Vegetarian diet.

Im very creative & spiritually oriented & this largely frames my interests and pursuits in life. 

Im interested in health, healing and living in a more natural way. I love creating art & decor, cooking, kirtan, teaching, nature, children, traveling & gardening. 

I have been vegetarian pretty much my whole life. I wish to respect all beings and believe that all are on a journey of spiritual evolution, regardless of the body they are in, and that they have the right to life as much as I. 

I do mantra meditation daily as an integral part of my Bhakti Yoga practice (yoga of devotion). This is the yogic practice I grew up with and I have lived a simple, monastic, communal ashram type of lifestyle pursuing this for many years. Living in a close community like this can be challenging, is enriching and has afforded me many lessons in my personal growth. I feel blessed and grateful that I have had the opportunity to live in this way, meet many amazing souls & learn alot in this time. :)

I also enjoy volunteering at my local Krishna temple doing many varieties of Seva (sacred service) from cooking to alter services.

bestveganchef, a  Vegan in Washington bestveganchef
is a 47 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Washington, DC
Vegan diet.

I am a vegan, culturally conscious, intelligent, down-to-earth yet business minded, fun-loving, daughter, sister, friend, community advocate, and young entrepreneur/professional. I consider myself a pretty well-rounded person. I love vegan cooking (and used to own a veg*n catering company). I love social activities, salsa dancing, belly dancing, lectures, cultural activities, political discussions, going to lectures, reading, working out and being active. I'm fluent in Spanish and want to soon learn my first African language. Since life is all about balance I love both working and domesticity, both activity and relaxation; both being purposeful and being carefree.

Heidi, a  Veggie/vegan in Washington Heidi
is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Washington, DC
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm pretty down to earth, work for a nonprofit and have cats and dogs. I foster for the local animal shelter and I try to walk on the planet with a light footprint (bike or walk to work, have been vegetarian for 30+ years). I enjoy kayaking, hiking, exotic locales, local locales, making people laugh, laughing until I can't breath. I prefer experiences over stuff, mountains over the beach, wildlife-watching and hiking adventures over cities (although I love NYC) and walking over driving. Not really a sports fan. (Except I do like the Packers--owned by the people after all!) As much as I like to have fun and be spontaneous, I'm super responsible and finacially secure. My life is just missing one thing...

I’ve never been married, but had 2 long-term relationships since college that, sadly, didn’t work out. But it was for the best and I’m ready to find my true soulmate/playmate!

I am a Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and Lenny Kravitz girl but Sade is also a fav. Also a fan of funk. Jazz, too, although I don’t know it well. Just love it when I hear it. I am also wondering about a future exploring whether it’s possible to live part time somewhere like Portugal or Costa Rica or get in a camper van and hit the roads here to explore for a while (like every national park!). That feels exciting to think about for down the road and I would love to explore those ideas with my partner.

Also want to let you know, to make sure I don’t miss out on a great match because of the general impression of my decade or algorithm-based matching, I shaved 2 years off. I did this not as a bait-n-switch but in a genuine desire to show up for the right man in such a huge pool.

Willie, a  Almost veg in Washington Willie
is a 61 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Washington, DC
Almost veg diet.

I am an interesting blend of many things: funny, serious,thoughtful, playful, sensuous, spiritual,intellectual, witty, silly, occasionally sarcastic. I take others more seriously than I do myself. Babies and animals love me.I have presence. When I'm in a room you know that I'm there, but not because I'm the best looking.I play chess, listen to jazz, and love to converse. A phrase that best describes me is "still waters run deep..."

thesouthernbeau, a  Veggie/vegan in Washington thesouthernbeau
is a 53 year old, spiritual gay male.
Living in Washington, DC
Veggie/vegan diet.

Black male: 5'11, 195,thick build with muscular tone, med lite complexion, chestnut brown eyes, bald head,professional and attractive. Seeking men of color only. I enjoy reading, writing, traveling and good conversation. My first loves are twins: books and music. I especially love soul music: classic and new. I am a vegetarian; however, heading toward veganism. and I indulge in 420. I am also very comfortable with my sexuality and have no hang ups about who I am. My favorite writer is Toni Morrison. I absolutely love her. Please be open minded. I am an educator. I teach third grade and I love my job.

Nicole, a  Vegetarian in Washington Nicole
is a 51 year old, spiritual bi-female.
Living in Washington, DC
Vegetarian diet.

I am a witty free spirit who is turning over a new leaf relationship wise. I have not eaten meat since 1991, but I do still eat fish. I love yoga and reading/ writing. Art and crafts appeal to me, but I am experiencing a creative block as of late.

Alison, a  Vegetarian in Washington, DC Alison
is a 46 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Washington, DC, DC
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a life-long veggie. I enjoy running, traveling and learning. I'm joining this site to meet new people who understand why it's necessary to ask 17 questions when ordering a meal! I've lived in DC for quite a few years now and I feel like I always go to the same places with the same people...I'm looking for something new!

Ryan, a  Vegan in Columbia Heights Ryan
is a 47 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Columbia Heights, DC
Vegan diet.

Well-cultured, Well-traveled( from Mombasa to Miami , Beruit to Bangladesh), Well-groomed (Bathes regularly). Like everything in life, balance is important. Love independent and original movies and music, yeah, I'm into film festivals,theme parties, yoga, also live the way I preach by being an active activist. Fascinated by health/medicine. 33 years old and I'm still curious about everything under the sun. Looking for someone to explore the world with. Have a bad habit of wearing my heart and politics on my sleeve. Republician girls beware! I'm the guy your conservative father warned you about! Let see, what else I have light brown hair, greenish brown eyes, I'm 160lbs with no warts to speak of!

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