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Linda, a  Veggie/vegan in Coeur D Alene Linda
is a 51 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Coeur D Alene, idaho
Veggie/vegan diet.

Where to start.......


Hi, my name is Linda. I have a hard time describing myslef writing a narrative. It just doesn't feel natural to me like one-on-one conversation does so of course I'm a horrible letter writter! I really enjoy talking to people...sharing experiences, throwing out new and old ideas and creating adventures even if they never come to fruition. I'm a bit of a dreamer and sometimes too optimistc I suppose. I tend to see the good before the bad and it has left me vulnerable at times and completely dumbfounded at others. I would rather view the world like that than live secluded and guarded.

I have been divorced for a little over a year. I tend to be a "stayer" so I committed to that relationship for 16 years. I'm on a new road in my lifes journey, another path to learning new things about myself and realizing old ones. It's pretty uncertain and sometimes a little scary but still very exciting. I'm not in any hurry to meet "the one". I'm just going to kick back, embrace change, live in the moment, and see where it takes me. I do beleive that we are drawn to the souls we're are supposed to have in our lives, like it or not. Everything is about the journey to me.

I am beyond being an animal lover. My dream would be to have an animal sanctuary. I am always trying to rescue something and I volunteer at our local animal shelter. Reciently, I watched a video on the animal agriculture business. One thing lead to another and after crying for a good half an hour, the fight was on! I just can't bring myslef to eat any animal product without an overwhelming sense of heartbreak, disgust and guilt. I am almost 100% vegan. I've subscribed to several animal protection groups and am doing what I can on my end. I try to enlighten people every chance I get without shoving it down their throats (which I would really like to do).

On a lighter note, I love music, cooking, movies, nature, gardening, Seahawks football (go Hawks!!), boating or anything to do with water recreation, watching a good storm roll in and listening to the rain. I like being social with people I connect with. I wouild much rather go to a friends house for food and fun than a busy restaurant or pub. I'm not into crowded places much anymore and could easily live in a town with only 50 people, maybe smaller. I think I'm becoming more intimate as I age. I abosutely love humor and laughing until you can't breath. Those are the best tears.

I am incredibly loyal, independent, resouceful, sensitive, honest, compassionate, and candid. I have no room in my life for dishonesty. That's my big line in the sand.

So, that was exhausting!!!Foot in Mouth Done for now. Ciao.




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