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BeeTea0, a  Vegan in  Edmonton BeeTea0
is a 32 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Edmonton, alberta
Vegan diet.

I've got loads of interests just name something. I've got very liberal views which apply to most areas of my life.


I love drinking beer on a patio, drinking coffee on the couch or checking out lots of different festivals and music.


I'm an athletic 6'2" looking for a genuine attraction. No fuck buddies.


If I super liked you it was an accident. I would rather say "I super like you!" To your face.

Rachelle, a  Veggie/vegan in  Edmonton Rachelle
is a 29 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Edmonton, alberta
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hey! My name is Rachelle, and I moved back to Edmonton about a year ago after living in Vancouver for awhile. Some of my interests include; yoga, being outdoors, reading, comedy and being generally active. I also really enjoy plant based cooking/ eating which is what brought me to this site. I have been vegetarain since highschool and in the last few years I have moved closer and closer towards a full vegan diet. I feel like its the best choice for me personally and the planet. However, I am open minded and make an effort not to push my ideals around food on others. I like to keep busy, I am currently working in a pre-k classroom and hope to find a teaching postion next year with the same age group. I also tutor older students right now. I enjoy meeting new people and have a nerdy side to me that I enjoy indulging from time to time. 

aBeautifulMind, a  Vegan in  Edmonton aBeautifulMind
is a 24 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Edmonton, alberta
Vegan diet.

My name is Nicolas. 
I'm kinda quirky, with a bit of a wild side. i tend to be very passionate about. . . 
well almost everything. 

i am unafraid to admit my very-human negative qualities. . . i try my best to eradicate them, and you won't see them listed here. just that i acknowledge my faults. 

My daughter is my life, 
and Music is my love. 
i may seem pretty social but i'm very introverted and intimately expressive. 
Small talk is meaningless for those who seek connection. 
tell me your dream, your vision, and let us live it!




Alucard84, a  Vegetarian in  Edmonton Alucard84
is a 32 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Edmonton, alberta
Vegetarian diet.

I have been vegetarian for five years now. I never made it a requirement though, to date another vegetarian. I was quite okay dating meat eaters. The problem is when women hear I am vegetarian they think I am going to try and change them or judge them, even though I male it clear it doesn't bother me. So, here I am, on a veggie dating site. 


I am a pretty active person. I like to keep fit and healthy so I am excersising a lot. I enjoy hiking and running and yoga sometimes. I read a lot and I enjoy various movies. I am very stable and know what I want in life. I am hoping to meet people who are also vegetarian, or vegan, and maybe give me some cooking tips.

yogasquash, a  Vegetarian in  Edmonton yogasquash
is a 25 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in Edmonton, alberta
Vegetarian diet.

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