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Gg, a  Vegan in Washinton Gg
is a 31 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Washinton, district_of_columbia
Vegan diet.

I try to be mindful daily & my first love 
was food - I eat for sport more then 
for need. I am kind and have a lot of 
love to give. 

I love to read, my favorite author currently is Cormac McCarthy. I have a fascination with Mexico - I love their food, culture, language and art. I try to take at least one trip abroad each year and have backpacked through Europe and Central America independently. I have worked abroad and have a deep interest in exploring and learning about new cultures. 

I practice and teach yoga daily and emphasis living mindfully, slowing down and practicing mediation. 

My favorite activity is laughing, nothing beats a big deep laugh where you're in pain you're so happy. Besides that I like to read, watch the X-Files, walk/hike outside, drink cocktails, eat food, take day trips, take overnight trips, take very long trips, talk, listen and learn. 

I take criticism well and am happy to learn from others, I like being direct and having very open communication.