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Curious Creature, a  Vegan in White Rock Curious Creature
is a 45 year old, spiritual female.
Living in White Rock, british_columbia
Vegan diet.

Recent vegan, however I feel confident saying it is a life long choice. It just feels good.


Things about me you might like to know:

- I love and feel passionate about the work I do.

- I am the change I want to see in the world and am looking for someone who feels the same about themselves. (I'm not perfect, nor do I expect others to be, but lets face it...wanting to make a difference in this world, is sexy) 

-I meditate... and have a love/hate relationship with it - lol - It shows me facets to life and myself that I never would/could have experianced otherwise. I am definatley a "anything is possible" thinker and like to stretch the boundries of my mind.

-I'm learning to cook so being a new vegan is a big learning curb for me. Who knew a kitchen could get so messy after preparing just one meal! Lol. (Well maybe that's just me). I'm enjoying the process. Humble pie, is still pie!

-I don't have cable but do love Netflix, movies, documentaries and the like. I also love TedTalks-yup, I'm a 'love learning new things' kinda gal.

-I like being single just as much as I like being in a relationship. There are positives and negatives to both depending on your relationship with yourself. I believe if you like and know who you are and what makes you happy you will be happy single or with someone. The trickiness with relationships lies in finding someone you enjoy being with, have similar 'life plans' and who you are magnetically drawn to. There are SO MANY amazing people out there however attraction is SUCH an interesting phenomenon. ;) 

- I believe that relationships do require some compromise when it comes to some decisions but that it should never require the other to have to compromise who they are.

-I love being surrounded by nature and find romance in simply walking outside in nature hand in hand. To me it's a daily ritual that can last a lifetime with an ever changing landscape. pure bliss.