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Lee, a  Macrobiotic in Matsu Lee
is a 69 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Matsu, alaska
Macrobiotic diet.

Hi and thanks for looking into who I am. I look much younger than my year-age and act way way younger. Prior vegetarian for years.  I'm a retired (Ben and Jerry's styled) former business owner, with hopedully an interesting Permaculture project for my existing farm.    
A place for city-bound folks, and / or young folks with not enough cash yet for their own place they likely are otherwise dreaming about to happen sometime in their distant future - A Farm Club. 
A place along the lines of a Health Club only where one can do part-time from hours to a few days and overnights most of what they could do on a well developed farmstead of their own.  I have the land and most of the buildings and other materials and I'd say I am about 50% there; maybe less.   It is planned to have several seperate buildings: a sewing, spinning and weaving shop; a fully equipped wood and light metal working shop, a mechanical shop, a general use building for classes, meetings, events etc, 3-4 guest cabins for folks to spend a nite or two in; milk the goats, gather some of the eggs, process the homemade cheese, or soap making, or . . .?  All run by three year round residents who live a very small footprint lifestyle on the farm.  Why 3; cause the idea is to look for residents who want to travel as well as own or live on a farm; which normally one can't.  Can't have an active farm with milking goats, chickens and whatever and ALSO travel - whose going to milk the goats twice a day?  So one of the three can always be traveling; one runs operations part-time till the third one takes over and so there is always one back-up as well in case of sickness or injury.  Covered year round greenhouse as well; commercial sized rotating composting drums and much more. A beautiful retreat hill.  A single mon with kids could just sign-up for the Tuesday night milking and half the eggs from Monday, or for more than one milking as needed.  

I've led a life of volunteer service and dedication to human rights and justice without being among the nasty protestors crowds.  I like Buckminister Fuller's approach to reforming our eartth-home which is NOT thru activism, politics or any other top-down approach; but bottom up, create a small alternative model that could grow and displace the outdated one.  For myself, I like to define community as anyone within eyesight who could use a helping hand - or maybe just an empathetic ear and or shoulder.  I enjoy lots of humor and introspection; easy to please, eager to say yes as often as possible, very cooperative and supportive towards the goals of others and easy to criticize since I am strongly in to self-growth and could really profit from a gentle but insistent partner; finally counting ones blessings and increasing one's feelings of gratitude is something of primary importance to me.  I am a loyal and very devoted person besides.